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  2. GreenReaper

    Jets are close to taking over AFC East

    I've thought about Jets having an outside chances to compete for the division this year. Gase has been able to split the last 4 games with the Pats (2-2). So it's possible to go 4-2 or 5-1. Then go at least 6-4 on remainder of schedule. IMO the biggest factor is injuries to starters. Especially QB-OL-CB-WR-TE...they need to avoid any long term injuries And of course the play of Darnold. And he's got improved weapons with Bell and Crowder. Q and Leo giving Jets strong pass rush up the middle can be very effective against Brady, forcing him to abandon the pocket and make throws on the move. This would give the Jets a chance to split with the Pats. Which is a must if Jets are to have that outside chance to win the AFCE. Which is the surest way of making the playoffs. If you don't win the division...10-6 isn't a guarantee you're in as a wild card. 2020 season and moving forward, I have a lot more confidence Jets can have a decent shot to take the AFCE. Gase and a new GM that he has confidence he can work with, is very important to bring in the necessary pieces in FA-draft, to strengthen the roster. Providing Darnold with the tools he needs to succeed winning the division...advancing Jets in the playoffs, and eventually to the Lombardi Trophy. For sure...I'm excited about this season...can't wait!
  3. No no, the internet tells us how to feel. Thomas doesn't get to decide on his own. There will be no independent thinking going on here.
  4. Ohio State NY Jets fan

    One or more of these players may be moved..

    Sadly I think Leo will be the next one traded - stupid Mac was allowed to draft his replacement if not fired at the end of the season, Mac should have been fired the second he turned that #3 card - if they wanted press, firing the GM in the war room would have been pure gold
  5. Lmfao Gase hasnt coached a single game and you already want him gone. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. Very good point. Either play my way and win or hit the road Jack.
  7. Well, I guess people do mistake Tony the Wiz on here for Tony Pauline so another mistake won't matter that much. However its 1.30 am here right now (in Wagga Wagga, NSW where I am without doubt the only Jets fan resident) and its past my bedtime, so I'll leave you ladies and gentlemen to it.
  8. That is the biggest part. Any GM would pause if a young, hot-headed unproven coach could get him fired by just complaining to the owner. The Jets set a precedent that makes it an unattractive job unless you are a yes man.
  9. How? By Woody, then Chris continually making poor hire choice after poor hire choice for HC and GM. By keeping Maccagnan waaaaaaay too long (Bowles as well). That's how. Point your finger right to the top. That's where the cancer is. Cancer of the brain(trust).
  10. 1) Privately admit that you botched the coaching search (don’t need to leak anything to public, but sometimes it’s hard for billionaires to admit they ****ed up) 2) Search for the best possible GM candidate regardless of whether or not he/she is a “Gase Guy” 3) Give said GM the power to bring in his own coach in 2020. Allowing him/her to evaluate Gase for an entire season.
  11. All the pressure is on Gase now he has to show he can Steer Sam progress forward- that will be the key for your Jets success-steady and competent QB play can solve what has been a shadow over this team forever
  12. Everybody ready to see a film of OBJ and Sherry Rhodes rolling in bed together? Lol
  13. faba

    2019 METS THREAD! It’s time has come.

    Rock bottom almost to lose to a minor league team in danger of being swept. Calloway can not survive this disaster remember he is not the GM's guy
  14. Oh, he's definitely had his misses over the years - but he's a level or two above beat reporters or your run-of-the-mill "for NFL network/ESPN/SI etc" draftnik. Anyone who is in the predicting future business is going to get things wrong occasionally. The thing I found most objectionable about him was some of that political stuff on the JI board he typed up as CBNY and the fact he really looked down his nose at certain other posters (some probably deservedly so) - the inside info he had on the game was generally solid stuff all things considered.
  15. Long Island Leprechaun

