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  1. Is a road scholar a sort of traveling scholar? Or a scholar of roads? I can't figure it out.
  2. Sun side is definitely jets side. Go for that if you're looking for November. Some tickets come with parking pass.. Others don't. You can normally snag a yellow pass for 25 bucks. Parking a little further away tends to help the escape from the stadium. As far as sections go, look at the map. The ones right next to the club seats (110 and 117 on the jets side I think) are solid seats without the ritziness of the clubs. Face is 150 per but I think most of the time you can get them for less than face.
  3. I'm more excited for the tailgate tonight. Got a college football feel. Great way to spend a Saturday and no work tomorrow.
  4. The Pats strategy: "If we trade away all of our draft picks, you can't take them from us when we cheat!"
  5. 1) It is the post. The enquirer of NY papers. 2) Any writer that doesn't know when to use fewer vs less has no business commenting on how anyone else does their job. 3) I don't like Geno, but this is exaggerated.
  6. I'm most excited to see our LB core. I'll be keeping an eye on them tonight. Mauldin a year later, Jenkins and Lee. 3 young guys with speed. I expect the defense to look significantly faster than last year.
  7. I'l be there. Section 110 as always. Excited for football finally.
  8. Reed's intelligence and leadership were always touted. Everywhere he went since he was 18. I'm sorry for not killing Rex for it, but Reed is perhaps the best of all time at this position and didn't just do it because of athletic ability. I'm willing to wager he has a lot of information and coaching to share. Not to mention he's an ASSISTANT DB coach. It's no lose for Rex.
  9. Gonna imagine he's shown the door tomorrow. This many years and no progress?
  10. Can't see the fish ever really putting together a competitive roster with all that money going to tannehill and suh. Not the right guys to build a franchise around.
  11. The only acceptable outcome for some of these mental gymnasts is going from 4-12 to a superbowl victory. Progress is a myth apparently.
  12. I thought St Louis just approved a plan for a new stadium there?
  13. Don't get the vitriol some of the posters have. If you don't want to answer.. There's a next thread button on the bottom. 1) fair amount of fans. Id argue 10-15%. 2) seemed pretty standard for the Pats. 3) steelers bring more. Way more. But pats fans always are highly represented.
  14. On any given Sunday, anything can happen. KC is hot too. A healthy NE at home is still scary. Houston already beat us once. Denver at home is never easy. Cinci almost won yesterday. And we still have to beat Buffalo. Arizona is beatable,clearly. Don't discount Bowles knowledge of their system. One game at a time.
  15. Agree completely. Man up Watkins. Rest zone. Keep him in the pocket and hopefully our front can generate the pass rush without the blitz. Don't let his legs beat you - make him go through his progressions and rely on the pass protection.