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  1. derp added a post in a topic Chris Ivory is on his last year of his contract. Talk of being best RB in league not good.   

    The OP was talking about Ivory within the context of him being labeled by some as the top back in the league and the Jets potentially needing to pay him $14m a year to retain him. I was comparing him to Murray who also tended to get dinged up and had a career season at around the same age (one year younger).
    I love Ivory as a player, he's a blast to watch, and hope the Jets retain him. I'll also be completely and utterly stunned if someone pays him $14m a year this offseason.
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  2. derp added a post in a topic Chris Ivory is on his last year of his contract. Talk of being best RB in league not good.   

    Boy you took my comments way out of context there.
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  3. derp added a post in a topic Chris Ivory is on his last year of his contract. Talk of being best RB in league not good.   

    Ivory's a really good player. He's also had a history of being injury prone, still missed a game due to injury this season, and if this continues it will obviously be a career year for him.
    DeMarco Murray who is essentially the same age as Ivory and also has had a history of being injury prone hit FA this past March (one year younger) after an unbelievable season that Ivory isn't likely to match.
    Murray got 5/$40 with $21m guaranteed. Those are much more reasonable figures to throw around than Peterson's $14m per season, and I don't suspect Ivory will even get there given he'll essentially hit FA a little worse than Murray in each of those big picture categories I listed earlier.
    And obviously as pointed out by others - if Ivory has the kind of season that it's even a discussion it's a pretty great problem to have. But I don't think 28 year old historically injury prone RB's who are coming off career seasons typically garner $14m per year contracts.
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  4. derp added a post in a topic Cro giving Eagles some bulletin board material?   

    Actually, it's the run game. Murray and his blistering 11 yards on 21 carries against the Jets run D should 100% be a win. I'm worried that, because football is weird, he'll start to get on track this week even though it makes no sense. He's not even really the kind of back the Jets struggle against. Just seems TOO obvious that the Jets are going to handle the Eagles' run game. Even more obvious than it was to me that the Saints were going to kill the Bucs last weekend. Sproles, on the other hand, I could see being a problem. But whatever, we'll see Sunday. 
    And what someone else said about Sanchez coming in. Bradford's made of tissue paper anyway and the Jets obviously have a great DL. Would be a real kick in the balls if Bradford gets hurt, the Eagles offense turns it around with Sanchez under center, and the Jets lose.
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  5. derp added a post in a topic Cro giving Eagles some bulletin board material?   

    I'm concerned the Eagles finally pull things together on Sunday, given things seem to be pointing in the opposite direciton.
    That said, maybe it looks like they're moving slower because last year they were taking 31.5 seconds when they had to move down the field. This year it's been taking them 30.6 seconds to pretty much line up in the same spot.
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  6. derp added a post in a topic JetNation \ FanDuel League: Week Two   

    Just me? Tried again still not working.
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  7. derp added a post in a topic JetNation \ FanDuel League: Week Two   

    Anyone else having an error following the link?
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  8. derp added a post in a topic After Watching DRC last night, wish we grabbed him.   

    Believe Williams was a small school guy, North Dakota State. Agree with you that it's early to tell how good he is, but I'm a fan. He was possibly the only bright spot in an otherwise awful secondary last year.
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  9. derp added a post in a topic Terrelle Pryor to Work out at WR for Jets   

    Completely agree. He should've been playing WR all along, and while he's not a good QB, having someone who can play in an emergency isn't a terrible idea - although I'm not sure he'd be active on game days. I won't be disappointed if they pass on him, but there have been worse ideas than taking a flier on a freak athlete learning a new position.
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  10. derp added a post in a topic We Should Make 1 or Two Trades   

    The Jets do have a surprising amount of depth - not something we've seen in the past. If they can get something for a guy they're going to cut or feel is expendable I'm all for it. Certainly a lot has changed.
    I don't think TE is that big of an issue. I'm a fan of running two tight end packages because you can run or pass pretty effectively from them but it looks like with Gailey as the offensive coordinator the Jets are going to be running a lot of 3 receiver sets with one back. Given the three receivers who seem to be the guys who will be seeing the most time are all big, the Jets should be able to spread the field a little but still run the ball well from those kinds of packages and it should pretty much be the same thing. But it seems like in this system the tight end is mostly a blocker.
    I kind of like Enunwa's fit as a third wideout. He's a physical freak so it'll be good to get him some development. Should be able to block corners effectively in the run game to spring Ivory on the perimeter. And with Marshall and Decker more than capable of working all three levels I think Enunwa will be effective as a big target on short routes with the speed to get deep. I imagine he'll catch a deep bomb this season - should be a real threat on playaction.
    Most interesting thing to me will be how the back end of that position shakes out. Obviously Smith is making the team and Kerley presumably is as well. Powell and Owusu both showed well in the preseason. Do they try to sneak Powell onto the PS?
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  11. derp added a post in a topic Quincy Enunwa emerging as #3 WR   

    Wonder if there's a chance the Packers would have interest in Kerley for a late round pick. Granted that probably conflicts with the point I'm about to make because Cobb plays a bunch in the slot, but Montgomery has really inconsistent hands and it doesn't seem like Janis is there yet. The Packers go three wide a lot and could benefit from having another reliable receiver to go with Cobb and Adams.
    The other reason I think Enunwa might get a nod over Kerley is he's a better fit to play on the outside. Marshall and Decker have both played the slot a bunch and Gailey may try to exploit mismatches there. Having three players who are all versatile enough to play inside and out may make it easier to move guys around and get a matchup that they like in three wide sets. Kerley is more of an inside player and I think that makes it harder to get Marshall or Decker looks from the slot since you lose a little something when Kerley moves outside.
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  12. derp added a post in a topic How want WRs will the jets keep?   

    Think Marshall, Decker, Kerley, Smith, Enunwa, Owusu make the team with Evans and/or Powell slipped onto the PS (assuming they get through waivers). Posey could make it with the Maccagnan connection, but I think the top 6 are better. Can afford to go 6 deep with a bunch of those guys possible contributors on specials. Might be necessary since Smith has missed so much camp and might not be able to contribute a ton off the bat.
    Do we know who's going to be returning kicks? Assuming it's Owusu (top of depth chart right now) I think that probably solidifies his roster spot unless Powell overtakes him.
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  13. derp added a post in a topic Walter Powell   

    Believe Idzik had him in for a pre-draft visit last year as well.
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  14. derp added a post in a topic The Jets have reached out to Rex Grossman   

    This season is going to be too fun.
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  15. derp added a post in a topic Cameron Jordan Signed An Extension ...   

    I would guess Mo wants/gets more than Jordan. Think he's a better player, and his camp is probably pretty happy about how much Jordan got. Question for Mo and the Jets is how much more, and is he worth it to the Jets with the DL depth. I'd still like to see him back on a fair deal.
    Saw him this weekend at a charity basketball event. Big dude in person.
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