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Every Christian Hackenberg pass from Preseason Week 1

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7 hours ago, Tinstar said:

How can I give Hack such a grade when he accounted for zero points in 8 drive opportunities . Hack showed tremendous progress when compared to what I saw in the Eagles game last preseason . He has a long way to go but it's not crazy to think that he can't make those strides between now and the start of the regular season . It was the 1st game of the preseason after 2 weeks of training camp where he's been throwing to a myriad of receivers .

I am hopeful, but not willing to slow walk what I've been waiting for .   

Incomplete is a fair grade as Hack was really only playing with about 20% of the playbook which to me seemed purposely safe, and orchestrated to get him comfortable running what will be the bread, and butter plays that should be executed in his sleep, IF Marshall doesn't drop that pass the Jets would have put up points on Hacks 1st, or 2nd drive I forget, same drive Cantanzaro missed the FG.  The only bad pass I thought he made was the screen pass even thou it was complete he threw it high, and behind the RB who adjusted to catch it, and when he turned up field defender just got in position to stuff him, if that ball is thrown out in front of RB IMO the defender would have been late, and RB would have scooted right by him for a very nice gain, so Hack still has to work on those really important screen passes IMO, but everything else was prettt much good for what they asked him to do, think next week will see him operate about 50% of the book, and be asked to do some new things hopefully he is up to the task.

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