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  1. I should stop trying to figure out what I think the Jets should do and start trying to figure out what the Jets will do. That way it'll hurt less when they do the latter instead of the former. Cutler and a first round corner sounds about right.
  2. Obviously QB should be in the mix if there's one that's worth of the pick. Imagine someone emerges - but if they do might be out of the Jets' range assuming they land in the 3-6 range. If no QB, Myles Garrett seems to be the clear cut top position player available. Defense would be annoying again but the Jets could absolutely use a terror off the edge. Haven't taken one of those at the top of the draft and wouldn't hate it. Otherwise, hopefully a tackle emerges. That's going to be a tremendous need and not easy to fill via FA. Would love to see the FO rebuild the offensive line in this draft. Bring in a couple of bookend tackles and maybe a right guard, build around the line and running the football while developing a young QB. Secondary is easier to rebuild in FA than the OL IMO and both lack long-term answers. Not sure where Peppers fits with the current defensive personnel. He's something in between Lee and Pryor IMO and both are on the team already. Maybe he replaces Gilchrist but I'm not so sure. Feel like you need someone solid to protect against big plays when Pryor gets overaggressive and I don't think Peppers is that guy, or polished enough to overlook that to take a shot on his physical upside when there are oodles of other needs. Corner would be boring but I'd get it. It's weird that the Jets don't really need a wideout any more although that could change if Marshall is shown the door. Think Forte and Powell are both around another year so unless they're going to pound the rock 40 times a game I don't see Fournette. A multitalented back could easily slip outside of the first in this class though, and they could probably find a more physical back to complement Forte/Powell in the mid-rounds which I think has been lacking this year.
  3. Fournette is a freakshow and I imagine he'd be fun to watch in New York, but a top draft pick is probably better allocated elsewhere. Will be interesting to see how his medical comes back on that ankle that seems to consistently be a problem.
  4. I imagine some tweaks would need to be made in order to make an effective transition to a young QB. Bye week might be a good opportunity for that. Or, because Jets.
  5. The Rams defensive line is really good. Not a great time for the rookie QB to play his first game. Bye week would give a little more time to prepare for the transition - the Pats' D isn't bad and I imagine Belichick would give a rookie QB fits, but I think it should wait until some time after the bye.
  6. If they can get a quarterback, they should take a quarterback. That much is obvious. I don't think anything in the next nine games can be answered with such a definitive "yes, that's the Jets' quarterback of the future" that you'd pass on a QB if you're in the position to take one. Worst case you have two good ones. I'm not sure they'll have an opportunity to draft a quarterback. If that's not an option, you either want someone who can get after the quarterback or protect the quarterback IMO. This draft doesn't look that strong at tackle but there are a ton of edge rushers. Long time for that to change, but if it stays true I think an edge rusher would be solid. Somewhat exhausting to draft defense again, but this defense could absolutely use a dominant edge guy. Nothing wrong with taking a tackle either if the value is good. I think those are the three premium spots you focus on. The appealing thing about Fournette is I really liked what the Jets were building offensively last year. Spread the defense with a bunch of legitimate threats at WR, get extra DB's in the game, and then play a strong, fast back who can break tackles, get away from guys in space, and pay off in the red zone. Seemed like a really good way to play offense in the modern NFL, and that's basically out the window this season. Ivory is missed and the Robinson injury was unfortunate. Also, last time a freakishly talented RB slipped a bit due to concerns over him getting nicked up in college (Adrian Peterson) he worked out OK. That happens to be the comp that's been made for Fournette and it looks like a legitimate one. On the flip side, Peterson is great but the Vikings really haven't had legitimate team success with him. But on the other hand, I don't think that's necessarily Peterson's fault.
  7. This team is too slow in the front seven for how talented they are overall. Playing four defensive tackles, no matter how good they are, is asking for trouble. Asking defensive linemen to play almost 100% of the snaps is a disaster waiting to happen as well. This is what I think makes the most sense: LDE - Wilkerson DT - Richardson DT - Williams RDE - Jordan Jenkins SLB - Henderson MLB - Harris WLB - Lee CB - Revis SS - Pryor FS - Gilchrist CB - Burris Rotate more defensively. This defense has good players. Heavily rotate McLendon in with Wilkerson, Richardson, and Williams to keep guys fresh. Move those guys around. I think any of Wilkerson/Richardson/Henderson could play LDE. Keep teams off balanced, energize your guys by putting them in different snaps. Get Jarvis Jenkins in the game some as well and Simon situationally in run heavy situations. I like Jordan Jenkins - he's heavy handed and can set the edge against the run. His flexibility to stand up or play hand in the dirt should allow them to easily switch between 3-4 and 4-3 looks in certain situations. There's no issue with getting Catapano and Mauldin in the game for snaps at right end either though. Make someone win that job. Catapano and Mauldin should both get situational edge rushing snaps too. Passing downs why not go a 3-4 look with Wilkerson/Richardson/Williams and two of those guys on the edge? Nickel situations you can easily take Henderson off of the field I think. Harris or Lee can come off in dime packages. In theory you can take a defensive lineman off too. The secondary is a disaster. Let someone win a job. I'm fine sitting Pryor if they're comfortable with that. Roberts, Burris, or Williams is fine at corner. Let the young guys play. Almost like Roberts more than Burris. None of those guys is so clearly better than anyone else I like playing guys match up wise as well. Roberts probably has the best speed/length combo - play him more against a team with deep threats. Burris is a good option for possession receivers. I almost like Williams more in nickel as I think he's less likely to get burnt deep by a slot receiver and getting him towards the middle of the field may give him more opportunities to use his instincts and get his hands on some balls. Obviously little to none of this actually happens, but it's what I want to see. Give the young corners a shot and get faster in the front seven. Little tweaks here and there. That front four I listed above seems small based on how the Jets have been playing - it's actually huge for a 4-3 defensive line. We've got the right guys to play fast - we just play too many of them together.
