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    • I have been anti-Franklin since about year 2. He is awful. Great recruiter, lousy game manager. This was my most hated PSU team in all my years of fandom. And they had a couple bad teams in 82-83. I watched Gausman a lot last year, as he was on my fantasy team. When his splitter is working, he is unhittable. He is basically a 2 pitch pitcher with the splitter and the fastball. During the middle of the year, he lost control with his splitter and in a few of those spots, he was touched up. It is definitely a touch pitch with him. Up until July, he was probably considered the Cy Young favorite in the NL. He is getting up there in age a little. But he should maintain that splitter, which he learned late in his career. I don't hate Stroman. he just has to be perfect with control and pitch selection. And pitchers are not going to have control in at least 1 of every 3 starts. But he battles, and goes to the mound every start.  Choice between the 2, I would want Gausman. But no more than 4-5 years.  Don't sleep on Jon Gray. He had to battle Coors Field a lot. But he is a bull dog and has great stuff. He will be a much better pitcher coming from the Rockies. He is a little like Matz, in that sometimes in tough spots, he battles himself. 
    • Haha not sand bagging!  I said I was hitting it great, I just couldn’t putt.  No birdies but also only had 1 double.  I was fantastic tee to green and the few putts I did make were up and downs, so it was just one of those days I managed well but couldn’t take advantage of anything.  My best score there is an 80 and that was a lights out day with 3 birdies, so very happy with and 84.  Great score there for sure!  And I play straight up.  Roll them in the fairways but no mulligans or cheating the rules and I’m pretty honest with my putting, I will putt it out for par or better and only take some I’m given but if I feel it’s generous, I will putt it out.  I don’t mind shooting bad, you’re only doing yourself a disservice in the long run and I play with single digits guys so I will take the strokes.  Lol         
    • I can’t see Douglas messing this up if he keeps both picks.  He’s probably not going to make a flashy pick unless it’s wr or edge.  I can see another tackle and a trade back for a center or te.  Maybe the doc plays well enough to hold the rug spot for three seasons.
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