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    • The Patriots do not deserve the benefit of the doubt here. They are known cheaters. The NFL needs to drop the hammer on them. They should forfeit a 1st round pick at minimum. 
    • Ding ding ding.  I know a really rich guy. He gets a speeding ticket every month. Doesn’t care. Just calls it a “fast tax.” Should do what Switzerland does. The size of the fine is based on net worth. One Russian oligarch in a Ferrari got something like a $250,000 speeding ticket. My idea is take away cap space for a year or two. That hurts much more than a fine. Then when Pats try to sneak around they with shadiness, hit them for that too. They need cascading punishments. Punishing a pattern with small sanctions based on each individual cheat that is caught does nothing. The Pats have correctly realized the total value of their undetected cheats outweighs the cost of periodic punishments. It is a conspiracy at this point and should be punished as such. 
    • Every team misses. Macc just missed too many. We need a draft like the Saints 2017 draft. Pray. 
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