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    • This is the only post that matters !!! Talking about the offense and especially the Zach hate should be minimal . This Defense once again had over 400 yards put on them . I dont know how many games a team has let an opposing team put up over 400 yards on them.  These guys cant tackle , cant cover , penalties , out of position, something has to give .
    • I prefer less emotional language, and more fact-based language. He is: 35th in games started at QB 32nd in completion percentage 29th in TD% 1st in INT% (i.e worst) 29th in Yards Per Attempt 33rd in Sacks % From this, and having watched him, I think it's fair to say he is amongst the worst QB's starting in the NFL in 2021. What will he be in the future?  I have my theories, but this what he is today.
    • Eh, in general, sure. But yesterday, there were a number of bad drops.  Coleman let the ball hit his facemask on a drive starter that killed the one drive we had in the 3rd quarter (drive killer) Moore had a huge drop down the field on what should have been a 20 yard completion in the 4th quarter (another drive killer) Davis had a terrible drop on the sideline that hit him in the hands (Wilson got the first down later in the same series)
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