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  2. He can drone on from time to time, but I still say he’s the best color commentator out there. The NFL should tell Nantz and Collinsworth to f*ck off and team up Romo with Al Michaels. And let them do every game. Well, at least every game that I watch.
  3. Homer? He came just short of saying “I wanna sleep with Darnold” and he’s a homer? ”Good god”
  4. JN is an emotional pendulum that swings dramatically in the slightest breeze
  5. One win and now we are beating the patriots ok
  6. Haha about Juju. Weapinz need their QB a whole lot more than the QB needs his weapinz.
  7. “For god’s sakes man get up; you’re here for an eye exam.”
  8. You are very correct. Sam got the box down from like 9 to 7, he needs to keep passing deep to get them to back off and things will open up for Bell. Had we forced the run we would go 3 and out
  9. 😂 I’m all for preaching realistic expectations and not getting ahead of ourselves but come on let us enjoy this for a couple days
  10. That’s a good point previous Jet regimes for last twenty years would’ve “trusted the D” to protect a one score lead for three quarters while crawling into a run hole. That said is there any Jets fan anywhere who did not know Cowboys were going to march down the field and score that final TD?
  11. Yup you know how JN works next good game Baker has, it’ll be a victory lap in the opposite direction for a week. Then back the other way. Etc ad infinitum.
  12. i really highly advise use of ignore feature... when people say stoopit chit they are likley to say other stoopit chit... and the people like me, or you make posts like the above... you really start noticing the quality of overall posts increases when your list is greater than 30....
  13. As I was watching the game I couldn't wait for this thread. I've never been the biggest Adam's defender but this kid has really brought his game to another level this season. Anyone still sh!tting on this kid is just bitching to bitch. Adams was EVERYWHERE and in on every single play. #PrezIsABEAST
  14. Jets finally win a game and people freaking out over a 21 yr old rookie playing in his 3rd NFL game. the he’s not Donald, Sapp. ...How does anyone know what he’s going to be. It’s his 3rd NFL game. how did Darnold look after his 3rd NFL game?
  15. sorry your still pissed phil
  16. But not too early to praise him. Hm.
  17. I for one was sort of impressed to see them letting Sam move the ball. Previous versions of the Jets would have built up the lead and than ran it 356 times trying "not to lose". I'm not saying the 2nd Half went perfect by any stretch, but with the box jammed, we did what we had to do. I'll take it. ....................and yes, this line still can't block to save it's life.
  18. A bunch of people I know all had the cowboys in their suicide pool today now they want to commit suicide
  19. Nobody wanted Burns great revisionist history though I’m stillpissed Parcells passed on Brady
  20. So, he is already looking better than 4+ years of Leo. Thank god for that.
  21. How is Jonah’s shoulder?
  22. Well, given that he as shattered his and Wilson's TD record playing in 3 fewer games, its only right
  23. I also have no idea how everyone including the Jets missed the boat so badly on Burns. Winovich too, but I get why with him. Burns checked out. One thing’s for sure, there were pass rushers abound in this draft and Macaggnan landed none of them.
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