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  1. If Macc trades Sheldon, Allen could be a replacement for him at ILB. Not sure how else we could get a 290 pound linebacker on the field again this year. Sticking to BPA guns and the possibility of cutting Wilkerson after this season and losing Richardson to trade or FA are the only things that would keep me from grading this as an F.
  2. This sums it up nicely. The premise of this article is kind of goofy since one of the DB's presumably isn't even working out and OSU has all kind of prospects. Could see the center, the not tiny linebacker, the RB/WR hybrid, and even the younger WR who declared too early potentially drawing interest. Hooker would make me anxious at 6 (though they could do worse things) but if they drop down a little he's certainly an exciting prospect and would fill a big need. I'm sure there's a spot in the draft to take an absurdly gifted corner who also has chronic hamstring issues. I sure hope it's not six.Some good corner is going to fall to their spot in the second round. Good to do HW on Conley.
  3. The only concern with Howard is production IMO, and he obviously shone on the biggest stages in college when he got opportunities. I don't mind betting on elite physical attributes and a combination of solid receiving and blocking skills at six. His polished blocking and physical attributes make him a high floor, high ceiling prospect. Could do a lot worse. Also the depth of this tight end class shouldn't preclude the Jets from drafting Howard. I wish they'd run more two TE sets, the offense has no identity right now, there is no depth at TE on the roster, and this TE class is sick. Doesn't necessarily have to be Howard and someone else, but I'd love to see them come out of this draft with two tight ends.
  4. WOW

    Sounds like fate. I don't remember what game I caught, but he had a stretch of 5-6 throws where he looked absolutely unreal. Throws with zip and perfect placements, couldn't have walked over and handed it to the receivers in a better spot. Then he got erratic. Not sure if it's a mechanical thing. Wouldn't hate him as a late round flyer to compete with Petty for a roster spot.
  5. Does he come with the Cowboys' offensive line too?
  6. I think this is right on the money. The true, elite, offense carrying #1's are great but they're rare and not necessary to be an elite team. I like the idea of drafting study WR's with good hands and enough ability to separate in some way shape or form (speed, quickness, high pointing) in the round 2-4 area and just having a bunch of solid ones.
  7. McCown would be much better as a short-term guy than someone like Cutler.
  8. Understand Hightower is a good pass rusher and has the the size play as an edge guy. He's also got 17 career sacks in 5 seasons and had 2.5 sacks last year. There's more value in the NFL to being a pass rusher than an ILB in my opinion. Maybe I'm oversimplifying, but if you're that good at getting after the quarterback then I'm playing you at OLB all 3 downs and letting you get after the passer. I'd think Belichick would've figured that out. So I'm thinking you've got a good two down ILB who's an okay edge rusher but not good enough to do it full time. I'd rather give a 2 down thumper at ILB and a situational pass rusher a lot less than the $12m Hightower is reportedly asking for and have at least one play specials. Probably a little worse at ILB those two downs and comparable if not better in pass rushing situations - even if it's just comparable I'll take the worse overall play for the cap savings.
  9. There's been recent praise of the Jets keeping signings under lids. I don't think anyone who's been signed so far had a leak they were negotiating. Hopefully that continues. This would be a horrific allocation of resources. The only thing the Jets should even consider doing at ILB this offseason is drafting a two down thumper with limited coverage skills on day three to take over for Harris in 2018 or open up the door for a late cut to get some salary cap savings if he happens to be ready for that role this year. You're generally going to have what, six DB's on the field in most third and long situations given this is a passing league? So five "front seven" guys. Given their talents and allocation of resources thus far you'd better damn well have Wilkerson, Williams, and Lee on the field in those situations. And then two edge rushers. I don't see the rationale behind being serious about getting another ILB on the roster. I think the only positions I would understand less are 5-tech and guard. Plus, I thought they were just going to be bad this year based on everything else they've done this offseason. And I was fine with that. Why ruin it?
  10. I want the Jets to sign a nominal veteran QB to be part of a sad excuse for a competition for the starting job. Key trait is that he won't put the team over the top enough to be 5-11 or 6-10. Daniels fits the bill, plus that has to mean no Jay Cutler right? Zero problem with signing Daniels if he's cut.
  11. Bengals want a second round pick at least for McCarron, Jets wanted a first at least for Richardson. Obviously Sheldon's lost value but the waters get muddied when you've got players on both ends of the trade. If you can get the 4 you traded to get Shell back and McCarron that's probably better than a 3. I'd rather a 3 straight up than just McCarron. Don't want to give up a pick in any trade. And I do think unfortunately Richardson has to go if you can get anything for him.
  12. Like it. No need to draft a tackle but depending on the length of this deal there's nothing to stop them from drafting a developmental guy if there's one they like.
  13. One of the few things I would feel pretty good about at six. I think the floor is a useful player and the ceiling is really high. Trading down a bit (I know the Jets need a partner) and still landing him would be really cool. This is an awesome TE draft. Would love to see the Jets draft two like the Colts did with Fleener and Allen several years ago. Great position to have multiple talented guys since you can do so much out of 2 TE looks, and they're great to have for a young QB which hopefully the Jets find someday.
  14. Honestly wish the Jets did what the Browns did if the part about cutting him with no cap ramifications after this season is true. Get some picks and a vet to lead the tank charge. Osweiler is awful.
  15. Jets haven't landed a rumored player yet. Hope that holds for Cutler.