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  2. interesting in a way... in a way that makes the whole KO injury thing more opaque...
  3. Well they took away the pumpkin before anyone set hats on fire that night. It gives the pumpkin back, or it watches the hats burn.
  4. Dosent osemele have to be healthy for this trade to work? Hes trying to get season ending surgery right?
  5. So which OL should we have taken at 3? None of the guys taken in the first 17 picks or so are currently starting for their teams.
  6. He's got good feet. Hoping for the best.
  7. I guess it is pretty bad when one tweet is not enough to fit the entire injury report.
  8. Didn't realize Jimmy Smith just came back from injury. He had a grade 2 MCL sprain week 1 and only came back to practice 2 days ago makes me a little hesitant
  9. Idk about this one. Rookie LT starting against the best defense in the league right now? Edoga looked good at RT played pretty well idk if I'd move him out of there so soon.
  10. Maybe rooting for bad teams builds character, so we may be doing them a favor. What's more important - that we have good kids, or we have kids who root for winning teams?
  11. I really like watching Eason play ball.
  12. Because the Jets are going to take on the Jimmy Smith cap hit. It's likely about clearing money for them more than anything else.
  13. He wasn’t able to play LT at USC...I don’t see any upside from this. Sam, watch out.
  14. I think Sam is just really good and our defense is better than people realize
  15. Both Olines are doing a good job in this game. Nice play by Washington
  16. You really can't in today's pass happy NFL. Both GW and Gase "get it".
  17. There’s a handful of Oline on both teams. Adams, Lemieux,Throckmorton, Aiello, Hanson and Harris. Being a ND fan I’m hoping they take OG - Kraemer in the second round after drafting a OT in the first.
  18. Makes sense. I didn’t understand why they didn’t swing him over and put Shell back at RT when Beachum went out.
  19. Maybe - the Cowgirls were down 2 starting tackles and Amari Cooper. Amari tips the field when he's healthy
  20. Why would the Ravens, a smart organization, makes this trade?
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