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  1. Sounds like a plan. Vote: 80
  2. Starting to get the itch to play mafia again.
  3. Thanks for the game, Wes - well done as always.
  4. 100% agreed -I wasn't into playing mafia right now.....made the decision to play yolo and thought I'd get into it as it went, but it didn't happen Same. You were the man, though - dragged us to the finish line. Sorry I wasn't around at all.....I shouldn't have played. I'm only going to sign up now if I'm sure I have the time & interest in playing.
  5. Sorry dude, I just have a nagging suspicion that your "oomph" is less than honest. Like I said, a gut feel....doesn't make it right.
  6. He's linked with Pac, really. Both town or both scum. I don't really know what to do at this point. My gut says Pac is lying, but my head says he's too dumb to pull this off properly, heh.
  7. Here's where I'm at: If Pac is telling the truth, I want to lynch AVM. But AVM is MIA and I'm hesitant to vote there. If Pac is lying, he's scum and AVM being MIA is irrelevant. I see no other options, personally.
  8. Dearest Wes: **** that noise, I'm too lazy for 24hr deadlines. With Love, Verbalicious
  9. Yes, it is called a Role Cop...but it is pretty rare, and usually used in conjunction with an Alignment Cop. And if JiF was the Alignment Cop, I can't wait until post-game, hahahaha.
  10. Which is why it would work, but I wasn't doing the math on # of people would be too risky, I think. So I'll go with option 1 and assume you're the Cop and just lynch POE until we win.
  11. WAIT If Pac is the Cop, wouldn't his coroner (if we can get one) lock this game in for town? It would vet myself and Spoot as our stated roles, which are likely town (mine is 100%, and I'd say Angel is as well). That would have a majority of the game cleared, and we lynch into the POE for the win, correct? If the scum can continue to janitor, this doesn't work.....but I've never seen a scum team with unlimited uses on a janitor role. As a matter of fact, I've never seen more than 2-3 in one game. They've used what, 2 so far? If they are out of uses, we can lock the game with Pac's flip. I'm seriously considering this depending on our situation tomorrow.
  12. I don't like this, tbh. You countered JiF's claim and now JiF is dead and was janitored. One explanation is that scum janitored their dying teammate to do exactly what you suggest above. Another explanation is that we just lynched our Cop and scum janitored him to keep the fake claim alive....and so you could make the claim above in bold. So, yeah....I'm a little suspicious of how this went down.
  13. @Pac Why are you suggesting we lynch you if not JiF? I don't want to lynch ANY Cop claim at this point, so help me understand what you're trying to say.
  14. Dude, I am not sending you dick pics. again
  15. I do, but not when I've been slacking as hard as I have in this game. Me being the gov'na is the only part of that I can say for sure. If you're the one lying, then Spoot is scum (unless JiF is a sanity Cop, then maybe not). Why the hell would I be ok lynching you?! WTF is an Angel? I'm not looking it up. Unvote for now