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  2. I disagree. Macc doesn't seem to care what fans and media believe. A great quality imo.
  3. Pretty much I’m not saying Macc is a great GM or that I’d be sad to see him go, but if he is retained, at least the moves he’s made over the last 18 months or so should give you some hope that he’s improving and setting up the team for longterm success. Sam Darnold, Jamal Adams, Chris Herndon, Henry Anderson for a late 7th round pick, keeping the team incredibly cap flexible... Macc also knows the investment he has in Darnold. So I would fully expect him to try his damndest to build up the offensive side of the ball for the foreseeable future. It’s not my ideal dream vision for the team, but Macc bringing in a coach like McCarthy, adding a weapon like Bell, solidifying the OL and still having $70+ million and a Top 5 pick to work with isn’t a doomsday scenario to me.
  4. It's a fact that Cousins was Plan A....Not even really debatable... He offered more money than the Vikings, yet he still chose them. This isn't even a position he has argued. Drafting a QB was plan B
  5. Bowles and Rodgers come up with a game plan during the week and no matter how things play out during the game they refuse to adjust. While you see other Head Coaches frantically moving around the sidelines communicating with coordinators via headsets or with players, Bowles just stands like a statute.
  6. I do. I'm surprised you believe Macc didn't want Sam the whole time since he was visting Darnold almost every other week.
  7. If that’s true and he didn’t really want Cousins then playing chicken with $100 million dollars is even more stupid than trying to sign Cousins to begin with.
  8. Lol...so he offered almost $100 million guaranteed to Cousins to appear he was trying? You can’t possibly believe that.
  9. More realistically, Macc really wanted Cousins, but Kirk used the Jets as leverage to get a little more money out of Minnesota. Do you really think Macc was some kind of mastermind in all of this? That he had no fear that Cousins would "call his bluff" and accept the offer?
  10. Cam Newton was God awful last night! OMG! After watching Sam on Saturday & how accurate he was on the move, then watching Newton last night slinging balls into the turf, I was like that God Sam fell to us. He has to be hurt. Their entire offense had to be run in a 10 yard box! Plus his only weapon was McCaffrey. But his accuracy is horrible.
  11. this is the same coach who didn't prepare his defense to play against mayfield or barkley. does anyone really expect him to devise a gameplan for a top wr?
  12. Yeah. That would be about as dumb as hiring, say, Jason Kidd as an NBA head coach right after he retires as a player. Wait....
  13. I actually don't think this is true. He spent all of last year obsessed with Darnold. Making many trips to go see him. I think he knew what would get the deal done with Cousins and did just enough to appear as though he was trying, without actually getting him. Remember, much of the foolish sports media/"experts" and most of our fan base wanted Cousins. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Thankfully Macc saw through the BS and just humored the fans and media. That's a sign of a great manager/leader. Might even come in handy when determining what to do with Bowles.
  14. The fact that he went all in on Cousins as his plan A negates anything positive from having Darnold fall into his lap. If Maccagnan really had his way, you would have Kirk Cousins making $90 million guaranteed for the next 3 years. Asinine.
  15. I too am happy that in 4 years Macc has done such a bad job that seemingly, there’s nowhere to go but up!
  16. Macc's journey toward getting Darnold: 1) Try to sign perpetually mediocre Kirk Cousins to a fully guaranteed $90 million contract. 2) Allow Heimerdinger to come up with trade with Colts to move up to 3. 3) Prepare for Josh Allen to be the pick at 3. 4) Get lucky that the Giants did not take Darnold. Let that guy choose our next coach, get another draft, and spend $100+ million in resources. Goooo Macc!!
  17. Not nearly as depressing as the premise the Johnson brothers either don’t care enough or know enough to do anything about it. Maybe Bit is right and the Johnsons are Eboneezer Scrooge’s in training and really don’t want to spend money on this team? Scared money always loses so maybe that’s it? The small bit of goodness in my heart really doesn’t want to think they could be actually dumb enough to not realize it. It’s modestly less disturbing if it’s the old,” you better bring my change back.” Thing. I don’t know.
  18. The problem with giving him one more year is exactly the problem with this organization. What coach wants to come to a team that knows the GM is going to be fired next year? Then we have to hire a new GM and allow him to hire his coach, or force a coach down the GM’s throat. Rinse and repeat. Do it right for once. They both need to go, hire Mackenzie and let him pick his coach. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  19. First order of business for the Johnsons is to change the management structure where the HC reports to the GM. As far as Mac I’m on the fence but, if he is retained, he should hire or have input with hiring the next HC. I do give him credit for drafting a franchise QB because his trade on St. Patrick’s Day put us in position to draft Darnold, he didn’t just fall into our lap.
  20. Giving Macc the keys to hiring the next HC just to see if his sh*t roster can win with another guy in charge is among the worst arguments for keeping him. Sure, yeah. Let's give the guy who f***ed us a chance to f*** us 3+ more years by letting him select our HC. Sure, yeah, he's earned that privilege.
  21. Mac made one good move, based on where he stood at the time-He traded 3 second round picks for Darnold. He passed over Mahomes and Watson for Adams. I am not calling that a good move. Jenkins, Shell, Edwards and Anderson were good draft picks. He needed to do more good things in 4 years to keep his job.
  22. Also keep in mind, drafting a QB was plan B. He tried, Desperately, to give a JAG QB without a playoff win, $90 million. It’s one thing to have a young QB to build around the current talentless roster. Another entirely to give $90mm for 3 years to a QB on a team that will require 3 years to build a contending roster. His inability to do what he wanted (his own incompetence) is the reason we have Darnold. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  23. Sorry, I disagree. While the roster is thin, a better coach could have easily win more than 4 games. Obviously this isn't a Super Bowl roster but better coaching might not have let a cold rookie QB step off the bench & bring his team back down 14, or let Matt Barkley waltzed into MetLife & look like Joe Montana, or hold the Dolphins to 13 points on the road & still lose, or turn a 16-0 lead in Nashville, and lose by allowing a TD drive in the last 2 minutes, or refuse to double the only offensive player the Texans have after their starting RB went down & allow him to go for 170 yards & score 2 TDs. Todd Bowles is the worst coach I've ever watched here including Kotite. At least Kotite could spot talent & allowed an UDFA to rise to one of the best slot WRs in our history. He is bottom of the barrel bad!
  24. I don't care how much cap space is available, a new GM should pick a new coach for the 2019 Jets. Mac and Bowles have run their course here and firing one and retaining the other just repeats the dysfunctional cycle of stupidity this team is been stuck in for a long time.
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