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  2. Cousins should be the target

    Barkley has a whopping 4 games with over 100 yards rushing this season. There isn't a more overrated player in college football. We need to find a way to get one of the top 3 QBs in this next draft instead of paying 30 million per season for Cousins who hasn't won a big game in his career.
  3. Cousins should be the target

    Get cousins rather then trading up. Totally agree
  4. If anyone is not going and would like to contribute tickets to a big jet family let me know!
  5. Cousins should be the target

    I would be okay with it but coming from people that watch him, he does well against bad teams and seems pedestrian against good teams. That worries me. I do understand what he is working with this year and we would finally have a legit qb so I think we should sign him because what the hell else are we gonna do? I would still like to draft a qb but if we sign him and there is a strong offensive weapon sitting there when we pick, I think you gotta go get the weapon. I cant name the last time we had something on offense that people had to gameplan against.
  6. Rank 'Em: Best NYJ QBs From 2000 - 2017

    It's like a who's who of Dog sh*t.
  7. I think ASJ is going to have a lot of teams interested in him, my guess is we franchise tag him.
  8. Cousins should be the target

    I'll what your saying but rather than a RB in round 1 I'd rather Chubb, guy is a beast as a Pass Rusher. There's no reason to believe Cousins won't be playing at an elite level for 5 more seasons and an above average level for an additional 3. I'd sign up for that all day, if we can't sign him then by all means go for a QB in the draft.
  9. Cousins should be the target

    Look at those same Cowboys with and without Elliot. I'd say the impact a great RB can make is pretty much on display right now.
  10. Recruiting in different conferences?

    They are different from a recruiting standpoint in that FLA would be a more attractive school to recruit from. You will get better quality athletes. All schools operate under the same rules and guidelines
  11. Cousins should be the target

    i would be ok with signing Cousins, but I can't see investing first rounder in a RB unless you have the O-line to get the most out of it as the Cowboys did last year.
  12. Word Association

  13. I'll say it again. Front loaded contract & Saquan Barkley in the 1st. Jets just need to figure out their center position on the Oline. It's time to help this defense out with some explosive offense. Re-up ASJ, the 2 young WRs in their 2nd year, Kearse, Anderson, Leggette? With a great running game, (Barkley, Powell, McGuire) and Kirk Cousins spreading the ball around the Jets can turn around their fortunes in one offseason with 3 picks in the top 100. Heres what Kirk Cousins is doing with injuries surrounding him on the Oline, at RB, TE (Reed has been hurt all year), and he's still keeping them in every game & has actually improved: Cousins is on pace to become the second quarterback in NFL history to start 10 or more games in a season with a 100-plus passer rating and a losing record. Welcome to what's been Drew Brees' world the last couple of years. Jet fans that don't want Cousins haven't been paying attention to his play under tough circumstances.
  14. Recruiting in different conferences?

    Reports surfacing today that Kelly is expected to take the UCLA job.
  15. davis is the only one you need to worry about competition for the rest you can sign easily
  16. I bet that dumbass pays $30,000 in legal fees, lololololol what a maroon
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  19. Chiefs sign Revis

    Woody bends fans over every year with PSL's,parking fees, pre-season games and thats ok.
  20. Chiefs sign Revis

  21. Word Association

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  23. Chiefs sign Revis

    He was never voted defensive player of the year. He probably should have won in 09, but I️t was kind of a lifetime achievement for Woodson. Woodson also played forever and generated turnovers something Revis never did. And to say there isn’t a cat and mouse game with playing CB is silly. Revis excelled at doing one thing for an extremely short amount of time. The HOF guys all generated turnovers. Football is a game of possessions- sacking the QB and turning over the ball are by far the most valuable things you can do. He did neither. Woody getting bent over by a guy who never made big plays are why the Jets continue to be a laughing stock. Belichick got Revis for a year and then laughed at his contract demands. They’ve done fine since he’s left.
  24. 40 degrees when the gates open. It's supposed to be 47 degrees & partly cloudy w/15 MPH winds at 47% humidity by game time. My 3 tix sold on Wednesday & I'm seeing some good value for the Club seats which I may snatch up last minute if I don't settle for a $28 Upper Tier Ticket and then just sit in an empty in my section. I'm currently debating whether to see Bob Dylan at the Beacon tonight and sit cheap at the Jets game or forego Dylan and get a Club ticket vs. the Panthers.
  25. Rank 'Em: Best NYJ QBs From 2000 - 2017

    The best defense in the league, along with top running game carried Sanchez. Agree about farve. He played 2nd half of season with partial torn bicep? He was a mvp candidate the next yr with the Vikings and almost took them to the super bowl. Vinny is easily #1
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