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  1. Gary Meyers wrote a similar article in todays Daily-News.
  2. Mangini,Rex or Herm all better than what we have.
  3. Great news big Jamal Adams fan was also a big Revis fan, so how many games will Jamal Adams win us.
  4. Definitely gonna happen.
  5. What about the DeMario Davis pick when we saw Woody welcome him to the big apple via telephone.
  6. Stay far away from Teddy Bridgewater.
  7. The Doug Jolley trade was bad....
  8. He helped doom the Jets with his support for the worst QB in the NFL. GFY Brandon Marshall
  9. 1. Joe Namath 2. Ryan Fitzpatrick 3. Kirk Cousins
  10. It all started January 13,1969.........
  11. Lynch should do better than this, We shall see. Matt Forte stats Career stats Year Team ATT YDS AVG TD REC YDS AVG TD 2016 Jets 218 813 3.7 7 30 263 8.8 1
  12. We shall soon see. Ray Rice is done in the NFL so no false at this point.