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  1. derp added a post in a topic Quincy Enunwa emerging as #3 WR   

    Wonder if there's a chance the Packers would have interest in Kerley for a late round pick. Granted that probably conflicts with the point I'm about to make because Cobb plays a bunch in the slot, but Montgomery has really inconsistent hands and it doesn't seem like Janis is there yet. The Packers go three wide a lot and could benefit from having another reliable receiver to go with Cobb and Adams.
    The other reason I think Enunwa might get a nod over Kerley is he's a better fit to play on the outside. Marshall and Decker have both played the slot a bunch and Gailey may try to exploit mismatches there. Having three players who are all versatile enough to play inside and out may make it easier to move guys around and get a matchup that they like in three wide sets. Kerley is more of an inside player and I think that makes it harder to get Marshall or Decker looks from the slot since you lose a little something when Kerley moves outside.
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  2. derp added a post in a topic How want WRs will the jets keep?   

    Think Marshall, Decker, Kerley, Smith, Enunwa, Owusu make the team with Evans and/or Powell slipped onto the PS (assuming they get through waivers). Posey could make it with the Maccagnan connection, but I think the top 6 are better. Can afford to go 6 deep with a bunch of those guys possible contributors on specials. Might be necessary since Smith has missed so much camp and might not be able to contribute a ton off the bat.
    Do we know who's going to be returning kicks? Assuming it's Owusu (top of depth chart right now) I think that probably solidifies his roster spot unless Powell overtakes him.
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  3. derp added a post in a topic Walter Powell   

    Believe Idzik had him in for a pre-draft visit last year as well.
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  4. derp added a post in a topic The Jets have reached out to Rex Grossman   

    This season is going to be too fun.
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  5. derp added a post in a topic Cameron Jordan Signed An Extension ...   

    I would guess Mo wants/gets more than Jordan. Think he's a better player, and his camp is probably pretty happy about how much Jordan got. Question for Mo and the Jets is how much more, and is he worth it to the Jets with the DL depth. I'd still like to see him back on a fair deal.
    Saw him this weekend at a charity basketball event. Big dude in person.
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  6. derp added a post in a topic OL Jarvis Harrison Signed   

    If he wants to play tackle as reported he'd have a decent chance to beat out Giacomini. The Jets expressed a lot of interest in tackles pre-draft, so it's not crazy to say they feel it's a need or a position that could be upgraded. And there's no long-term left tackle on the roster, not sure how many more years Brick has left.
    Concern would be the Jets run more zone stuff and he's a better fit for a gap scheme as far as I'm aware. I don't think many teams would pencil him in as the starting LT, but starting a career at RT and having a chance to move over to LT in a couple/few years isn't a bad situation if you want to make up for that bad first contract.
    Back on topic, Harrison's a nice pick in that he's got upside to fill a hole at guard but if he doesn't work out it doesn't really hurt the Jets because depth there is good. Will be interesting to see how many linemen are kept, who gets cut, and who wins that RG spot in camp.
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  7. derp added a post in a topic The La'El Collins watch   

    I think Collins should have been allowed to enter the supplemental draft if he was found innocent. Unfair to him that he loses money because of circumstances completely out of his control, and unfair to the other 31 teams that don't sign him as well. I get that it would set a bad precedent which is why it won't happen though.

    Obviously if he is a part of this horrible crime in any way he deserves what's coming to him.
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  8. derp added a post in a topic Best part of this draft? Our guys have no pressure   

    Great post. This team is deeper than I can remember in a while. It's going to be really tough for any UDFA's to make the roster, whereas back when Tannenbaum was GM you had to try to figure out which 3 or 4 UDFA's were going to make it because there were open roster slots. This draft just helped build quality depth which is great.
    Would add that Smith is reportedly an excellent gunner, so he should be able to carve out a nice role on special teams as well.
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  9. derp added a post in a topic Zac Stacy Traded to Jets (MERGED)   

    Definitely like this trade. Interesting to see what UDFA's they sign.
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  10. derp added a post in a topic Did Bryce Petty play in the same spread system as Robert Griffin?   

    From the bit that I watched, Petty was all over the place from an accuracy standpoint and really didn't have to make many reads. He's got a really nice arm, but I'd like to let a guy with physical talent learn a system and make reads for once instead of throwing him right into the mix as a rookie. Everbody has said he needs a redshirt year and I'm completely on board with that. If he comes into camp and kills it sure, let him play, but in a more realistic scenario I'm a fan of letting him sit and learn for a year or two.
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  11. derp added a post in a topic Jarvis Harrison - G Tex. A&M   

    Seems like a pretty solid value in the 5th round - the right guard spot is still a question mark. Tons of young guards on the roster right now and they're not all going to make it, will be interseting to see how it all shakes out.
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  12. derp added a post in a topic To those who wanted to draft a running back in the early or middle rounds   

    As someone who wanted a back drafted I thought a) the Jets could use both a back with a little explosiveness and a back besides Powell who can contribute a little in the passing game b ) there's no clear cut starter on the team right now who couldn't be upgraded and the Jets are going to have to run the ball to win c) Ivory and Ridley are a little redundant in terms of skill sets and with Ridley coming off an ACL injury and receiving very little guaranteed money it's far from a lock both make the roster d) if Gailey's running more spread and zone type stuff, they might want a different kind of back to fit that scheme a litlte better and e) running back is a position where you can get a guy who ends up being a superstar in round 2 or 3 if you take the right dude.
    The nice thing about the Ridley acquisition was that there wasn't an aboslute need to take a back. I think they might have taken Duke Johnson if he fell to #82. But they'll be okay without him for now. And as for Gailey's scheme, he tends to adapt to personnel as far as I understand so maybe they run more stuff that's better for power backs. It wasn't an absolute must to draft a back, but I think it would have been an exciting selection and could have had an immediate impact for the team.
    On Ajayi, it sounds like his medical issues are similar to Dwayne Robertson. For a position where guys fall off a cliff around 30 anyway, if you can get a good few years out of Ajayi I think you take it. Probably just going to cut his career shorter than otherwise, but backs don't play forever anyway. Dude can play. I'd be pretty happy if they picked him in the 5th.
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  13. derp added a post in a topic Welcome Bryce Petty!!   

    On the flip side, adding a back who's good in the passing game would have been nice in a pass first league. Aside from Powell there's not much there, and Powell's not scaring anyone on passing downs.
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  14. derp added a post in a topic •••••The Official 2015 NFL DRAFT DISCUSSION THREAD•••••   

    Duke would've been nice, still some other good options on the board. Teams must be worried about Clemmings' foot as a big guy, he was regarded as a potential first round pick and unless I missed it he's still on the board. Harold too, Danielle Hunter, bunch of other guys I'm sure I'm missing.
    I like Ajayi a lot too although I was expecting a shiftier back if they went in that direction. He's good in the passing game too though.
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  15. derp added a post in a topic Don't get this Devin Smith pick at all   

    This thread delivers.
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