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  1. What I take from these articles is who was the GM from those German teams that won all those championships, and why haven't the Jets hired them.
  2. Nice, I also moved up to Row 1, the glass is only in front of the steps down the aisle, and according to @SAR I only is an issue if your on the aisle seat.
  3. IF I paid full price for my PSL, and some fast pass crew was sitting next to me I'd be livid.
  4. RT @nysswa: Katelyn Tuohy (North Rockland, mile) and Sammy Watson (Rush-Henrietta, 800 meters) completed a N.Y. distance sweep. https://t.c…

  5. Thing is most of the people moving are the ones scoring the big upgrade, and the seats that open up will be their left overs no? If I had to guess all the premium upgrades have been scooped up last Friday. Hope you land something good thou GL.
  6. Woody Johnson doesn't care about winning. Woody Johnson is a competent owner. Woody Johnson is a knowledgeable football owner. Woody Johnson is a good owner. Jets tickets are fairly priced. Woody Johnson is liked by the other NFL owners. Woody Johnson thinks the Giants are a classy organization to emulate. Woody Johnson isn't on @TomShane white board of people to kill written in lipstick. Jets have a plan for the QB position beyond 2017. Cutting David Harris, and Eric Decker were mistakes. Drafting Marcus Maye in the 2nd round was stupid. Quincey Enunwa is a viable #1, or even #2 WR option. Robbie Anderson isn't a future pro bowl WR. Leonard Williams, and Jamaal Adams won't be considered top 25 players by their peers one day in the NFL networks top 100. Ryan Fitzpatrick isn't the reason why the Jets are supposedly in such bad shape this season. Todd Bowles can't wait to play all the young players on offense. Matt Forte was a great signing last season. Jets are tanking to pick a future QB in the 1st round in 2018. Jets will take a QB in the 1st round in 2018 regardless where they pick. Mike Macc is a terrible talent evaluator. Mike Macc is a great negotiator. Todd Bowles has the respect of the few veterans left on the team. It wasn't really Ryan Fitzpatrick that Sheldon Richardson had a problem with that caused the rift between him, and Brandon Marshall. I can say for sure that Darron Lee will be a good pro, or bad pro. The Jets defense will be dominant because they will get to the QB on 3rd, and longs. Todd Bowles will have a successful game plan on 3rd and longs because of his exotic cover zero blitzes. Kacy Rodgers will be the DC all season. I as you have just read have an all things Jets crystal ball.
  7. Can these slap stick bait clicking morons make up their minds? Hackenberg sucks, can't hit ocean if he was on a canoe in the Pacific. Hackenberg not getting fair shake poor kid. Jesus media outlets should just stop paying beat writers from May till end of July let them cover the Redbulls, or something.
  8. RT @MileSplitNY: Katelyn Tuohy didn't miss out on that Mary Cain record today, breaking the State Frosh Mile record in 4:45.95 to win the f…

  9. I love the Adams pick, BUT Mahomes is the only other player that was available that I would have been happy about picking over Adams. And 3 years from now both might be studs, but no matter how big a stud Adams becomes if Mahomes also becomes a stud, and the Jets still don't have a QB it's gonna be another woulda coulda Jets draft day moment.
  10. Mixon, Jones, Cook that order. We're not competing this year we could have afforded Jones partial red shirt season.
  11. What section are you 111A/115A? If so curious of the view from there in case I want to cut my price of tickets per year in half down the road when kid gets a little older, and can brave the elements.
  12. To me it was Adams, or Mahomes at 6, no other pick made any sense IMO, Adams is the supposed can't miss prospect so I understand why Macc didn't gamble on the QB in year 3 of his HC's tenure, if Bowles was fired, and a new HC was here I wouldn't have been surprised if Mahomes, or Watson would have been the selection over Adams.
  13. That's actually fine by me I'm always into the action on edge of seat, so won't even notice I'm doing it, the cup holders not on the front wall is a bummer thou.
  14. Jets dropped the ball by passing on Mahomes, gonna regret that very soon especially if they are just good enough to miss out on Darnold.