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  2. Bosa is going to be an injury problem his entire career.
  3. You must love sniffing assholes seeing as how you spend as much time as you do on a site that is dedicated to discussing opinions.
  4. Meh I don’t really care if a DT missed a day or two of camp
  5. I have met and spoken with him a few times at one of his DD stores. I asked him who was the most difficult guy he ever had to block and before I could even finish asking he was answering with Bruce Smith. He said one tiny error in balance at the snap and Smith was past you in a split second. Also said they were friends and looked forward to competing.
  6. Man, I can smell those onion rings! Love that place. The Burgers are amazing. My parents use to bring us there as kids, then my brother & I use to take our kids after the Jet camp visits. Place is a classic & hasn't changed.
  7. It’s a comment on the organization/ownership, not Gettleman.
  8. I think he uses the same agency as Williams so this should help move things along for us
  9. Great read, I'm really looking forward to this season an optimism not seen since Rex left
  10. Thanks for posting. The 2nd video is really good.
  11. "monstrosity in Florham Park"? WTF are you talking about? The Atlantic Health training facility owned by the Jets in Florham Park is one of the finest in the NFL. Seriously, were you trying to refer to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford? *That* has nothing to do with Florham Park. In addition, the town of Florham Park, right next to Madison, one of the most wealthy and desirable towns in the state, is itself a desirable, high-income town with some pretty expensive homes. "Butthole"? Not even close. You seem to be extremely confused. Or just drunk or something. Whatever it is, you clearly have no idea what you are rambling about.
  12. I hope it happens, he certainly has the ability, but it's going to take everyone around him being better too.
  13. 12 million 2019 cap hit for Tru is a bad deal. It is not, however, as bad as these 10 deals. That is not an outrageous statement.
  14. Trubisky and Goff both made big sophomore jumps under new head coaches.
  15. Looking forward to the preseason. I wanna see Sam shine while Allen and Rosen continue to struggle.
  16. That's exactly how I caption Gettleman...Classy. Very classy.
  17. This one I actually believe can happen. Normally I think he’s stoned.
  18. Sam should get better this year, but he is learning a new offense, and we still have weaknesses to fill. It may be 2 seasons before he fully takes the next step. I hope he continues to progress like he did last year.
  19. I'm confused, first you complain about the limited amount of practices open to the public, then you complain about having to go to the armpit/butthole of NJ. Are you saying that if that butthole was open to the fans more, you'd go to the butthole more frequently?
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  21. Its really hard to comprehend where Sam is as a player when you see his age - he wasn't even 22 as a rookie, with only 3 full years starting before his first NFL Game. 15 years of a franchise QB here is too much for me to wrap my head around.
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