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  1. McCown's' last 32 games

    If Darnold is the number 1. If McCown plays. If he wins. If Hack comes in and sucks. If we win 5 or 6. If we pick 6. All this guessing, just watch the games, there are too many Nostradamus's on the board who want to tank for a kid who's played all of 9 games
  2. McCown's' last 32 games

    And without McCown these same players were under .500
  3. Make up your mind. You sound more lost by each and every post. But im glad that youre entertained by my posts.
  4. Does it tell you to respond over and over again?' Guess you cant bring yourself to ignore unless the website does it for you. LOL, now thats as lame as any excuse
  5. Do it, please. Ignore me, not like JW, like an adult who says he will. Nice twist you follow every post i put up and regardless of whats written and you think that it makes you the mature one in the room. Makes me the crybaby? LOL, you are so lost in your own nonsense
  6. Put me on ignore instead of obsessing over me and my posts. You just cant do that. 8 responses over half a day. Most in the last 4 hours. Integrity.
  7. Every HC goes out trying to win as many games as possible. Has nothing to do with the fear of being fired. For one Woody has said he wont get fired, coaching to lose will get him fired though. And if he were fired Id assume he wants another job, which given how well hes viewed is not out of the realm of possibility, unless of course he went out and purposely tried to lose games for an imaginary franchise QB that may not even exist a year from now
  8. McCown's' last 32 games

    The teams he played on had nothing to do with this.
  9. 2017 vs 2016 Position Groups

    Where did I say its all Mo and Sheldon? Youre the one making the case that they have nothing to do with the pass rush and havent been mentioned. YOU brought up the DL, questioned how good they can be. All I said is that in camp and in the 1st preseason game they have been dominant. You have no clue that Fitz is better than the QBs we have after the shlt show Fitz was last season. Center isnt a big problem. Even if you were right, and youre not, about the fumble are you trying to sell the story that no C, no position player, HOF or all pro never has a botched play? That one play defines their career? While ignoring what they did over most of last season. So a HC's ability to coach has nothing to do with players. And if your roster is filled with loafers and underachievers who just dont give a shlt too bad its on the HC? Wow
  10. 2017 vs 2016 Position Groups

    Where do you get this from? Mo and Sheldon havent been mentioned? Pass rush has been mentioned pretty much every day of practice. You'll come back with the OL sucks except Tenn didnt come close t putting pressure on our QBs and Jets sacked Tenn QBs 8 times. Fitz after last year proved to you he is better than anyone, anywhere? Center is a problem? Bowles coaching abilities has nothing to do with all the dogs and underachievers on last years roster? Why dont you give it a break and wait to see what we have. You know like you should have done criticizing Hack, making him out to be talentless and a bust sight unseen
  11. Got to love how the negative marys all will neg rep someone because for not thinking being a good fan isnt such a bad thing. Tough when you cant think of anything else to do
  12. What name have you been called brah? Children? Its adult like to you to just hit the buttfumble emoji on every post. Yeah, very adult like. Wish I could tell you what that style of posting makes you. You know with all your integrity. You strike me as someone who touches himself all on his own, dont blame others
  13. Thankfuly youre right there between neg reps to come to his defense. You and jif, children with nothing better to than clog up the board with your baby shlt while getting trolled. Brah?
  14. Yeah because being a good fan is a negative to you, right?
  15. 8/15 practice tweets

    Actually no but thanks for trying.