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    • Full disclaimer here I am a huge Breaking Bad and Saul fan. I'm seen both series multiple times. I've been rewatching some early BB episodes while having to do some traveling for work, and I finally realized a really huge plot hole.  Walt does not have a PhD, and the story seems to be that he doesn't finish his graduate program after his falling out with Gretchen and Elliot, and that's why he has to settle for being a high school teacher. But, here's the thing; Walt's research while in graduate school contributed to a Nobel Prize, and then he went on to be a co-founder for an enormously successful multibillion dollar company. There is absolutely no way in hell, with those two things on his CV, that universities wouldn't have been jumping at the chance to hire him. That's an insane demonstration for landing both funding and well-published research. He would have been recruited the second Gray Matter became so successful and likely even before that. Now you can definitely say that Walt's ego is what never let him chase any of that, but GIlligan never portrayed him that way on that specific character trait. It was always a portrayal of Walter as taking what job he could get prior to meth. 
    • I couldn't agree more.  This is more like a Jets' bash board than fan board.  The overwhelming negative speculation is mind-boggling.  Truth of the matter is - NO ONE knows anything.  Has anyone seen X-rays?  Discussed the damage and prognosis directly with his doctors?  Until he misses his first mandatory practice, try and be Jets fans and either give him the benefit of doubt or just STFU.
    • Eh.  Being bad explains being 32nd in rush attempts against.  It doesn't explain being 32nd in rush TDs allowed or the sh*tty ypc against.  I have spouted the same line, but they did not seem to do much of anything to fix the run D and if anything it probably got worse by letting Fatukasi go elsewhere.  I am hopeful that another year in the scheme will help, but we have all seen these kind of hopes. I get it.  Their pass D sucked at least as bad as the run D and fixing that probably should be the priority.  Still, the premise of the thread is that we can handle the Pats and the post I was responding to said that we improved our run D.  I don't see how anybody can think either of those things. 
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