  8. Bowles is an interesting guy. I do believe he's strong from an X's and O's standpoint. I like that he's even keeled in front of the media. Thought he did a good job with personalities last season. I really liked what I thought was the offensive philosophy of a physical running game paired with a spread offense last year. The wheels are kind of coming off this year and it's been ugly. The defensive line's motivation is a major issue. Communication in the secondary is awful. Maybe it's the DL and secondary coaches or the DC - but if that's the case Bowles hired those guys. Can be fixed but not sure it will be. That offensive philosophy I thought I liked is gone - either it was a lucky coincidence last year or a huge miss this offseason from a personnel standpoint (which would be on Maccagnan IMO). My two biggest issues are his reluctance to embrace any level of competition and most importantly in game decisions. That challenge yesterday was atrocious. Not going for it on fourth down. I'm not sure that will be fixed. Also I know the Kotite years were horrific, but this is the 20th consecutive year of the Jets having a head coach with a defensive background. Personalities have been different but I think the philosophy is more or less the same and that tends to make things stale - but you still have the issues of changing offensive and defensive schemes. Even if it's just a temporary thing I think they should switch stuff up a bit and get an offensive guy in here at some point.
  9. Not for nothing, but you took the pick looking bad comment grossly out of context. I said I didn't like the pick at the time. I'm well aware of his college career. What I meant was the pick looks bad now, based on what he's done in the NFL to date and not what he did in college, because of Prescott's success. There's nothing wrong with a second round quarterback not playing as a rookie. It looks especially bad at the moment because a quarterback drafted after him is having success, and the Jets could use some help at the position.
  10. If the premise here is that Hackenberg was a mistake because he was taken in the second round but apparently isn't ready to play - I disagree. Not sure I like the Hackenberg pick, wasn't a fan at the time, but I have no issue with drafting a talented quarterback and sitting him. I think Hackenberg has other issues but appreciate the effort to try and develop him. Honestly, the pick looks bad because of Prescott's success. Not sure whether that will continue.
  11. I completely agree and said this in another thread.
  12. Lee kind of plays a different role but I think with Lee/Henderson you functionally have two starting ILB's even with Harris gone. And they'll be in nickel a bunch anyway. Think Sheldon/Mo/Leo with Jenkins/Mauldin/Lee at LB and 5 DB's is functionally a base look. The secondary is the real issue IMO. Although if the team is awful and ends up high in the draft and BPA is a pass rusher I don't think you pass for Jenkins/Mauldin. Not like Giacomini needs to be replaced either. Right now Ijalana and Qvale are fine. Looks like Ijalana isn't signed past this year but Qvale is. Not all of these guys will be axed either. I think Harris is out the door and Giacomini as well. Maybe one or two of the others and some restructuring. Richardson I see playing out kind of like Wilkerson - but hopefully the FO won't publicly put him on the block this time. Let teams come to you. Not sure what cap space for the sake of cap space buys you though. This is still a team without a QB. Some nice depth building some places but a lot of other weaknesses. Continue to build through the draft and re-sign the guys you want to keep around. Building through FA is fools gold. Maybe sign a functional corner or something but I see no need to go crazy. I'm not sure there's anyone major they need to re-sign this offseason though I'm almost certainly missing someone. Unless there's savings you can roll over to next year I'd continue rebuilding at a bit of a slow pace - focus on OL/secondary this offseason but obviously always keep an eye out for a QB and I don't think the Jets are good enough anywhere aside from DL to ignore a tremendous value at any position (unless Sheldon gets moved - in which case they're not good enough anywhere to ignore a tremendous value).
  13. This is ridiculous, Tom. He'd break his collarbone.
  14. I definitively want to see more Robbie Anderson. I fully understand that he's a rookie UDFA who needs to gain weight and his preseason performances are not likely to translate to the field. This team does not generally make explosive plays offensively. Granted, this has been the case essentially every year except maybe early in the Favre season and occasionally in small doses with certain players (Leon Washington, Santonio Holmes, and maybe Percy Harvin come to mind). That makes it so much easier for teams to press up and it's harder for guys to get open underneath. It's mitigated a bit because the Jets have some huge bodies on offense who don't need a lot of space, but I think it's easier to blitz, stuff the run, jump routes, etc because there's not that much of a threat of getting beat deep. Yes, the Jets make 20+ yard explosive plays sometimes but guys will generally get tackled immediately after making a big catch down field because nobody really has the wheels to house a deep throw. Anderson I think does, it just adds a different element to the mix on offense, and he's done a good job adjusting to bad throws too. Marshall has struggled fumbling the football. I think Anderson brings something different to 4 WR sets and deserves a shot. I say this all fully understanding that Fitzpatrick is not the ideal guy to push the ball down the field with. Also want to see more of Powell, only minus the caveats. Again, explosive plays will help this offense. Would be good to keep Forte fresh as well and since both backs are similar stylistically I don't think you really have to adjust much for one versus the other. This team also misses Chris Ivory a lot. Forte has been excellent but I think Ivory's running style was a big part of the red zone success the team had last year. I don't think the team should have gotten away from the run in the red zone as much as they did against KC and I understand Forte did well against the Bills but I still believe Ivory was a far superior short yardage runner. Too bad Karlos Williams is presumably still in horrible shape. Would've been a nice big back to throw into the mix.
  15. This reminds me how nice it would be for Macc to bring in some youth on the offensive line this offseason.