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    • Unbelievable. Fury went away from his usual style in big fights. He hasn’t been that aggressive since he was a sloppy kid. He’s cut out the sloppiness and just brought a f*cking storm to Wilder. A genuinely great heavyweight. Incredible performance.
    • Lamb can get open consistently really good too though. But I don’t think you can really go wrong with either one. Both look great.
    • Props to Fury. He was screwed in the 1st fight, made sure to take the fight out the judges hands this fight. Wilder was done after the 4th. His legs were completely gone and they never came back. The stoppage was a good one. Fury was smothering his own work, 1 more shot would have ended it forreal. For all Wilder's power, his technique is piss poor. He becomes too dependent on landing his money shot, but did nothing to set it up. From the beginning, I said he needed to jab to the body and follow upstairs with the right. He doesn't set up any of his punches, despite having a pretty good jab. Wilder also should never come in at 230. That was a detriment. He needs to come in at his usual weight of 215-220. 225 at the most
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