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  1. The Jets CAN'Toffer Fitz a 1 year deal if it's more than 5-6 million, they can't fit it under the cap how many people have to explain this to you.
  2. The Jets can't offer him a 1 year 12 million deal, it's 3 years so they can spread the initial 12 million through 3 years in a signing bonus lessening the 2016 cap hit, he might only make 6 million per in the final 2 years, but the Jets will be on the hook for roughly 10 mill per with 8 mill in dead cap money if cut after first year, and 4 mill dead money if cut after 2nd year. Again I say roughly it would probably be a touch smaller as the signing bonus will be less than 12 mill, but the Jets will want it as high as possible to push as much as possible to future years on the cap because of how strapped they are this year. Wish they would just let him walk, this team isn't winning a SB with, or without him, and the offensive roster is about a year, and half away from complete decimation.
  3. The real problem here is Woody, he refuses to rebuild the right way, with the right people in place.
  4. This contract will make Bradford's deal look like a steal.
  5. Oh and let's give a guy 12 million when he has been injured 4 of the last 7 seasons, people want to cut Dee Millner, but give Fitz 12 million SMH.
  6. My dislike of Fitz goes back to the days of watching that joke of a franchise Buffalo allow him to rob them of their hopes, and dreams, and I watched every game last season in disgust watching Fitz play, I really don't care how many TD passes he threw, all I know is what my eyes showed me, and that was a terrible NFL QB playing, it was impossible to watch, and I'd actually stop paying attention most games because it was tough not to get frustrated with the sh*t passes he threw.
  7. I can't wait to see my father tommorow so I can punch him in the face for making me a Jets fan, and it's all Ryan Fitzpatrick's fault.
  8. Tyler Thigpen, another Chan Gailey creation. Mike Tomzak, Neil O'Donnell, and a bunch others go do your own stat hunting.
  9. I just don't understand how people don't see how Ryan Fitzpatrick is NOT a starting NFL QB, he is a ******* high end back up QB plain, and simple, it's so painfully obvious.
  10. Everyone turned on Sanchez after he broke every Jets passing record in 2011, and we're right so why not Fitzpatrick?
  11. In what planet are the Jets paying Fitzpatrick 12 million in 2016 to let G Smith start week 1 no matter how good, or bad they look, it's not happening. And by the time the Jets bench Fitz the team will be probably 4-9ish, and quit on the year while Geno gets killed in mop up duty because guys like Marshall, and Decker are on IR with scraped vaginas because the season is over.
  12. Another year on the bench so he can learn, and go be a winning QB for another team? He will be a FA after this year, it would be so Jets like to finally develop a QB, and watch him go succeed somewhere else because they got Ryan Fitzpatricked.
  13. I can't wrap my head around this, they might as well cut Devin Smith, and anyone else who specializes in taking the top of the D. This limits the Jets offense to 2 WR'S, and a RB, when 2 of the 3 get hurt, and they will the Jets offense is going to be useless.
  14. Somebody for the love of god replay the tape of Fitzpatrick after signing his first big extension with Buffalo so he can change his mind!