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  2. GATA-Bot

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    No sweat he’s my pet
  3. Jetscode1

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Sparring with you is always fun. Thought for sure you were baiting me after I hammered Smash. I was actually hoping for a little more old school banter so we could recruit you later but it never came to that. @Smashmouth...lol...saw your commentary in the dead thread....dude, I voted you once all game. I was scum, you made my task easier. It is not personal. It's tactics and nothing more.
  4. Jet Nut

    New York Jets Playoff History

    So his true colors was losing to a really good Raider team, in Ca. Chrebet down. Not beating up on Favre and the Packers and then Manning and the Colts 41-0?
  5. Took the caps out of the title because a few people, myself included, misread it.
  6. SMC

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Thanks, Gata. You're a great teammate. Don't listen to that blowhard, Ape
  7. knew that wouldn't take long
  8. Thai Jet

    Word Association

  9. GATA-Bot

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    I’m sorry to hear that. I hope your pops is doing better though. The season is over now and perhaps ending on this good note will turn the table on your bad luck. I’m sending him good vibes and wishes
  10. Jetsfan80

    Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Tegan Martin
  11. SMC

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Great set up, Nolder. Great scum team with Gata & JC. Better because CTM dropped out. Sour grapes from Ape, LOL The lack of activity was unfortunate, but it did pick up at the end. A bit of gallow's humor, but JN mafia is bad luck for me. I mentioned it before, but 3 years ago Ape, as scum, orchestrated my lynch the day my mom died. Now, it was a slight bit of revenge to get Ape lynched here while my pop has been hospitalized now. I missed all of day 3 because I had to move all work deadlines to Monday to take care of them so on Tuesday I good meet with the medical team, social worker, etc. at the nursing home/rehab center where the hospital sent my pop. It just so happened that when I got back to the office from the medical meeting a new game day started and I logged in to see that Ape voted me so I decided to go all-in to get him lynched.
  12. GATA-Bot

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Totes, I’m so stupid. I won and got you to be the lynch today strictly based on stupidity. K good to know. I’m sorry I went in raw, next time I’ll use lube when I fuc you.
  13. I really wish they would move on from Ray Lucas, he offers nothing in football terms of X's and O's and just keeps saying the same thing over and over. If I have to hear him say Billaaaaal Poweeeeell and the stupid jokes about the Jets portal anymore I'm going to go crazy. He also drove me nuts with the "pay that man his money" when talking about Mo but anyway I'm glad Bart is joining.
  14. I like it. Bart and Ray will be fun. Its going to be an exciting year.
  15. Integrity28

    After Hours Mafia - D4

    Losing has nothing to do with you being stupid. Again, like you did in game, you are false equivocating. only proves my point further.
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