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  1. I don't think I was lazy in this one. It is a tell - not that you say it, but how you say it. I'm on a streak of reading you well, so I'd say it is a tell that works, too. I like how you shrug it off as if I got lucky, lol. Classic Ape, I would have been disappointed if you just rolled over. GG.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I ******* own you, Ape. Caught you D1 yet again, and this time got the lynch. God I love this game. I'm sure he's talking about me blind squirreling him D1 blah blah not having a good case again blah blah.....I'll enjoy the read postgame.
  3. Tell her also to switch to decaf.
  4. It was a lovely post, absolutely.
  5. Crushlove, I don't understand the point of all that multiquoting - are you trying to tell a story with it, or just putting there for future reference? Both?
  6. Post of the game so far, not counting the one where I put Ape on his ass with the Champs comment.
  7. Fair point on the bold, heh. As for my play regressing, yeah - maybe. But that's because I play to have fun now more than anything, whereas I used to play to win no matter what. I like it better this way. And I clearly have your number over the past couple of seasons with respect to ID'ing you as scum. Does that bother you? I bet it does. I'm totally in your head right now. Damn it's empty in here....... It is very apparent, yes. I'm also highly amused by this whole situation, so I'm choosing to ignore it. Also, because it is 80 that is teaming up with me, I'm even more amused than I normally would be seeing that he and I try to kill each other every chance we get in most games.
  8. Where's Batman? Actually, where's Leelou in all this? Thoughts?
  9. Maybe he just sucks at mafia now?
  10. I got under your skin. This post was beautifully written, btw. Half of it is gross exaggeration, but still beautiful. The reason I decided to lay off you that game is because you brought snapping at your wife into it. I didn't want that to influence anything on my end, but it did - I was sure you'd never bring that into a game as scum. I was wrong. I was right about you being scum, and you are right in that I had a weak case due to the gut read......but it has since become a tell for me (on you) based on how you bring your schedule and RL into games. Not that you are right again in that you do it all the time. But there are nuances to how you do it. If you're going to give up because I'm on your @$$ about this, then shame on you. If this is a ploy to be emo about it, then cool beans....I'm not buying it. If I'm wrong in this game about your alignment, then so be it and I'm wrong. But I'm not ready to accept that yet, especially considering your overreaction to every post of mine about this subject, heh.
  11. hahaha For a D1, this is ******* bizarro world mafia.
  12. You, too! Can you perhaps fit "reading comprehension" into your awesome day today? Thanks in advance!
  13. What sportsmanship? But seriously, it is a scum tell for you. I've nailed you several times for this kind of stuff, with varying results. I'm right more than I'm wrong, but I don't always get a lynch on you for it. We'll see what happens this game.
  14. That was the best retort you had? I thought CTM just made it look easy to beat you down....apparently it really is easy.
  15. No, I'm past that. I'm the one who made the Finals in the Champs games, not you. I'm more making up for the times I got burned by trusting people when they use IRL to explain things within a mafia game, that's all.