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  1. Who's blaming the cops for that? What I was wondering is "who the hell calls the cops over a $1.50 red bull"? People really cant take care of themselves. Thats the moral of this story.
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  3. As long as I have a face, she's got a place to sit!
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  4. Braylon is so dreamy <3 :P :P I have Santonio Holmes & Keller as well. I also have Favre & Moss but those are buried deep in some random draw in a room I never use lol
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  5. Yet you thought it was so important to sign Bob Sanders. Go figure
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  7. It's no big mystery that our defense has the potential to be worse without Cromartie. I believe that's what Revis is saying. It seems like you're making a pretty significant leap assuming that Cro is easily replaced. I disagree.
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  9. Everything about this Charlie Sheen breakdown, is what the fake Joaquin Pheonix documentary (piece of sh*t) SHOULD HAVE BEEN.
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  10. No, you really don't. You also have anger issues.
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