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  2. Gase did Sam dirty. Deflecting is all gase understands.
  3. maybe the jets ought to be doing the same. the jags qb is a rookie.
  4. this as well, and when he went back to his corner, his corner man didn't do him any favors...
  5. You guys can laugh at this all you want, but the news that Bless Austin is healthy and practicing is going to solve this problem. I think the Jets have 2 more weeks to make a decision on him for this year.If he's a go, he immediately would become the best CB on this team. I know it's a low bar, but he is good. Don't let the fact that he's from Rutgers worry you, he can play.
  6. but is not really it is 5 games where we came out totally ill prepared looking completely like crap that is the coach, remember the eagles game...that is a good example
  7. You think the DB doesn't know you have no option to run the slant? Why you hear their CBs talking about trusting the front guys to "get home". They are playing at the top of their game as super bowl favorites. We drafted 3rd last year and have a 2nd year qb. Yes he got crossed up with all the looks he got. PS. "see ghosts" is not as crazy as media makes it sound. Refers to pressure that isn't there in football terms. PPS f the bills
  8. In the words of that great American philosopher Mike Tyson, "Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face." Sam got hit in the face. He has to show he can get up and keep fighting. He has to get to work with his coach on a few things. He needs to either learn to read the coverage better, step up in the pocket and take a hit if necessary, and get off his back foot. He has to be better then this, and hopefully he learned a hard lesson. I'm pretty sure this wasn't the first time a team ran this defense against him, and after Monday night, it won't be the last.
  9. or try to block at the end with a wide receiver in motion...something anything
  10. I don’t buy for a second that he’s setting up to make a move to another team. Now, him retiring after this season I could see. Especially if the Pats end up going undefeated and he wins his 7th ring.
  11. Biggest game of the year. You think I'm joking? If the Jets lose this one I think there's a real risk they implode and completely turn on Gase.
  12. To allow resale of tickets (i.e legal ticket scalping), the secondary sites need an agreement. I think it's with the NFL. not the individual teams. This has been for quite some time and resulted from a lawsuit way back when all this started.
  13. On further review, we really had a nonDarnold problem the other night. The Darnold faction of the Jets played well and never gave up, whereas the nonDarnolds at best had thrown in the towel early, at worst where conspiring with the enemy if not out right switched sides. I'd say all things considered the Darnolds put on a heroic effort vs the Pats and the nonDarnolds
  14. I think we, collectively as a fanbase, have battered spouse syndrome where we keep going back to our abuser Sunday after Sunday thinking they'll stop treating us horribly.
  15. lol, I've seen you reach a few times but you really have to extend your arms on this one.
  16. "The infidel Patriots were crying in their tanks and trying to quit the game. The Jets just wouldn't show any mercy and kept throwing the football at them."
  17. Quinnen has flashed plenty. Not sure where the hate is coming from. Sounds like blind darnold homers trying to deflect their disappointment in Sam.
  18. We still love the team because we are brain damaged ...
  19. Why are you arguing with green colored jet fans about Josh Allen vs Sam Darnold? Anyone with a clue knows allen is much better at this point. But this board is full of blind homers. Why dont you go to a bills board to discuss josh allen?
  20. no just the johnsons obviously Gase sucks as much or more then Rex, at least rex got to two afc championship games as a coach but Gase.......sub 500
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