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  1. There is no franchise QB in this draft. The OLB from TAM would be a dream. Peppers would be awesome. Other then that thou it has to be OL, or WR.
  2. Imagine if we would have taken the Cowboys trade offer so they could nab Lynch, where would Dak Prescott be starting, Denver? Maybe still sitting on someone's bench.
  3. I don't like this QB class as of now, Chad Kelly is my favorite of the bunch, but he has some attitude concerns. Won't look to deep till January thou.
  4. Then I wrote the above minutes after the conquering hero got his 12 million. Such a shame. And crossing that bridge has come.
  5. Your right, I know I was calling for Fitz benching in November, and I got tons of sh*t for it.
  6. Yo we been talking sense till we were blue in the face since January, but the masses got what they wanted, hope they are enjoying it, I know I'm not.
  7. Cool ad me to the list, but if I win donate them to a charity.
  8. Last season was just as boring, guys were just blinded by the powder puff schedule.
  9. He was a 2nd rounder so there was no 5th year option.
  10. I'm a fat out of shape washed up dude sitting on the couch how do people who do this for a living, and spend millions of dollars on this didn't see it.
  11. For who? This is the worst year to have the 1st overall pick if your looking for a QB.
  12. Geno has his ball cap on goodnight guys enjoy the garbage from Fitztragic.
  13. If sh*tzpatrick stays in at QB the Rangers will out score the Jets tonight.
  14. Love that show, it will be shut off if Fitz starts the 2nd half.