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  1. Jarvis Jenkins is the backup DE Maccagnan signed. Jordan Jenkins is the rookie OLB Maccagnan drafted in the third round. Jarvis Jones is a completely different former Georgia linebacker who got drafted in the first round by the Steelers a few years back.
  2. I definitely think Macc screwed up in free agency this year. There's no reason to go out and sign guys like Jenkins and to a lesser extent McLendon when you've got guys like Douzable who are perfectly good rotational 5 techniques and nose tackles are not at all valued at a premium. Look where Andrew Billings fell in the draft this year. Even Forte, as solid a back as he's been, is semi redundant with Powell. As awful as Idzik was, he was all over stuff like this. Good teams don't screw up a year like this with multiple legit UFA's they can't afford who are going to walk. Particularly when it comes to bringing in friggen rotational defensive linemen and running backs. They essentially traded a future 4, 5, and 6 in addition to cap space for Forte, McClendon, and Jenkins. And not that I love Fitzpatrick, but there's like $10m in cap space to get him signed as well. I realize they kind of plug needs, but re-sign Douzable, let a late draft pick (there were plenty of good backs who slipped) or UDFA RB be third behind Powell who was great last year and Robinson who is a competent grinder back, and figure something out at NT like you did when the former UDFA Harrison stepped in for Pouha sign someone late. You're just bringing in a two down player. I was very into the idea of a football guy as the GM and I still love Bowles, but Maccagnan has me worried. Besides the obvious mistakes when it comes to compensatory picks you've got a generally quiet FO somehow letting their second round QB target (who's got some massive question marks) leak out. To the extent that they really wanted him they also just sat there and let his former college coach trade up over them which could have easily been to draft their guy at quarterback. Maybe he can clean up the comp pick mistake by cutting Jenkins, but if he goes that route that's $2.5m in cap space he completely blew. The Fitzpatrick situation may work itself out and I'm glad they're digging their heels in to an extent but that could easily blow up in their faces. Wilkerson has been completely and utterly mishandled. The entire offense is essentially built around the fact that there are two really good wide receivers who open things up for each other and everyone else. Neither is a spring chicken either, particularly Marshall who really made the offense run last year. And yet there has been minimal effort to ensure that there is quality depth at the position both now in case of injury (plus, the offense runs 3 and 4 wide sets more than basically any other offense in the league) or in the future. Who is going to start at outside linebacker? Is it a rookie in Jenkins and a first year starter in Mauldin? What if Jenkins didn't slip to the third round? And last offseason, as fun as it was to sign a bunch of guys, featured some pretty bad signings. Cromartie just ate up a bunch of cap space, Revis will be a bad contract in a year or two, and I'm sure Harris has some kind of value in the locker room but he's way overpaid. I'm sure there's a lot more. And that's not to say he hasn't done some good things. But man some of the stuff is very unsettling.
  3. That draft was so, so bad. Though in retrospect the Jets could have come out of it with Sheldon and Tyler Eifert which would have been pretty sweet. Just looked at it again. Man that was a truly awful draft. On the flip side the Jets could have also come out in round 2 with Jamie Collins and 3 with Terron Armstead. Obviously this is easy in hindsight, though I liked basically all of those guys. Sheldon less than most of them based on need although I was on board with bringing in a freak athlete on the DL post draft. And to be fair I did like Austin too. And overall that draft was really weak. But man, some huge missed opportunities. Martavis Bryant getting passed up in the 4th round of the 2014 draft for Jalen Saunders AND Shaq Evans will always sting the most though. Because Martavis was the guy I wanted in the 4th that year in addition to the obvious hindsight being 20/20 aspect of things and the whole taking two crappy WR's instead of a good one despite the coach's massive Clemson bias. I'm done.
  4. Also as I think about it there are some parallels between Jalin Marshall and Cooper (below average height, good weight, below average timed speed, good in space). So kind of fits a mold they might have been looking to add on offense.
  5. Not sure where the low-risk stuff on Clark is coming from. It's pretty well documented that he's coming out of a system where he never really had to have his hand in the dirt and is an absolute mess from a technique standpoint. Not a plug and play guy at all. I feel like their guy was Shaq Lawson. This is my baseless theory and I will continue to stick with it. My guess is that they wanted Lawson or Jenkins (but probably had a third contingency option if Jenkins was gone in the third since that seemed very possible and they obviously wanted Hackenberg). Part of why they said nothing about Mauldin. If they got Lawson he was going to be a strong side guy, Jenkins or another guy (like Fackrell) and he's the weak side. That's my guess anyway. There were rumors they wanted Pharoh Cooper as well, wouldn't be surprised if they were sniped on him.
  6. Tough to be Landry from a hands standpoint and I think Marshall is new to the position...but this is a good call. Movement skills, quick, not that fast in a straight line but well built and won't get knocked off anything. I like it. Nice.
