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    • I would take this a step further. I worry that the players make such incredible sums of money, that there's very limited motivation for them to try.  A 1st round pick has generational wealth before stepping on the field.  Yes, they need to perform to get a massive second contract, but for some, the first 20M+ is surely enough. It's unclear to me, however, what ownership should be doing differently right now though.  Douglas (who I get you didn't love) was extremely highly regarded prior to his hiring and widely praised around the league and by the pundits.  As was Saleh. The Steelers and Patriots have had the luxury of not having to chase a QB for a very long time.  Same with the Packers and we saw it with the Colts.  Jets have blown a ton of capital on the most expensive and hardest position to get right.  I see that as the biggest differentiator. 
    • Thanks Sarge. Appreciate that you keep things shipshape!
    • It’s crazy because I was literally called a troll this week for criticizing Mike….    soon y’all will wake up to Joe Douglas being a fraud and we can get those ✈️ going.   We can’t allow him to run another draft and free agency period 
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