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  1. Ok, count me in.
  2. 3 days ago Nice try! Jerk!
  3. Seriously, wtf is going on? I come back after a month and a ******* group therapy session is going on. Everybody hand over your badass cards, I'm confiscating them until further notice. I keep mine because I'm a hockey player and we get them assigned permanently as a result. JiF can keep his because he's clearly down for the sex suggestion, and he's not even arguing about it being another dude. Everybody else, hand them over.
  4. I'm sure JiF would be up for some distraction sex, Spoot.
  5. Not yet. Maybe soon.
  6. @Nolder I'm curious, what level trainer are you in Pokemon Go?
  7. ******* Spidey meme still blocked at work. I hate everybody.
  8. Wait, I thought it was game-related from years ago?
  9. I need to SMC a dead thread very badly right now. >_<
  10. yet
  11. The Ape is not dead yet.
  12. That, too. lol
  13. We should have lynched him yesterday for throwing stones when he lives in a glass house.
  14. He isn't, but with the day heading toward deadline this evening, this post is 10x worse than it would be during the random vote stage. Besides, what you do every day 1 is absolutely nothing other than talk about how you'll dominate the scum team eventually if they leave you alive.