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  1. Well this story will look real stupid IF Tyrod Taylor takes the next step, and Sammy Watkins becomes the special type of WR he was supposed to be, IF McCoy, and the O-line make for a beast running game that would be icing on the cake, that D won't really need to be that good. A lot of IF'S I know, but not crazy to think they are possible.
  2. The last 2 were difficult for me, but I also cut all FB's so that's not something the Jets will probably do.
  3. You owned nothing, you pointed out Fitzpatrick's last 3 drives stats, these stats mean nothing, you have to look and see the defense he played which was the worst passing D in the league last year, and a team playing prevent in 2 of those 3 drives. You can look at it with your green colored goggles, and wear your rah rah Fitztragic fake beard all you want celebrating your perceived owning my ass, enjoy.
  4. Who said anything about Geno? I want neither him, or Fitz starting for this team, I'd rather crash, and burn with a guy like Petty with upside for cheap then waste 12 million of Fitz to go 7-9.
  5. The Jets won that game even thou Fitzpatrick played like sh!t, he had nothing to do why they won.
  6. I did pick one, the Giants lost that game, a game Fitzpatrick lost first, but the Giants, and their coaches were a bunch of morons who said here we don't want it you take it. Did you watch the first 55 minutes? It was like watching the Rich Kotite led 1996 Jets offense.
  7. I am a realist not a rah rah guy sorry if the truth makes you upset, oh, and I love parties.
  8. Yes, I fell asleep at half time because the game was horrific to watch, outside of the Giants botching the final minutes of the game that was the most boring game I have sat through.
  9. Rusty, seems like mid season form to me.
  10. Awesome job putting in the work to do this for us here on the forums, that said I just can't force myself to watch anything the Jets offense did again in that game minus the 1 Hack drive, it was like watching mustard yellow paint dry.
  11. I just hope if the Jets are toast early they bench the loser for one of the kids, I don't need people screaming next year we should sign him again for another 12 million plus if the Jets start 1-6, 2-5, and then when the back end of the schedule lightens up with a lot of scrubby teams Fitz winning say 6 of the 9 games the fans will be pointing out how he finished strong down the stretch he is our best option yada yada yada, forgetting he is not good enough to beat good teams in this league no matter the supporting cast. Watching him this preseason is worse then what I saw of him last season which was almost unwatchable football as far as enjoyment goes for me, I never thought I would see a more boring unwatchable game then the Giants Jets game last season, until I watched the first half of the Giants Jets preseason game this year it was like watching paint dry.
  12. The Jets are toast even if Fitz doesn't go down.
  13. I really don't see the Jets offense putting up more then 13-17 points so the Jets D will have to win this by themselves, and probably going to need a turnover for 6 to get the Jets in the 20-24 point range, or a bunch of TO's that add up to like 3 FG's. If Bengals put up 3 TD's the game is over.