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    Just thinking about what were some of the NFL succesful coaches,Noll,Jimmy Johnson,Tom Landry's..etc.. record there first three years..Well lets see?? Weeb Ewbanks 13-22 Jeff Fisher 16-22 John Fox 25-23 Jimmy Johnson 19-29 Chuck Noll 12-29 Dan Reeves 21-20 Tom Landry 9-28 Hank Stram (KC) 19-19-2 Dick Vermeil 18-26 Bill Walsh 21-27 Bill Parcells 22-25 Bill Belichick 20-28 Tom Coughlin 24-24 Mike Ditka 21-20 Eric Mangini 23-23 Very interesting list i'd say...We got the right guy..just sayin
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    JOJO SAYS.......

    ....JOJO has seen or been a part of almost every debacle this team has thrown at its fans since 1986. *I was in my dads car listening to the radio on the way up to go skiing in Vermont when Mark Gastenaeu ruined our chances of AFC championship game with the dumbass penalty *I was at the game when Dennis Byrd broke his neck....after the game dad took me for steak at Old Homestead and at the table right behind us was Boomer Esiason and some other Jets who had just left whatever hospital Dennis Byrd was at. I could barely finish my steak cuz i was trying to eavesdrop on what was going on......really a sad dinner *I was at the goddamn fake spike play game.....do i have to say more on this one. * I got sick the sunday of the 1998 AFC championship game. I was on vacation in Miami and had plans of staying thru the week to go to the SB if the Jets won. It was 88 degrees out and at noon i was shivering under a blanket running to the bathroom literally every 4 minutes. The Jets werent playing for 5 hours and i had LITERALLY gotten myself sick over the game. That day i remember saying to myself that this isnt normal behavior. *Vance Joseph covering Tim Brown anyone???? *Those are the easy ones - but the anonymous ones hurt just as much......random loses to chiefs, bills, browns, ect I have seen everything.......as i would wager about 30 percent of this board has! lol I am programed to expect this team to fail Funny thing is, i dont feel it this year.....things couldnt be playing themselves out better this year. let me explain...........We were darlings of the Nfl after the Titans win.....all of a sudden we were the national/public team that lotsa people were picking to go to SB. Now as a true Jets fan, this was unfamiliar territory for me and all the rest of us. This really did not sit well with me at all. Our public perception was peaking at an all time high....everyone was yapping about the Jets. "That Proverbial Guy" who always wears the Cowboys jersey HAD to go out and get the Favre jersey......we had become a bandwagon team......and the Goddamn NY Jets dont do bandwagons......... So now we lose some games and the bandwagon disolves....THANK YOU GOD!!!!! The point is, anytime there are expectations for this team things go to ****........ example - NON expectation years.....1998, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006 - we were coming off bad years and we had winning/playoff seasons......we had very lil hype coming into these seaons and we did our thing EXPECTATION YEARS - 1999, 2003, 2005, 2007 - years where we did well the year before and people were chatting us up as contenders....we did nothing these years SO WE THIS TURNED INTO AN EXPECTATION YEAR AS SOON AS WE BEAT THE TITANS......and im talking Super Bowl expectations not making the playoffssss whats the point of all this you ask????? I am so glad that this bandwagon has disolved......so glad we have low expectations......cuz that is the only time this team does well historically....when there are zero expectations and they are playing with house money.......... The NFL playoffs have become the biggest crapshoot in sports......bigger than the NCAA tourny......ITS ALL ABOUT MAKING THE PLAYOFFS AND GETTING HOT. Does anyone really think that there is a stadium that we can't march into and win??? On the right day i there isnt a team in the NFL that scares me. I will take my chances with this team against any of them.......Everyone is hating on Favre but I realize that all it takes is for him to get hot for 3 games and we are in the going to Tampa Thank god the 2008 NY Jets arent a pubic team as of week 15....let us sneak under the radar and pull off a super bowl run for the true fans who have suffered...... DONE
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    That is totally *ss backwards though. Everyone knows that the best way to hide inefficiencies in your secondary is by bringing pressure at the QB and not giving him and his WRs enough time to pick on your weakness. You can't ask any NFL CB to cover any NFL WR for more than 4-5 seconds. It is impossible. Your pass rush needs to get to the opposing QB before the secondary's coverage has time to break down. If you rush 3 and drop 8 into zone coverage (which we always do), you allow the WRs to release freely off the line into their passing routes, find holes in the zone and settle there while simultaneously giving the opposing QB all the time in the world to go through his progressions and find the receiver who found the whole in the zone. They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Well, that is Mangini with our pass defense. Hasn't it been proven that 3 men rushing and 8 in coverage is not working? Why keep expecting a different result? Bring some friggin heat! Teams can't convert 3rd and 9 passes if you bring 7 men at the QB. The pass rushers get there before the WRs even have time to get 9 yards down the field. It is not rocket science.
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    Oh, so this "comparable analysis" is equally valid, Genius: Eric Mangini - 23-23 Herm Edwards - 25-23 Dick Jauron - 24-24 Dave Wannstedt - 25-23 Joe Walton - 25-23 Jim Haslett - 26-22 Mike Tice - 23-25 Jim Fassel - 25-22-1 Rich Kotite - 29-19 Art Shell - 28-16 Sam Rutiglano - 28-20 Marvin Lewis - 27-21 Ray Malavasi - 25-19 Roger Meyer - 21-15 Wally Lemm - 22-14 Very interesting list i'd say...We got the wrong guy..just sayin
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    Router Help

