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  1. Wentz also has a photographic memory, and learned the whole play book in a few days.
  2. Mac inheriteda a 4-12 team barron of talent, and outside of his QB choice he has done a very good job in the 20 months on the job.
  3. If the Jets just gave the Eagles next year's 1st for Bradford this team would be a SB contender. But no let's give Fitz 12 million, makes no sense.
  4. Jets should have paid it to the Browns this past draft.
  5. Some how J Brisset, Dak Prescott, and Cody Kessler are capable of looking serviceable, but our 2nd rd QB need 3 years holding a clip board, what a joke.
  6. But the beard, and fitzmagic, and gritty, grizzled, likeable guy yada, yada, yada.
  7. This Jets team sucks, and anyone who doesn't see that is .......
  8. No details yet just being widely reported.
  9. Yeah Kaaya, and a few others will set up a very interesting spring leading up to the draft. This might be like the Bortles, Johnny crack head, Bridgewater, Carr draft. And like that draft the Jets took a 2nd rd QB the year before, and missed out on not selecting Bridgewater, or Carr.
  10. He seems overrated to me, I'd take Kelly over him. Kizer doesn't look pro ready to me.
  11. Fitz can't overcome the weather elements, Jets D holds strong, but are forced to play from a short field all day, and finally crack late. Chiefs 13 Jets 6
  12. Lol, I remember everyone saying Ebron, Jenkins, and Amaro were the best top 3 TE class we ever saw back in the 2014 draft, 2 cut the other has done nothing what a joke.
  13. Sucks change the channel only to watch the Mets implode again.
  14. Nantz should not be allowed to announce NE games.
  15. Jaime Collins could probably play a great TE.