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    The Second Annual Jetnation Tourney

    Congrats to my dear friend, gg!
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    Boynton Beach Jets

    Patriots lose another coach

    Yes just like we tune you out, spin it troll
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    Jaded Green

    Don't worry Lil bit...

    I got you covered
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    Dolphins have been sold.

    And the Fins' playoff appearance this year is the first since 2001. Who gives a damn about your meaningless winning records when the Fins failed to make the playoffs in 02, 03 & 05? You think the Jets are happy about 2000 and 2008 with their winning records and staying at home? Of course not, but you Fin fans are obviously happy about your similar seasons. So, again, as I mentioned, the Fins have had 1 good season this decade.
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    Jets Babe

    Anyone Here a Sportswriter?

    send espn raunchy photos of yourself.
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    Jet Moses

    The Joy Of Running A NY Jets Fan Site

    Max, I don't appreciate you airing our dirty laundry in public.
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    repeat after me =get over this obsession with the Pats- it will be good for the soul. They are not worth so much effort caring about.
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    Rex Ryan On SB III

    Looks like he shares your lack of enthusiasm for working out, too!
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    Torre book on Yankee years.

    I am as big a Yankee fans as they come, and you guys are playing revisionist history here..to think any other manager could have made that '96 team into a champion is insanity. Torre made all the right moves and did not have a superstar at every position. Unreal for you guys to infer that Torre success with the Yankees was opportunistic at best. You should be ashamed of yourselves as Yankee fans tripping over yourselves to defend the owners. Torre had so much more to do with the success of the team than anyone lets on....how did they do without him? A Postseason choke the year before and then missing the playoffs for the first time in years. I think Torre should keep his mouth shut to help his lecagy, and this book definitely takes the bloom off his rose, but to turn on him is to have no clue as to how important Torre was to the Yankee success..and from two guys who I have seem bleed nothing but pinstripes on these boards it just boggles my mind how you two can turn on him so quickly.
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    And as strong as the Northeastern bandwagon you just jumped on recently.
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    The Second Annual Jetnation Tourney

    I'm at the ready. Smartly, I bought a case of banana strawberry in anticipation of this ultimate outcome.
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    Where did Coles lose us?

    at hello
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    Boynton Beach Jets

    Patriots lose another coach

    Just when he had that big fumble in week 11:D
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    Out of Jim Brown, Otto Graham, Paul Brown, Dante Lavelli, Marion Motley, Lou Groza, and Leroy Kelly, how many even played during the Super Bowl era? Maybe Dante Lavelli, because I have no idea who the **** that is. They are all Ravens anyway, I guess. The Browns should have a mural featuring Tim Couch, William Green, Courtney Brown, and Gerard Warren.
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    Jets need T.J.

    [quote name='Blackout
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    The Steelers??? Wow, I couldnt have guessed that one. Then again, for some reason the Steelers get alot of love out in Cali. Well, Love/Hate, but you know what I mean.
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    No, the Jets aren't still paying Mangini because he is getting more this year from the Browns. By NFL rules, if a HC or any other coach is fired and hired by a new team, the old team pays the difference between what the coach made with the old team and the new team if the new team pays him less. If it's the same or more from the new team, the old team pays nothing. A good example is Scott Linehan. Linehan was fired by the Rams with 1 year left on his contract (2009) and he was just hired to be the Lions OC. The Rams had to pay the remainder of his 2008 salary and the difference between his 2009 salary with the Lions and what he would have made if he stayed with the Rams.
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    war ensemble

    The Second Annual Jetnation Tourney

    Nice edit there.
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    Neither of them have repped me recently so I cant use that. Neither is on my friend list. Neither have jetsrule128 as a friend Both were born in August GG caused a stink in the Hot Chicks thread. And she voted against me in the JN Tourney. Therefore Verde gets my vote (and hopefully I get some rep.... )
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    Guys that dont like football....

    I think you need to reevaluate your relationship. I question his manhood and dont trust him. I dont trust people that dont like to watch football....kinda the same way I dont trust people who dont like dogs. Not to mention he sounds non-commital. Who doesnt have a favorite team, especially if you used to play?
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    PSL prices and info released

    Yeah, now you just have to save up for a sweatshirt and a jacket.
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    North Carolina at Duke

    he had a great game. wasn't his fault they lost
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    North Carolina at Duke

    UNC wins by 8. Once again, I would've won that bet.
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    Last to post in this thread wins

    I am the winner.
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    Last to post in this thread wins

    r u trippin?
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    Marko Cavka

    5 Jets Playing in The World Bowl

    Yes, dick big as loaf of bread. Must be, not to fall in cavern.
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    Marko Cavka

    5 Jets Playing in The World Bowl

    Marko know where he fit. Back of Limo. Marko play because Marko good. Marko bulk up, eat pea soup out skull. Puny man.
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    Marko Cavka

    New forum

    When Marko back from World Bowl, Marko will crush you like little bug. Then eat soup from skull.
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    Don't tell Bush Al Queda is coming to Gotham City. I don't think the poor citizens of Gotham will recover from the FEMA advance teams Bush sends in to dispense aid after the attack.
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    Why Are So many TGG guys going to JI??

    I've found chat rooms to be to my liking. Good idea
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    Frank Miller is the greatest. His work on Daredevil was classic, it made that comic interesting well into my 20s when all the others became just leftovers from my childhood. The issues of DD he did when Matt went through his little nervous breakdown and ended up sleeping in an alley and living with a heroin addict were so different from every other comic aimed solely at kids and teenagers at the time. Just awesome.