    Now with an agenda or not we can all agree why Gase

    Geezus, I'll just address the Tannehill part, which is grade-school level assessment... (what happened to the Warfish I used to know?). This is complete garbage. Have you ever heard of injuries and how they impact a QB's stats? What part of this is on Gase? 2016 season[edit] In 2016, after a 1–4 start, the Dolphins won six straight games, and finish the season on a 9–2 run and 10–6 overall.[74] Tannehill played in 13 games, missing three due to injury. With their Week 16 win over the Bills, the Dolphins clinched a winning record and a playoff berth for the first time since 2008.[75][76] Tannehill finished the season with a career-high 67.1 completion percentage, 2,995 yards, 19 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.[77] 2017 season[edit] On August 3, 2017, Tannehill suffered an injury to his left leg in the team's first non-contact 11-on-11 practice of season. After limping off the field, it was reported that the team feared he tore his ACL and would require season-ending surgery.[78] On August 6, the team signed recently retired quarterback Jay Cutler to act as Tannehill's replacement.[79] On August 11, Tannehill agreed to have surgery to repair the torn ACL, officially keeping him out of the 2017 season.[80][81] He was placed on injured reserve the following day.[82] 2018 season[edit] On March 1, 2018, head coach Adam Gase announced that Tannehill would remain the starting quarterback for the Dolphins.[83] During Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans, the game was delayed twice due to lightning storms. In his return from injury, Tannehill finished with 230 passing yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions as the Dolphins won 27–20.[84] In Week 3, Tannehill recorded a 155.3 passer rating and had 289 passing yards and three passing touchdowns in the 28–20 victory over the Oakland Raiders.[85] Tannehill was inactive during the Week 6 game against the Chicago Bears due to a shoulder injury.[86] Brock Osweiler started in Tannehill's place until Week 12. In Week 14,
  16. "Outside of ownership," is quite the elephant in the room-type phrase.
  17. Jets win opener & last game will be for the playoffs @ Buffalo. Bills players will be packed up & ready to hit the Golf courses. Difference this time? Darnold instead of Fitzpatrick, Le'veon Bell instead of Stevan Ridley, Gase/Williams instead of Bowles/Rogers. PLAYOFFS!
  18. You literally made up a statement and then put “I question that also” in parentheses after it.
  19. Well, objectively and unfortunately you are correct in some cases. I think you should tell the truth that they are not all garbage? But for all intents and purposes, some are GARBAGE. David Webb is pretty much garbage to us. Nate Shepard and Foley Fatukasi are probably unknowns?? If it truly takes 3 years on average for DT's to develop (I question that also), then we don't know what we have yet in those two. But it continuously bothers me that Shepard played in almost every game the Jets played last season and unless you looked very, VERY hard you would never have even noticed him on the field? Foley Fatukasi was injured all year, right? Brandon Shell and Jordan Jenkins are both decent players. I doubt they'll make the pro bowl anytime soon, but they are NFL talent.
  20. That would be sort of unusual given I'm currently typing this from the country of Australia. Not to mention my name isn't Tony.
  21. Long Island Leprechaun

    Now with an agenda or not we can all agree why Gase

    Agreed. I haven't seen anyone in the NFL argue that Gase is over his head. There are some pretty strong defenders of Gase as a very smart X's and O's guy (some would say brilliant). Sorting through the rubble of why he might have underachieved at Miami, or why he overachieved at Denver seems a hopeless task. There is enough controversy to make this an interesting adventure. Assuming the Jets hire a GM quickly and he can get along with Gase, we will soon be back to focusing on the Jets as a football team, not Ringling Brothers (one can hope!). My biggest fear going forward? That new GM and Gase decide to erase and start another rebuild. My biggest hope going forward? That there is a reasonably happy marriage of GM and HC and some smart decisions are made to enhance what we have. If nothing else, it will be very interesting to see what Gase and the new GM will do, now that they have the reins. I'm honestly cautiously optimistic that things will settle, not get worse.
  22. These are technically “hopes and dreams.” Not facts.
  23. Sometimes a fluff job is just fun to watch...don't deny this old man a guilty pleasure. The Jets are far from a well-run organization but at least they got rid of the man most responsible (excluding the silver spoon brothers) for the past five years of ineptitude. There's a few interesting story lines that still need to play out and I for one and interested to see the next installment.
  24. Patriot Killa

    Jets are close to taking over AFC East

    I’m sorta indifferent on it but I think my biggest gripe with that is Peyton’s never been in a FO before and he has no experience scouting or even doing entry-scout level stuff. If I had my pick, it would be Joe Douglas
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