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  2. I’m going with Burgess. He’s a true difference maker.
  3. I did mention we were “trying to find a needle in a hay stack”, didn’t I?
  4. Did you see the Jets offense without Darnold? This isn’t even a question.
  5. Anderson has been a monster disappointment because he’s a weak 165 pounds and gets redirected like a crisp fall leaf in an autumn breeze. The MVP of the offense is Kelvin Beachum, because the offense couldn’t function when he was out of the lineup. And, if we’re talking about the “most valuable” defensive player, the team was 1-7 with Jamal Adams and the defense getting shredded on the weekly. The defense only made a huge turnaround when Blessuan Austin and James Burgess became starters. These are just #facts.
  6. I'm thinking it's a toss-up between Greg Williams and Neville Hewitt.. if anybody actually knows anything about....
  7. You're saying it's a "fact" that if the Jets now lose out they will be 5-11 "again" with Darnold? Actually if they lose out they will be 5-8 with Darnold. They were 5-8 with Darnold in his rookie season....Bowles D closes out 2 games where Darnold gave them the lead late over Houston and Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay, Darnold is 7-6 his rookie year. This year the Jets are 5-6 RIGHT NOW in Darnold's 2nd season. The back-up QBs in Darnold's first 2 years are 0-6, pretty much PROVING how incredibly bad the Jet rosters have been in Darnold's first 2 years ie you do not have an "Elite Skillset" like Darnold has? You do not have a prayer of Winning a single game....but that is Darnold's fault too? Kid is putting up "average W-L records" RIGHT NOW...not 5-11's.....with the WORST roster in the NFL. Completes 60% of his throws while almost NEVER given the luxury to go through his reads, plant, step and throw. He makes lots of incredible throws AND some very poor ones. We'll never know his potential without just an Average NFL OL, which hopefully Douglas can put together. Was it Eli Manning's 4th or even 5th year where people were saying that he "must have been adopted"? Couldn't really be a Manning. He threw way too many ugly passes. Darnold is not Elite....yet. But I see an "Elite Skillset", which I never saw in Chad Pennington, Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith. Need some luck involved too. This is for the most part just a terrible organization. Douglas is still unproven and Gase has to be given the same mulligan as Darnold....even if many think most of this is his fault. Any Hi-Light Films of the 2019 Jets should include a Disclaimer: THIS IS NOT AN NFL TEAM.
  8. Not a bad choice Mr. Shane, except we’re doing the find a needle in a hay stack thing, and trying to choose a most valuable “player”.
  9. Sorry, Grandy. i know a lot of people will vote Sam, because QB, but I can’t agree. The mono thing blew up the season. He’s been up and down regardless, and there’s a big difference from playing the most important position, and being the most valuable, especially when the best thing you can say is we looked better with him than Falk. Your other two picks are solid.
  10. Adam Gase, for ghosting Mike Maccagnan. There should be a statue
  11. fwiw his pff of a 65 is backup territory hard pass
  12. I dunno maybe the all pro that plays 5 positions?
  13. This. If it’s too early to grade others as busts, it’s too early to grade this one a success. If health was no concern it seems he’d have been drafted earlier. If he’s healthy for no more than 5 games going forward is it still a good pick? Not particularly. Was Milliner? FFS a year ago today some people were still calling Darron Lee a good pick. Ù Too early. If he stays on the field consistently for years then we’ll start jerking him off for a good pick.
  14. The level of delusion is great it seems. Much of our roster is gone next year and we have fans talking about AFCE contention.... No, we are not ok. Objectively too. We don’t have the assets to turn it around in FA unless we hit on about 8 Brian Poole level success stories (eg chronically underrated talents that are cheap and that perform at a high level). That almost never happens.. it’s usualy about one or two per year max. Meanwhile we have to hope that our own players don’t regress (again that almost never happens). Every year u have guys that don’t play as well as they used too. its also unclear how much coaching turnaround there is... Im just tired of of the same story year after year. Hype a mediocre squad to death before they even get a chance. Then piss and moan after the first game of the season ruins the party. The same silly story has been played for the last several years. then we start fire the coach/GM/everyone over reactions which are just as bad since the front office laughably pays attention to this, and we end up with zero continuity year after year.
  15. I know he's been up and down this year, but it's Darnold on offense. Look at it with him, and look at it when he missed time. Defense isn't a question. PREZ. Special teams is a tossup, but I'll go with Lac.
  16. Crowder has been very good, but Robbie is the guy team’s fear most I think, and he’s produced. He’s the big play guy. Lachlan Edwards wins Most Exhausted Player. We wore him out, lol.
  17. I think you most definitely can dare say that! 😉
  18. I read two genres of literature. Science Fiction (Scalzi, Niven, Vinge etc) 19th century literature (Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Dostoevsky, Eliot, Thomas Hardy)
  19. The funny part about this is how this evolved in the last week or so. It started with him saying it would help the team protect its young CBs if they moved him around more. He claimed by lining him up on the same side every time, the defense became predictable, and teams avoided him and could easily go after the rookies. Somehow, it went from there, to here. Why these guys think social media is their friend, I’ll never understand....
  20. Today
  21. Lachlan Edwards Crowder has been better than Robby on offense.
  22. Currently watching 'A Christmas Story' on tv once again. One of my fav movies a virtual masterpiece.
  23. Rare meat is gross as is medium and medium rare. Come at me bros!
  24. Hate to sound this way. MVP on a 5-11 team? Dare I say they could’ve gone 5-11 with or without any of them.
  25. Offense I’m going with Robbie Anderson. He’s done very well for us this year, and has earned the big pay day he’s going to get next year. I hope we’re the team he chooses. Defense I’m going with everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Jamal Adams. Love him or hate him, he’s been the best player on the Jets the last two seasons. That said we’re so terrible, his best asset is probably that he’s our biggest trade chip. My pick is: Robbie Anderson The sad part about this is that both of our two best performers in ‘19 could very well be wearing other team’s jerseys next year. So goeth the Jets, sadly. Who do you guys pick?
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