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I always liked Dunta. Another CB/S/DB candidate?


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Dwight Freeney to Jets is a pipe dream

nyj.gifFormer Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney says it would be great to play in New York, either as a member of the Giants or the Jets.

"Big Blue" seems reasonable, considering the Giants’ love for

pass-rushers. But Freeney to the Jets is nothing more than a pipe dream.

The Jets just barely got under the cap this week by cutting five veterans.

How are they going to afford a seven-time Pro Bowler like Freeney? The

Jets most likely can't afford their own free-agent Pro Bowler: safety LaRon Landry.

In addition, Freeney doesn't fit well in a 3-4 defense the Jets

mostly run under head coach Rex Ryan. That is one of the reasons the

Colts let go of Freeney.

Freeney says he's likes Ryan. That's par for the course with many

players, because Ryan is charismatic and very much a players' coach.

However, new general manager John Idzik is making the Jets' decisions,

and the money and scheme don't match.

The Jets are in the middle of a long, hard rebuild. Spending the

little cap room they currently have on an aging pass-rusher doesn't make

a lot of sense. The Jets need to get younger, not older.



The timing of this post was brilliant Kelly! 


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I always liked Dunta. Another CB/S/DB candidate?

i always liked him as well.

if he can control his temper ; he can be a productive player & help us.




cheers ~ ~



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Yeah I was offered a raise and was like " are you serious?" I'm just not worth that kind of coin! No way I was going to screw over my employers just because they wanted to keep me working for them. I told them to keep their money and offered to extend my hours and shovel the walkway when it snows. Because that's how we roll in America, maaaan.


Sucks that someone so selfless is not playing in the NFL. I bet every FA is going to try to screw over mine and our friend, Mr. Johnson, for money. If he won't do it then they'll just try one of my 31 other owner friends. None of those guys is self made like my friends the owners, and none work as hard. If they DID, maybe they would own a team themselves and earn my loyalty 


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No surprise : Jets don't play tag
From the no-brainer department: The Jets opted not to use their franchise tag
before the 4 p.m. deadline.

There had been some faint rumblings they'd use the tag on tight end Dustin Keller,
but that would've cost them $6.066 million, eating up a nice chunk of
valuable cap space. Personally, I think the Jets should try to re-sign
Keller -- he'd be a good fit in Marty Mornhinweg's West Coast offense --
but they will let him hit the open market. Except for a
scouting-combine meeting with his agent and the Jets, Keller hasn't
heard a thing from the team about its plans for him.

The only other candidate for the franchise tag would've been safety LaRon Landry,
but his one-year contract included a clause that prohibited the Jets from applying
the tag to him.

Only eight teams opted to use the tag, down from a record 21 last
year. In terms of supply and demand, the low number bodes well for the
Jets, who will have a better chance of retaining some of their own
players. There will be less demand for them in a deeper unrestricted

The Jets have seven key starters headed to unrestricted free agency :
Landry, Keller, DT Mike DeVito, RB Shonn Greene, RG Brandon Moore,
LG Matt Slauson and S Yeremiah Bell.

The list of franchise tags :

• Chiefs T Branden Albert

• Bills S Jairus Byrd

• Broncos T Ryan Clady

• Bengals DE Michael Johnson

• Colts P Pat McAfee

• Bears DT Henry Melton

• Cowboys DE/LB Anthony Spencer

• Dolphins DT Randy Starks

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Manny Lawson is expected to be cut by the Bengals.  He never quite met expectations as a pass rusher (16.5 sacks in 80 games), but he is good in run support, and in pass defense. 


At (6'5, 240) he might be a nice little (situational) tea-cup for our bare cupboard. 


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Jarvis Moss, (6'7, 260) former first round pick/bust, is working out with the Cowboys today.  The Raiders liked his work ethic and ability enough to sign him to a $1.25M deal last year.  Now he's just trying to get money as a camp body.  


We are awfully thin at the position, and a signing like this is exactly what Seattle did last year with their flurry of WR signings...You bring em in, and hope someone has something left in the tank. 


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I wouldn't mind Lawson as he is cheap and experienced. Bringing Pace back for cheap isn't an out there option either.


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Free agency begins at midnight -- kinda

Welcome to uncharted waters.

