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  2. And then this happened: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/vikings-rb-roc-thomas-suspended-three-games-for-felony-drug-arrest/ar-AAEq4os?ocid=spartanntp That's about a third of a pound. Slightly over the 'personal use' boundary for most people. 3 games. Go figure.
  3. I wanted nothing to do with Gase. His players, his FO, his owner, all hated him. Until you started peeling back the onion and kept peeling and now I’m 1000% certain he is the guy that is going to make Sam the guy that takes us to the Super Bowl. Then Douglas and the rest of the FO and coaching hires. I cannot believe how well this is all playing out.
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  5. I see you learned nothing during Rex’s tenure here.
  6. But they just came out with a movie. ☹️
  7. There will continue to be some people vehemently against the Gase hiring. Their minds won't be changed even when he starts winning. But for anyone who is 50/50 or had some doubts I think a few episodes of this show will quickly turn them into Gase fans.
  8. The Deadwood game I had Planned was fairly large, 17 people + I'm not sure that can happen anymore
  9. Soooo...last year on OJD we see our HC giving QBs a pop quiz. This year? We get our HC breaking down film of our QB? Yeah I’m excited! Gase looked better in this one episode than Bowles did in four years.
  10. When TomShane came back to JN as T0mShane
  11. Someone needs to sit Groenig down and ask him wtf
  12. Did I make it in before apache posted his grainy photo of a 1 jets drive street sign?
  13. Who doesn't love Spider-Pig? Once again, the Simpsons predicting the future like a boss:
  14. Jets got this right. Good show I like how they just blew by how Macc departed. It was like he was just beamed up.
  15. Can you please PM the streaming service. Thanks. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  16. Dude was fun to watch, a true freak of nature let loose.
  17. Only by people who don't understand football.
  18. I blazed through the replies but did I see multiple grown men upset that an animated, for-kids, Spider-Man movie included non-teenage-boy Spider-Mans?
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