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  1. Betting was allowed and approved by the state on Nevada. Not the NFL or the Raiders
  2. Most of the players signed with the Pats before BB or the Pats won a SB. Hardly a case of signing to win a SB.
  3. When exactly did Woody even imply this nonsense?
  4. Yup, if there are no openings he'd turn an offer down. He'll be guaranteed another job for sure. We/ve never heard of this years hot item become next years forgotten exec. Thats as funny as calling the Jets GMs a parade and including the one who still has the job and doesnt look like hes handcuffed or is going anywhere soon. As did Tanny
  5. Nonsense. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont. Woody has created nothing like this. GMs move to unsuccessful teams all the time.
  6. Because hes not a SOJF who would turn the job down?
  7. It must be tough having to go from claiming to plan to having a Master Plan.
  8. The Dolphins? Who cares?
  9. No uore not. Anymore than youre being a fair minded fan. Youre a SOJF who cant stop whining about Hack and more. Hes played well, but some fools want to ignore this, some are shltty enough posters to make things up. You've got it to 2 whole practices now? LOL, cant make this up. Must be great to have as much insight as thadude, JWN and the other SOJFs who populate the board
  10. You still haven figured out that we're not tanking? Please stop hoping
  11. Wrong. Cops contact your lawyer and tell you turn yourself in or get arrested. 100% wrong, as in the Revis case
  12. For a comment that has absolutely no effect on the team. But we don't like SR anymore so posts and threads like this. When Cromartie called Brady an, a$$hole fans loved it.
  13. Good thing you have him guilty and have decided that not only is he guilty that it's a character flaw. Got to love SOJFs
  14. Got to admit, I would never think this. When was his last INT, 2012?