To reduce the amount of blatant tampering that usually occurs before
the start of the free-agent signing period, the NFL created a three-day
negotiating window. It starts in a few hours. Here are the rules :

1. Beginning at 12 midnight Saturday and ending at 3:59 p.m.
Tuesday, clubs are permitted to contact, and enter into negotiations
with, the certified agents of players who will become unrestricted free
agents upon the expiration of their 2012 Player Contracts at 4 p.m.
March 12. However, a contract cannot be executed with a new club until 4
p.m. March 12.

2. During this negotiation period, a prospective unrestricted free
agent cannot visit a club (other than the player’s current club) at its
permanent facility or at any other location, and no direct contact is
permitted between the player and any employee or representative of a
club (other than the player’s current club). If a player is
self-represented, clubs are prohibited from discussions with the player
during the negotiating period.

3. Clubs (other than the player’s current club) may not discuss or
make any travel arrangements with prospective unrestricted free agent
players, their certified agents, or anyone else associated with the
player until the expiration of those players’ 2012 Player Contracts.

4. The three-day negotiating period applies only to potential
unrestricted free agents; it does not apply to players who are potential
exclusive-rights players or restricted free agents, or to players who
have been designated as franchise players or transition players.

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Free agency week ( and other stuff )

There will be no shortage of Jets news this week. Storylines to watch  :

1. Free agency: They're trying to re-sign DT Mike DeVito before Tuesday

afternoon's opening bell. The Jets appear willing to let their other key free
agents hit the market -- S LaRon Landry, TE Dustin Keller, RG Brandon Moore
and RB Shonn Greene.It wouldn't be a shock if they lose them all over the
next couple of weeks. The Jets will shop for low-cost alternatives, but you
get the feeling new GM John Idzik won't rush into anything.

2. The Darrelle Revis situation:

It was a relatively slow Sunday in the NFL, but there was an awful lot

Revis propaganda in the blogosphere. Gee, wonder why. In reality,

nothing has changed. The Jets are proceeding slowly, waiting until Revis

gets healthy before they seriously consider trading him -- or, in a

less likely scenario, signing him to an extension. (By the way, they did

have a conversation with the Broncos.) They haven't negotiated with

Revis' agents, but that's hardly news.

It may not be fast enough for some people, but the Jets are ready to

let this play out until the April 25 draft -- and maybe longer. Bill

Parcells joined the Revis debate Sunday. Speaking on ESPN's Free Agency

special, Parcells said, "Fifteen million (a year) for a corner? Not me."

Speaking of money, Revis is due a $1 million roster bonus on Saturday.

3. Santonio Holmes:

The Jets want Holmes to reduce his team-high $11 million base salary,

and the two sides have been in talks for a couple of weeks. The

prediction here is they will find a landing spot (pardon the Mike

Tannenbaum-ism). Holmes is guaranteed $7.5 million whether he's on the

team or not. He knows his 2013 earnings max out at $7.5 million if he's

released, so there's some financial motivation to stick around, assuming

the Jets have less than a $3.5 million cut in mind.

4. Money matters: Aside from Revis, two other players have big roster

bonuses coming their way -- C Nick Mangold ($3 million) and
CB Antonio Cromartie ($2.3 million). The Jets could try to create more
cap room by asking one or both to restructure, taking the bonus as a
signing bonus and pro-rating the amount over the length of the contract
for cap purposes. On another subject, they have to tender their restricted
free agents. The key name is RT Austin Howard, who likely will receive a
second-round tender ($2 million).

5. Tim Tebow: Is this the week  ?


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Cap Status :

The Jets have a very tight cap. Former general manager Mike Tannenbaum
significantly mismanaged the roster the past couple of seasons by
overpaying veterans and poorly restructuring contracts. This is the year
the Jets pay for those mistakes.


Strategy : The Jets have a lot of needs but few resources to work with.

The team already cut veterans Bart Scott, Calvin Pace and Eric Smith

just to get under the cap. New York is not expected to re-sign Pro Bowl

safety LaRon Landry, 1,000-yard tailback Shonn Greene and starting

tight end Dustin Keller because they will be too expensive. Idzik says he

will field a competitive team in his first year, but that's an extremely tough task.
The Jets have no choice but to look for bargain-bin options in free
agency. New York's biggest needs are on offense. The Jets need help at
quarterback but can afford only cheap options like David Garrard.
They also need to add talented skill players at wide receiver, tight
end and running back to support the quarterback. Don't expect the Jets
to make much noise in free agency. New York's best option to improve
this year is through the draft.


rest of above article :


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How Jets look at free agency



In each offseason of the Rex Ryan era, the Jets have been loud — like

signing Bart Scott (at midnight), Plaxico Burress and Tim Tebow loud.

