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  1. There's a HUGE difference...

    So do you think it's better for Mahomes to be holding a clip board with the Chiefs, or putting up video game numbers in an offense that most think hurts his pro prospects?
  2. Jets \ Jaguars Tickets

    Row 1 you have to lean forward to see the whole field unless your like 6'2"+, but when leaning back you see most of the field. It's nice thou having the front row to lean forward, and nobody in your view.
  3. Jets \ Jaguars Tickets

    Tickets in my section are going for $150 Vs Jaguars, but $350 Vs Pats, and $500 in lower rows, and I'm Row 1, that might be the game I can make a few bucks if I decide to sell.
  4. There's a HUGE difference...

    Problem is he will make dumba$$ look good, and help him keep his job while eventually getting his own HC gig, and then like the Bengals after they lost their OC's Bowles will look bad again.
  5. There's a HUGE difference...

    It's not in Darnold's best interest to stay at USC, and play another season in that gimmick offense they installed this year, he is better off with a red shirt year learning an NFL offense then having to play in that new scheme another year.
  6. There's a HUGE difference...

    Yes, then I pick up the 22 guys they cut.
  7. There's a HUGE difference...

    NVM you meant Luck. Honestly Luck has been playing with the worst roster in football the last 3 years IMO, and he still has won plenty of games he had no business winning.
  8. There's a HUGE difference...

    What is the answer Todd Bowles gave after week 17 post game press conference on future starting QB?
  9. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    My statement was not a knock on Adams, I love Adams the player, (hate Adams the 6th overall pick, but that's not his fault) Adams will be a pro bowler, probably an all pro in his career, but Dawkins is First team All Pro in my book paired with Ed Reed the last 30 years.
  10. #33 Adams is a stud in the making

    Let's not get carried away bro, Brian Dawkins is one of the best Safties of all time, saying that's his floor is so insulting to Dawkins, if Adams is half the player Dawkins was we got a good one.
  11. Trends To Watch

    After watching the Jags D the last few weeks Petty better be ready to play next week.
  12. Funny last time the Jets went 1-15 they beat ummmmm the Dolphins.
  13. That was Rex sticking it up Idziks ass, Rex should have been fired to ensure the Jets lost out at the bye week.
  14. Yeah if you ever make it work like your wife says make sure to come over to the visiting side, the sun was off the 1st Row around 2 PM, and after that the heat was a non issue.
  15. Trends To Watch

    I don't see Bowles having the balls, or the wherewithal to do this like the Giants did with Warner for Eli, thou Eli was the 1st overall pick, and we are talking about a 4th rounder.
  16. That's where I sit Section 237, I'm die hard bro.
  17. This is probably true, but it's not the PSL it's the price of the game day tickets in prime locations, and terrible views from the affordable locations.
  18. Woody could get 5 Billion if he sold. Also it would be a bad business decision as he will make much more then 5 Billion in profits from now until he passes.
  19. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    The Bears, and Colts both won't take the QB, Colts can't trade Luck the cap hit is like 70+ million in dead money if they trade him.
  20. Tank job in jeopardy ?!?!

    Bears having one of the top 2 picks is an ideal situation for a trade up, they would rather do business outside the Conference IMO, and drafted their QB last year, going to be tough to out bid Cleveland, and Buffalo thou if they both want to move up.
  21. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    If they don't have Darnold, or Rosen still on the board when they pick next draft then not picking a QB just because is the right move, hopefully the Jets get a true edge rusher like Arden Key, or Franchise LT, or a playmaker at ANY offensive position. You don't over draft Josh Allen just because, or any of the other QB's with huge question marks.
  22. Why do we need the first overall pick?

    We don't, but the next time Macc is in a bidding war to get a future franchise signal caller like he was with Philly to move up, and get Wentz he needs to win that bidding war no matter the cost, and no matter the outcome (QB busts, or succeeds), because not trying because your scared of failure is just that failure.