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  1. Josh Rosen stinks, Jackson is a WR who can throw.
  2. There are only 32 of these jobs in the world tons of guys want a crack at one for the first time, or even a 2nd, or in some case a 3rd, or more chance(s).
  3. I've said it in another thread, give Jim Schwartz another shot at being a HC, and bring in Norv Turner as his OC, sign Mike Glennon beef up the O-line via draft and FA. Well that's my ideal plan right now.
  4. See get your facts straight Lovie Smith went out and signed HIS guy Josh McCown when he took over the job for 1 season if anything Glennon wasn't dealt a fair shake because Lovie wanted a veteran same thing that happened to theJets this season with Fitz. They wouldn't play Glennon down the stretch that year because they were scared he might actually win them a game or 2 losing out on getting Winston. You better believe if the Jets lost to the Bucs that year instead of beating them week 14 Glennon would be the Bucs starting QB and either Winston, or Mariota would be the Jets starter.
  5. The kid from USC is the guy to dump 2018 for if that's the plan.
  6. All this was the same knock on Prescott, some guys have that "IT" factor, I thought Dak had "IT" last year before the draft, and predict Mahomes will have "IT" to.
  7. TB didn't believe in Glennon at the time, and a can't miss prospect fell in there lap, doesn't mean Glennon isn't good, TB gave up on another QB once before some guy Steve Young how did that work out give it a rest.
  8. Foot work is bad, doesn't always set his feet, nothing that can't be worked on.
  9. Because you can't not draft Winston he was considered almost Luck like prospect. Never mind the whole Florida State thing and TB being the team.
  10. I mean if your getting Marshall Faulk, L Tomlinson healthy J Charles type back your not taking him rd 1? That is the comparisons Cook draws, and I think he will get drafted higher then Fournette when its all said and done.
  11. If he stinks it up the next 2 weeks you give Hack the last 2 weeks.
  12. I want to see him with a full week of 1st team reps, and an offensive game plan built around his arm, not the one we saw vs rams which was play to not lose pussy ball.
  13. Every bad team is 1 year away from competing, just have to find a Great HC, and a Franchise QB the rest will fall in place look at the 2012 Colts. (Seems Arians was the great HC thou that year not Pagano).
  14. That's fine, but keep him till he gets paid, or someone offers you a 2nd, or higher. Will get a 3rd comp if he walks.