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  2. I don't know if you just have a comprehension issue or what. I clearly said I didn't vote you because APE did. so you can quit with the blindly following bs I voted you because you made a weak @$$ hedge vote and then... all of a sudden I become #1 on your list, and you never vote for me? dude between you and @Greenseed4 I wish the "80 gave me a gun" joke was real so I could take both of you out
  3. Says the guy that started his day by replying to all of my content. Hahaha… oy.
  4. Hahaha, I appreciate the wink/nod here. Really. I wish I could give you a proper fight… just not giving many ****s atm.
  5. I love the cold weather argument, as if everywhere south of Jersey is paradise and everywhere north of Jersey is the Arctic. It gets cold in Charlotte, it snows in Atlanta, Texas is a tundra, etc. there are like 6 teams that play in truly warm weather during the winter.
  6. To be fair, he’s elevating it this morning after we called BS on how you called it static.
  7. i did not have season tickets at that time and got tickets thru ticket master in a record shop because alot of jets season ticket holders had not upped for the playoff tickets. Sat in the endzone upper 300's and had the only guy in the entire stadium with a Payton jersey in front of me. Guy had a big mouth and I was actually getting concerned for him with the animals that were up there.
  8. Now I know why CTM had to retire from mafia - this is exhausting dealing with you on D1 and thinking I have an entire game of this sh*t.
  9. I mean maybe you'd be alone on Brissett(I wouldn't hate him) but I think that strategy is my preference. Rodgers or not, we're still going to have to draft a kid and bank all of our hopes on him. I'd rather keep building the rest of the team now and go get that kid next year.
  10. Are there other people in this fairytale world of yours?
  11. If I had to guess, I’d bet you’re projecting.
  12. Ugh, gross. You're talking about my meta and tells in your reasoning for sussing me. How is that me bringing it up? Uoure creating a LOT of insignificant, peripheral debate pony’s like guys that don’t ultimately help. It’s now becoming static.
  13. I bet you called your shot in the scum thread: "watch this, I'm going to push Verbal back and just get him lynched because I can". How close?
  14. Forgot to add they also stated that they send people to other stadiums and the same type of gameday experience exist there. They basically use that as a model. They did not like my response that first I find that very hard to believe and second when you mimic failure - guess what - you become failure. I told them I want the Jets to act like we are going to a professional football game. If I want to hear Sweet Caroline I will go to minor league baseball. They weren't happy
  15. I mean, I did say it was my "want to lynch", I didn't say everybody would be scum. I did think KGB or Ape, but I'm leaning towards Ape there, clearly. As for you and/or Stark, I was talking out loud and thinking one of you might be. Gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette, right?
  16. I said suspecting me was fair. Its how you’re doing it that has me waffling on you. And yes, I’m waffling. Waffle waffle waffle.
  17. The Jacksonville and the colts home playoff games were the greatest xp I had at home. The entire first half of the colts game everybody was standing.
  18. Yep absolutely nothing, not like I know it will continue all game till one of you are dead, then continue in the dead thread and then continue in the thread after the game. But yeah, it’s nothing. Haha
  19. Hit send before but @Smashmouth you da man…on an old version of the board there was a different way to do this and it’s how I used to put to get my lists and cases. Last time I played I don’t think it was this easy, that’s awesome
  20. If we had a QB all we would be talking about is the draft but I understand your point and I agree
  21. I'll give you 3 explanations: 1. I'm Verbal 2. This is JN 3. It's D1
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