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  2. Pretty sure that’s our very own August
  3. He has physical tools but not the mind. Career backup.
  4. This article was good for a laugh ... Geno has a slow elongated release and inadequate ability to read defenses. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. I’m not even sure how you pitch something like this to an editor.
  6. Chiefs sign Revis

    Absolutely..... but the special carve out for Revis is short sighted in my view. he had 2 good years for us and we act like he is Namath. Its a business ... so I treat him like an employee who left, came back and we have so little to show for it. FUKK HIM.
  7. Chiefs sign Revis

    On second thought how about making a charitable donation to an organization of my choice and then showing me the receipt.
  8. Chiefs sign Revis

    Remember, if Geno paid his debts, Ryan would never have touched a football for the Jets. Therefore, Geno screwed is much worse than Fitz
  9. Chiefs sign Revis

    Ok, I’ll get the payment out as soon as I get it
  10. Chiefs sign Revis

    I will PM you my PayPal COMPENSATE ME!!!!!!
  11. Mac cannot make this decision by himself. The Jets need a "consultant" who has actually picked an NFL QB who has worked out.
  12. Chiefs sign Revis

    The list is long of players who screwed us Ryan Fitzpatrick is at the top of my list.
  13. Chiefs sign Revis

    I do, I want to see you properly compensated
  14. The writer really cited a Twitter called awful white QB's.
  15. Chiefs sign Revis

  16. Chiefs sign Revis

    Who cares?
  17. Chiefs sign Revis

    Huh? They exploit you by not paying enough for your contributions
  18. Today
  19. In other news the Sanchize still has vast amounts of untapped potential and he is a stone cold natural for games to be played in Mexico City. My Brunswick Gold Crown IV has vast amounts of untapped break-and-runs in it.
  20. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    It’s a shame that Jerry Jones is such a distraction to his team. I guess watching your 100 Papa John’s franchises go belly up all at the same time will really take your eye off the ball.
  21. Coach Mike Leach

    Wife once told me the same thing. I bought her a fishing boat. Still have the boat, different wife though.
  22. Chiefs sign Revis

    Im not losing at anything and are you saying being a member of JetNation is being on a bad team.
  23. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    I enjoy watching the Cowboys lose but I wanted them to beat the Chargers today to help our playoff chances.
  24. I'm not a big college football fan either. Truth be told, I don't even start paying attention to college prospects until about a month before the draft and I have no problem admitting that. I'm just hopeful that the Jets do whatever is necessary to come away with a LEGIT QB prospect out of the 2018 draft, as it has been said many times by a lot of people, that this is one of the deepest QB drafts in a number of years.
  25. Coach Mike Leach

    When I asked my ex what she wanted for her birthday or Xmas she would always say "surprises", like that helps me any. One time I gave her a surprise - I gave her nothing. That was the last time she ever said surprises
  26. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Riding the pine, with best chance to Win #38 rocks, McCown at the helm.
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