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  1. Didn't Leo start due to the Sheldon suspension?
  2. Yeah I think Macc was counting on losing Wilkerson's 15 mil from the ledger.
  3. Add to that our QB coach was a TE coach I'm pretty sure. One of the only coaching hires that confused me. It would be much more beneficial to have Fitz in the room for a year or so I think.
  4. Hackenberg is in the HOUSE!!!

    I'm actually more worried than has generally been expressed lately about our O line.
  5. Interesting. I would think they would rather have Fitz be the guy this season and help show the two younger guys the right way to be a professional. Say what you want about his play on the field but I have not heard very much about his preparation and leadership being in question. Geno on the other hand was handed the starting job andlost the team to the degree of getting his jaw broken and barely a word of support was spoken outside of BM. Significantly different clubhouses with just that choice. I would think Macc would prefer to groom his two young guys with an actual pro over whatever Geno is.
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen

    Oh CrazyCarl. You know that's not what he meant.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen

    You always were a bit too wordy Tin.
  8. Seems like s solid pick. We are used to having one of the older andslower LB groups out there. The Jets just added two young and fast guys to Mauldin and the other guy (I can't remember his name) that came on late last season as well. We now have a middle aged stalwart in Harris to go with a young group of high character, hard working young bucks. I at least see the plan here.
  9. Tuesday. We will hear more from them then
  10. While I feel similarly to you, we are actually grooming a QB in Petty. It could also be said that Geno is also being groomed. Not by me, but it could be said,
  11. I have to say, but will only say this once, that I find your eternal optimism refreshing. Even when I disagree with you it's kinda nice. Like a york peppermint pattie.
  12. He was a great one. Won the sweepstakes for Manning (when many had him as a liability with the neck injury and age)and signed the backup who played well enough to get a monster contract this offseason. Not a bad track record for the few hers he's been in charge over there. I also heard he read a big fat book about the position so there's that