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    • He's never been a #1 for even a single play of his short career so far.  He was always the #2 in Tenn, and on a run-first, run-always team at that. We're HOPING he can be a #1.  Same as we're HOPING Mims isn't a fragile bust-to-be.  And HOPING that Moore is....well, that Moore is Crowder, frankly.  And that Cole isn't just another UDFA Jag. None of it is real...yet. Like I said, hyperbole, thy name is Jets Fan.  We got a bunch of hopeful ??'s that people here have already convinced themselves are a group of 4x All-Pro's, lol.  Some things never change. I'm optimistic about this group, it's got alot of potential.  But it's better, and better for WILSON, with Crowder. But I'm not writing Moore's HOF speech based on one "superstar" minicamp, as one poster above put it. Most of all, we can afford Crowder AND any of the FA's we want, we have space to burn.  Want Sherman, that O-lineman from DC and Nick "Mentor" Mullens?  You can have them all without cutting Crowder.  
    • I will pay $250 per ticket to anyone who has extras for training camp so as to distribute them to other PSL and season ticket holders and not allow them to fall into the hands of the unworthy. SAR I
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