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    The media complains he talks too much. Now he isn't talking enough. These people are worse than my girlfriend with the freakin thermostat.
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    Does ther Sanchez dummy come with a brownstain on his nose.
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    Your mon thing isn't working. Signed, The World
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    You know what is more pathetic that Vilma being right about this? Our fans getting butthurt at the fact that Vilma is right.
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    Interesting... here's the result when you substitute "jets" for "lakers":
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    There is no way Giants get to the SB.
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    What is it with this top 5 defense, who cares about that.....what was the Pats D rated at? 30th?
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    Dodgeball Mafia - Game Over

    Anyone else thinks Bart Scott posts here at JN? Maybe he's even in this game...or was...*looks at 80*
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    Pop quiz, nerd boy: how many AFC title games has Rich Cimini led this team to?
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    Media is a f#cking joke. Waaaa! They arent talking to us! Waaaaa!!! F#ck you Cimini. F#ck all you media c@nts. I hope they drag your ass into florham park every day and then not have a press conference.
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    I can see your election campaign now... Vote for bitonti, champion of mediocrity because hey, it could be worse.
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    Who do you want us to draft?

    I wouldn't mind this either. Try to somehow get a 2014 1st round pick out of it somehow or other, even if that means trading our 1st down to a 2nd pick or something. We would then have 2 1st round picks in 2014, and we'd be able to snag a better QB.
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    That's a real shame. My rep just went from 408215 to 408214.
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    Good looking out, Joe. Harry is a douche.
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    The premise of this thread is funny though. Let's tank a whole year. Then if Clowney is the best DE in football we can have the best CB and the best DE. And still won't win the Super Bowl until the QB play improves.
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    Dodgeball Mafia - Game Over

    80, Townie with no powers, is out
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    Two wins? Because they went 8-8 the year before and this year went 6-10. But Revis also went 4-12 in 2007, so how many wins was he worth then? Regardless, your point is absurd. The Jets didn't lose games because of their pass defense, which was 2nd in the NFL (5th the year before with Revis). They lost them because Sanchez was awful.
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    Anyone find it funny that a GM candidate with ties to the Kotite years is being reported to maybe want to try yet *ANOTHER* first time HC or no dice? **** off then. Oooh you're the guy who figured out that Mike Iupati and Aldon Smith can play football - what a genius...The overrating of the outsider is about the only thing that will be annoying about this GM search.
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    We drink and **** chicks who wear winter outfits that are deceptive. Is she fat? Is she skinny? I don't know but unwrapping the present is half the fun even if the gift is meh. Florida is the same shenanigans year round, no fun in that. Also golf outside of driving the cart and drinking blows
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    By having interesting things to do instead of obsessing over the weather.
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    The funny thing is, should Rex get whacked, the media and beat writers will be the biggest losers. With less of a circus, they will be bored and then complain that things are not like when Rex was here.
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    Rex has made a career being a loud-mouthed buffoon. Go back to the Arizona post-game where he was beating his chest like he just won the Super Bowl. He can't shut up now and expect not to be skewered. It's not the media's fault that Rex marketed himself as SuperMouth.
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    What, you think being fat and out of shape (being directly responsible for an injury) one season, showing a sharp decline in play in the second half of the year the next season, and then playing a grand total of 2 games the season after that isn't worthy of $16 million / year? I guess someone has some awfully high standards, huh?
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    Rex: "Woody I know we don't have a GM right now or anyone to make deals but I'll tell ya you need to tell your tax attorney that we need to offer this guy a 4 year deal for at least $20 mill. Get the contract ready ok?" Woody: "I mean I don't know if..." Rex: (now crying) "JUST DO IT!"
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    Then T0mShane better run for cover.
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    Max I was only attempting to state the truth on how his press conference would have come off based on historical facts..hahahahahahahaha
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    Lil Bit Special

    The 2013 ji discussion thread :)

    i just had to go look to see how long i've been here. august 2006. yeesh. sadly I dont remember anything from 2008 or before.
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    Coples and Wilkerson are already on the line. The guy is great but you only tank a season for a QB.
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    The Crusher

