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  2. Hang on. It says there that you should find out what your quarterback does well and just do that instead of trying to make him run the same plays that Phil Simms ran in ‘85? That’s some wild sh*t. Like, you’re just supposed to take a prolific college passer from an exciting, high-scoring offense and NOT make him run seven step drops and play action passes and hope good things happen? Is the author saying that the NFL needs to phase out the old guard of coaching personnel that refuses to acknowledge the NCAA isn’t producing traditional pocket passers any more, and that trying to recycle guys like Josh McCown and Jay Cutler and, soon, Kirk Cousins is dumb? What kind of sorcery is this, Barnwell??????
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  4. The Jets made a pair of practice squad moves on the offensive side of the ball, bringing back punt returner Lucky Whitehead along with tight end Zach Conque To make room, cornerback Michael Hunter and linebacker Jeremy Cash were let go. Whitehead spent this pre-season with Gang Green before breaking his foot and being let go. Having recently recovered, Whitehead may land on the active roster as the team is still without a proven option at punt returner. Click here to read the full story...
  5. As far as I’m concerned the article screams give Petty a chance !!!!
  6. Hubba Hubba MO plays like he's fulla blubber.
  7. Oh good look it's another link I have to click on instead of OP just copying and pasting the article into the thread OH WAIT I HATE THAT.
  8. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21533844/what-learn-star-turn-case-keenum-minnesota-vikings-whether-re-signed-2017-nfl
  9. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Saw The Grand Master Stanley Clarke at the Paramount in Peekskill tonight Played both an Alembic (no, not THAT Alembic) and a double bass. Interesting pieces included School Days and a nice rendering of Goodbye Pork Pie Hat (although Mr. Beck still wins that battle). Highlight was (at least) a half hour long No Mystery with a long and mind boggling solo on the double. It can only be described as OMG. HARD music to play, yeesh. Asking who the "best" is at any instrument can easily degrade into an argument but IMHO here is an exception to that rule. No one was ever this good on this instrument and because several of the most recent generations could care less about musicality, no one will ever be this good again ... and there is little difference between the old Stanley and who I saw tonight. Suffice it to say that we were most pleased with the proceedings. So here is this Koufax/Gretzky/Jordan of the bass, 66 yrs old on the stage with three guys whose combined age is 72. One was a drummer from the Bronx named Shariq Tucker, who at age 20, came very close to stealing the show. Blew everyone away like I haven't seen in years. Remember the name, Shariq Tucker. Overshadowed were two keyboard players (mic'd Grand/Motif and Fantom8/vocorder) of good skills but between Clarke and Tucker there was little room for them. No guitarist though, now THAT would have elevated the music even higher, needless to say :). The shame of it is that the theater was only about half full, surprising after seeing McLaughlin selling out his tour. Of course there was no one in the audience who doesn't get ARP come-ons in the mail. The advantage of that is everyone remained seated for the whole show, except for the standing O's of course.
  10. Chiefs sign Revis

    Heads up - Revis never took a dime out of your pocket either.
  11. Chiefs sign Revis

    True statement: He had some awesome years for us before the trade to tampa unfortunately equally true: his performance last year was pitiful
  12. a Lucky Jet

    New York Jets (@nyjets) 11/24/17, 3:20 PM Practice squad update: We have signed TE Zach Conque and released CB Michael Hunter. Dan Leberfeld (@jetswhispers) 11/24/17, 4:02 PM New Jets practice squad tight end Zach Conque ran a 4.59 forty at Stephen F. Austin's Pro Day in the spring. #@SFASU
  13. Baker Mayfield

    My guess is they'll have live cameras in Bake's jail cell on draft Thurs. Maccagnan is at the Rose Bowl tonight.
  14. Jets Tidbits Wednesday 11/22

    New York Jets (@nyjets) 11/24/17, 3:20 PM Practice squad update: We have signed TE Zach Conque and released CB Michael Hunter. Dan Leberfeld (@jetswhispers) 11/24/17, 4:02 PM New Jets practice squad tight end Zach Conque ran a 4.59 forty at Stephen F. Austin's Pro Day in the spring. #@SFASU
  15. Agreed! def one of those " give us more info " facts before making a mega-offer. how many times has he been in those situations? how many rushing TD's has he & his RB's had ? how many int's ? lets see the arc over each year to determine how his performance is moving (better, worse, same) over other years
  16. Word Association

    Chubby https://www.popachubby.com/
  17. I’ll be there. The friends I’ve made over the years of attending games keeps me going win or lose.
  18. Baker Mayfield

    What is going to happen when people dig up Mayfield's behavioral issues? Is he going to profile like someone the Jets would draft in the first round?
  19. I have another thought on this one. The husband knows that this case would be hard to win, but by filing a lawsuit for some minimum amount that gets elevated to the right court, he basically gets his ex-wife outed in front of basically the whole world (this was covered on the The Daily Mail, etc.). So people may think he is a loser, but they may think worse of her. My guess is that she does not go off and marry Fletcher Cox and live happily ever after. Mission accomplished, I think.
  20. Because maybe the answer isn't who you want it to be. Tannenbaum joined the Jets FO in ’97. On his 10th year he became GM in ’06. On his fourth year as GM, he and Woody hired Rex in ’09 after interviewing five others (Schottenheimer, Callahan, Grimm, Meeks, and Jagodzinski). Tanny, a fourth year GM and a rookie HC Rex Ryan. Who do you think had more power? Sounds to me that they worked together to make Rex's master plan happen. In that sense, the HC had control and steered the GM. It was his plan. Fast forward to 2015. On Jan 13, Woody hired Maccagnan - a rookie GM, and the following day hired Bowles - a rookie HC. A rookie GM and a rookie HC. Who do you think had or has more power? Todd Bowles’ video, Todd Bowles’ message, Todd Bowles’ vision. Again, the GM follows the HC’s plan. Anyone with half a brain can see they work together to make Bowles’ vision real and report to WJ the way Woody and Macc originally explained it. It’s you and Charlie Brown who see only rainbows, unicorns, and magic fairy dust.
  21. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  22. Jets Merchandise Shop

  23. Oh yeah, don't forget Wes Johnson who despite being a weak link on the line will probably be back. I think its safe to say he isn't the Jets Center of the future, he's not a good run blocker and isn't much better in pass protection. But once again Mac doesn't like leaving spots completely open during the draft and he is at the very least a good backup option. (2 years, 5.5 million, 2.5 million guaranteed)
  24. Jets Merchandise Shop

    Ah brilliant, thanks for the quick response. Last thing I want is to get there and only be Forte so you've put my mind at rest.
  25. I could be dead wrong about Davis, but I just remembered that there's a precedent for this and I'm willing to bet Davis's people will notice it. If he makes less it wont be much, maybe just above 6 million a year? This is basically his cash in moment- the same can be said for Clay and ASJ. Ealy's fun to watch but how much is a d-lineman that's elite at batting balls away but not much else worth?
  26. Baker Mayfield

    Nice spin
  27. Jets Merchandise Shop

    There are stores all over the stadium to buy merchandise everything and anything you can imagine, no worries.
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