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  1. Really interesting discussion point actually. I know Thomas has gotten love as a 4-3 base end who can kick inside on passing downs, but I am curious to see if he kills the agility drills and gets himself in the 4-3 edge rusher conversation. Definitely an athlete, pretty productive, seems like good character. Also I know people believe edge guys who had experience playing inside during college translate well to the NFL because they tend to have better hand usage since you learn that more inside. Potentially an interesting option at six. Obviously a premium position guy.
  2. It's pretty up in the air right now, but Bolles (Utah tackle) turns 25 shortly after the draft which isn't ideal and may cause him to slip a bit.
  3. I completely agree in theory, but the issue from the GM's standpoint is it handcuffs you a bit in the draft because you NEED to get a LT, he needs to be able to play right away, and everyone knows that you need the LT. If there's a veteran option on the roster they don't need to reach for a dude or they can identify a project they like and go get him. This tackle class is really weak too so it's not easy to say you'll just find one this year. Plus if they restructure Clady and draft someone the kid can just take over when Clady gets hurt week 6. Win-win.
  4. Hooker. Fournette's style and injury history concern me and I don't think the Jets are a great situation (no passing game to prevent teams from stacking the box, not a great offensive line) for a back like Fournette who needs room to get downhill. Plus the track record of first round backs is bad. And don't give me Zeke who was running behind the best OL in the league. Not the same situation for the Jets. Safeties have been part of some awesome defenses too - I think Seattle missed Earl Thomas a lot after he got hurt. Hooker is a one year guy which makes him a little risky but he's big, rangy, and athletic. I think he drops a bit since he can't do anything at the combine post surgery (I believe) and to be honest I don't think the Jets draft either - but given a choice I'd take Hooker.
  5. I don't think Bowles is a great coach as I alluded to, but I'm talking about how the players fit with each other, not players and scheme. It's not easy to put three five technique defensive ends on the field at the same time regardless of what system you run. I think Mauldin and Jenkins are both better suited to play the same OLB role - Mauldin changed positions this offseason after Jenkins was drafted (presumably because Mauldin was the better suited of the two for his new spot). He seems to have an affinity for deep threat WR's with no QB who can get the ball to guys downfield consistently. Loves throwing darts and drafting project QB's - but at this point that's two premium picks he's used in two years and we have so little to show for it that we literally have no clue who will be the starting QB next year. Again, don't think Bowles is a great head coach - but I don't think Maccagnan is doing him any favors either drafting redundant guys and ignoring other spots (namely the blatantly aging OL). Though as someone mentioned above I think the Lee pick was for Bowles (not sure if he was hand picked or not but they did seem to be targeting that kind of ILB). But regardless - there hasn't been much drafting of guys who fit with the pieces the team has IMO.
  6. Maccagnan seems to draft without considering fit with current personnel. Which is either the result of confidence in his long-term job security, or a flaw. Regardless, I think it ends up making Bowles look bad. Not that I think Bowles is Vince Lombardi, but it's tougher to coach with mismatched players. And I'd be surprised if whoever in ownership is making these decisions with Woody off on the other side of the pond is able to see that. Also seems like he goes into things with a plan, but rather than sticking to it he'll change the plan on the fly when things aren't going as expected. But that's a bit more of a FA/extension/trade observation than it is draft.
  7. The recent track record of first round running backs is horrific. Seems like everyone is somehow blinded by how well Elliott worked out for the Cowboys. Their offensive line is absurdly good. Even look at Adrian Peterson, who has worked out well and had an awesome career. The Vikings overall didn't have good QB play early in his career (or late either frankly). Then because he's so good they had to re-sign him to a big deal. Aside from having a fun back to watch, where has he gotten them. A running back might be a day one starter. But they'll either be a quick fix at the position or they might not work out at all. The old adage used to be that wide receivers were like hood ornaments on a car. I think that goes for running backs now. It's a nice last piece to put you over the top. The Jets are basically at stage one of a rebuild. They need long-term guys who can create an identity on either side of the ball. I don't think a back can do that alone right now. The line is okay and has a couple of massive question marks right now and I don't anticipate sufficient quarterback play to prevent defenses from stacking the box. They'd be setting up the guy to fail. Offensively obviously you want a quarterback first. Then offensive line. From there I think an elite elite receiver trumps a RB. Defensively the Jets have some good DL's. So I think edge rusher (which would be the priority anyway), followed by safety, then corner, then another ILB. Don't see them wanting two ILB's on the field for three downs and they kind of tied their wagon to Lee as the three down inside guy. Shutdown corners are great but they're so rare and teams miss there a lot trying to find one. Safety play on the other hand is so huge right now and you see defenses like Seattle or Baltimore and Pittsburgh back in the day heavily built around one or two guys.
  8. This would be fun. Seems like a clean prospect with tools and a knack for playing the position but raw. No proven QB on the roster yet. Would be especially fun in the second round. I kind of hope Watson, Trubisky, Kizer, and Mahomes all end up going in the top 10 of the draft though.
