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  1. Could be a stupid move, given there's a reason that corners are prioritized over safeties in the defensive backfield. Still, seems to me that the Jets want tall, physical press corners and quality safety play. Almost like Seattle - except a different system and interchangeable safeties rather than two really distinct guys. I'd feel differently if they were just randomly drafting all different kinds of corners late, but they're clearly targeting guys who fit a mold. So it seems there's at least a plan there. Whether or not it's a good plan remains to be see . It's an interesting way to zig where other teams zag. If it plays out okay and you can get good secondary play without investing a ton in the corner position when everyone else is doing that, then you're in pretty good shape. They may be a little late to the game on this, but it seems different enough than Seattle's scheme and I like trying something new-ish rather than straight up trying to copycat what's worked for other teams. At least this regime is going to do something different and go down swinging if this blows up in their faces.
  2. Those Jets second rounders. Feel like we could've seen these: Teammate on Stephen Hill: 'He's how you draw a wide receiver up.' Teammate on Jace Amaro: 'He's how you draw a tight end up.' Too bad the reasons the otherwise prototypical guys fall to the second round end up being really problematic. To be fair I do think there is a chance, albeit a small one, Hackenberg surprises in a good way and I'll be rooting for him. Just not holding my breath for one of these upside second rounders to pan out. If Maye ends up being a legitimate starting safety for like 3-4 seasons he may be the best second round pick in ten years.
  3. I'm pretty sure everyone he's got listed on the defensive line in the 4-3 should be a defensive tackle in a typical 4-3 defense. I get trying to squeeze three in, but not all four. Hard to take anything seriously after reading that.
  4. It will be extraordinarily easy to switch to a 4-3 defense after this season if they're so inclined. No major investments in stand up edge rushers or nose tackles. Two defensive tackles/5 techniques, a tiny linebacker who also fits a weird role the current HC has in his 3-4, and a couple of safeties. Jenkins is probably better suited to stand up but versatile enough to put his hand in the dirt and there have been a lot of press man corners drafted - but none were really a serious investment. Also for whatever it's worth I think listing corner as a premium position on par with quarterback, edge rusher, and left tackle was a little much. Much more scheme specific than those positions. This FO and coaching staff seem to have decided they can find big press dudes later a-la Seattle. They might be completely wrong, but I don't think we've really gotten an indication that it's a priority position. How funny would it be if Bowles actually wants premium cover corners and Maccagnan is trying to screw him over and we have two consecutive HC/GM combos both get fired over a cornerback spat though? Would be pretty classic Jets.
  5. I mean, this isn't pre-draft to post-draft. This is pre-FA to post-draft. I could see people maybe thinking the Jets would try to catch lightning in a bottle again and really go after it in FA, and for the most part they did the opposite - cutting vets who might have been useful for the sake of getting younger. The Jets could have pushed some bonuses into next year, kept Mangold and Marshall, signed AJ Bouye or something, brought in Glennon or Cutler or one of many FA QB's besides McCown, and drafted Dalvin Cook in the second round and I bet they would've been closer to 75-1 than 200-1. I think what they did is better long-term. Might blow up in Bowles and Maccagnan's faces. But I think going young and not trying to be splashy was the best thing for the franchise. I realize it's not going to work out the same way, but I wonder to an extent how much the overwhelming positive attitude towards the Yankees' focus on youth has given ownership a different perspective on rebuilding in New York instead of reloading in FA whenever cap dollars presented themselves as if the 16th year of that philosophy was going to work out dramatically differently than the first 15.
  6. What's interesting about the double down on safeties is in theory they could've dropped to like 15 with Indy who reportedly wanted McCaffrey, picked up an extra 2, taken the rangiest safety in the draft (Hooker) and the biggest physical freak safety (Melifonwu), built a pseudo Thomas/Chancellor safety duo and still had 39 to play around with. Obviously they really like the guys they got though. Seems they really prioritized character. Probably useful if you're looking to build a young roster and rebuild a locker room. But they have to be able to play too. Breer said Adams was top 3 on the board. Probably the most interesting part of the article. That says 3 to me. If he was 2 you'd say top 2 I think. Guesses on 1/2? I say Garrett and Thomas. ALSO back to safeties - the nice thing there is those guys are on the field regardless of down and distance.
  7. I think the Jets had the right idea this draft and executed well given what they wanted. Time will tell if their process leads to them having accurate grades on guys. That's what this all boils down to.
  8. That's a nice sentiment and I do think the Jets' draft was okay, but that method of grading is arbitrary at best and beyond stupid at worst.
  9. Neat mock since he listed next best prospects at each position and guys with potential to rise. Five quarterbacks in the first. Would be great if it plays out that way. I'm excited to read the board discussions on Jackson, who he has going 7th to the Bills, if he has a good season. Imagine he'll be polarizing. Allen will be super appealing if he starts to put things together. Dude can sling it. I'm hoping they all have great years including Rudolph. Right now looks like he'll be the best senior and most experienced guy currently projected in the first.
  10. McCown is a) not very good and b) made of glass. Cimini article today mentioned he and Petty are a combined 2-13 as starters over the last few seasons. This isn't Jay Cutler who will suck most of the time but might accidentally elevate an otherwise horrible offense to a couple of extra wins in the weeks he's not chucking picks. In my opinion if he plays McCown it's because Hackenberg is still really bad. Tie should and likely will go to the rookie. I don't think they paid McCown to start or win games. I think they paid him because they wanted an example of a professional quarterback on the roster for the young guys and they also wanted a veteran security blanket. That's how I see it at least. Also very possible McCown starts a few days and Hack starts later. They're presumably working on footwork, he has a new offense to learn, etc.
  11. Always thought draft grades were funny. Teams get bad grades for taking players an analyst didn't like or missing out on a position. Obviously the team didn't take player X over player Y despite preferring player Y. And Mike Maccagnan might not be great but I'd let him run a team over Pete Prisco any day of the week.
  12. Not sure how much the Jets subscribe to analytics, but most suggest that the old chart is very outdated for whatever it's worth. Numbers suggest quantity is key when it comes to the draft because it's so unpredictable. If that's the belief then the trades make a lot more sense. Also quite possible the Jets viewed the draft differently than most from a tier standpoint. Not arguing they're right, but again - would explain their thought process.
  13. That's not why I think Hackenberg is the key. I think ownership has a quick trigger finger and will be quick to fire if the team doesn't have a decent season. Hack playing well is, to me, the most likely variable that could lead to that. Otherwise I think this team is going to look more or less like the Rams last year.
  14. I think Macc genuinely believes in trying to rebuild this organization in conjunction with the coaching staff in place. With Bowles looking like a bit of a lame duck I thought he potentially had an opportunity to separate himself by drafting generic players. Instead he clearly decided to play nice and draft to fit the current scheme. In the secondary he went with safeties early and big, long press corners late for a defense that seems to want to run a lot of bump and run and feel they can get those press cover corners later with less mirror skills if they've got the safety play to cover for it. Plus good WCO fits as pass catchers and at RB for Morton. There were also a lot of save your ass Hail Mary's they could have tossed up there and they passed. I'm not sure the process is any good and I think the team is a year or two away from competing to be a .500 ball club even if the process is good, but I respect the commitment to the process and lack of knee jerk reactions to possible job insecurity. I think Christian Hackenberg is the key to the OP's question.