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  1. Yeah the closer the draft gets the more I want the Jets to walk away with either Adams, Hooker, or Lattimore if they don't trade out of the 6 spot, those are the 3 players I've narrowed down for the Jets to realistically draft at 6 (Taco Charlton intrigues me, but I haven't paid enough attention to him to have an opinion if it would be a wise pick, or a reach).
  2. All the Trubisky lovers are gonna find out the hard way that Mitchell doesn't have the strong arm throws for the NFL, yeah they look great against slower college defenses, but when he doesn't drive it home down the field in the NFL it's going to be a horror show for him, his deep seam, and deep out balls don't drive home, they die at the end, and the results will be mid field picks, and jumped route pick 6's, Mitchell might be good one day in this league, but he is AT LEAST 1 full year away from being able to start, and not be a liability to his team. With only 13 games of experience, and this big development curve as the Jets you can't justify picking him at 6 IMO.
  3. I can 100% respect that, and would never argue against this point. I'd love Mahomes, but I don't think I'd take him at 6 either, I'd trade back for anything to 11, or 12 if I wanted Mahomes, if I stayed at 6 I'd take the blue chip DB highest rated on my board.
  4. My conclusion has nothing to do with Hackenberg, it's based off of Petty already getting a shot, and looking very poor IMO. As far as Hack is concerned you, me, not anyone here know if he will be good, we haven't seen him so I'd say as a GM you don't cut your 2nd round pick from the year before that you said from the get go will get a Red Shirt year. I'm talking in realities not BS fan reactions. In reality if the Jets draft another QB Petty is the odd man out regardless of what us fans think.
  5. The Buffalo Bills select WR from West Virginia, Shelton Gibson. @Paradis OTC
  6. Houston Texans select From Florida St. CB Marquez White. @Dcat OTC
  7. In that scenario I wouldn't take a QB at 6, it's not swapping Trubs for Mahomes (thou I'd be happy), I'd grab one of the top non QB impact players in a non trade down scenario at 6. In a trade down to 11, or 12 thou I'd jump on Mahomes in a minute.
  8. Agree with every single word in this post, said it better then I could.
  9. Get rid of Mitch sorry Mitchell (what a douche), and change Hightower to Foreman 😀, and I'd be on board.
  10. Don't be shocked when he is still there when the Jets are on the clock in the 2nd round alla Geno Smith.
  11. Anyone else think the Jets will take a QB somewhere in this draft, and Petty is the odd man out? He is not ready to throw now, and won't be ready during all of offseason workouts apparently. IMO Petty did not look like the answer at QB last year, and most reports from the in the know insiders is the Jets brass also does not see Petty as the answer at starting QB, if true you kinda have to get another guy this draft somewhere, Petty will be way behind any QB on the roster with executing the new offense considering he can't throw until training camp at the earliest. To me the writing is on the wall for Petty to be the odd man out should the Jets draft a QB in this draft.
  12. Tomorrow is Mahomes Pro Day at Texas Tech, the Jets better have Mac, Bowles, Morton, and Bates on hand.
  13. Cam started more then 1 year in college, he didn't say 1 year in division 1.
  14. Yup, this only got leaked out like 10 days before the draft, but not officially confirmed till after the draft. Pat Mahomes has had 18 on the record private work outs, and then he said he also had 1 more, but the team requested it be kept private, and he would respect the secreacy of the team, hoping it's the Jets, trade back to 12 with the Browns let them grab Trubisky get an extra 2nd, take Mahomes right in front of Arizona who is heavily linked to him, and then get your DB, and TE help in the 2nd round, and another DB, and OL prospect in the 3rd, sit Morton down with Mahomes, and design the offense with him based on his strengths the way Payton, and Brees did when they first got together in NO (I bring this up because Payton was just recently quoted as saying this is what Morton will do, and he expects him to succeed as a play caller if he is allowed to do just this), and away the Jets offense goes.
  15. Yeah their are years where it is blatantly obvious that 1, or 2 guys are head, and shoulders better like that Winston Mariota draft, and the guys can't get it wrong. I've been pounding the table about Mahomes since October, and if Texas Tech didn't have the 158th ranked defense (last in all of Division 1 CFB), and not 1 NFL talent player on offense playing with him, they would have won 10+ games with 1, or 2 more play makers on offense, and a defense that got a stop more then once a game, and Mahomes would be talked about so much more, and possibly won the Heisman. Then not to mention he played most of the season with a sprained AC joint in his throwing shoulder (final 8 games), and a broken non throwing hand which required surgery the final 5 games. So check off the toughness box to play the QB position injured, and still perform at a high level. Unfortunately I don't see a scenario where the Jets draft this kid, but whoever does will be very lucky, and IMO will have a franchise QB for years to come. And on another note about our new OC, and Mahomes. Can't you see Mahomes running that NO offense, and running it at a high level? I bring this up because Sean Payton talked Morton up recently, and basically said he drew up a ton of plays to implement in their scheme, and will do what Sean Payton did take the QB personal, and design the offense around his skill sets, and strengths, AND have the QB be a part of the design process so the 2 of them are always on the same page about what will work based on situation, and QB's ability, and preference to have a well oiled successful offense.