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  2. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Heard good interview on Friday with Trent Dilfer talking about all the QB's. He rated them Darnold, Rosen, Allen and Mayfield. The caveat with Allen is that team that takes him has to give him 1-1/2 years to develop before he plays. On Mayfield, thinks he will be good, but is worried that so many of his really big plays he made were outside the pocket, where his superior athleticism vs Big 12 defenses let him buy time. Says he won't be any where near an elite athlete in NFL, and this will force him to change his game a ton in the NFL. Was kind of sobering since we have been hearing all this Mayfield hype for so long now. Said Darnold and Rosen are very, very close, but gives nod to Darnold because of the "it" factor. Thinks either guy would be great for Jets.
  3. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    1) Lincoln Reilly said it. 2) I didn’t say anything about playing under center except that neither Mayfield nor Darnold were asked to do it. And given that RPOs appear more often than ever in the NFL I’m not too worried about this. 3) So what you’re saying is that Darnold has more to learn than Mayfield or Rosen? That’s weird because that was my original point.
  4. Just a show of hands...

    I have to say that I'd go for a Chubb, Ronald Jones, Mason Rudolph over "sloppy thirds" (I can already foresee our pick this year getting that nickname if it doesn't work out!). In fact, I'd hazard a guess that there's a 60% chance that EITHER Rudolph or Bridgewater would become a multi-year starter for the Jets somehow vs. maybe a 70% chance for a guy like Rosen or Mayfield solely.
  5. Fanspeak mocks

  6. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Im in on Rosen more by the day. He seems to have the fewest questions about him. Especially when you talk his game. The personality stuff is funny in that its being reported that many are turned off by Mayfields personality.
  7. 2018 Road Trips

    Travelling from Ireland and would love to do my first road game this year (been to London on the road but that doesn’t really count) Looks like Chicago is a popular choice (cheap (ish) direct flight from Dublin is a bonus for me) Any negatives against travelling to Chicago ? Any better games/ cities to go to on the schedule ? I’m travelling over 6000 miles round trip so an extra couple of 100 miles won’t matter
  8. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Good post Nutso. Also, Mayfield didn't really look good granted very small sample size and inconsequentiallly at the SR Bowl imo. This sh*t is a crapshoot besides Rosen imo. And I'm having this weird thing for Lauletta lately
  9. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Then why does Mayfield look awkward under center and why has he been working on cleaning up his footwork when lining up under center since his season ended? I assumed he had fewer snaps than Rosen and Darnold, if not, my bad
  10. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    While Mayfield escaped the pass rush at the collegiate level, bigger and faster guys are going to splatter him all over the field in the NFL.
  11. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    I don't necessarily buy it but we could get screwed under this scenario.
  12. Just a show of hands...

    I'm worried about Rosen's injury history but as long as Allen isn't on the list I guess I'm good.
  13. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    they're takin' sam
  14. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    I'm with you. The skeptic in me thinks it way more likely that the majority of these QBs bust than hit. After all, more first round QBs are failures than successes, and not one of these prospects is a slam dunk like Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck.
  15. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Not true. Mayfield hardly played from under center, his footwork is shaky when hes tried to show he can do it. Dont know where this idea started that mayfield made all his own changes or that Darnold never did. Add in that Darnold is only 20, has only played QB for 1 1/2 seasons
  16. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Ok - saw a couple of movies The Hero with Sam Elliot - good flick wish Nick Offerman had more screen time. Free Fire - holy hell....it was a ludicrous setup but it seemed like the movie flew by with me on the edge of my seat. A good shoot 'em up.
  17. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Right, but it would put them in the same position the Jets were when they traded up for 3. People on here have claimed that the Jets making the trade without knowing who'd be there isn't stupid because they must like 3 QBs. If you're the browns and you like 3 QBs and Barkley is the #1 player on the board it would make sense to take him. Now, if you LOVE 1 of the QBs you certainly take him and hope Barkley falls. But if not, it makes sense.
  18. Joe didn't win that Super Bowl. He didn't dominate. The team won it.
  19. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    That's the beauty of having picks 1 and 4. They can do both.
  20. Why do people think this makes Maccagnan look good
  21. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Rosen is the best fit for a Bates WCO and it's not close imo
  22. Just a show of hands...

    Well, I personally think this draft is straight dog sh*t but hopefully Mac can find the none poopy prospects you apparently think are abundant.
  23. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Sam Darnold could very well be a turnover machine at the pro level. More than any other risk, I fear that one. This isn't 1983. Every one of these has major, material, fail-factor risks. They are NOT all "Franchise QB's", I fear half of the top 5 (or more) will ultimately bust badly.
  24. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Snaps from center last year? Mayfield 43. Darnold 41. That's not even getting into the discussion of how snaps from center is hardly an accurate gauge of how "pro style" a certain offense is or isn't anymore.
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