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    • You should now get a new dog and name that one 'Patriots' after their loss to the Bills
    • Shifting back to the OL stats he referenced, what's misleading is it isn't the core starting line (especially outside RG) that was so terrible. He cited all the sacks the Jets gave up, but didn't bother to look up whose fault they were. It's not a starting OL issue... ...if it's the 3rd and 4th string LT giving up sacks/pressures/hurries because of injuries (McDermott and Edoga gave up 5 sacks, 10 pressures, and 3 penalties in barely 200 snaps). ..if the two young RBs may be exciting runners at times, but they were horrible in pass protection. There were at least another handful of sacks and more pressures that were on Carter & Johnson. ..if the revolving door of inconsistent, backup & sub-backup TEs weren't so great either ...if the rookie QB is holding the ball too long (his sack rate was 2-3x higher than any & all of his backups); we all saw it ...if there are way too many coverage sacks while the team had all of its starting WRs on the sideline with injuries OL starters Individually? Fant was solid all year AVT was good for a rookie on balance. He'd have looked even better in a different blocking scheme that doesn't have this learning curve, I'm sure, meaning he's surely going to get even better. McGovern had one really awful game vs Indy but was otherwise excellent in pass protection. Half his sacks and 1/6 of his pressures came in that one game. The rest of the year he was as solid as a QB needs to protect him. Moses was good overall, but had a couple rough games himself (though he'd been a man blocker his whole prior career iirc). With Fant's stellar protection on the other side, the plan is probably for Becton to start at RT anyway. GVR and LDT sucked. That the latter may have sucked less isn't much of an endorsement. https://www.olinestats.com/new-york-jets-offensive-line-stats.html They badly need a RG upgrade, and some non-McDermott/Edoga insurance for Becton (e.g. a former starter past his prime who could start for a handful of games if needed), but the other 3 were very good overall in protecting the QBs. The unit is in good shape heading into FA and the draft.
    • Honestly it was probably set up so that Rodgers couldn't boycott the Super Bowl. I am now 0-2 in the divisional picks. That's sad
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