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  2. I've said this multiple times; Zach does the best when he has competition. His job was in jeopardy after his subpar sophomore season at BYU? He followed it up with a historical season at a college that had historical QBs. Same here. He got injured, and Mike White outplayed him. He followed it up with much better play. Now I wonder how he would do if the starting job was up for grabs.
  3. I’m in the same boat - except for me it was the 97 and 98 teams that sealed my fate. Fell in love and then found out the girl was a 47 year old man with a potbelly.
  4. CIN had the same GM in place who actually was able to put in place some decent players that Joe Burrow could benefit from. People are now realizing that Joe Burrow is the next great NFL QB, and he is and will be miles ahead of the player picked one spot back a year later. I think if the Jets can get Mayfield/Garoppolo quality play out of Zach Wilson that would be a huge victory, and clearly good value over the next four years of his contract, even with the fifth year option. I just get the sense that Zach is going to work on himself much harder, and much smarter, than Darnold did.
  5. I hate Tom Brady with the passion of 1000 suns, but any attempt to diminish, disparage, or explain away his success and incredible list of accomplishments is just SOUR GRAPES by bitter Jets fans, plain and simple. Someone said it earlier. He is Babe Ruth. He is Wayne Gretzky. He is in a class all by himself. He is the unequivocal GOAT. To think otherwise is just folly.
  6. Spiderman was fantastic. Saw it twice during the opening weekend. Eternals - meh, if that. I would be totally fine if they never show up in the MCU again...although I'd like to see more of Jon Snow as the Black Knight. Shang Chi - pretty cool, would watch any future movies with that character in it. Other than Spiderman, Marvel streaming shows have been much better than the movies since Endgame. I'm really really looking forward to Moon Knight
  7. Well, he was arguably the most popular/recognizable team sports athlete in the world for a decade. Air Jordans and Space Jam made some noise, that’s for sure. i definitely think you are underselling his cultural impact.
  8. People said the same thing about Jamaar Chase after opting out a year . Stingley is a gamer still not sure I'd pick him at 4 though.
  9. Do you just whip them out with the sharpie in your mouth and your eyebrows a-wagglin'?
  10. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the Jets moved into a new stadium called "Asprin Field"
  11. Still, do you think he will ever break that record? The youngest guy in the top 20 started in 2012, and probably won't even get close. There are only 9 players who started after 2010 who are still in the league in the top 100 on that list, and 3 of them are in the bottom 10 of that. I would say that even if Rodgers didn't sit for 3 years, Brady would still be on top by quite a bit.
  12. I begged for a Keyshawn jersey in ‘98 when I was 5 and didn’t really understand football. The 2002 Pennington led team sealed my fate. I was hooked. Two decades later and that’s the only division title I’ve seen.
  13. A few edge guys there worth watching. If the jets took a ballsy move and used the first rounder on non edge and grabbed one of these dudes in the second we would hit a home run. imagine burks, linderbaum and sanders, the second round edge that beats the big 3. a girl can dream
  14. good for stafford. kind of like matty ice in this regard. but both of those guys need teams around them. what qb doesn't.
  15. He had an economic impact. What exactly was his "cultural" impact? Jordan was all about Jordan and $$$. He had no interest in off the court issues.
  16. I have told my dad this countless times.
  17. Per everything I've read, it is one word a day and everyone gets the same word. One of the reason's why it's so popular is that everyone plays on an even playing field. I probably play with 10 people and not once has anyone had a different word. https://www.cnet.com/how-to/wordle-explained-tips-the-perfect-start-word-and-everything-you-need-to-know/
  18. That would be the craziest thing the jets ever did. What risk!
  19. I picked the Jets as a kid. I wish my parents had intervened.
  20. To be fair, Rodgers is 6 years younger and he sat for 3 years behind #4 on that list.
  21. Because we finally got a new shiny toy but it has a mind of its own and doesnt work like it should all the time. So we throw that toy against the wall in frustration
  22. The same could be argued for Brady Rodgers is the closest QB still in the league and he would need 4 seasons of around 50 TD passes each to get to what Brady is at right now. This isn't the only example either. He leads the NFL in career passing yards too, and by 20,000 yards more than the closest guy who hasn't retired yet, and that guy is Ben Roethlisberger. Just like Gretzky, Brady has records that probably won't get broken for a long time just due to the sheer amount there is.
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