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  1. he inherited some talent but he got that talent to play better than they did the 2 previous years. If he had amost nothing to do w/ the O why do you guys always blame him for whenever our O struggled? But he was blamed whenever the D struggled. name me the games the team looked flat and unprepared? Early '02? KC '05? There was alot going on during those times. I think he improved. I definitely think he improved clock mgmt, I think b/c of early struggles no one ever gave him a pass and anything clsoe to a msitake was magnified but all you have to do is watch the playoffs and every HC makes those mistakes but they aren't grilled b/c they didn't struggle mightily early on like herm. I agree but he is a coach, coaches are liars and it all worked out for us. We had good seasons under him but it became apparent he would never be a great coach and at that time he left, we got a pick and we have a potentially great HC. Walton inherited a young team that was 30 mins from the SB the year before he took over. There weren't any FA losses as they didn't have FA, the team was young and ready to win whic was a big difference from what Herm inherited. I think we could have made a run, I think we were close in '02 and '04 but we lost to better teams, more talented teams. If we lost home playoff games or if we lost to inferior teams I'd agree. I think he can, he wasn't far away w/ us, but I hope he doesn't.
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