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  1. They will crawl under a rock tomorrow if Geno plays well and the Jets win the game. Book it.
  2. Congratulations proper spelling I'm close to putting you on ignore.
  3. Besides ridicule others and mock Geno Smith what is your purpose here?
  4. 3 headed monster is now a 2 headed halloween haunted hay ride for kids. Maybe tomorrow with a QB who can stretch the field the running game will open up.
  5. How was he a bad person and bad team mate? IK assaulted him the Jets cut IK seems pretty cut and dry. Geno the bad person I don's see it. Fitzpatrick the bad person yes holding out coming in fat and out of football shape playing like he did thats a bad person.
  6. The boo's will be for the NY Jets not any particular player. They play good win the game the boo's turn to cheers.
  7. Congratulations proper spelling.
  8. Geno fails us its next man up no excuses from me.
  9. Geno Smith has 10 games if he plays well enough to re establish himself as a quality NFL QB. If he plays well enough wins games he can very well be the answer we've been looking for. If not he's gone end of story. Next man up!
  10. LMFAO I just saw that nice Jet Nut how pathetic busting someones balls and then spelling like a 1 st grader in the process LOL.
  11. Exactly I actually think the locker room trouble was directly related to Fitzpatrick and his poor play.
  12. What loyalty are you talking about?
  13. The fact that we have inserted a strong arm and some speed at QB changes the entire game. Opposing teams will not be able to stack the box like they've been against Fitzpatrick. Everything improves tomorrow including the stale running game.
  14. Loyalty to Fitzpatrick? Please explain to me what loyalty, he'e been here 2 years last year he played the easiest schedule in the NFL this season he's the worst QB in the NFL. He hasnt been loyal to any of the 6 teams he's played for including the NY Jets his off season holdout proved that. Why would fans be loyal to Ryan Fitzpatrick? Loyalty my ass.
  15. Jets 44 Ravens 17 Geno Smith shows us what a real QB can do and the defense shows up.