But as the John Idzik era begins to take shape, so will a different

organization that likely cannot, and will not spend as lavishly on the

open market. Resting about $6 million below the salary cap, the Jets

will instead do their best to find value in affordable, short-term

contracts. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when the team has quite a

few positions of need. Coming off a 6-10 season, the Jets will need to

get things right in order to keep Ryan around.


SAFETY: After successfully plugging the gap with LaRon Landry

and Yeremiah Bell last year — both were on 1-year contracts — the Jets

find themselves back in the same position again. Defensive coordinator

Dennis Thurman doesn’t think that young incumbents like Josh Bush and

Antonio Allen are ready to start, leaving the Jets searching for two

players to fill the gap. Although the top-tier safeties are a bit out of

their price range, that hasn’t stopped the Jets from poking around at

anyone on the open market, according to one person with knowledge of the

situation who requested anonymity because they are not authorized to

discuss personnel moves. Possible targets: Glover Quin, Charles Woodson

GUARD: Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore are free agents drawing

interest from other teams. Moore, especially, is one of the most sought

after at his position. With Vladimir Ducasse possibly able to slip into

one of those positions, the Jets still need another starter and,

possibly, a second body for insurance. Once perceived to be the team’s

strength, the offensive line slipped under Tony Sparano and Co. last

season. Losing Moore, who was also a leader inside the locker room,

obviously doesn’t help much. Possible targets: Geoff Schwartz, Antoine


LINEBACKER: The Jets will be without Calvin Pace, Bart Scott

and, likely, Bryan Thomas next year. Demario Davis will elevate to the

starting position alongside David Harris, but that still leaves two

outside linebacker slots if the team wants to remain committed to a 3-4

scheme. The Jets have been targeting the position in the draft, since it

is one of the few positions of depth in the 2013 class. Getting to the

passer has been a constant struggle for the Jets, who will look to

ratchet up the pressure under Thurman. Possible targets: Victor Butler,

Gerald McRath.



DL Mike DeVito: The Jets really want the 28-year-old defensive tackle

back in the fold for 2013, although there are at least six other teams

that have expressed interest. DeVito fits well in both the 3-4 and 4-3,

which the Jets could transition into if personnel dictates. Plus, his

coaches have noted his proven ability as a veteran leader for a young

core of defensive linemen.

S LaRon Landry: Another player the Jets would like back, although

it’s difficult to see them spending the kind of money Landry wants.

During his last few weeks with the team, Landry said he would not sign

another 1-year deal like he did in 2012. After proving himself healthy

for 16 games and making the Pro Bowl, he is surely on his way to a

comfortable multi-year deal.

TE Dustin Keller: Keller got his wish and avoided the franchise tag,

but that likely also means he won’t be returning to the Jets in 2013.

The Jets tendered Keller’s backup, Jeff Cumberland, as well which also

clouds Keller’s future with the team. Although his representatives met

with new GM John Idzik at the combine, look for the team’s 2011 leading

receiver to don a different uniform this season.


…The Jets bring in at least one big-name veteran at a low cost. The

locker room, without Brandon Moore, Bart Scott, Yeremiah Bell and

possibly Mike DeVito, is seriously devoid of leadership and veteran


…New offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg tries to find a running

back that can better fit his system. Shonn Greene, a free agent, is

unlikely to return.

…The Jets look for a multi-faceted wide receiver — someone like St.

Louis’ Brandon Gibson, for instance — to help get the offense out of a





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NFL Free Agency : Mike Goodson on Verge of Signing With Jets

The Jets have rolled out the red carpet treatment for Raiders free

agent running back Mike Goodson, and he is close to signing with New

York, according to Jake Steinberg of SNY. 

Goodson visited with the Jets today after meeting with the Bengals yesterday.

In 12 games last season for the Raiders, Goodson recorded 221 yards

on 35 carries, filling in quite nicely for the oft-injured Darren

McFadden whenever needed.




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We are three days in to the NFL free agency period, but there are a
lot of top players and solid contributors left on the open market. Now
that the heavy spending has been done, it is the appropriate time for
teams to come swooping in and get players at a discounted and bargain
value. While the big name signings to start free agency get the
attention, it is the later acquisitions that fill out a roster which are
key to winning a championship.

