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    '98 Home playoff game against Jville. Watching the Jets come back against the fins on MNF.
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  1. I'd rather be at home to watch the starters. Cheaper booze to drink my sorrows away.
  2. Renewed again here. Section 110! Games are a tradition with the old man and we got pretty good at tailgating this past season.
  3. Njoku is a stud. If they trade back in the first and take him it'll be a good pick. The guy who was a playmaker this year in college. He made up for mediocre QB play with some real nice TDs.
  4. Decent enough idea. Logistically speaking a 19000 seat stadium in a "city" with other plentiful transit options is in a different league (pun intended) from 80k + in the middle of a swamp, however.
  5. If the Jets take the consensus 4th or 5th best QB in this draft with the 6th overall pick then they're even more inept than I thought. If they really want him and he's the guy (I don't think he is) trade your second this year and next year's second to move up to the end of the first if he's still around at 26-32.
  6. No to kizer. Hard pass. Trade back and take oline and build the right way. Alternatively,I like the safety from LSU.
  7. In fairness, this is the first time anyone has ever accused the jags of being a pro team.
  8. Fair points but the first half of the schedule was also remarkably tougher. Pitt FSU Vatech . Best team they played after was GT. they lost to a bad NC state team and he looked like garbage vs. stanford in the bowl game.
  9. Yup. That's the guy. Broke the clavicle in the Miami game and trubisky wasn't the same after.
  10. I'm with you until darnold. Idk why everyone hypes him up so much. He's started exactly as much college football as Sanchez did at USC. Even as a RS soph I think there's also 0 chance he comes out next year.
  11. I agree with that for sure, but my gut feeling is that if those QB thirsty teams find reasons not to take these guys, there's gotta be a glaring reason why. It's not like the jets have a history of outsmarting conventional wisdom.
  12. There are no QBs in this draft for the jets. At least not in the first round. If anyone had the goods, one of the 3 QB needy teams ahead of the jets would be all over the guy, and frankly if those 3 teams pass on a QB, I want nothing to do with him either.
  13. Watched a lot of UNC this season. Hard pass on this guy as a QB. Looked like garbage once his top WR went down midway through the season. Doesnt look like an NFL QB to me.
  14. Guy can coach. Was pretty well liked in college and has coached up some decent players. He left miami in the wake of the Nevin Shapiro nonsense.
  15. I think your website gave my phone herpes.