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    '98 Home playoff game against Jville. Watching the Jets come back against the fins on MNF.
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  1. I'll be there. Father bailed. Flying solo!
  2. Purchased two. Glad I did because otherwise I'd be on the waiting list for 30 years. Also super stoked that they are saleable, at any value, after market. The access is great if they're good or God forbid we get a home playoff game. But unless you're a sadist or hate having extra money, I'd suggest picking 3 games a year and buying on the ticket exchange or StubHub and forget the psl.
  3. On the bright side, getting out of the stadium after the game should be a breeze!
  4. I particularly enjoyed listening to the announcers laughing after we got 'pulled' offsides because Brady jerked his entire body. Even they had no defense for the call so they chalked it up to him being a veteran or some garbage like that.
  5. I made the trip this year too. Was definitely cool being there. Middle of nowhere though.
  6. I like to think he was single handedly responsible for the new rookie wage scale.
  7. Fan of Pryor on the defense today. Two big hits on the 4th led to an incompletion and an interception. He stood out most to me. Offense Quincy was our best player but good games from Marshall(key block on Powell's run),Powell and Forte.
  8. Jamarcus Russel wants a word with you.
  9. You mean to tell me these guys that have been in or around football at its highest level for most of their lives are smarter than those of us who watch it and maybe built the best team ever on Madden, that one time? I don't believe it.
  10. Calling for the a professional football team to cut 5 starters after the 8th week of the season is a new low, even for this message board.
  11. Meanwhile Pryor made two huge plays in the 4th today. Doing his job. He's not our problem.
  12. "The jets suck at drafting" "The jets had a good draft plan and scouting and executed it well" Which one is it?
  13. He's a stud. Should have been on the canes. But I'm not a fan of RBS in the first.
  14. I'm at the game. Idk what it looks like on TV but neither of these QBs look like first round talents to me. Especially not kayaa. stares down wideouts and completely immobile.
  15. Man when we throw up a duck vs the browns these are all invalid