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  1. Is this a who do you want, or a who do you think question?
  2. How's your wife and my kids?
  3. Everyone says can't take a Safety at 6, but then most say once Earl Thomas went down for Seattle their defense wasn't the same, and others say once KC got Berry back the defense became great again, so explain to me how A true difference maker at Safety isn't an important position again, and worth the 6th overall pick (if Hooker is graded out as a true difference maker which it looks like he is).
  4. Might as well trade Sheldon for Tiger Woods.
  5. Well they can tag him, try, and work out a long term deal quickly, and if they don't like the way the negotiations are going, and don't want to pay the crazy tag number they can rescind the tag like the Dolphins did with Vernon last year unless he signs the tag offer 2 minutes after they place it on him.
  6. Any team built like the Cowboys, but are missing the don't turn it over type QB who can hit a bomb, or 2 at any given time, basically the 2009 Jets would have been the perfect situation for Tyrod Taylor. Off the top of my head maybe IF he takes a 2 year, but only 1 year guaranteed deal Denver could be in play for him with that D, running game, and dangerous WR's, and another wild card team that would be a great situation for him because of his big arm is Arizona if their ready to move on from Palmer, the D is still dangerous when healthy, and D Johnson is 1A best all around RB in the league with Bell. Then the obvious just need a QB teams where he would only win 8 games max like say here with the NYJ.
  7. I'm so sick of the WCO. Bring back the 98 offense what was that Perkins/Hanley style, or whatever.
  8. Do the 2017 Jets have one of the easiest schedules in the history of the NFL?
  9. I'd say Bo Jackson, but you can't go wrong with the 2 you listed.
  10. I was all in trading a 2nd rounder for him last year, but now I've moved on, would have been nice to see him start 1 year (for the Jets, playing in NY, and specifically being the starting QB for the Jets is a different animal then TB) before having to pay him big $$$$$. That being said I wouldn't be upset if this is the route the Jets went either if that makes sense.
  11. RT @MileSplitNY: Katelyn Tuohy of North Rockland just took down Mary Cain's frosh 1000m National Record with a US #18 All-Time 2:47.86! @mi…

  12. The Browns would be the ideal situation, but I have a feeling the Browns are gonna do it right for once, Draft Garrett, and Ramzyk, start Kessler get the 1st pick next season and get Darnold, set for 10-15 years.
  13. It's so early can't knock anything, I'll say this I'd wager that Jax is the team that trades back to that team that wants Fournette, and thinks they are a RB away like the Cowboys last year, maybe a team like the Colts, and then Jax takes what they really need another OT with Ramzyk.
  15. This is the Jetsiest Jets thing to do hire Chan Gailey as OC after being out of football for....... I mean hire Bates as QB Coach after being out of football for 4 years.