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  1. You can't really get critical with any of these answers from Bowles, think he was more then fair with the info he gave here to the MEDIA. Hopefully internally he really has a plan.
  2. I was comparing how their personalities seem to be similar, and Hacks possible inability to succeed as a starting QB in the NFL could be the same reason why Harrington didn't succeed his laid back hillbilly ways.
  3. Technically the Patriots figured it out, and everyone else copied, and took them 3 years to figure it out, as Rex could say without looking stupid that he has gone toe to toe with the Pats, and won after the 2010 season having 3 wins in 5 chances including an epic playoff win in Foxborough, Rex then failed to reinvent his defense to match the new reinvented offense the Patriots have been using to terrorize the entire league with since, and his ultimate downfall besides his mouth was probably being way to obsessed with the Patriots in the first place, and having no plan to defend Vs the rest of the NFL other then the Patriots from 2012 on IMO.
  4. That didn't really get out of hand until 2009, prior to that the Jets had plenty of good young drafted, or UDFA talented players developed with D'Brick, Mangold, Moore, L Washington, Cotchery, Harris, Revis, Rhodes, Thomas to name a few off the top of my head, and those were added to a decent group already established in Pennington, Ellis, Abraham, Coles to name a few, and the FA's added were really good Mawae, Richardson, Thomas, Woody, Faneca, and Pace to name a few this combined talent saw the Jets actually be a pretty successful NFL team from 2001 to 2009 take away 4 seasons which saw QB injuries 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008 the Jets made the playoffs every single year the starting QB was healthy for the full season, and besides the first 11 games of 2008 those healthy QB's were just good to average, if the Jets kept the plan in place plugging along until we found/find that QB that was above average the Jets might be ready to contend when this mythical QB appears lol.
  5. It's really been the last 7 years as the first 10 the Jets were in the playoffs 6 of the 10 years, and 2 AFCCG appearances. IMO where Woody went wrong was firing Tanny instead of Rex, and getting Tanny paired back up with a level headed, responsible HC where he seemed to do well.
  6. We have had 4 HC's in the last 17 years of Woody's reign including this upcoming season, that's really not ridiculous compared to teams like the Browns, and Bills to name a few, hell I think the Dolphins had 4 HC's in a year span if you count Bowles interim term. Also the last 3 HC's all were hired, or in Herms case traded, and got a HC job immediately the next season, for whatever that's worth, thou all 3 flamed out after those gigs.
  7. Agreed, but if we don't it's another 5 years minimum of QB incompetence, and/or veteran retread "bridge" QB FML.
  8. Both are low key hillbillies that don't seem to exude the ability to command the other 10 guys on the field because of that low key personality.
  9. Kizer is horrendous, Cook I agree with.
  10. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Ryan Fitzpatrick 😂
  11. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    I'm not saying it's impossible, BUT I'd be shocked if Bowles announced Hackenberg as the starting QB, and even more shocked if he does it on his own accord.
  12. Darnold is in the Rivers category, he is the 1 in 10.
  13. The problem with the NFL is that they think EVERYONE needs to be retaught certain things at QB to their liking, and they ruin a handful of guys for it, imagine if Rivers let someone reteach him how to throw a football like everyone said he should at the next level? Some people just have "IT" no matter the mechanics, and such, and I'm of the believers that Darnold is the QB next year that has "IT", shame because the Jets passed on the guy that has "IT" in the 2017 draft, and will need a lot of luck to land Darnold.
  14. Christian Hackenberg is Joey Harrington 2.0, and that is not a good thing to be.