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    regarding favres, arm strength comment

    What the f**k ever, he voluntarily admitted to the media about his addiction, which he didnt have to do. He could have entered into rehab during the off season and no one would have known. He also said this, when the doubters started spreading rumors: Brett released this statement.
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    Agreed. I was in love with her on that Survivor season she was on. And I think I just admitted something lame about myself
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    And you do a damn good job of it, too.
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    Why a defense like this?

    Was Singletary commanding respect from Vernon Davis when Davis walked away and went to the showers in the middle of a game?
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    On Aug 7th with Chad given the gate and Favre in place I saw this as 10 win team with a possible play-off appearance. Wha-lah! Thats just about where we're sitting - what a f'kn miracle. With all the acquisitions and the schedule - the better question would have been who didn't see this? Your assertion that this heavenly position we're in is due to Magini's innate genius and ability is poo poo. I'm very aware that pro-bowl nominations mean nothing - but even with that in mind it's more than coincidental that we led professional football in nominations. I'm also not claiming the Jets are on the top of the talent curve in the NFL - but we're well over average and have enough on both sides of the ball to be an impact team. Just as Sparano seemingly has done the most with the least down in Miami - I think Mangini and his band of schwanses have done the least with the most for the Jets. The proof to all of this is being able to dominate some of the leagues better teams and being left raped and freezing by some of the leagues worst teams so far this year. I give Mangini credit for putting all the new components together in a relatively short time, but I think most avg to below avg coaches should be capable of doing that effectively.
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    regarding favres, arm strength comment

    He made a throw to Cotcherry in preseason for a TD and the one in Miami for a TD that looked like the old Favre. He's just getting old. and he's probably getting worn down from that and not working out in the off season.
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    In your opinion who is the first? Wes Welker?
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    He isnt a good coach at all and I too, would love to see someone else take over. Anyone!!! When they show mangini during the game I have to look away, otherwise the urge to throw something at the screen is overwhelming. I think Favre and Leon will stay if mangini is gone, regardless of the outcome this year also.
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    Had to go with the hall of fame QB, still. INT KING and all!
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    Wow that would be great. Playoffs or get Cowher, it's like win- win. I might actually prefer not making the playoffs, cause the way we're going it looks like one and out anyway.
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    I voted Revis, just because I think all he does goes a little under-appreciated. Obviously Leon and Jenkins have been huge, but everybody sees that. Revis is a true shutdown corner.
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    You're absolutely correct, and I don't care about the game. It's the fact that they use it when they are going for contracts. Like Alan Faneca 7 time probowler or whatever. You don't think that helped him in getting that ridiculous contract.
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    JOJO SAYS.......

    Post of The Year! This is the spirit. The Giants proved last year it doesn't matter what you compile during the year. Just get hot at the right time. Who says we can't get hot again? There is so much mediocrity in the NFL this year. Jojo is right. We can beat anybody on any given Sunday. There is too much negativity on this board. Never give up. Never say die. Did we Americans give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No! Did Ted Kennedy give up when he was swimming for his life? No! Did Bush let that shoe hit him in the kisser? No! Go. Fight. Win. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets.
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    Only two for Revis? He's by far the most consistant player we have, he shuts down one of the best players (usually) that the opposing team has, week in and week out.
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    Rhodes does not deserve to be on that list... not even close... I would put Ty Law up there before him... lol
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    Have you ever played 5th grade floor hockey after school? Otherwise you just dont get it!
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    Where is jetophile?

    I get it....practice what you preach, Garb!
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    Someone really needs to explain to me how this pinhead is an expert on such a brutal sport..... .....anyway - No way does a team fire a coach that goes from 4 wins to the playoffs - regardless of the circumstances.
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    If you had ANY reading comprehension, you would already know that I have said that THIS IS NOT a Yankees problem alone. But, comprehension is not your strong suit. Name calling and vulgarity is. The same thing that got you kicked off this site in the first place. Keep along that 3rd grade line of thinking. It seems to suit you perfectly.
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    Wes Welker? Seriously?

    Ok, I forget sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. Let me explain so even a 2 year old can explain. Granted, it would be easier if I had TV maps, but I digress. Boston TV market showing Patriots. Where I live; Nashville TV market showing Pittsburgh vs Baltimore See how they are not showing the game? Understand now troll? Probably not seeing you are blinded by hate.
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    Money for Rep

    Let me call...