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    • His trade up for Clemens was a very good move in that draft. He 1st traded down with washignton and got an extra 2nd rounder for the next year, he then trade back up to get Clemens.  Clemens was highly regarded and a good move, it did not work out but Clemens stayed in the league for like 1-14 years. He made some great, 'go for it' moves but he had a bewildering habit of trading down for shi* value and then treating late round picks like a joke to be given away and handed to rex ryan
    • Barring a trade down I see them taking Sewell and it'd be a steal.
    • Nice to see my boy Surratt on there. Anyone who watched him play knows he's way better than what a stopwatch while running in gym shorts can measure. Anquan Boldin ran a 4.8 and turned out alright. Both physical, smart receivers Also nice to see Rousseau mentioned. He dominated in 2019. Just turn on the tape. Sign me up for Walker Little on day 3. Well worth the risk there.  I would pass on Farley. Just don't see Saleh's scheme needing a shutdown man corner, especially over OL, pass rush, and offensive skill positions.    
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