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  3. The music is alot better then most of the highlight videos I've seen. Sounded a lot like Marcel Marceau.
  4. The bottom line is Perriman played well when put in place of Mike Evans towards the end of the season. He put up #1 WR numbers. I'm willing to give Perriman a shot. Mims will have fewer catches but will probably make his fair share of big plays, especially inside the 10 yard line. The good thing is we have Crowder as the 3rd down guy for Sam to lean in on in those "gotta have it" situations, so that takes pressure off Perriman and Mims to focus more on making big chunk plays. Oh yeah and Herndon. If he's actually back this group will be fine. It's all on the o-line really.
  5. Kristian Dyer recently interviewed NJ Governor Phil Murphy and if you are a glass half full kind of person, there was some good news. Murphy was asked about the possibility of Jets and Giants fans attending games at Metlife in the fall. Although Murphy cautioned that it is still too early to know, he did keep the door open to the possibility. Yes, there is a possibility, it could be. But I can’t promise it. I don’t think anyone can. With the way 2020 has been so far a possibility is actually encouraging news. I’ve spoken to Roger Goodell, we speak with the Giants and the Jets all the time. I think it’s too early to tell on fans. We’re taking at this point, baby steps and slowly but surely trying to get there beginning with the staffs, the coaches, the players and I think we have to see where it goes from here,” Murphy told SportsIllustrated.com. The trends in New Jersey right now – we have over 12,000 fatalities – but the ones we talk about each day are folks that have been infected for weeks. You look at the other data for the past several weeks, it is all gotten really quite good. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re getting much, much better. If those trends keep up, you fast forward some months from now and you’ve been able to continue those trends, you’re in a very different place. We’re trying to do this incrementally. We’ll see and play it by ear as best we can. We’ll make a decision based on the data. The data right now is good. Certainly the trend has to keep moving in the right direction. Safety will always come first, but this is encouraging news because a month ago in NJ this seemed like an incredible long shot. You can check out the full article here. The post Phil Murphy Says it is Possible Jets fans will Attend Games appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story...
  6. Me waiting for this video to load is like Mike Maccagnan waiting for his next GM job offer
  7. I read an article which mentioned that while quarantining in middle earth he has been practicing playing corn hole and he's at that age where he should make a big leap forward with the challenge flag toss. Gotta be patient but if he doesn't make that leap you could start with the bust talk.
  8. Inner City Blues also a good one and appropriate for the times.
  9. Oh if you didn't post the thread never mind... completely different story.
  10. Yeah I don’t know how anyone wasn’t thinking tunnel traffic cam.
  11. @Jet Nut I see I’m late to this but hope things are already starting to turn a for the better and that each days is less concerning than the one before. We’re unanimously in your corner even after these years of never agreeing and getting on each others’ nerves. At least we all agree on something: we badly want you to do with some well deserved good luck here. Do keep us posted, brother.
  12. Beat the Niners at home to go 2 and 0. It is going to be GREAT! Tony the Tiger pun not intended.
  13. Yeah I didn't think it was possible that long ago but now I think it is. The thought of going to a game in September after the way this year has gone so far. Wow. Incredible. I have been going for a long time but this year will give me a new appreciation. You take things for granted after awhile. Not anymore.
  14. If thousands can safely protest people should be able to do the same thing sitting in a stadium. Let people police themselves. On the trajectory we are on I see the NFL resuming with fans in stadiums.
  15. If these Monkeys somehow mix this and release Covid-20 next year is gonna suck.
  16. It is looking that way. My 401k is back to where it was, thanks in large part to contributions but it is headed in the right direction for sure.
  17. Welcome back. Great job on the weight loss, that is a lot of weight in a month and a half, really good job.
  18. Hey guys we have a new club option. I have asked some people to test it out. I will be posting it tomorrow. It looks like the PM option was not used (didn't work because of the limitation). So rather than let this be an advertisement for other Jets sites that want to recruit people I am going to lock this thread. The club option will allow for opt in access for topics that were previously not allowed. A bit of a compromise. Some people want the board to have nothing but football, this still allows that. And for those that want to discuss they can. Thanks everyone, be on the lookout for the club link. I said tomorrow but I mean today (Sunday).
  19. That is all. I want to be there in person when the Jets play games this year. Not sure if it will happen, but man I hope it does.
  20. I've spent the last week in the EOC reorienting our Focus from Covid and Hurricanes to Civil Disturbances, protests, looting. and planning for WCS's. Discuss away. I'm tired of it.
  21. This actually distracted me from eating mac and cheese and watching Madden Bowl. I want restitution
  22. Do we think we lost the crowd to 80 and Crusher's new PM thread about politics?
  23. You got no shot against a monkey. A 25lb gorilla will grab your ankle with his foot, pull you down and beat your ass.
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