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Hate to say this, but...

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#51 TechJet


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 08:25 AM

More importantly QB Geno Smith to run the offense. If the Jets draft Geno am on board again

right now I am like over board hanging on the ledge for life, one slip and I am in the water..

oooohhhh if I fall it's gonna be cold oooohhh. good thing I can swim.

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#52 neckdemon


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 08:29 AM

I read this about Richardson:




  Scouts like the light feet Richardson shows for his size, as he is able to twist inside and chase plays to the sideline with great speed. That agility, combined with his length, makes him a strong tackler in close quarters. Richardson's first step off the snap, especially when lined up over the ball, is quite impressive; he gets into the backfield in a heartbeat, beating reach-blocks and will work his way through double-teams if he sees the ball in the quarterback's hands. He plays with leverage at the point of attack at times despite his height, holding his ground and wrestling with attitude. Has enough athleticism that Missouri uses him as a standup rusher and to drop into short zone coverages over the middle of the field, where shows the ability to cover crossing receivers and tight ends in a short area.      


Perhaps this swayed the Jets.  Especially with the TE's they face.



richardson will not be covering gronkowski....you can bet on that

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#53 Stonehands


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 08:33 AM

I hate to say it, but after seeing Geno's body language in the back room last night, I would be hard pressed to right his name down today.  I have been a big supporter of Geno Smith leading into the draft, but the way he sulked last night after not getting picked has me leaning towards not wanting him here.  However, 2nd round picks have traditionally been where teams pick the "damaged fruit" from the first round and some people have done quite well with it.  I just think this kid may not be wired for the leadership role associated with the job after seeing him last night.

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#54 JFtoLong


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 08:36 AM

richardson will not be covering gronkowski....you can bet on that


Yup, but neither will anyone else we have.


They can try, but they have nobody to cover him, or any decent TE, or back out of the backfield for that matter.


This is what cracks me up, for as much as we have invested in the defense, this is still a very flawed defense, that will be not much better than above average.


There are things it can do well, but there are also huge weaknesses that decent offenses will find a way to expose.


To me, that is just unacceptable. Anything short of all time great defense for the next few years is just unacceptable. Nobody in the league that I can recall has put anywhere near as much investment into the defense, and we will not even be the best in the league, maybe not even top 10

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#55 Obrien2Toon


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Posted 26 April 2013 - 08:37 AM

My only problem is that first off I think Star is a better player than Richardson.

And then even if Rex can figure a way to play these 3 lineman together, which I think he will do, what happens when Rex is gone after the year?

I see a future bad trade ala Vilma in our future because of system fit.

Star fit perfectly, can play the 0 tech, and is a better player.
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