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  1. Hooker if we're going DB
  2. Lol I try to keep my Mahomes man love to my original thread.
  3. I swear I don't have multiple accounts lol.
  4. Takarist McKinley over Williams
  5. Thought Marino lost to Redskins, I was only 5 years old lol.
  6. You guys all quit on Devin Smith, Paul Richardson was in the same boat as Smith will be next year, Seattle didn't quit on him, and it paid off.
  7. I'd grab a team or three
  8. It's funny that the last team to beat the Pats in the playoffs in the divisional round was the 2010 NYJ! They have been to the AFCCG every year since if I'm not mistaken. Lost SB 2011, Lost to Ravens AFCCG 2012, Lost AFCCG to Broncos 2013, Won SB 2014, Lost to Broncos in AFCCG 2015, and now play next week in the AFCCG lol.
  9. Now all of America holds its breath to see if the Pats cover, or Texans back door this thing.
  10. Jim Nantz is such a douche Pats homer, he should not be allowed to announce Pats national games.
  11. Yes he is, and a damn good play caller, his Offensive Coordinators are not calling plays, they are pretty much their in title only.
  12. How does anyone under Andy Reid make sense?