  9. Quarterback would be priority #1 obviously - don't think there will be one available. From there I think it becomes important to get an impact player at #6. Like every other year a trade down would be great but I'm not going to hold my breath. Tackle would be #2 IMO - building an elite offensive line would be great. I'm not sure value is going to match up there although it would be cool if it did. Then #3 would be an edge rusher. Seems like the class is full of them but after Garrett (who I'm guessing won't be there) the presumed next guys like Barnett and Solomon Thomas are viewed as 4-3 ends not stand up 3-4 guys. If the FO likes the 3-4 fit (I know Thomas is supposed to be a freak athlete) then that changes things. But that may be for later. Those are kind of the key spots so I think from there you see if there's somebody you can build around on offense or defense. Right now it doesn't seem like there are elite WR's or TE's, there are elite running backs but that historically doesn't go so well, and I don't think you take an interior OL at 6th overall so that covers the other offensive positions. Another interior DL is obviously not ideal since there are already too many for the defense to function on the roster, inside linebacker at #6 - especially when you theoretically took your 3 down ILB last year - doesn't make a lot of sense, and corner seems deeper than elite at the top so I think you wait there. We've seen extended periods of elite defenses with big-time safety play and the Jets don't really have a long-term answer there plus they could use someone who can create turnovers. So, Malik Hooker. Decent chance he'll be there, may be the best safety in an elite class of safeties, big-time ball skills, has been getting Ed Reed comps, and crazy range so he probably has the combo of production and physical attributes you'd like in a top pick, and at the very least we'll get some good hooker jokes out of it so there's a really high floor here. Kind of depends on the off the field and classroom type stuff, but that's where I am right now.
  10. I think the Jets can afford to wait a long time on a running back. Powell and Forte will be back next year and the class is deep. More physicality in the backfield would be nice IMO and that can probably be found later on. Cook or Fournette would be cool but a massive luxury pick for a team that has needs everywhere. Safety is strong but especially at the top. I think the Jets need to hit a home run at 6. If Hooker is the best guy on the board that's the direction I'm leaning right now. An edge rusher would be awesome but it seems like the top guys are better 4-3 fits than 3-4. If a good 3-4 edge fit or a good offensive tackle is available I'd prefer that (or a quarterback obviously) but I'm not thinking that will be the case. No issue with corners at any point in theory although I'm tired of round 1 corners and would prefer it's later. A tight end would be nice. Maybe get Jake Butt at a discount after his injury since this is probably a rebuilding year anyway.
  11. I think Anderson could be a nice piece as a part of a WR corps - don't think he's going to be the guy. Ted Ginn-ish, maybe a little better. Which is fine. If he's able to have a 10+ year career (this season was Ginn's 10th) as a UDFA and maybe have a 1,000 yard year or two (Ginn never has) that's pretty good. Anderson definitely has a gift for getting deep - but this season the bar was set pretty low, the Jets were out of a lot of games (and played a bunch of meaningless games) so mistakes were less magnified. I think his hands - while I wouldn't go so far to say they're bad - aren't good enough to overcome his lack of strength. Would like to see him with a QB who's more consistently able to get the ball downfield though. And while I'm not sure he'll be a consistent source of production in the passing game his skill set is a great one to have on the roster.
  12. What would be fun is if Maccagnan took someone like Mahomes in the second. Just to further muddy the waters. Seems like his M.O. has been take lower probability guys who still have physical talent and upside a little later to get them at a "discount". Which probably makes more sense if you've got a coaching staff that you believe can develop NFL quarterbacks. Unfortunately recent history has had the Jets out of reach of the top tier guys and unable to develop guys in the next tier and we really don't have any reason to expect that to change...unless they have a terrible enough season to get a crack at a top tier guy.
  13. Players > plays. Not sure what OC out there was going to scheme a productive offense for the Jets this year - particularly after Decker got hurt. Gailey in general is creative and I like his philosophy. Would like to see him get an opportunity to coach a little more talent. Also think if you're trying to develop young QB's, you want continuity. The defense was disappointing - not tremendously put together but I still think a situation where the whole was less than the sum of the parts. Not sure what Rodgers could have really done - but he makes more sense to me as a fall guy. Especially if they have an opportunity to bring in an experienced DC who will allow Bowles to focus more on both sides of the ball. Having the head coach be a pseudo coordinator is not a formula for success. Not sure it'll go down that way - but that would be my preference.
  14. The drafting a running back early debate is an interesting one to me. I think I see both sides. Probably the best way to improve in the short term, especially without an available franchise QB or LT towards the top of the draft. Overall, I think it's a bad idea though. There's just the general argument against round one RB's. Return on them has been really shaky, many of the league's best were drafted outside of round one. Plus this year the draft is deep in running backs and I'm not sure how many teams really need one enough to pop one in the first. Most importantly, what's the long-term payoff? You're better for a couple of years - less opportunities to find the franchise QB/LT/pass rusher you really need IMO. I think that's a step late in the rebuild and the Jets really need a total rebuild. Also think, either craftily or by accident, the Jets are set up where they don't need an early round back with Powell and Forte not saving much on the cap if they're cut. They wanted a physical back to complement those two and signed Robinson but he got hurt. Imagine they can find a similar back somewhere in the mid-late rounds this year, have him be the third RB, and hope they get lucky and he's a legit centerpiece back. Good to make sure the guy has hands - but stranger things have happened than a mid-late round RB turning into a stud. As an aside, this would be a GREAT draft for the Jets to trade down in if that opportunity arises. Seems like the top ten is going to be littered with defenders - find a defense needy team and swap. Also, broadly I think it's good/intelligent to draft where the draft is strong from a position standpoint and a tier standpoint. This draft seems to be strong at corner, pass rusher, tight end, running back, maybe center and right tackle. All potentially needs. Focus on those spots - preferably pass rusher early. Defense hasn't had a stud edge guy since what - John Abraham? Seem to be plenty of options in this draft and frankly this defense, as much as it's full of big name players, lacks a centerpiece to build around. Edge rusher would be a good start. Although if a left tackle emerges in the top 10 that would be a nice fit too. Those last two paragraphs also obviously go out the window if they think a franchise QB is available in round 1. Go get him.