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  2. Btw how is that Hardaway Jr contract looking?
  3. Most impressive win of the season so far tonight
  4. Which is why he needs another 3 years, and then another 3 after that
  5. @sec101row23 and @Lith I know you two are a little more familiar with the high school recruiting cycle bizz -- what would be the difference in what that looks like conference to conference. I ask, because i saw a blurb about Chip Kelly picking between UCLA and florida -- and how those are two very different programs from a recruiting standpoint. Curious to understand.
  6. This is also the guy who said he would hitch hike home if idzik used all 12 draft picks...the guy is constantly wrong who cares what he writes Sent from my LGUS991 using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. Coach Mike Leach

    This is hilarious
  8. Chiefs sign Revis

    How do you know he’s “unconditioned”? Why do guys who barely played hoops in high school still join rec leagues? Why do we play beer league Softball into our 50s? There is a fire and a competitive drive that never dies. If he has anything left, he can help that team. I don’t begrudge him at all for poor management from the Jets.
  9. Chiefs sign Revis

    Why bother? He is getting jets money anyway for sitting at home and his is older and unconditioned. Why tarnish your legacy? Just retire. He doesnt need the cash
  10. Today
  11. Chiefs sign Revis

    No he wasn't, he was absolutely awful in his last stint with the team. No one is blaming him for the failures of others on this team, but that doesn't excuse him from being a massively overpaid, horribly performing quitter. Even if you opt to excuse his repeated douche-baggery in his first run with the team, any attempt to defend his recent appearance here is laughable. Of course, your newest set of excuses has absolutely nothing to do with your original point, or even what you were responding to, but I guess that's kind of your M.O.
  12. Let's see where the injured QB is in 2 years? He isn't playing anywhere right now.
  13. Chiefs sign Revis

    Looks like the Jets make up the cap space from McCowns playing bonus.
  14. Chiefs sign Revis

    Contract year. he’ll Play lights out and then sign with the Raiders in the off season
  15. Chiefs sign Revis

    Who gives a sh*t? It is over fat boy.
  16. Yes! Have to keep the agenda goin....
  17. Jets are 8th in touchbacks. Carolina is 1st Where is Martin now with all the teams shuffling kickers (TB, Chi etc..) https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/kickoff-touchback-pct
  18. Chiefs sign Revis

    lol leadership
  19. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    Bowles won’t play Petty or Hack- who are you kidding. He will continue to throw McCown out there to the seasons last breath.
  20. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    You make some valid points but you’re nothing in this league without a QB. The offensive line is pretty bad no matter who is at the helm. Robbie Anderson is wasted most of the time with the pathetic pea gun shooter of McCown. For as many reasons as you’ve listed about continuity and such, sticking with McCown is telling the rest of the team that there is been an accepted level of mediocrity and that young players have no chance to ascend when average to below average playing veterans with higher contracts are ahead of them.
  21. We have a decent team until we get a QB nothing else matters the thought process that a 38 yr old career loser was going to bring different results didn't work the first time so Mike Maccagnan tried it again,
  22. Chiefs sign Revis

    Depends on the situation, Revis was a scapegoat here for a bad poorly coached team. Buster Skrine is the new hated player here. Who's next?
  23. What good does it do to harp on the bad? I'm all for being realistic but it's hard not to be excited for this off season and draft. Our team doesn't look devoid of all talent like most fans/experts predicted either so along with the resources to bring in a QB we also have additional resources to add pieces to surround the QB
  24. Chiefs sign Revis

    And just like every other business, if you're a giant a$$hole in the workplace, you might get away with it as long as you're considered worth the headache, but the instant you're determined to be more trouble than you're worth, your ass will be kicked to the curb and you won't be missed.
  25. A noncontact knee injury in practice could and has happened to almost anyone. Or is your point super big brain Maccagnan knew this injury was coming? right. Sadly his crystal ball wasn't working the day he picked Hackenberg rather than Prescott.
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