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  1. Absolutely nothing about the Jets strategy points to them playing for a QB that may or may not be available next year.
  2. Statement is the perfect example of how making QB predictions a year in advance never works out. None of this years QBs would go in the first, 3 did. Trubinski didn't play enough, he went 1st. Shlt changes fast.
  3. This is so wrong on so many levels. There isn't one thing here that's true.
  4. Youve pretty much listed every player left in the draft?
  5. Scariest part is that someone would even think about saying he needs to be better than any player taken at 27.
  6. Yeah because Macc is the only fool that would draft him at 6. No one else would have. Its one thing to be a twat who's panties get twisted draft time if their player isn't picked but to go over the top whining as if the pick makes no sense makes fans look stupid.
  7. At 6? You wanted McCaffrey or Mahomes at 6?
  8. No, you didn't. youve been carrying on like a fool that we should have gone offense. Stop already.
  9. No, you are. Playing defense is overrated. As is having a player in mind other than being a fan who just screams out for an offensive player. No one in particular, none with a name, just offense.
  10. Can't stand comments like this by fans who just don't get it
  11. And #3 somehow you turn a great pick into a whine fest. Who would have guessed? Bowles has nothing to do with this and the draft has a few more rounds for offense.
  12. Wow, you really don't know the game or player.
  13. They're clueless idiots?
  14. Once again, the dumbest fanbase in the NFL