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  1. The Official Jets vs Dolphins Game Thread

    Sure are a lot of fins fans in th crowd today.
  2. "Adams played 75 snaps, but only 19 came at safety, which led to some of his struggles against the run as he had to face Buffalo’s offensive linemen in the box." - PFF Didn't see this discussed yet. Is it because the lack of talent at LB or just game plan? I don't see why you'd draft a safety talent like Adams to not play him there.
  3. If "Big Gaping Hole" isn't the most-used phrase to describe our performances, I can't imagine what will be.
  4. If you combined these teams into one with the best players from both they'd still be a bottom 5 team in the NFL.
  5. That injury was the most Jets thing to ever happen. I'm actually sick.
  6. Lol safety. We might have a historically bad offense. Is our o line possibly worse than our QBs? Teams are gonna live in our backfield.
  7. At least this D line is going to be fun to watch.
  8. Preseason Power Rankings

    That early season matchup with the jaguars is really going to throw a wrench in these rankings.
  9. Broken Foot for Lucky

    Fair enough. Had high hopes for him. A solid return game has been sorely lacking for us for a few years now.
  10. Broken Foot for Lucky

    Agreed to this. All reports said he looked explosive and shifty in returns. We've been seriously lacking that since Leon left. That alone would have been a much-needed boost.
  11. Broken Foot for Lucky

    Damn, tough break for the guy. We could have really used him. Hope to see him stick on the team and come back.
  12. Julian Stanford deserves a mention too.
  13. McCoffee & Bowles off to a good start

    Can you honestly not look at the game for what it was? They looked better than everyone expected and their 3 best offensive players weren't on the field (Powell, forte, Q) . Nobody is crowning them yet but for the first preseason game it showed signs of promise.
  14. Good article. Shame we didn't get to see him last night.
  15. Gonna pay lots of attention to ASJ and Leggett tonight. Haven't seen a TE in a few years.
  16. Gotta say, I'm super pumped for tonight. It really is the best of both worlds - the joy of tailgating and being in the stadium, seeing those folks you only see 8 Sundays a year. None of the agony or anxiety about the outcome of the game. Really looking forward to seeing the new additions on D and watching all the QBs get reps.
  17. Question for the Board

    Ed Reed by a mile. All the talent none of the diva.
  18. Would have liked either on the Jets but we don't have anything besides draft picks. Want to hold on to those.
  19. How To Watch NFL Preseason Games

    I thought this thread was going to be about how to drink responsibly while yelling at the TV.
  20. Reputation \ Reactions

    I miss POTW
  21. Throw was from Petty, for those wondering.
  22. Jets 2 home preseason games

    I'd rather be at home to watch the starters. Cheaper booze to drink my sorrows away.
  23. Who's renewing? Who's not?

    Renewed again here. Section 110! Games are a tradition with the old man and we got pretty good at tailgating this past season.