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Ads for Giants, Jets Insider, Dolphins...

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4 hours ago, Mike135 said:


Just an idea, but...

I don't know how much the ad networks end up giving you.  But if we're talking something like $15- $25 a year per user when ya break it down, I'd be cool with paying that amount to not have the ads.

Those that don't pay, see ads.

Those that do pay, don't see ads.

Regardless, the most recent changes aren't bad.  The 6 bars went below the thread list, and the bottom blue ads aren't that bad.

I would be open to this as well. I enjoy this site(most days) and if would help to get rid or at least temper the ad's I would be all for it.


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5 hours ago, Maxman said:

Let's just bottom line this, because I don't like being talked to that way.  

1. The site costs $700 a month to run this year after all of the increases that we received.

2. We had an ad deal with FOX Sports that lasted all of two months, I worked really hard on getting everything tweaked to a level that everyone was happy with. And that meant I took a lot less money as a result.

3. Because the ad network is having financial trouble they ended the ad deal last week. So I am working hard trying to find a new solution. Paying the $700 per month out of my pocket isn't really my first choice.

4. There is a thread in the feedback forum where it is clear that I am working on this and trying to get it right.

I thought this was taken care of. Believe me when I say I take the user experience very seriously. I turned down a 6-figure deal from Scout because they were going to ruin the user experience. 

My point is I don't treat people in a rude manner here, so I appreciate the same in return. I will take a look at this again tonight, like I said I thought this issue was taken care of already. But there is absolutely no reason to curse at me.

I will get this fixed.

Thank you for the response. 


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On 7/11/2017 at 8:51 PM, JETSfaninNE said:

Just a thought and maybe you might want to put a poll up or whatnot.  But you could always try doing a patreon.  I bet you a ton of subscribers would be willing to sub a few bucks a month, especially if there are some bonuses thrown in for higher tier subs.  I know a lot of people using this service now and are getting some good money out of it.  I've also subbed to a few patreons myself, especially in the development/programming community.  

Fans pay you a subscription amount of their choice in exchange for exclusive experiences & behind-the-scenes content.

Predictable income from your patrons means you can create on your terms. No strings attached.

An average patron pays more on a monthly basis than consumers pay for Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon Prime.


Thanks for all your hard work Maxman!  I know its difficult and mostly a thankless thing you do for all of us Jets fans. 

Thank you. But we definitely still feel strongly about the original game plan. We don't want people here paying for anything.

I think all of the mobile ads are gone now. If anyone sees an ad on mobile let me know. Right now we have a few ads up on desktop and tablet. Shouldn't be anything too invasive. I lined up a few calls for next week. I will find a new network now that the Fox Sports ads have left town. :)



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