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    • Florida looks really good. I'm not sure I'm going to buy into the National Title hype until I see how they matchup against some of the heavy hitters in the SEC but Trask looks like the best QB they've had in a very long time. I've always been a believer in Mullen.
    • Kiffin installed a legit offense.  They can move the ball.  Gators haven’t played well especially tackling and coverage and are down 4 expected starters but still pretty explosive offense. 
    • How about his first doltfins season with tannehill and there some seasons with cutler.  If you want to use something like this as your criteria to judge then go look at littlejoshy who has really only dealt with Brady or Schi##y who is now with Wilson after bouncing around.  I’m no gase lover but a lot of this criticism is baseless beyond we don’t like the guys name or his oc or his eyes look funny or some other personal attribute.  The talking heads don’t like him because he doesn’t tell them a thing so they start making things up. i suggest people should just sit back, enjoy the weather while it’s nice, and just not get worked up over this garbage until we see if the team progresses or goes down hill.  It’s a long season and it’s not like the dolts are world beaters.
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