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  2. yet still , only as a back up. I guarantee he wont be in two conference championships Like Sanchez was.
  3. If you are looking at this please know it has been noted.

  4. Fact is Hackenberg probably didn't ask to come to the Jets. Mac drafted him. Did the Jets draft him? Im gonna say NO! Mac drafted him and paid him with the Jets money and we couldn't stop it - because I would have tried if Id known. This one is on Mac and it took another fired coach to point out how bad our bad GM really was - and he was bad!
  5. https://es.pn/2jX4BqW This follows Grady signing his franchise tag in April. I think this will be the situation with Leo next year. Franchise and either trade or sign him longer term. $17M per year is the going rate these days and I think he’ll want that even if he’s a level below Grady, Donald and Cox.
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  7. Honestly if one of your family members were involved in an accident with a young drunk driver would you dismiss his actions. No big deal let him off. This could have ended badly for everyone, and him getting four games hopefully is a wake up call for the young man.( not the end of the world) Again if R Incognito received a suspension for more than two games, the Raiders never sign him. Great offense lines need chemistry and cohesiveness - tough to build missing a quarter of the season. They aren't signing him for hard knocks. That's HBO worries.
  8. No I'm on vacation and all I see is you telling on someone LOL.
  9. May I get the link as well? Thanks As of now, I'm thinking of setting up my VPN to an international country and buying the streaming that way, or using my access to .edu account to get a student discount. Or Reddit, lol.
  10. Suits have had their day. In California it has become pretty rare to see an actual suit. A sport jacket here and there, but suits are becoming moth food. In Silicon Valley wearing a suit to an interview is an instant no. Robbie is Robbie. Not the smartest guy maybe, but in the interviews I have seen he seems humble, earnest and self aware and trying to become a better person. The hatred and racism thrown out at him from Jets fans is unwarranted. And the title of this thread is just wrong on so many levels.
  11. any team in the NFC west division should surely trade with KC for Darron Lee. He may be the only LB in the NFL capable of slipping below the dline to get to murray.
  12. yup. Estimated Career Earnings YEAR TEAM SALARY SIGNING BONUS ROSTER BONUS WORKOUT BONUS RESTRUCTURE BONUS OPTION BONUS INCENTIVE TOTAL CASH 2016 $450,000 $1,589,311 - - - - - $2,039,311 2017 $661,832 - - - - - - $661,832 2018 $68,400 - - - - - - $68,400 3 seasons $1,180,232 $1,589,311 - - - - - $2,769,543
  13. Sam is going to be laughing even harder....and longer....and wealthier.
  14. Yeah it's definitely going to be a fun team to watch. So many exciting, but questionable factors in that team. It'll end in either glory, or disaster. Either way it'll be entertaining.
  15. Rugby is a great game, though I still struggle to grasp the rules. Just an fyi, the sport in the videos you quoted isn’t Rugby. It’s Australian Rules Football. Not trying to be a jerk if you already know the know the difference, but it’s a mistake I see many Americans make. Similar shaped ball, but totally different games. Ben Graham, ex-Jets Punter, was a gun Aussie Rules player. There’s a video out there of him taking a kick-out from full back where he gets a spiral on it and it travels just past the middle of the ground which on that field is something like 85 meters (about 92 yards). It’s insane. And damn, sorry to hear about those injuries. I’ve had a few buddies go down with those and they can be life changing. Hope you recovered from them.
  16. 4 years of back up QB, nfl money. He's laughing at all you fools.
  17. Odds are you’re right about everything you said here, but the combination of Murray, their new HC and his Air Raid style offense have me really looking forward to seeing the Cardinals play this season. I don’t think anyone has said those words since they played the Steelers in the Super Bowl about 10 years ago.
  18. Since the Cardinals decided to use the 1st pick on another QB instead of addressing their actual problems, the team will struggle. Their oline is still atrocious, and even with his mobility Kyler will probably struggle until it's fixed. Kyler will end up good, but I'm not banking on him having an especially good season. The team simply isnt ready. He'll deal with the same roster issues that Darnold, Allen, and Rosen faced.
  19. I found Sam to be pretty inaccurate, especially on the run, in Madden 19. I was expecting more from their ratings this year. Side-note: can’t wait to see the new jerseys (the blacks even more so) in the game.
  20. I don’t get the Tua hype. He’s a soft tosser whose game doesn’t translate to the NFL. Like detmer, wuerful, and others before him he’s a great college player who won’t make it in the nfl.
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