  7. The Jack-Lee comparison is an interesting one. Was thinking today, obviously you have no idea on the medical and didn't know he'd be there at the time or how things would change but...pending the ripple effect from trading down, the Jets could have in theory made that trade with the Cowboys and gotten Jack at 34 instead of Lee and had an extra third round pick to play with.
  8. He tore his ACL in the middle of December. What is there to predict?
  9. Yeah, the hand size is pretty different between the two though. Peake's are 9 1/4", not too bad. For comparison, Treadwell's hands are 9 1/2". Anderson's hands are apparently 8 3/8". Reasonably small. Little bigger than Will Fuller (8 1/4") who had a lot of questions on his hands. Ultimately we're kind of quibbling but it's also almost a full inch of difference. Rotoworld was the outlet that had mentioned the potential move to DB. I'm not saying he can't play receiver, just was passing that info along.
  10. I think Peake has an opportunity to carve out play time. Not much depth at receiver. And an awesome chance to learn from guys like Marshall and Decker. He and Jenkins were my favorite picks in the draft. Also stumbled across some awesome physical play by him. If you haven't seen it, find the sequence of two plays between him and Artie Burns (I think Lance Zierlein posted it on twitter and it was linked to on another site). Awesome. Anderson is interesting. Height, wheels, and a little production. I like guys coming out of that Temple program. Knocks would be lack of bulk (surprisingly key for receivers) and small hands. Apparently so small they might consider moving him to DB. Will be interesting to see if drops are an issue in camp. The other two UDFA's are intriguing too. Jalin Marshall apparently has some wiggle/return ability and Quenton Bundrage is a nice height-weight-speed-athleticism guy who apparently caused an absurd amount of missed tackles. Coming off a knee injury so he was getting his athleticism back last year. Could be a sleeper. I think at least one UDFA makes the team. And (I say this as an Enunwa fan) there's a lot of room for guys to earn snaps behind Marshall and Decker. Very unsettled depth chart, particularly if Smith misses the year with that ACL injury.
  11. If Fitz comes back and Geno doesn't get traded/cut I imagine Petty (or maybe Hackenberg) is going to have a "shoulder injury" and get put on IR sometime in late August. The old Erik Ainge trick.
  12. I think it's somewhat doable to squeeze under the cap. The rough estimate on Over the Cap was like $5.4m to sign rookies based on a pick in every round - but that gets offset by the guys they're replacing on the top 51 - the bottom of whom are probably around $450k each. So the net cost is roughly $2.2m if I'm doing the math right which they should be able to fit in the $3.3m of space. Barely. Signing Fitzpatrick is another matter.
  13. Good stuff. Some thoughts (not quibbling). I bet Smith is at least IR designated for return if not IR all year and they carry another WR - Thompkins or the top UDFA. Would say they carry 5 but they use them so much could extend it. Maybe Jalin Marshall pushes for a roster spot as a punt return guy although I have no idea who returns kicks - that's basically a straight up speed thing. Wonder if there's a point to carrying 3 TE's if they're not really going to use them. Saxton bumped up off the PS a little last year too right? Bet he and Sudfeld could push Bostick, could come down to specials. Obviously they don't care at all about the position as they completely ignored it. Couple draftable guys were UDFA's, figure with how weak that position is they could have at least gotten a quality guy there. If they're able to re-sign Fitz and can't trade Geno for a bag of chips, I wonder if they try to find some kind of a medical issue with Petty and just IR stash him. My dude Ben Ijalana never has gotten on the field but I bet he makes it tough for the team to cut him. Bet Macc would love to see enough from Qvale to cut Breno and then Ijalana could make himself worth keeping. The battle for the backup OLB spots are going to be interesting. I'd be surprised to see Reilly get cut. He's gotten play time, that experience should have value on a really really young OLB group and I've always thought he was pretty solid. McDougle getting cut would be a minor surprise but it's going to be a numbers game at that position. Wonder if they try to trade Milliner away for a conditional late round pick - probably doesn't open up enough cap space to justify it. Okoye feels like a probable practice squad project if he has any eligibility.
  14. Click the link I posted in the response to you. It's about being over a certain salary level - a million are so. Those guys are so they reportedly will cancel them out. We can always revisit this when it happens. I'll gladly eat crow and be happy to have the picks. But my understanding is that the 3 signed qualifying UFA's cancel with the 3 lost qualifying UFA's despite the difference in salary. Which, again, is why I wasn't happy with how the offseason went. Because if that understanding is correct not only did Forte, McLendon, and Jenkins cost the Jets cap space, they also cost them a future 4, 5, and 6. Also even if not, Forte would more than cancel out Davis which would mean 2 picks. But my understanding is, as things currently stand, it's 0.
  15. Pretty sure I'm not wrong. You don't just get comp picks for losing guys. Those three qualifying UFA's the Jets lost are cancelled out by the signings of Forte, McLendon, and Jenkins. Believe there's a chance they get a late compensatory pick based on the salary difference, and they would get a compensatory pick if they lose another qualifying UFA. But as things stand right now they are projected to get 0 compensatory picks next year. Certainly not three.