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  1. Welcome back Jeremy "FAIR CATCH" Kerley
  2. Giants look like they're tanking lol

    The Giants have the worst OL in the NFL,no running game, aging QB and Todd Bowles II as a head coach.
  3. Marshall's drop

    Exactly great post who the hell cares what ex-Jets do or don't do.
  4. MNF Lions-Giants

    Better than Forte our feature RB
  5. MNF Lions-Giants

    Ben McAdoo/Todd Bowles
  6. MNF Lions-Giants

    Amazing isn't it? We pass on some really good players and pick the sh*t and watching other teams makes Jets football look really bad.
  7. Here's where we disagree

    No one is safe. Woody Johnson cannot be happy about his investment, Chris Johnson is going to clean house
  8. Being a Jets fan is scarier than "It"

    That was great its been posted all day here in other threads.....
  9. Jets DL Leonard Williams tells the News: ‘My goal this year is a sack in every game’ Tweet email Leonard Williams is one of the Jets' main bright spots entering this season.
  10. A Fitzpatrick jersey or Fitz Magic t-shirt would have been worse.
  11. MNF Lions-Giants

    14-7 Detroit
  12. MNF Lions-Giants

    Manning to rookie TE Engram 7-7
  13. MNF Lions-Giants

    7-0 Lions Stafford nice pass TD
  14. Start Petty Next Week vs Dolphins

    In the real NFL doesn't the best player usually win the starting job.