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  1. Bradfords last 7 games he threw for 2000 yards, 10 TD's, 3 INT's, 65% completion rate.  Had the highest dropped balls % in NFL with 7.8%.  He was coming off a MCL, ACL, injury it took him some time to get comfortable, and he did those numbers without an NFL caliber #2 WR never mind not having a #1 caliber, Zach Ertz should thank Chip Kelly for getting his ass paid by not keeping Maclin, or getting any decent WR for that matter. Oh, and he did something Fitzpatrick couldn't do he beat the Bills.
  2. And Sam Bradford would become the 3rd most talented QB this franchise ever had if he signed here, I get it if it's about the injury concerns, but the talent is there.
  3. Show me where Chase Daniel has been terrible, he outplayed A Smith in the last 2 preseasons, and many thought if it wasn't for the contract of Smith, Chase would have started, and he will be WAY cheaper than Fitz, if Fitz doesn't get 10+ million on this next deal (Jets better not give him that) he is a fool, NFL is a business, and if he doesn't cash in this year he will never get another opportunity. 
  4. Which ever QB doesn't end up in Philly, if its Daniel I think I'd also like Fitzpatrick back to, but if it's Bradford obviously Fitzpatrick is gone. And please don't link the stupid Brandon Marshall quote about Fitz, this coming from the guy who wouldn't let any1 but Geno throw him passes in training camp last year, dude might have got his act together off the field, but his emotions, and mental state is still in question with some of his comments. 
  5. It was actually Rex's designed scheme to make QB'S throw Revis way, every overload Blitz was designed to make the QB move away from Blitz, and Revis would have single coverage on that side, while any other options the QB could throw to had multiple coverage schemes like brackets, or double teams.  Ryan knew what he had in 09 Revis, and used it to perfection up until the last 2 minutes of the AFCCG when Manning started eating up those Blitzes, and audibles to pick up the overload so he could thow it at the Jets other CB's.
  6. I don't see it as a valid poll as the Jets could let snacks go, and sign other teams FA's, and recieve no comp pick for Snacks.
  7. You don't get comp picks if you sign other FA's for similar money, only if you lose more higher priced FA's then you sign, so it would matter what the Jets did, if they signed say L Miller to a 4 year 28 mill contract that would cancel out the lose of Snacks deal, the NFL does not release the exact formula thou in who, and why which rd is assigned to each team so it is tough to determine.
  8. no its the spin move he made on 2 defenders without losing his top speed during a live game vs VA Tech, one of the most impressive athletic moves I've ever seen.
  9. Not to many guys can do this. Never mind can't figure out how to post video on phone     
  10. Also this pick only makes sense if it is 100% certain is capable, and willing to return Punts, and Kicks.  Reports say he is the best punt return prospect in years, yet he didn't do it in college.  I do believe he will return punts in this game this weekend thou so can get a small sample size of comfort level doing it.
  11. I agree, you can scrarch the QB off the list, any QB that falls to 20 this year isn't worth snot. It's the LB's thou that will be the the players tough to pass on this year at 20 both Insides, and Outside backers, lots of potential speedy studs at the position projected to go when we pick. But man would I love to watch a guy electrify the Jets, and their fans every time he touched the ball just waiting for that one move, one crease to open, and bam 6.  I've been a fan of this team since 86, and no one comes to mind who could do that as a Jet since.
  12. Badly enough to invest pick #20 on Braxton Miller? Not only is he projected to be an elite returner, scouts say best punt/kick off returner to come out in years, during the senior bowl he is widely being touted as the best WR, and running crisp precise routes, and even drawing crazy comparisons to Antonio Brown, yes seriously Antonio Brown, scouts are raving, and are not backing off. Miller who was widely regarded as a late 2nd rounder at best, but most likely a 3rd to 4th rounder has now found himself being talked about as possibly top 5 WR in draft class, and consensus #1 athlete in draft by far, and could definitely be scooped up in the late 1st Rd to early 2nd, and if his 40 time comes in sub 4.3 I'd stamp the 1st round projection accurate.  I mean he would instantly bring a special teams dimension to the Jets we have never really seen, and if he turns out to be half the WR Brown is on top of it he could be worth the investment at pick #20. Thoughts?
  13. Senior Bowl Week News

    From what I saw Thursday CB Harlen Miller stood out the most, and S Jalen Mills not to far behind.  Both are completely different corners thou, Miller has rare ability to mimic the route based on watching the man he is covering, off the charts athletic ability.  Mills on the other hand keeps eyes in on QB first few steps, and doesn't lose track of his man while doing it, and reads routes, runs the route for the WR, and jumps them. Miller might be the man coverage sleeper in this draft, could see him fly up draft boards like the Cromartie's did if he runs a great 40. Mills fits the bill as a possible elite zone DB/S with ability to cover in man to man when asked, and if he does the film work could be a top S for years in the NFL.  Just my opinion from the DB/WR portion of the South practice.   **** Just read Mills was involved in an incident for punching a woman in the face (after Sophmore season, or during Junior season not sure on time line), this could take him off many teams draft boards ****
  14. It's a 2 QB draft (I'd even argue 1 not a Goff fan, but kid has a chance) so if Wentz, and Goff are gone QB gets put on the back burner till RD 4 at the earliest IMO. As far as Paxton Lynch goes, he is compared to Brock Osweiller who needs 3 years to sit, and learn, I'm not wasting a 1st round pick on that kind of project when I already have Petty.  Sure another Petty type project like the NC State kid in Rds 3,4 sure, but no thanks in Rd 1, or 2. Wentz flew up draft boards faster than Bortles, amazing, it's a shame he will go where all QB'S go to die Cleveland.
  15. I choose non of the above, S'ua Cravens scouting report would be nice, and Scooby "snacks jr" Wright also please.