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  1. To be fair, Lizzy isn't what you'd call a "functioning adult" you'll have to excuse him.
  2. I think I played with that Ryker during my run a couple of years ago. Played a solid scum game if I recall. Lynched him anyway.
  3. that's a lot of words somebody read them and get back to me
  4. Dude, we aren't sending you to be intelligent, what the ****. Go douchenozzle or go home.
  5. Oops, forgot to check my PMs and post this, thanks for the assist, Nyn. Send Pac.
  6. Sweet, grats on the promotion dude!
  7. Look at it as your opportunity to come and bust on me.....more appealing now, yes?
  9. Challenge accepted
  10. Shut yer trap, pirate boy.
  11. Ok I feel better now.
  12. Mother****ers blind AND speed lynched me as the ******* Doc on day ******* ONE. And then laughed. h8uall