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  2. "The infidel Patriots were crying in their tanks and trying to quit the game. The Jets just wouldn't show any mercy and kept throwing the football at them."
  3. Quinnen has flashed plenty. Not sure where the hate is coming from. Sounds like blind darnold homers trying to deflect their disappointment in Sam.
  4. We still love the team because we are brain damaged ...
  5. Why are you arguing with green colored jet fans about Josh Allen vs Sam Darnold? Anyone with a clue knows allen is much better at this point. But this board is full of blind homers. Why dont you go to a bills board to discuss josh allen?
  6. no just the johnsons obviously Gase sucks as much or more then Rex, at least rex got to two afc championship games as a coach but Gase.......sub 500
  7. Darnold is not mediocre. Darnold is BAD. This is history repeating itself. I remember back in the Sanchez days, reading on this very site: "It's Rex's fault" "It's the lines fault" "It's the WR's fault" yada yada yada
  8. Uh... Josh Allen: 62.4% completion Sam Darnold: 59.0% completion And you're worried Allen's accuracy? That's not being subjective at all lol. Through 16 total games, Allen has more total yards (passing/rushing), more total TD's (8 more!), less INT's, higher yards per pass, and a better record. -------------------------- Josh Allen Total Yards: 4,219 yards Total TD's: 28 TD's Total INT's: 19 INT's Record: 10-5 (when completing the game) Sam Darnold Total Yards: 3,602 yards Total TD's: 21 TD's Total INT's: 20 INT's Record: 5-11 -------------------------- Allen is better in nearly every statistical category. And again, no amount of time or coaching will grow him a stronger arm. Darnold will NEVER be able throw frozen ropes in-between 3 defenders (like the tweet below). He doesn't have the physical arm talent to do it.
  9. ^ this I agree with for sure. The rest of the division is so bad the Pat's will win almost by default.
  10. Agreed. Your WRs also need to recognize this and adjust their route accordingly. Sometimes they are begging you to throw the slant.
  11. Scoring defense that is greatly aided by having a ball control offense with GOAT at QB. Plus facing historicaly bad offenses in NYJ MIA and Buffalo 6x a year. Plus playing out doors in the Northeast for a minimum of 11 games every season. By DVOA the have been an average unit for 15 years. Scoring defense is a shallow stat, get with the times Not having this debate again, you can have the last word
  12. I understand the mid to late 2000's Pats teams were better with Brady than a replacement level QB
  13. Better forward that video to Gase because Darnold is gonna keep seeing cover 0 until he can consistently beat it. Herndon would help. Still you have to practice against it and have a plan to beat it. Yes a plan P L A N plan!
  14. I get it... And I think that jets are going to restrict access in the future
  15. @Adam Gase apparently he’s needs to watch this video
  16. 2009 saw them lose Seymour, Bruschi, Harrison and Vrabel. By dvoa they went from #9 to #4, the only reason they won less games in 2009 than 2008 is because in 2008 the faced the 28th hardest schedule and in 2009 they faced the 7th hardest. You can keep bringing up win totals and I can keep saying SoS but you either get it or you dont.
  17. You’d have to assume these ‘multiple teams’ reports are leaked from the Jets as a way to stir up interest.
  18. Though you are correct I think you are pointing at the wrong culprit. The offense was better with Gailey, Morton and bates that Gase who is utterly atrocious with anyone at QB.
  19. Have a good QB. That's how you beat cover 0. /End thread.
  20. I am fairly confident that the Jets will give them their first win. The Dolphins have been playing better lately. They were a 2 point conversion away from beating Washington and they were a good half of football away form winning in Buffalo, as 16.5 point underdogs. I can't see them winning in Pitt this week, but everything lines up for them to beat the Jets in Miami in a couple of weeks.
  21. Did Leo play in 2.5 games in week 7 and people asked where the sacks are?
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