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  2. Looking forward to Sam forcing his retirement on 12/30 after we take the division
  3. My guess would be a cancer scare. Todd used the word "scare" when talking about Kacys condition and that makes me automatically think cancer. Glad to hear he's healthy. Life is bigger than football.
  4. Without trying to be cynical... This was where my mind went sorry for the kid ... And our 2018 season will lose some production but if we can bring Q back at reduced $ ,he & Darnold have a good chance to be together for the next 5 years or so
  5. Spoot-Face

    Brady's postgame words to Gronk........

    "Group hug in the shower room!"
  6. I think you were right, they said he addressed the team pregame.
  7. Spoot-Face

    Halloween Mafia Sign Ups

    I hope you feel better soon, Lee!
  8. Nixhead

    Yesterdays broadcast team

    Didn’t know bro but will now follow and respect rules - but It would be better not to post pictures of pretty females on this site. We are men after all.
  9. Spoot-Face

    Halloween Mafia Sign Ups

    Not a promise, just thinking on it, in the case that people actually want to play mafia. Let's first see if enough people sign up.
  10. Spoot-Face

    Halloween Mafia Sign Ups

    That's way too much energy for you. I'm thinking something more like this:
  11. Eric Allen tweeted in the preseason that it would be a completely new look, and hinted hard that would include a new logo. I do think we are getting a kelly or lime green, and I think there will be a black jersey like the QBs are wearing. I also think there will be some nod to our Titans uniforms as well with maybe some blue or gold in an alternate jersey. I think the core jerseys will be green and white, just with new green and a new logo, and there might be a black alternate and a Titans influenced alternate. I think they will use possibly white, grey and black facemasks depending on the uniform
  12. Jet_Engine1

    Yesterdays broadcast team

    Fully dressed, attractive adult woman seen on internet site!! Let the chaos ensue!
  13. Larz

    Yesterdays broadcast team

    My heart belongs to Olly you miscreants
  14. Spoot-Face

    Halloween Mafia Sign Ups

    As soon as I get excited, they'll rip my heart out and take a crap on it. And not a healthy, normal crap, too. An Ape-level "there must be something direly wrong with your intestines for it to look like that" kinda crap.
  15. Paradis

    Have we switched to a 4-3?

    We seem to getting a fair amount of flexibility/utility out of our LBs this year (almost bizarre isn’t it?) which has done as well in a many ways, especially in the turnovers department (our LBs must lead the NFL in turnovers)...but it’s come at the price of sloppy run-D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. section314

    Yesterdays broadcast team

    Good to see that CBS learned it's lesson from the whole Les Moonves mess.😎
  17. RJIII


    Thoughts on the boy wonder last night? How was dinner? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  18. RutgersJetFan

    Yesterdays broadcast team

    Hey idiots, the guy that kindly runs this site, pays for everything, and literally never asks for anything from anyone posted this on Friday. Is it really that hard to show any sort of respect at all?
  19. He is not doing bad (considering the body of work as a whole). All I am saying is let's be careful whom we anoint before the test of time. That is all.
  20. When the owners lock out the players, the franchise tag will get redone so players have less leverage to do what cousins did and bell is doing I bet
  21. Hes showing signs of age imo, going to be a quick decline
  22. Good Let Sam dethrone him
  23. manish really mad at other reporters for not saying he broke the story. twitter cat fight
  24. I thought it was going to be, "dude, how much do you pay for your, ummm, supplements? I think my guy is ripping me off."
  25. Well to be fair to Deshaun he did have a season ending injury last year after what 6 games? So this could still be considered part of his rookie season right? So he isn't doing so bad for a guy with only 12 PRO GAMES under his belt.
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