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  2. Exactly. We have been boring and bad for most of the last 8 years. I do think we will be improived this year, not predicting playoffs yet as I still think we have some significant holes. But between the personaltiies of Gase & Williams, development of young guys like Adams, Darnold addition of Bell & Crowder to the offense. We will definiely not be boring.
  3. This is Incredible. If we aren’t all tailgating with White Russians from here on, we’re doing it wrong
  4. I thought it sounded fishy. That's what I get for subscribing to "The Jets Wire."
  5. So, I recently got in tremendous physical condition and, as such, have to update my wardrobe and I can't believe how expensive everything is these days. I am not cheap nor particularly poor, but it's still crazy to be paying $25 for a t-shirt, $60+ for a pair of jeans, $25+ for a pack of Nike socks, and FORGET ABOUT what they're charging for boxer briefs. The only things that are cheap now are shoes and sneakers, which makes no sense. I was just on a website looking for higher-grade shirts for a trip I'm going on and they wanted $68 for a merino wool V-neck t. Absurd. Am I just poor or nuts or cheap?
  6. Fumbled a couple of returns in the pre-season, and was never really given a shot as a returner in the regular season. Only 1 kick return alll season.
  7. That’s not accurate because Cannon played on the kick teams and led them in tackles. He also saw the bench because he played behind Andre Roberts who, for one glorious season, was the best return man in the league.
  8. Has worked for Charone Peake so far (although I think he is a huge longshot to stick around this year). Although I don't know how many one trick ponies you can afford to keep on a roster. Last year, we carried two WRs (Peake and Roberts) who made little to no contriubtions in the passing game. Roberts was worth the roster spot, but can't say the same about Peake. Then when Anderson and Enunwa got banged up mid-season, we were forced to bring guys in off the street to catch the ball. Will be curious to see how Douglas handles the roster. For what its worth, over the past couple of seasons the Eagles have used RBs as returners: Sproles, Barner, Smallwood, Clement. Could bode well for Cannon, especially if he can learn to catch a punt (and hold on to it once caught).
  9. For the record, Cannon had zero fumbles last year.
  10. Dortch is like 160 pounds. Hard to see how he survives.
  11. FWIW, this is from one of those camp wrap-up articles: With so many running backs on the team, 2018 sixth-round pick Trenton Cannon will need to prove he’s a valuable special teams player in order to stay on the roster. The Jets have a need for a return specialist, but it looks like undrafted free agent Greg Dortch might have that job wrapped up already. Cannon possesses impressive speed and flashed that ability late this past season, but couldn’t find work on special teams after a couple of turnovers. Unless he blows coaches away in training camp, it’s hard to see him making the team with so many other positions lacking depth.
  12. I think the top five guys have a real good chance to be greater than the sum of their parts, especially with Darnold throwing them the ball. But I also think if they lose one or two of those guys, they're in serious trouble.
  13. Bilal is one of the best special teams guys we've had. I noticed that whenever the other team made an interception on us, it was Powell who made the tackle. Every time.
  14. I was referring to his fumbles not his catching ability. They have a few returners on the roster.
  15. Osemele would be the most underrated. Bell was obviously the biggest and most talked about with picking up Osemele the second IMO.
  16. It is one of the most interesting storylines in the past few years in the NFL in my opinion. He goes from one of the hottest HC candidates of the last 5-10 years, playoffs in year one, to the stuff you mention. Really quite interesting. Gonna be fun to watch it unfold, one way or another.
  17. He catches passes well enough. Fielding punts is a unique and difficult job. It's why the team should be bringing in experienced punt returners rather than saying, hey, you're fast, learn to catch a punt! That just doesn't work.
  18. I hope he plays a bunch in the 4th quarter because the team is up by so much and in the final game of the year because they have home field advantage.
  19. The new uniforms. Look good=feel good. Feel good=play good It's science.
  20. Can we see how the guy plays in 2019 before we send him to the glue factory?
  21. I've got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals.
  22. Not to "Actually" this thread, but I'm still amazed at how quickly and aggressively Gase has seized power here. The dude was a failed and damaged coach five months ago who was going to have to beg for an OC job somewhere and now he's one of the most empowered coaches in the league: fires the GM he doesn't like, brings his buddy in, gets the owner to pay his buddy $3.3m per for six, has effectively cowed the NY media, silenced Manish, impressed Francesa, and is keenly aware that his ticket to success is through Sam Darnold. It really has been an impressive stretch for Gase. If he starts making playoff appearances, he's going to be the biggest coaching story in New York since Pat Riley.
  23. BOOM....go buy one before NFL shop catches on and bans them.
  24. Just win games. This fan policing falls on deaf ears when the team goes 4-12.
  25. I’d rather them use a back up DB or LB that can contribute on D for that role and use someone else as a returner. Just being a gunner isn’t enough to keep a roster spot IMO. He’s a below average RB and has awful hands.
  26. Didn't they sign the Chicago WR to be their big gunner? I think Bilal runs Cannon out of town, especially considering Ty Montgomery is a big special teams player.
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