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  1. I know its a sport that ends in February winning the Lombardi and Fitzpatrick has never even sniffed a playoff game, 
  2. "My guys fitz"

    Im a big Marshall fan but at the beginning of the season wasn't his guy Geno Smith.
  3. CrazyCarl40 enjoy another Super Bowl Sunday without the Jets our team in it. 
  4. Peyton Manning is in the Super Bowl Ryan Fitzpatrick is home with his family the Jets are a far better team than Denver and should be in the Super Bowl the reason we aren't is because of our QB. 
  5. Im not a big Peyton Manning fan myself but a hired gun for 1 year to get us to the Super Bowl.  100x better option than Fitzpatrick plus Petty and a drafted rookie QB learn from Manning.   
  6. Send PatsFanTX in after them 
  7. Jets legend Joe Namath—still the only quarterback in team history to win a Super Bowl—thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick did a fine job last season.    But if Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning were to become available after this season—a big if, considering Manning will be 40 in March, is physically breaking down, and has hinted strongly at retirement—Namath thinks the Jets ought to take a run at him. "If he's physically fit and the Broncos don't want him, I'd give him a good look right out there in New York Jet territory," Namath said at the Super Bowl in San Francisco on Friday, according to both the New York Post and Newsday. "How about that? Would you take him on the Jet team if he's healthy? There's a few other teams out there that might take him if he's healthy." Win or lose against the Panthers in Sunday's Super Bowl 50, Manning is probably going to retire. But if he doesn't—and if the Broncos for some reason let him leave if he doesn't—it's difficult to imagine the Jets taking him in. "I think the Broncos would want him under any circumstances if he's physically fit," Namath acknowledged, per the Post. Besides, the Jets are set on Fitzpatrick, at least in the short-term. He quarterbacked the Jets to 10 wins in 2015 but still has plenty of doubters about his long-term viability as a starter. He's due to become an unrestricted free agent next month, but the Jets are expected to work out a deal to keep him before that can happen. Newsday and the Post also quoted Namath as saying Fitzpatrick had "a good season," but that he "needs to improve his accuracy throwing the ball."
  8. Mexico is a dump all of it they kill innocent people and the country is ran by drug lords.  People who vacation there are foolish and take a chance of being killed and or raped.  Vacationers who think they are safe in resorts,good luck with that.  Disagree with the NFL supporting Mexico.    
  9. A legitimate pass rush helps the DBs
  10. Talked To Charlie Weiss Tonight

    Charlie Weiss LOL 
  11.   Before Cam Newton, Darrelle Revis was the NFL’s Super Man. Well, if nothing else, he held the role on the Jets defense. No quarterback in the league dared test Revis’ side of the field back in 2009. The cornerback was as lock-down as lock-down cornerbacks come. The re-incarnation of Deion Sanders. Heck, that one year may have been better than any Sanders ever had. Revis allowed just a 37 percent catch percentage, two touchdowns, intercepted eight passes himself and a QB’s rating when throwing his way was a measly 29.1. This season, the Jets seemed to think it was 2009. And that didn’t make ex-linebacker Bart Scott very happy. “It’s one thing to leave a guy on an island,” Scott told Newsday at the Super Bowl. “But they didn’t even leave him on an island — they left him in orbit.” RELATED: What Jets, if released, would free the most cap space? While Revis was far from bad this season, he struggled a bit more than usual. The seven-time Pro Bowler continued to lock down the above average to good receivers, but couldn’t handle those top-notch wideouts. The Jaguars Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns, the Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins, and the Bills Sammy Watkins all had success against Revis. Watkins, specifically, in the Jets playoff-eliminating Week 17 loss. In the season finale, Watkins, matched up primarily against Revis the majority of the day, finished with 11 receptions for 136 yards. “Nobody is undefeated when it comes to Father Time. But I think the Jets were too predictable,” Scott told Newsday. “Everybody knew that he was going to be on an island. Everybody needs helps sometimes, everybody needs just safety presence sometimes.” Scott did offer his opinion to Newsday on how he felt the Jets could help Revis. Whether it comes in the draft, or free agency, the linebacker said the team has to add a pass rusher.  “They really don’t have a natural pass rusher,” Scott said *** Connor Hughes is the New York Jets beat writer for the USA TODAY Sports Digital Properties. He can be reached on Twitter (@Connor_J_Hughes), or via email (