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  1. TOWN Verbal Who the **** cares 80 SCUM Enjoy. Yeah, it said "80 is a douchenozzle and you should kill him and skull**** his corpse". I was like "hell yeah", and there we go. You're caught up.
  2. 1 post? 80 scum, yo Choo choo!
  3. I'll be submitting a feedback card to management for this insolence!
  4. Agree to disagree for now
  5. FFS Zander, slow down. <3 you, but I can't slog through 593475893475 posts in this game with 17 other people to read, not even including you!
  6. I played a couple of games on POG and MU - mostly associated with the Champs games. Your name is familiar as well, so either we played together or I just saw it in reading posts on the boards.
  7. Gerbal is old, I prefer turdgoat thanks in advance
  8. Oh Vote: 80 DIAF
  9. I don't see it that way. Too risky to try early D1 on a new site - he's most likely town trying to shake things up early on (your 1st sentence).
  10. Have LK and Zander been in a game together yet?
  11. I have a bad feeling about this.
  12. Well then I'm ****ed. Goodbye cruel world!
  13. MIGHT BE YOUR EYESOCKET, LADY I'd do it. Just let me call Witness Protection, first.
  14. Oh hey, just sharpening a pencil here. I hear there's a left eyesocket that is yearning for a pencil jab?