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    • And the most important. And this is not only for Jeudy but for many other Alabama athletes that have came out of here since Saban has taken over the reins. Can we judge Jeudy the same with Lamb since Jeudy played with three other top receivers that could go in the first round if all were eligible. That is the hard part with an Alabama player. If he was on Oklahoma how dominant would he be? So yeah you have to lean toward Lamb just a slight.  Now look, Jeudy could turn into a former Alabama player Julio Jones. So yeah it is tough. 
    • Well, he panned out in a vacuum.  But to your point on positional value, he of course didn't pan out when compared to that ridiculously strong 2017 draft class.  Mahomes, Watson, Christian McCaffrey, TJ Watt, Kamara, Cook, JuJu, Eddie Jackson, Kittle, Kupp, Golladay,  etc. We got Jamal, Marcus Maye, and 2 crappy WRs in a draft class where we had opportunities to grab a franchise QB, a stud RB/WR, and/or stud TE and STILL grabbed an awesome Safety in Eddie Jackson.   What a travesty.  
    • This times a million. But when you have one tradeable asset on a perpetual rebuild,  you get a million of these threads. 
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