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  2. What would you call someone that spends every waking moment thumbs downing a persons posts because they are too afraid to have a discussion on a forum? I think the term I used is appropriate.
  3. I appreciate your concern but you didnt have the same care when you called me a bitch in the PM, so I'm a little thrown off. Not sure if we're going to **** or fight but I hope it's **** because I dont like violence and I love sexy time!
  4. Yes I sent you a PM because you’ve been wasting your life downvoting every one of my posts for the last few days. Are you ok?
  5. Yea. I knew about chytil, lessen the sting of the busted pick by a lot. Just was curious if the rest of the draft class from pick 8-20 was also disappointing
  6. The Football fan? Arent we, all, football fans? Technically, Im not. I'm just here because I love the presence of strange men. It's ok if you are too. I mean, you did send me a sexy PM's that is titled; You and in the body it says; Suck. lol Very flattering PM and for that, I appreciate you.
  7. Football fan has contributed more in a week than in the decade plus you’ve been mouth breathing over this forum
  8. And yet, they were sixth highest in FA spending. Seems like something you forgot to mention. Is that because it doesn’t fit your conclusion-first point of view?
  9. The talking heads on tv are not going to say Wilson should not be a high draft pick because it serves their carrier no purpose. It will take 3 years for them to be proved right and most people will have forgotten what their opinion on a draft pick was. People only care when you build up a prospect no one else is and it turns out to be correct. I feel sorry for Wilson, he has been built up as a combination of Mahomes and Rodgers and the chances of him been the player he is been touted as are slim, even if he turns out to be a good NFL QB he will be seen as a guy who never lived up to his p
  10. I like Justin Fields over Zachapono and you know how I know I'm right? Because I said so!
  11. I'm just waiting for him to drop the grand old, before you question my takes; have any of you ever played minor league baseball? Then we can finally verify all the garbage nonsense he pulls from out of his ass, wipes the sh*t off and then tries to sell to anyone who will hear his pitch is at least, as coming from a legit source.
  12. Be proud he told you and that he hasnt smoked weed yet seems like the best answer. I was smoking by 14, wouldnt dare tell my parents. Seems like a good kid, let him get high. He's going to anyway.
  13. Today
  14. Stink made this list because he, actually.................
  15. A little different than after Gase’s presser when you tried REAL hard to convince yourself: “Maybe he isn’t as weird as he looks.” “Maybe the players won’t hate him.” “Maybe he won’t be as bad as he was in Miami.” None of that is happening here. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  16. Eitienne was still available when I selected Wyatt Davis. I thought about it but went with Davis because the combination of Davis and Tucker should make any QB and Rb better behind that O Line...I also wanted to give Wilson the weapons that Lawrence had at WR making him have opportunity 2: R1 P2 QB Zach Wilson - BYU 23: R1 P23 G Alijah Vera-Tucker - USC 34: R2 P2 G Wyatt Davis - Ohio State 66: R3 P2 RB Michael Carter - North Carolina 86: R3 P22 WR Amari Rodgers - Clemson 107: R4 P2 EDGE Patrick Jones II - Pittsburgh 146: R5 P2 WR Dax Milne - BYU 154
  17. For Keenan Cole, Dan feeney and open cap space The Jets most valuable player is the 30 million dollars they keep aside for Woody's scone fund every year
  18. In sum the team is like 25 million under the cap for no reason As usual
  19. Different league. You can't compete with trash at QB anymore. It's the first requirement.
  20. Mark Sanchez played on a team built from the inside out. There's a lesson there imo.
  21. Everyone is going to be worse than normal with pressure but he was better than most. I think only Jones had a higher QBR, and he was utterly exceptional. May speak to why he’s held in much higher regard in NFL circles than in the media. https://www.espn.co.uk/nfl/draft2021/insider/story/_/id/31113560/2021-nfl-draft-qb-class-do-stats-match-tape-trevor-lawrence-justin-fields-zach-wilson-others
  22. I hope you are right about Huff. I am not certain he has what it takes to hold up at the point of attack at defensive end. I completely agree about Zuniga. He is a classic 4-3 inside out pass rushing lineman. Many here are down on him but his high ankle sprain robbed him of his explosiveness. He did not get healthy until late in the year. He may just explode. In college he was frequently banged up but when he was healthy, he showed quality penetrating skills in a one gap scheme both inside and out. I also think many have forgotten about Kyle Phillips. His rookie year was astonish
  23. Yo what up guys (and gals). Long time lurker, first time poster here. Just published my first ever fanpost on SBNation: https://www.ganggreennation.com/2021/4/13/22378730/hype-and-slander-narratives-and-labels-the-media-driven-in-anity-of I wasn't sure where to put this and didn't want to be presumptuous by starting a new thread. Please take a look if you're interested. If not, no sweat. I know from reading this site off and on over the years that this can be a tough crowd. But feel free to leave comments. It's all good. Take it easy and try to enjoy this "Dr
  24. Sorry for the delay, I had intended to respond to this post. The Will is by far the most visible player. They are the player that makes a name for themselves. He will be expected to lead the team in tackles. But he does not need size, he needs speed and tackling skills. 225 is big enough. The player does need wheels and must be a wrap up tackler. The lineman and the Mike have the dirty job of keeping his jersey clean. The 4-3 Will does not need to take on the guard. That is the responsibility of the lineman and the Mike. The Mike does not need to worry about plays that go wi
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