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    • Word of optimism about the lack of pass rush; think there is an unwritten rule that you play straight up, no blitzes, limited stunts and no wrinkles . In part because nobody wants to hurt a #1 QB, and in part because you don't want to put any interesting stuff on tape. 
    • We just played a top 10 org. with a HOF QB, in preseason. JD is just starting which means the JETS just started. Give it a couple of years.
    • I watched the game twice and I think Williams is still just putting people on islands and seeing what happens, I think game day defenses will work more to play to the teams strengths and minimize the weaknesses. Keep in mind we are not seeing any game planning or in game adjustments. I dont expect us to be an elite defense but I think the tools are there to be at least a competent one.  Bad quarters will happen and that is really what I think we saw in that game last night. The lightbulb seemed to finally go on for Cannon last night. He probably cemented a spot for himself. Same with Dortch. He has looked excellent on every punt. It seems completely natural to him and has put together several excellent returns. Polite played noticeably better. The DL had good penetration, but looked like a Bowles defense with soft coverage behind. That needs to change. Falk should be number 2. I would see if we can pick up a later round pick for Siemian. Falk fits our offense better and Siemian just seems so conservative and and really looks  like a JAG out there The touch on the TD pass was impressive. All the penalties was ridiculous.        
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