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  2. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Official Day 1 Vote Count Nolder (2) - Ballin, Stark Ballin (1) - Nolder Spoot (1) - Crusher GATA (1) - JiF Not Voting (10) With 15 alive, it takes 8 votes to lynch.
  3. How true (the bolded). Pinky Lee as LB is the equivalent of Mark Sanchez as QB.
  4. Mayock's 2018 Position rankings

    Lamar Jackson https://247sports.com/Article/How-Lamar-Jackson-went-from-struggling-student-to-Heisman-conten-47448027 http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2662128-the-education-of-lamar-jackson-how-louisville-qb-went-from-project-to-superstar http://www.palmbeachpost.com/sports/college-football/boynton-beach-alum-lamar-jackson-coming-hard-for-title-next-fall/FiWyyMtSicScgg6xv8deoJ/ https://www.theshadowleague.com/story/why-is-lamar-jackson-getting-snubbed-in-mock-drafts
  5. If the Jets sign Cousins, and Barkley is there at 6, no brainer
  6. They traded for Demario Davis and tried to sign Donte Hightower by baking him cup cakes and drafted 2 safeties that play the exact same role as Lee. They also benched him for something sh*tty veterans do every week and get away with by being late to practice (at least he showed up). I think they know fully well that Lee sucks, is a basket case and they were sold a bill of goods. Everything about his pre-draft write up is completely wrong. He's the least instinctual players I've ever seen. He takes terrible angles. Cant diagnose sh*t. He's the LB'er equivalent of a QB who cant read a D presnap, cant throw a WR open or lead a WR but can occasionally hit a WR once they're wide open with nobody around and they've completely finished the route and are just waiting for the ball. Rookie season, he was a straight spectator. At least this year he looked like a decent depth guy you could player after your first 3 LB'ers get injured and need a somewhat decent starter because you have nothing left other than moving a DE/DT to LB'er or S to play his position...see what I did there?
  7. Colin Cowherd: Cousins should avoid Jets

    Screw Cowsh*t. Cousins will go where the money is.
  8. That's sweet. Sony Michel in the 2nd.
  9. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    How come I can't see how many posts people have in the thread anymore?
  10. wrong. That's precisely what this board is for, among other things. I want to read about every prospect and possible FA acquisition, no matter how speculative right here.
  11. What exactly do you mean mediocrity? Do the people in the "Super Bowl only" crowd realize that Aaron Rogers, a first ballot HOF who was developed perfectly by his organization and is one of the most talented players to ever play the QB position has played in one Super Bowl in his entire career. The same amount that Rex Grossman and Brad Johnson have. Going 10-6 isnt mediocrity - getting to the playoffs is what is important, and then the TEAM and QB have to play well to win a championship. Joe Flacco is FAR from elite and certainly not worth the money he is being paid, but he played 4 games of mistake free football, his defense played great and they won a championship. No one can see the future, but if Matt Ryan can go 14-2 and make a SB, why exactly cant Kirk Cousins?
  12. Among Cleveland, Denver, Minnesota, NY Jets and any dark horse (i.e. Buffalo), I think it's about a 40-50% chance you will be watching Cousins under center for us the next 5 years. I hope you are preparing for it. As far as Cousins posts: You might want to tell the mods to shut your account down until March 14th. Otherwise you might go insane here because Cousins will remain the main topic of discussion.... even during the combines. Every time you post the same thing in a Cousins discussion, you remind me of Hans Brinker trying to stop the deluge by putting one finger in the dyke: good luck with that!
  13. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Would this be considered OMGUS? Considering the fact that of course we know your theory is ludicrous but you still decided to lay your vote on me in response to me laying my very early vote on you seems to ping.
  14. Running backs are deep again this season and can be found with either of the Jets 2nd round picks. It’s not a premium position so don’t pay a premium price.
  15. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Short article explaining some more about OMGUS voting but generally it's considered either a joke or a scummy move, depending on how serious the game is at the time. https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Oh_My_God_You_Suck
  16. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Yes. Just bold it like your vote.
  17. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Yes. Generally you only need to do this if you don't want to currently be voting for anyone. Some mods make you unvote before voting for a new player so many of us vets are used to just doing it in the same post even when it's not really necessary to do.
  18. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    When you vote someone that votes you first it’s called OMGUS meaning “Oh My God U Suck.”Love the gif. Well done. Oh yeah. For the record Nolder does suck.
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