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    • So I called the Jets and apparently I can buy parking on site for $45?  Looking at the resale  prices that my be my best bet!
    • The OL is definitely the one area of criticism that I think JD is worthy of receiving.  That said, it hasnt been because of pure negligence like Big Mac.  He's at least invested in it every single offseason.  Plus, I really dont think they're going to continue to be that bad and some of that pressure was on Zach, which hopefully he figures out. Again, lots of overreactions from Week 1.  It's a young team with all rookies coaches, this was always going to look ugly early.  This team sucks something awful, no doubt, that's why they're projected 5 wins.  So drafting early was a given and really wouldnt shock me if a veteran led Texans teams in a meh division, ended with a better record than the Jets.  
    • Everyone said you have to draft offense early. So he took a QB, a lineman, a WR, and a running back.   Would you rather he went QB. corner, corner?
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