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  1. He would literally be hit on his 2nd step on a 3 step block because a lineman got beat clean, wasn't missed protection, or free blitzer, his OLINE Would Just Flat Out whiff, AND He would be sacked before He even Knew what Had Happened.
  2. This kid knows more about protections, and identifying Defensive fronts then Geno Smith already, if he can pick up the play book quickly (I think he can easily) he can compete to start day 1 IMO. He knows when to do a hard snap count, use the info off the hard count to adjust in, and out of plays, and move protections, nobody has been this pro ready in that aspect since Andrew Luck. Yes there is a bunch of foot work, and internal clock stuff he needs to clean up, but if he can he is a guy I can see strating day 1, and I think the Jets also see it, and are not ruling it out, if they thought he was 2 year project they don't take him 51st overall.
  3. The kid is 21, I repeat 21. That's an awful lot of maturity out of a 21 year old. This could play out well in 2-3 years.
  4. It's funny because after his freshman season Hackenberg was considered the consensus #1 overall pick of the 2016 draft for 1 reason, he ran the Patriots offense better than anyone not named Tom Brady. If, IF he can get his confidence back kid can start day 1.
  5. Geno Jets Starter?

    No, the most serious post possible, seriously **** that no talent back up QB.
  6. Geno Jets Starter?

    That would be great news.
  7. It's funny guys love Connor Cook yet he is still available come rd 4. I'll take the gamble on Hackenberg.
  8. Jets are not carrying 4 QB'S
  9. I've said it before, and I will say it again. If, IF this kid gets his confidence back he will be the most pro ready QB from this draft.
  10. Slash?

    Dak has trouble taking 5, and 7 step drops still, he is the ultimate development QB, but I agree he has the rest, possibly that IT factor you look for.
  11. Potential 2nd Round Picks?

    You don't pick for need here, if you have Rd 3 grades on all the offensive players, and high grades on a few defensive players you do the smart thing, and stick to your boars, and don't reach.
  12. Also a former HS QB, turned down multiple scholarships to run a dual threat offense as a QB because he wanted to go to Ohio St. so bad. He understands the game from the other side of the ball.
  13. Lee is regarded as a higher value then then Cravens crowd because of what he brings from the neck up, he will one day be out there calling out offensive plays the way a great QB calls out defensive fronts is the thinking here, and why he was the pick.
  14. Throw Noah Spence in the mix, and man a Spence, Lee, Harrison, Mauldin mix of LB's looks devastating behind that DL.
  15. Welcome Darron Lee !!!!

    IMO this pick won't be decided good or bad from what Lee offers from the keck down, but what he ultimately has from the neck up, if he is elite from the neck up he will be a stud.