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  1. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.
  2. I say we end the game - nobody is topping that post from DCL.
  3. I brought matches
  4. I'll be here all night, folks. Please be sure to tip your waitstaff and step on 80's corpse on the way out. Thanks for your patronage.
  5. did you just make yourself into a verb? also, c wut i did thar?
  6. Hardclaim: skull****er, alignment not important
  7. I'm going to skull**** your corpse in this game, mark my words.
  8. When he upvotes me, it takes all the sting out of it. Jerk. Unvote
  9. I'll wait for my second. Vote: 80 EAD
  10. So I'm not going to vote 80 in my first post like I usually do.
  11. magic 8-ball says......get your ******* ass in here and sign up