For teams looking to add talent to the trenches, there are still a
handful of top tackles available on the market including Jake Long and
Sebastian Vollmer. If your team is looking for a discounted offensive
lineman that can help protect your quarterback and open holes for the
running backs, there are plenty of options remaining.

Who are some of the top available players left on the market? Let’s take a look.

Here are the top available offensive linemen that are remaining on the free agent market :

  1. Jake Long, Tackle — 2012 team: Miami Dolphins
  2. Sebastian Vollmer, Tackle — 2012 team: New England Patriots
  3. Brandon Moore, Guard — 2012 team: New York Jets
  4. Eric Winston, Tackle — 2012 team: Kansas City Chiefs
  5. Andre Smith, Tackle — 2012 team: Cincinnati Bengals
  6. Willie Colon, Guard — 2012 team: Pittsburgh Steelers
  7. Bryant McKinnie, Tackle — 2012 team: Baltimore Ravens
  8. Brad Meester, Center — 2012: Jacksonville Jaguars
  9. Jammal Brown, Tackle — 2012 team: Washington Redskins
  10. Chris Spencer, Center — 2012 team: Chicago Bears



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After losing four players at the outset of free agency, the Jets finally
made an aggressive move. They signed former Raiders running back

Mike Goodson to a three-year, $6.9 million contract, a league source

said Friday.Goodson, who also attracted interest from the Bengals,

will have a chance for a significant role. The Jets lost leading rusher

Shonn Greene to the Tennessee Titans, leaving a gaping hole in the


The holdovers are Bilal Powell and Joe McKnight, neither of whom has

experience as an every-down back. The last time the Jets went into a

season without a 1,000-yard rusher on their roster was 1994.The Jets

believe Goodson was one of the top sleepers in free agency. He has

some big-play ability (he averaged 6.3 yards per carry last season in

a small role) and he can catch the ball out of the backfield (40 receptions

for the Panthers in 2010).

Goodson flashed some upside in 2010. With DeAngelo Williams injured,

he rotated with Jonathan Stewart and finished with 452 yards and a 4.4

average. He also had five fumbles. He was a fourth-round pick out of

Texas A&M in 2009.The Panthers traded him to the Raiders in 2012 and

he sat behind Darren McFadden.He didn’t see much action at all – about

10 snaps per game – primarily in a third-down role. His best moment was

a 64-yard touchdown on a screen pass against the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets needed to stop the bleeding after a rough start to free agency.

They lost Greene, safeties LaRon Landry and Yeremiah Bell and defensive

tackle Mike DeVito. They re-signed fullback Lex Hilliard, but made the most

noise when signing former Jaguars quarterback David Garrard to a one-year





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Reaction : Jets should've kept Keller


Some quick thoughts on the Jets' latest defection -- TE Dustin Keller leaving to

take his talents to South Beach for a one-year contract with the Dolphins :

QUESTIONABLE MOVE : I can understand why the Jets let RB Shonn Greene,

S LaRon Landry, S Yeremiah Bell and, to a lesser extent, DT Mike DeVito

walk out the door, but this Keller situation puzzles me. He's only 28,

still in his prime. He's a pass-catching tight end whose skills would've

translated nicely into Marty Mornhinweg's West Coast system. He

probably didn't break the bank with the Dolphins (guessing around $3

million), so the cost wouldn't have been prohibitive. It's not like they

have no cap space; the latest estimate is about $14 million under the

cap. It seems that new GM John Idzik has it in his mind that he has to

strip down the entire operation.

TOUGH MARKET: Obviously, Keller wanted a long-term

deal, but he was undermined by two factors: The tight end market dried

up quickly, and his value took a hit because he missed eight games last

season due to hamstring and ankle injuries. The durability question is

bogus because he didn't miss a game in his first four seasons. He got

unlucky at the worst time. Stuff happens. At the end of the season, he

talked about not wanting the franchise tag because it afforded no

long-term security. As it turned out, he got a scaled-down version of a

franchise tag.

NOW WHAT ? : The Jets' starting tight end will be Jeff Cumberland,

a restricted free agent who received the low tender ($1.3 million).

This is troubling. He played in 55 percent of the offensive snaps last

season, finishing with 29 catches for 359 yards and three touchdowns --

all career highs. He has the athletic ability, but I wonder if he has

the route-running discipline to thrive in a West Coast offense. He

doesn't have the same rapport with QB Mark Sanchez that Keller did.

