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  1. Namath won a Super Bowl Bench Fitzpatrick now
  2. No one is giddy you see it that way we dont . We see it as pathetic you see it otherwise
  3. FitzNation is quiet tonight ..........................
  4. Fitzpatrick seems to be hiding a shoulder injury nothing went down field with any authority or zip on it .
  5. Agree but Fitz supporters cant admit to being wrong so they attack others its cool though they got a much needed reality check today.
  6. If Woody Johnson cant hire a decent head coach then its time to sell this damn team!!!!!
  7. Is Ryan Fitzpatrick playing with an injured shoulder? Why wasn't there anything down the field? Weak wobbly passes all damn day.
  8. Agree Mike135 I tried also to support him IM DONE I want this guy far away from this team and if Bowles continues to play him he needs to go as well
  9. Worse than Kotite years
  10. Fitzpatrick the $12 million dollar mistake
  11. STOP attacking me I didnt throw the 6 INTs no victory lap aggravated that a Jets QB who should still be sitting on a couch playing with is Rubliks cube and picking chips out of his beard threw 6 INTs today.
  12. If Geno Smith did this today this board would have imploded hours ago AM I RIGHT
  13. Fitz 6 INTs
  14. Amen