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  1. They havent done anything thats my point. The fact that they cant even return kicks that our GM has to search the scrap heap for guys like Spiller and Ross.
  2. I know where he will be in a few weeks..........
  3. So far they both are terrible. COME ON MAN
  4. Not all but some. Blount was a beast in college had some issues but the Patriots took a chance and look at him now. We always sign the "secret weapon" that no other team knew about and guess what he usually sucks.
  5. Sure thing castoffs and there quality coaching staff turns them into solid NFL players unlike here. Do you think Devin Smith,Jalin Marshall and Robbie Anderson make any other team in the NFL's roster. Im done with scrubs we have been bad for way too long.
  6. No way they he even knows or cares who they are in the first place. Its always oooooh look at this superstar unknown we signed he's going to help this team win games, that day never comes. Sick and tired of it.
  7. Bravo players need to put up or be cut no more baggage on this team what are we the NFL team for scrubs and wayward bound players. These players would be out of football if it werent for the Jets.
  8. Exactly another 2nd round pick bust meanwhile we have CJ Spiller and Jeremy Ross returning kicks and people wonder why the Jets are 3-8 and in last place.
  9. Agree with all of you...
  10. When have we not sucked, its been so long I forgot.
  11. GFY first off using the term is wrong in so many ways but coming from you nothing surprises me. Time to put you on IGNORE so I can improve my quality of life here reading your trash isn't working for me.
  12. Romo isn't the answer he's another retread that doesn't move this organization 1 step forward he is injury prone and will cost us cap money we can be spending elsewhere. Just say no to Romo.
  13. Blame management for the clowns they trotted out on the field for Geno Smith to throw the ball to, last time i checked none of them are still in the NFL. Blame management for the entire situation not the players. Blame management for the head coach they chose to lead this team. Blame management and Rayan Fitzpatrick we are 3-8 in last place and your season tickets aren't worth all that much. Here's hoping your Holiday trinket from the NY Jets is a Ryan Fitzpatrick bobble head. joewilly12