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  1. Yeah, but can he play Safety? 😀 In all seriousness great write up very much enjoyed.
  2. Poor J Winston, hope his injury isn't career threatening.
  3. I can't believe some still defend the Fitzpatrick situation, and don't acknowledge it set the Jets back, this fan base can be as clueless as Bowles is about modern day offense.
  4. No I am not, I'm just repeating my sentiments from when the Jets acquired Fitz, Fitz kept the job when Geno was healthy in 2015, and every game after including the 5 game win streak vs 4 pop warner teams, and 1 completely depleted team at the time do to injuries, and kept repeating my opinion since never waivering, go look it up if you don't believe me.
  5. Where did I say Franchise changing? Signing Fitz added 2 more years to the rebuild process.
  6. Anyone with half a brain could see how bad Fitz really was, and shame on the Jets for not making a bigger more serious push for a different veteran QB if Bowles was so determined to have a veteran QB, literally ANYONE else would have been a better option then Fitz, and yes I said that during 2015, after 2015, and still to this day it was so obvious, and only the Jets, and their ridiculous fans didn't see it.
  7. I still can't get over how the Jets let Fitzpatrick hold them at gun point for 12 million with ZERO other offers from another NFL team, and now he can't even get a job if he played for free lol, ******* Bowles is a clueless moron when it comes to QB's.
  8. Funny that's how Aaron Rodgers first season went.
  9. I see the Jets using a combination of Mo, Sheldon, Leo, Lee, Harris, Pryor, Maye, Adams, Claiborne, Skrine, and Burris as much as possible especially against pass heavy spread you out offenses. And like past history we will watch Harris, and Pryor get burned for 6 yard outs on 3rd, and 5 all day as Lee, and Skrine blitzes don't get home.
  10. What Indiana VS Rutgers isn't appealing to you?
  11. In all seriousness what's the odds one of his offspring plays a sport professionally? His family has more then 1 successful professional athlete, I'd say he would produce at least one high end college player at the very least.
  12. This is all well and good, but until we find a QB who is a leader, AND produces on the field all else is moot.
  13. He is my best friends (I basically grew up with their family I call them all my brother, sister, mom, pop) nieces baby daddy. He set up a big draft party in Texas, and went undrafted, kid is a douche on, and off the field. Has talent thou.
  14. I'm sure this isn't your RV Max, but is this anyone else's that posts on this site, saw it this morning.