MIAMI NICE : Well, say this for the Dolphins:

They're winning the offseason. Of course, that doesn't mean anything.

Remember the "Dream Team" Eagles of two years ago? That said, I think

Keller will be a good pick-up for them. Coach Joe Philbin employs a West

Coast attack, and Keller will give them more in the passing game than

his predecessor, Anthony Fasano (Chiefs). Because he's on a one-year

contract, Keller will be highly motivated in advance of another bite at

free agency.




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The Jets have approximately $12 million in cap space and several needs: Safety (two), wide receiver, guard, tight end and quarterback. Here's a list of free agents that have been linked to the Jets: 


Kevin Kolb, ex-Cards 

Jason Campbell, Bears 


Darrius Heyward-Bey, Raiders 

Braylon Edwards, Jets 


Kellen Davis, ex-Bears 


Kevin Boothe, Giants 

Matt Slauson, Jets 


Dawan Landry, ex-Jaguars 

Charles Woodson, ex-Packers



Thx, Kelly


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Bradshaw says Jets show interest
Ahmad Bradshaw still wants to be a starting running back somewhere.

And although the Jets recently signed Mike Goodsonto a three-year,

$6.9 million deal, they would have legitimate interest if Bradshaw lowers
his asking price, according to a source. Bradshaw says the Jets, Packers
and Steelers have shown interest in him.

The free-agent running back is currently working out in Florida as
he continues to make his way back from surgery on his foot. The former
Giant hopes to find work after he shows teams how healthy he is.

"I feel great," he said on ESPN New York 98.7. "I'm getting there.
I'm walking around without the boot. There are a lot of teams out there
that need running backs.


Will former Giant Ahmad Bradshaw join the Jets ?


"I want to go to a team where I can be the number one (back) and get
multiple carries every game," he added. "A couple of teams are
interested. ... Pittsburgh, the Jets, the Packers, which are all teams
that I feel like need a running back and I can help. It's a process and I
want to take it slow."

Bradshaw wants to stay close to home and he says a return to the

Giants is always a possibility.

"There's always been that chance," said Bradshaw, who mentioned
after he was released that the Giants left the door open for a possible
return someday.

Bradshaw reminisced about how emotional his farewell to Tom Coughlin
and the Giants was when he was released in February, calling the Giants
a family that he still loves.

He was asked if he could play for Rex Ryan after spending his entire
career with Coughlin, since the two New York coaches are polar

"I've head from a lot of guys he is a great coach," Bradshaw said of
Ryan. "It is not even about that [difference between Ryan and Coughlin]
with me. He seems to get his guys going for games and for weeks.




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Thx, Kelly


you're welcome ! !




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Dansby or Urlacher would make for interesting veteran LBers here.


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Dansby or Urlacher would make for interesting veteran LBers here.

we need to get YOUNGER. 









cheers  ~ ~



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Free-agent tight end Fred Davis is getting a lot of interest from AFC East teams

lately. First, the Buffalo Bills' brass met with Davis over the weekend. Now, the

New York Jets are also expressing interest.

According to the Newark Star-Ledger, Davis said in a radio interview with Pro

Football Central that he will be meeting with the Jets this week."I'm taking a

visit there in a couple days," Davis said of the Jets on Tuesday.There are

various reasons why the Bills and Jets are interested. Both teams need

depth at the tight-end position.

New York lost starting tight end Dustin Keller to the Miami Dolphins
in free agency. The Jets will run a West Coast offense next season
under new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhenwig and need a
pass-catching tight end. Davis is coming off a season-ending knee
injury, but caught 59 passes for 796 yards during a healthy 2011

Buffalo starting tight end Scott Chandler also is coming off a season-ending

knee injury and is expected to miss most of the offseason workouts. Davis

should be healthy sooner and could fill that void for the injured Chandler.




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Guard Jake Scott visited Jets, per report


Free-agent guard Jake Scott visited the Jets Thursday, but reportedly left without a deal.


Scott, 31, had stints in Indianapolis (where he won a Super Bowl) and

Tennessee before joining the Eagles midway through last season.


The former fifth-round pick has made 128 starts in 131 career games. The

6-foot-5, 295-pound Scott is now entering his 10th NFL season.

The Jets recently signed...




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