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    • At least they didn't take that day off at Dave & Busters.  Progress?
    • Yeah, I agree. I think that's the point I was trying to make.  Saying something like, after 5 weeks, Zach is ranked slightly lower than Josh Allen and therefor he's less likely to succeed is just silly. And sure the Balt. offense was changed - but no more than the Jets coming into a brand new offense, with brand new coaches, multiple starting rookies and all three starting WR's new to the team.   The situation he's being put in couldn't be challenging. There is no doubt there's a long way to go for ZW, I don't expect him to get much better any time soon.  He has a long way to go, I'm not saying he's been good by any means - but, under these circumstances, this is pretty much what should have been expected. People keep forgetting, the first three weeks he had NO chance with the way the OL was playing..ZERO.  Week 4 he flashed and won rookie of the week.. and Last week was a step back...two small steps forward one step back is what should be expected...This is going to be a three YEAR process...not 3 weeks...  
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