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  1. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    I would have thrown my helmet also if I was open all day and the ball never got there because McCown sucks.
  2. Brett Hundley

    Well he sucked today lol.
  3. How is Skrine still on the Field?
  4. And it's gonna suck when we watch him go elsewhere eventually.
  5. Well McCown has decided to go into that 2nd half suck mode!
  6. I can honestly say the Jets are not the worst coached team, the Dolphins are.
  7. IDK what game your watching Kerley is still running if McCown makes a simple NFL throw.
  8. Another throw that is just inexcusable!
  9. I was thinking the same thing.
  10. Matt Moore the Jet killer were screwed!
  11. Can Darron Lee get more cramps please.
  12. He has actually been all over the place all year, and this isn't the first week I've brought him up.
  13. There is no clear great team this year, it's the weirdest NFL season I've seen week to week, every team looks like Jekyl, and Hyde.