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    in the process of justifying why I should make my son into a Jets fan LOL
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    Staying the entire game of the midnight miracle
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    Fake spike. We were dancing in our seats about an hour prior to that while we were beating the hell out of miami for first place.
    We won 4 games in the next two and 1/2 years after that.
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    The one with the nice ass
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  1. Bowles yelling at people. That's something new.
  2. I seriously hate this team
  3. Crazy. Bad snaps, bad passes, drops. Not going to work like that guys.
  4. I know man. At full speed it's different. He was one step out and it was just a pop. I get it when they take someone down a couple steps out but this NFL makes me disenchanted
  5. At least Todd Bowles is emotionless on the sideline. That gives me hope
  6. I'm not sure how I feel about Jordan Jenkins yet
  7. THat flag is BS
  8. I feel the same way
  9. 1 min 4 sec on that first drive. lol
  10. We look pretty good so far
  11. Great start. 12 yd line is very nice
  12. Wow. This is so incredibly sad. The poor kids.
  13. I agree. Let's see how Petty handles getting a nice big hit from behind and if he can stay cool in the pocket. I'm interested to see how he does.
  14. My thoughts exactly. And if the Mo stuff was serious then it should have been written in the contract. I have to say if $80 mil was on the table and they asked me if I would behave I would say YES!