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  2. Why is this sh*t still pinned on Tapatalk when we’ve been sucking with Sam for three years?
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  4. sh*t. Energy drinks..... one time I bought some “yellow jackets” or something to the equivalent of those energy pills while I was completing a project for a final an studying for a final. The pack said take 1 and I’m like nah man everything that says take 1 you double it... right. I took 2 of those ****ers and about an hour and a half later I was so tweaked. A few hours went by I finished my project and studying for an exam the best I could and I tried to go to bed to get 3 hours of sleep. And I remember pulling the sheet up on my chest and no joke, I could see that sheet bouncing...my heart was beating so hard and fast. I never slept and had to convince myself I wasn’t going to have a heart attack. worst feeling ever
  5. On our NY Jets Podcast this week Alex Varallo takes a look at the top 5 biggest Positional Needs for the NY Jets. Glenn Naughton joins as well and when you are coming off a 2 and 14 season, there is no shortage in the needs department. The Jets have a lot of questions to answer and it starts with the future of Sam Darnold. New head coach Robert Saleh, who now reports to Joe Douglas, could be fielding a team next year with a new QB. Do the Jets go QB with the 2nd overall pick or what about Deshaun Watson? A big thank you to the official sponsor of JetNation Radio, MILE Social. If you’re a business owner, MILE Social will help your business by managing your web site and all of your social media platforms. Check them out today at milesocial.com. Our Podcast can now be found on Spotify and Amazon Music. Also, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or Google Play. Here is some more information on how you can find us online. NY Jets Podcast on iTunes NY Jets Podcast on Google Play JetNation Radio on Amazon Music NY Jets Podcast Page NY Jets Podcast on YouTube The post Top 5 Biggest Positional Needs; NY Jets Podcast appeared first on JetNation.com (NY Jets Blog & Forum). Click here to read the full story...
  6. Definite pass for me. Watson or bust.
  7. Maxman

    Xfinity Gigabit

    No broadband geeks out there?
  8. Holy crap great job. I need to be more persistent I guess. Good job.
  9. Same here, registered, took forever got an email but nothing else. I have been signing up on all the local options as well. Figured one of them will call eventually. My guess is I get a call in late February for a March shot.
  10. That sounds good, I am in a different lot from Joe for the past few years. Once I got the RV I had to move, it is really packed where he is. So we found an empty spot in the back of a green lot. We do our thing over there, tailgate with us anytime.
  11. Tentpole pictures are financed on loans and the juice is running on a whole slate of expensive sh*t. Everything is a loss at this point no matter what they do so it’s really just making the least worse decision at this point.
  12. Or he just doesn’t have it between the ears. JT O’Sullivan played under Gase and he mentions that Darnold just can’t seem to process it in another video.
  13. After watching both videos - the two best throws were from Darnold (the strike to Herndon on the crosser and that ridiculous 'no.no.YES' throw to Berrios that was dropped in the endzone). But I didn't see the anticipation that Wilson clearly has, and Sam looks frantic/rushed too frequently. But I mean, sh*t, Wilson is untouched every play and Darnold is under regular pressure throwing to Chris Herndon and Braxton Berrios. Granted, I'm a Darnold-truther (true believer of the Darnold-anon narrative), and these are all excuses. I can't deny that. But I would like to see Darnold with better protection, weapons and finally, most importantly, with some good goddam coaching - just as you said. There are BYU lineman older than Darnold and he's got three years in the NFL.
  14. Maybe we should ask Darnold not to go to Jordan Palmers summer camp this year. Certainly not helping him.
  15. I've done that many times through my teens and twenties minus the energy drinks. For a year in high school my typical weekly routine was wake up at 5am, go to school and in class by 6am (I had zero period English), get out by 3pm and home by 4pm. Game from 4pm to 2 or 3am, wake up and do it all again Monday through Friday. On Saturdays I got to sleep until 6am but I had Saturday school because I'm a ******* idiot and sh*t at math. Saturday school got in at 8am and out at 12pm IIRC. So I'd be home by 1pm and I'd game until 2 or 3am again but I got to sleep in on Sunday. It was the only day a week I slept in. Now, I did continue this schedule through most of high school but I only had zero period and Saturday school the 1 year so that's why I mention it. It was pretty brutal but most of the time it didn't bug me. There has been many times where I've had to do something important or exhausting with little or no sleep like go to Disneyland or go to court for jury duty or whatever. It wasn't until I hit kind of a hump when I was maybe 25ish that this stuff started getting harder to do. Now I still do what I gotta do. If I have to be somewhere and do something I do it regardless of what sleep I've had but staying up 24 hours just to play video games or whatever sounds insane to me now. I just can't do that anymore without exerting a lot of willpower and I'm not willing to do that just for some ******* games lol. Getting older really is a thing. I dread what my 40s or 50s might bring lol.
  16. If you watch the Darnold video you may come away with the impression that Darnold is not coached well, or maybe at all. It strikes me that all of the little things he does wrong, that add up to a lot, are precisely the sort of thing you work on at practice as you repetition your way to running a play properly.
  17. That’s an excellent idea, let’s get this thread closed so we can start eleventybillion more.
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