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  1. I'm trying man, but I can't figure out what this means. In your defense I'm very tired. Right, but utilizing resources on those positions and not wasting them on a QB would certainly help the situation and make it more likely to find at least solid role players. We've been wasting picks and FA signings on QB's for years in addition to our blown drafts. Think about it. We've had Michael Vick (at the end) and David Garrard in here recently and there were chorus' for both of them to start. That's how bad it's been.
  2. I'd take that downside for a legit upper tier QB in this league any day of the week. Hell we gave 12 mil to an aging and flawed Fitzmagic.
  3. It's truly unreal just how optimistic I was during the draft with 12 picks. It was the highest rated WR draft in many years and a position of need for the Jets. How we didn't get a legit WR in that draft is crazy. I'm happy Enunwa looks like he may have something, but he's flawed. ya know... that dropping balls issue. We had so much ammo to trade and weren't able to pull one off due to Idzik and his unbending value chart. I didn't think Idzik did as bad a job as many others here overall but that draft was just terrible. Like you said, we've had worse, but not by much. 12 picks and barely a legit starter out of the bunch. I like Pryor and have hope for Amaro as well but the lot is a poor crop and it's just sad thinking back to just how good we felt about the draft going in and what we actually pulled out of it.
  4. This. It's about more than this season. The ability to think long term is a foreign concept to many Jets fans, myself included, so throwing any of these young guys away at this time would be at least a very difficult decision. I would keep all 4 and let Petty and Hack groom under Fitz while Geno can be the 2nd with some real starter experience. He hasn't done well coming in for spot duty, but he is still most likely the best option to keep the momentum going with a solid team if Fitz goes down for a couple of weeks.
  5. exactly
  6. lol I hear ya. I'm more concerned with not hating life for the one Jets game I get to take my son to each year. The roof is nice.
  7. pretty cool actually
  8. Right? I can't help but stare at it when I drive by. It's quite the project.
  9. I've officially been that since my teens. Hey... she always seems to get laid.
  10. I know right? It's terrible watching a game there. The roof will certainly improve crowd attendance.
  11. I suck at adding pics and stuff. Click this very small link and you can see the new stadium art work. It looks a little different than the pick but it's the same basic idea.;_ylt=AwrB8qBQ.URXWAsArf8unIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTIyYjFwM3RlBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAMwNjBmZTg0OTM3NzI2MTJjMmIxNTY4YWI2MGYxZmI0NwRncG9zAzIEaXQDYmluZw--?.origin=&
  12. I live right 5 min from SunLife stadium and they are in the process of putting a roof on it. The construction project is immense. Trust me they are not putting all of that money into this stadium to move the Fins to another location. THe roof was per the NFL's request I believe.
  13. A 4th rd compensatory is basically the first 5th rd pick. It has value of course, but it's not worth leaving a hole on the team for. Macc has an actual football front office mind and whether or not every decision he makes is one we will agree with, we can rest assured he's making it from the standpoint of having actual knowledge on how to build a team. There are choices to be made. Always thinking of next years draft when we have an actual team right now isn't the best technique IMO. If we sign Fitz we basically have the same offense outside of Ivory, who while my favorite RB since Blair Thomas was often injured and was really not reliable unfortunately. Then we added a bunch of speed on D. Just like last year everyone is predicting us to go 4-12. Well last season that didn't happen and it won't this year of we sign Fitz and could do well with Geno potentially. No reason not to support the D line with Depth after losing Snacks and Douzable just because there is a late 4th in the bowl next year. Ya dig?