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  • What is your favorite Jets related memory? Staying the entire game of the midnight miracle
  • What Jets memory broke your heart? Fake spike. We were dancing in our seats about an hour prior to that while we were beating the hell out of miami for first place.
    We won 4 games in the next two and 1/2 years after that.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew? The one with the nice ass
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III? Nope

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  1. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic 2nd round curse ~ ~ ~   

    LOL Probably.
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  2. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic 2nd round curse ~ ~ ~   

    It's truly one of the most thorough examples of sucktitude in the history of the game.  The only thing worse may be our 1st rd pick history.
    Ps.. you should gone through with it and punched yourself in the face by the way.
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  3. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic 2nd round curse ~ ~ ~   

    This is one of the craziest things I've seen in a while. To see it compiled like that is terribly sad.  I've had such high hopes for so many of the names on that list.
    Ryan Yarborough. lol  Mcgraw used to knock himself out he would hit people so hard. I liked that guy.  Dorian Boose actually led all rookies in sacks in the preseason his first year with 5 I think. I was so chubbed up for him after that and he did nothing. 
    And to think we cut Fanneca the minute we picked Ducasse. Shows just how ass backwards the Tanny regime was at times. 
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  4. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Steelers Bryant suspension coming- pats get a break   

    I liked this. It made me smile and for that I will be forever grateful.
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  5. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic What do you want to see in tonight's preseason game?   

    I want to see the sack fiend or whatever that means. 
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  6. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic When I think of the 1998 team   

    He even had an interception that game. Crazy stuff
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  7. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Woody chose Bowles over Quinn, Kyle Shanahan.   

    Quinn is one just more DC who benefited from an above average Defensive minded Head coach. A System guy. Gus Bradley right before him was the same way. I'd rather have Bowles who made his own bones out there.
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  8. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Good and Bad   

    I watched it live on
    That site always seems to work for me.  The problem was it was airing the Detroit announcers and I have never in my life seen a more lopsided take on a game. They weren't even mentioning the Jets players who caught or ran the ball. Just the WR or RB. Same went for defense. The INT in the end zone before the half sounded like this. " the DB made a decent play on the ball there" 
    Very odd to me especially during a preseason game when I can't associate numbers to a lot of the players yet. Made the game that much worse. 
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  9. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Stupid Jet tricks   

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  10. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Is it Safe to Say the Bowles/Mac May Have Overreacted in Releasing IK?   

    Hopefully Geno's lesson will be not getting his starting job back due to Fitz playing well and the Jets winning games with a solid vet game manager. 
    PLEASE let this be the case.
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  11. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Jets' no-name rookie tosses aside linemen in head turner   

    I think the guys we picked this year have a common thread between them. They are all high motor, hard working team oriented guys. Mauldin is a good example of this. I'm excited to see him play this year and hope we found a diamond in the rough here. Sure would make losing out on Harold and Duke with that trade more bearable. Make Mcags look like a mystic of sorts.
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  12. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Milliner out 6-8 weeks (MERGED)   

    It's sad. The kid obviously has boat loads of talent but simply can not stay healthy. He was drafted with an injury and has had three different injuries now while on the Jets. Having Revis and Cro as mentors was the best possible scenario for him to maximize his potential and then he hurts his wrist.
    This is why you don't take chances that high in the draft on guys with injury backgrounds.
    I guess there's still hope but his light is flickering.
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  13. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Training Camp Day 4: Four Things From the First Weekend of Camp   

    I remember reading he was called for some penalties which is one of his issues. 
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  14. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Jets Tweets 8/2   

    These threads are simply the best.
    Thanks. You Rule flgreen!!
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  15. GREENBEAN added a post in a topic Rex Ryan breaks down and cries when HBO asks about time with Jets - Watch this   

    I don't know guys. I loved having a HC that not only wanted to win but specifically wanted to change the way the Jets were looked at. Those first two seasons were a lot of fun and the league took notice of us for the first time in a long time.
    I was ready to move on last season but I really wanted Rex to be the guy. He loved the Jets.
    His best line ever was right after the Pats playoff win.  " Same old Jets. Going back to the AFC championship game".   Trying to use the phrase we have been beaten down with for eons to stick it to all the doubters.  I liked that.
    Too bad it ended the way it did. You can see how he feels in that interview clip.  It's sad to me and I'm now crying as well.
    I also have my period so there's that.
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