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NY Jets Minicamp - Day Two

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That's a good point, and I think there's a very careful line there though.  When a play isn't there, it's definitely much, much better to take advantage of his speed and make a positive play out of potentially bad situation.  That said, you need to be careful and not push him too much in the opposite direction either, as you don't want a guy who is tucking and running all of the time.  It never seems to work out too well for QBs in the NFL with that method (with injuries being one of the primary concerns).  Geno still needs to be a passer first and foremost, and if he can't do that then he's not going to be the answer for the Jets.

Early as we are here in his career, I'll take him giving up on the pass a little early here and there if the result is a reduction in turnovers. I think that's what we saw late in the season last year. And really, that's pretty much Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson's game. For a guy who really didn't run in college, I thought he did a nice job with it.

Obviously, you want him to develop as a passer. That's the key. But if he can get first downs with his feet in the short term, I'll take it. I think we might see a little less of that with Chris Johnson on the field, though. Why run it yourself if you can safely dump it off to a pair of speedy, reliable hands?


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