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  2. Hot damn there aren’t a lot of wins to be found. I’ll say 3-13 and that’s generous. Tonight, one of the Miami games, and then they screw around and beat the Browns to mess up draft picks. Wonder if Belichick tanks week 17 if it’s has no seed implications for them and keeps Lawrence away from the Jets. Maybe he figures the franchise will ruin him anyway.
  3. Why rush Crowder back? Berrios is playing well. The Broncos arent the defense they once were. Let him get the extra rest.
  4. They forced Farve??? So that's why Mangini named his son after him..👺
  5. Both the Ravens offensive and defensive coordinators (Roman and Martindale) are very high on Douglas’s list as of today.
  6. Denver, one of the Miami games, and Cleveland in Week 16. Gotta have the annual meaningless December win. I mean, what's REALLY the difference between picking 2nd and 6th?
  7. How would I be able to shed any light on it. How would anyone? He tweaked a hammy I believe in camp. Sprained an ankle for sure, at this point things get Secretive
  8. I tend to agree that the Jets probably aren’t going to be in a position to address WR early. I’d imagine they draft pretty high and it’s Lawrence at 1, maybe Fields or Lance below that depending on the coaching staff. If quarterback is out Sewell should top the board. So if they’re in that top 3-5 range there’s a good chance they take a position that they probably wouldn’t take in the late first or on dah two which is kind of interesting. Beyond that, I certainly be wrong but I don’t think Rousseau goes top 5. He seems like a guy who had a wide range heading into the draft and really could’ve used a year to solidify himself instead of opting out. He’s a freak for sure but I think he needed more tape, people seem pretty split. So I think minus the year he’s a back end top ten guy because there’s a lot of risk. And I’ll throw things if they take a corner in the top ten. Chase has to be in play somewhere in there.
  9. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, and to me, the worst is an uninspiring Jets win there Gase and Darnold do barely enough to get the W, but not nearly enough to move the needle and inspire any more confidence in either one of them going forward.
  10. I think we win tonight... the miami (home game)... and we win against Cleveland in a miracle fashion to set up our final win against NE, as the patriots are resting all their starters and helping CJ make his decision to keep Gase. You know, since we won our last 2 games, keeping us from the Lawrence/Fields selections....
  11. Looking forward to the 1st notch on Gase's heroic, triumphant run to 3-13 that saves his job, allows him to ruin Lawrence before getting fired next year.
  12. I agree. It’s more of a hope than expectation. Just really hope Sam can be saved.
  13. Rooting for the Dolphins is NOT in a true Jets fan's DNA. I could not do it if my life depended on it.
  14. Im still all in. The 1981 Jets started 0-3 and rallied back to make the playoffs. It all starts tonight, with our gunslinger Sam Darnold at the helm the skys the limit! Lets boogie!
  15. Saying douglas is the best caliber gm we could get is putting it lightly almost too. Who else would you want?! he was basically the number 1 gm candidate for the last few years (decosta aside), and has one of the better pedigrees youll see for a first time GM. Worked under a successful GM? Check + , Worked for a great organization? CHECK, helped run drafts prior to this opportunity? Check, Scouting background? check. playing background? Check i mean when have the jets been lucky enough to land a guy with even half of that resume? Cant tell what he'll be yet, but to me, there really wasnt any other hire coming in that I would have trusted.
  16. I started following the recruiting thing when my old roommate from Clemson became involved with it for Clemson. He’s been able to get me access to the Nike Elite 11 camps and some decent access to the Clemson staff. He’s been doing it for a while so he knows a ton of coaches from all different schools. I just find it interesting watching some of these kids develop from Juniors in high school to the NFL.
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