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  1. There is no substitute for the NFL either you have what it takes or you don't.
  2. Sadly that was the most fun you ever had at any sporting event and you call yourself a Jets fan.
  3. But the new and improved PSL crowd aren't drinkers,burpers or farters and like i said designated driver, mass transit or Uber.
  4. High character guys LOL you don't trade one of our best defensive players for a late round draft pick.
  5. Here's how i will watch the 2017 season.
  6. Maybe @SAR I will be interested in investing...
  7. LOL I know a few people who have Kia's and they brag about them like they are a Bentley and rave about the warranty, meanwhile the new Kia Optima doesn't even come with a spare tire.
  8. McCown is 18-42 career as an NFL starter. Not looking forward to a season of another slug QB under center for the NY Jets, enough already. Let the young guns play good or bad.
  9. We are a QB starved fan base but most of us won't fall for the Josh McCown Magic like many did with FitzMagic, McCown good guy but not leading this team anywhere.
  10. He's a bottom feeder NFL coach his 1 winning season was against the weakest teams in the NFL I thought you knew that.
  11. Which one are you the little fat dude in the Chrebet jersey?