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  2. I thought this was a thread defending Kraft...
  3. The subject sounds dirty, that wasn't what I was going for, I swear.
  4. We have some more YouTube ideas and we need a brave soul or two to volunteer for a weekly video. Post here, private message or email me if you are interested in learning more. help@jetnation.com Thanks!
  5. wouldn't that be great if goodell is the other bigger name. how about brady? or gronk?
  6. munchmemory

    The GAS (Music Gear) Thread

    For all you guitar nuts: Just saw a reference on Music Radar which mentions Steve Vai's collection of over 400 instruments. Below is the link on Vai.com. Insane. https://www.vai.com/guitars/
  7. There is a personal conduct policy for owners just like for players at the very least he's going to have to pony up 500k like Irsay. I don't expect a Donald Sterling like outcome but who knows. Society changes every day. Things that used to be OK aren't anymore.
  8. ChuckkieB

    Caption this photo

    "Screw 'em or kill 'em Mr Kraft....it's all the same to me!"
  9. Mogglez

    Caption this photo

    Kraft: "Every time you get stressed out enough to kill someone, just go to this place: *passes business card*. They'll help you fire enough off to scratch that itch and loosen you up".
  10. CTM

    Mafia Season Mod Queue

    da fuq kinda bachelor party is dis
  11. mrcoops

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    "I will pay big money for use of a good tight-end".
  12. As opposed to the minors that might be involved here?
  13. Hua Zhang was arrested and charged as the owner of the spa where Robert Kraft allegedly solicited prostitution. Kraft denied the allegations. (Palm Beach, Fla. Sheriff's Department)
  14. The more I read into this, the more I get that hallow feeling that nothing majorly harmful for kraft* or the pats* will come of this. It’s the same feeling I’ve had about almost everything pats* related since Goodell’s gross (and devious) mishandling of Spygate.
  15. All joking aside, it does look like that this came out of a larger investigation regarding human trafficking/slavery. Given that, there's only one reason to put the screws to guys for misdemeanor crimes like solicitation in these cases: to get them to flip on the bigger fish. Gonna be interesting to see what goes down with this over the next few months.
  16. #27TheDominator

    jets staying with 3-4

    Who does? Even Rex didn't do it often. I remember when he was with the Ravens he was talking about how rare it was to find a guy like Kelly Gregg who could handle it at all and how almost nobody in the league actually played 0 tech often.
  17. So every week we do a podcast. Glenn Naughton hosts it. All of the episodes can be found here: https://www.jetnation.com/ny-jets-podcast/ We are also putting it out in video format each week. We have been fortunate enough to have some new, very talented help. So we are stepping up our video game. More cool stuff coming soon.
  18. Yeah, 15 is probably the sweet spot for tackles in this draft.
  19. Yeah I’m with the majority on that part of it. Terrible trade compensation.
  20. It is, if the compensation is otherwise reasonable and the Jets get a LT in FA. Otherwise, its Beachum again in 2019.
  21. I don't think anyone is saying Kraft is involved, but just the fact he was there was hilarious and gross. And, yes, the first story I read said there are ties to human trafficking. Authorities don't run a sting like this just to catch consenting adults and a few johns. Seems pretty clear.
  22. Here's the full police report with detailed descriptions of all of the video surveillance. I'm sure some internet sleuth can look at the dates and times to narrow down which one of these might be Kraft.....I'm placing my money on Male #23 https://ewscripps.brightspotcdn.com/74/98/64c708b942ac9a24ed0e40f57db0/hua-pc.pdf
  23. BurnleyJet

    Caption this photo

    "killer tats.."
  24. Now this I agree with. #15 is reasonable. But Greg Little has to be considered at 15 also. If the board fell as it is made to be here.
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