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  2. In his 1st 4 years Rhodes had 357 combined tackles, jamal had 356. Rhodes made tons of big plays and still had more tackles than galmourboy who lives a foot from the line of scrimmage and catches passes with his teeth.
  3. Rhodes’s interception of Mark Sanchez in the first quarter of a Jets-Cardinals game in 2012 was the moment when I decided I was completely done with Sanchez. Mark just threw it up for grabs in the middle of the field from near his own goal line, and Rhodes happily accepted the easy “revenge INT”.
  4. Washington would be very stupid to give up much of value for tua. And washingtons problem right now is their grossly underachieving defense.
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  6. Watching Boston implode after the Jets beat the Pats, the Red Sox get Bounced by the Astros, the Knicks already beat the Celtics in the Season opener, and Bruins in Practically last place to start the season... The whining and crying by sports talk radio will be amazing
  7. i hope this isnt true. common Carolina. Sam is not your man. trade for Watson.
  8. Tua Tagovailoa Trade from Dolphins to Washington in Talks: NFL Sources
  9. I swear when I see that guy play I keep getting these Robert Horry vibes. I know he's not there yet but Toppin looks like a good player.
  10. Yes if there is one thing we know about Goodell it's that he's all about open dialogue and communication.
  11. The hooded grifter is sooo due for a loss, he makes the football gods nauseous
  12. The Knicks are somehow the best team I root for. The end of days is near.
  13. Expected an erection. Got more boring Jets talk. SAR I
  14. That was one of the craziest openers ever. Fournier! Best debut in Knicks history? Randle's season last year was not a fluke. Toppin is better than people thought. RJ's defense was outstanding tonight and he hit some huge 3s in the second half. Go Knicks!
  15. Have you been there? It’s used by thousands of people all year long, it’s not a bunch of dead real estate, it’s an actual park that children and their families frolic in. It’s packed in the summer. SAR I
  16. I only participated because of the title.
  17. Wait until George Fant teaches Tua how to throw with his right-hand.
  18. Considering Sanchez had a worse INT rate than either of them in all of their respective times with the team, and they both also somehow miraculously managed a few of those elusive one-INT performances Sanchez had in that same "winning" 100-yard under-50% example, they just might be able to pull off that impossible feat. What little you are saying is still inaccurate at its core. The team winning games in spite of its very worst player does not give any value to his individual performance. Saying his play had anything to do with the outcome is nothing more than a false equivalence, with
  19. Yeah man Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. More like the Marvelous Mrs. Jones. Have you seen his pace?
  21. I wonder if Tom Brady submitted his termination letter to the Patriots scribbled out on a bar napkin. He should have!
  22. I agree. They shoulda nipped this thing in the butt months ago. But, instead, they're just waiting for the story to blow over and lose vigor. Soon they'll be shoving the "Reformed Watson" narrative down our throats. But I won't swallow. No, sir.
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