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  1. Way to early draft thoughts

    Obviously QB is likely to be a priority and I think if there isn't a top prospect available when the Jets pick in the first Barkley is going to be an appealing option if available. The most interesting thing in this draft class to me is going to be what they do on the offensive line. There seem to be a number of quality tackle prospects this year. I don't want to prematurely close the door on the Kelvin Beachum era at LT, but I always like the idea of investing in the offensive line - especially if you're trying to develop a franchise QB - so that could be a route worth going. Some of the top tackles have suffered injuries as well (Williams from Texas and Adams from Washington - Adams' was season ending) so if they enter the draft there may be an opportunity to get top talent at a discount which is interesting though obviously risky. I also believe neither of this year's centers is on the signed through next season so you could pretty easily bring back one as a security blanket/to make it not blatantly obvious they want to draft one but draft a center reasonably early (great thing about adding that draft pick from Seattle) and hopefully lock that position down for a while. Tons of options to go BPA early though. Aside from guard, safety, 5-tech DE, and ILB I think there's an argument to draft a guy at basically any position. Bring more high character talented guys in - hopefully more on the offensive end - and let's keep this thing rolling. Big fan of the new coaching staff, it actually seems like they might be able to develop some guys.
  2. Say more about the state of the Patriots than the state of the Jets.
  3. Several good tackles in this class. Obviously a quarterback is key but a tackle would be a key piece to add. If they're not in range to get a QB with the first pick it'll be interesting to see how they view Barkley if available.. Awesome, awesome player and would improve the team a lot IMO - but unless there's a QB they love and know they can get back into the late first for with those 2's, is he good enough to push you out of franchise QB range in the future? And more importantly if Morton is still around (think he's doing a good job - also liked what Gailey did at first and we know where that went) it looks like he likes committees so is Barkley even a fit? Not a top 25 list thing but I think they should add to the OL and a center on day 2 seems like a solid bet if there's a fit.
  4. Claiborne vs Jax

    Would be a great move if they can get a comp pick for one year of Claiborne, but this is the offseason with $80m in cap space right? Doubt they'll lose more qualifying guys than they sign. Given the situation this coming offseason it would probably be a good call to sign some of these guys to extensions if they can. I probably feel the best about Ealy. Wonder what any of these guys is hoping for at this point but probably a good risk reward call.
  5. Albert Breer on the Jets

    It's funny. The Jets are growing and kind of look like they're on the upswing. And yet they lack long term answers at quarterback, running back, and edge rusher - plus a top CB and a top WR. And the offensive line needs some younger pieces. Plus a nose tackle would be nice. I don't mean this sarcastically, but the culture seems better and there are some young pieces I like. It'll be interesting to see how they build though. I like Morton. Running the WCO means a guy like Allen might not fit and if they're not picking #1 maybe there's an opportunity to wait on a QB. I'd love to see some offensive linemen added but if they do it outside the first round maybe a focus on run blocking guys since that tends to come as less of a premium. A guy like Barkley could completely change the offense as much as it's weak to add a back. I'm definitely curious to see where this rebuild goes.
  6. Who gets the interim HC job? Morton?
  7. Bengals need to draft a QB soon.
  8. This is a huge concern of mine. I wonder if barring a really surprising development with the OL you almost have to sit whatever QB you draft for a year while trying to piece a line together. Granted the OL class last draft was really poor but at least giving it some attention would've been good. At least they can devote some attention to it in next year's class, especially with the extra 2, but I'm not sure where the LT is coming from and there's really no developmental guys in house to hope you get lucky with either.
  9. I wonder how much of that is personnel driven. It's possible none of it is. Early on in the tenure I was actually a fan of what they were doing spreading teams out, forcing them to put DB's on the field, and throwing a good amount but also using a power run game against the DB heavy packages. But obviously that changed in a big way.
  10. Agree with this. Also think enough of his issues are fixable - to the point that in a different situation with some experience under his belt I could see him having success with another organization if he's given another HC opportunity. On the flip side I could also see him falling flat on his face if given another HC opportunity. Just trying to make the point I'm not sure he's a lost cause. Here, maybe. Overall, not sure.
  11. I think Powell leads in catches but Anderson leads in yardage.
  12. Not that Tye is a world beater exactly, but the Jets will be able to run 2 TE sets with two big, athletic dudes who have produced at least somewhat in the NFL once ASJ comes back from his suspensions. Probably one of the better personnel groupings they can run out there actually - definitely two of the most experienced.
  13. Lamar Jackson is really fun to watch. Great arm and seems to be seriously approaching improving as a pocket passer. Really curious to see how he's viewed by the end of the season.
  14. There has to be a developmental tackle who got cut out there somewhere too. I don't think you're getting value out of having two RT only guys and a swing tackle. Cut one of the RT's and see if you can get lucky and mold some athletic guy into a LT prospect.
  15. Didn't they do something very close to that with Idizik? I feel like Macc's rebuild started when he took the job. Fitzpatrick playing over his head and the Revis/Woody thing took him on a detour. But the draft track record isn't awesome really.
  16. Sheldon Traded

    Better than I expected they'd get in return for him. Hopefully some of those picks next year are invested in the OL so the new franchise QB doesn't get killed before the midway point of the season.
  17. Report: Jets Shopping Forte

    Howsare is a fullback. Usually carry at least three tailbacks, halfbacks, whatever you want to call them.
  18. Report: Jets Shopping Forte

    Who is the third RB if Forte is traded or released? Waiver pickup?
  19. Step 1: Invest second round pick in quarterback who struggled behind suspect offensive line in college Step 2: Sit him for a year Step 3: Cut all veteran wide receivers Step 4: Allow said quarterback to start during year 2 behind suspect offensive line with no veteran receivers
  20. I think the defense has to be look good despite being on the field way too much and there needs to be a level of progress from the younger guys for him to have any chance. Not sure how this team is scoring points so I don't think you can judge based off of record. The complete and utter lack of offensive talent isn't on the HC.
  21. There's a lot of season to go before we see how everything plays out. Think hiring a bunch of new assistant coaches this offseason has the potential to pay off. Think the overall coaching staff is better than it was last year. Macc is either going to be called an idiot or a genius for the Hackenberg pick. Reality of the situation is he probably knew there was a low probability of a payoff but felt at that stage of the draft the risk was worth the reward. Easy to quibble with how early it was, but people talk about needing a second round pick at QB to work out as if the historical track record there isn't awful. That pick was a dice roll, plain and simple. I do think it's good he's been brought along slowly as he clearly wasn't ready.
  22. Realistically, one of any number of guys. I happen to think Allen is the most likely to be in that top 5 mix by next year and I think we can all agree there will be some shuffling...but I've been wrong before. Just want a top prospect in 2018 if they're in position to draft one.
  23. Don't like the idea of trading anything of future value for a guy who will be a UFA after this season unless you want and are able to sign him to a contract extension.