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    • No. Show me what Gase has done in his coaching history to say he should get the benefit of any doubt this year. He is getting another year. Nothing we do or say can change that. But the excuses have no place here.
    • As everyone else knows, that does not fly. Let's say that the Patriots were not taping anything that resembled signals, they should still be fined heavily because of stupidity (based on previous transgressions). The Patriots organization (regardless of whom) authorized this. That they may have hired independent contractors to do the dirty work, does not make it any less egregious. They were operating on orders from the Pats organization. As La Canfora states in his article, the Bengals showed the tape to their staff, so that they could see what they had taped, so they could change their signals. That lets you know the evidence is damning. That and the subcontractors asking if they can "just erase the tapes". 
    • Not saying fire the guy, only that excuses shouldn’t save him. And let’s look at his entire body of work, not just this year. Not a good look.
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