    The 2013 ji discussion thread :)

    I don't do fatties.
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    Im still holding out hope Rex gets canned. Not all his fault but if you want to bring in a legit GM, gotta let the knew guy pick a coach.
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    The 2013 ji discussion thread :)

    "What General Max called the Battle of Forums is over. I expect that the Battle of Presspasses is about to begin. Upon this battle depends the survival of Christian civilization. upon it depends our own JetsNation life and the long continuity of our institutions and our Forum. The whole fury and might of the enemy must very soon be turned on us now. Soothsayer knows that he will have to break us in this island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all JetsFandom may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the Lounge Forum, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age, made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted postings. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the JetsNation Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will say, "This was their finest hour."
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    Is this one of those you had to be there threads?
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    Doesnt it tell the whole story in a nutshell?
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    Kinda glad we lost ...

    Loose next week, and it's a last place schedule! Bills 2x Phins 2x Pats 2x Steelers Bengals Browns Ravens KC Jax Falcons Saints Panthers Bucs If we win sub out Jax for Tenn, and KC for Oak, not that big a deal.
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    I was heavily rooting for the Pats to win that game, but not because I hate the 49ers, it was because it was in the best interest of the Jets for the Pats to head into week 17 with a 12-3 record, Why? Because if the Jets win out, and the Colts do the unthinkable, and lose in KC next week, that would ensure the Texans had something to play for as they would lose the tiebreaker to the Pats if they tied for the 1 seed, now if the Texans win next week that wraps up the #1 seed because they have the H2H tiebreaker on Denver so going 13-3 would be just as good as going 14-2, either way they get the #1 seed. This now hurts the chances of Indy losing at home in a win, and in situation if it presents it self week 17 against the Texans if they decide to run the likes of TJ Yates, and other backups out there with nothing to play for.
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    Jets To Sign WR Edwards

    He tore his meniscus back in September 2011, and I have had a complete tear of my meniscus, (I was 28, and did while in goal playing hockey) after surgery the Dr. Told me the meniscus tore, and flipped, and because I don't play sports for a living I was told I could either have surgery, or try, and let it heal it self which would take longer, but would require no surgery (when I was 18 I had a slight tear in my other knee of my meniscus, I had no health insurance at the time, it did eventually heal, but I reaggrevated it twice in 2 years, finally when I got serious about getting back in shape did it fully heal, and not give me any more trouble since I was 22), anyway after the surgery because of the flip if I choose to not have surgery it would have never really healed. It took me about 2 months to feel comfortable doing light physical activity, and I was back in goal with no fear, or further problems 10 months later, and could have done that earlier, but that was when season started. My point is Braylon either had a bad surgeon, (my surgeon was the Arizona Dbacks on call orthopedic for when they were in the northeast, and mid-Atlantic road trips) never had surgery, or has other undisclosed knee problems if it really is still bothering him. Hopefully he was just depressed, and never got over getting dumped by his 1 true love, and that love is giving him a 2nd chance, and we see BE back in Beast Mode for 3 games, time will tell.
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    The one thing the kid has is BALLS! It took BALLS to say what he said in the offseason, and then step back inside the doors of Flo Park, and not get spit out, but actually get a team pumped because he was taking the field, this don't mean he will be the next whom ever, but he got BALLS!
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    ***Official 2013 Draft Thread***

    So if a blue chip stud is available at pick 5, but he is a defender, and by far the BAP you would rather reach for an offensive player, and pass on the Defensive stud, and if they don't you would be pissed?
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    Drafting a QB 2013 draft

    If the Jets want to win in 2013 they need to sign 2 run mauling OLmen, who are Proven Veteran leaders, and draft/sign/trade for a playmaking RB, and replace at least 3 of the 4 starting LB's, I HOPE our young DL just needs some more experience, and will be at least serviceable. Like the 49ers you have to continue to roll out there with Sanchez until his contract expires after next season, and hope providing him with a stud physical OL, and running game either makes him serviceable, or even improved alla Alex Smith. Unless Geno Smith falls in our lap, or we fall on our face into his lap this season/offseason we are stuck with the likes of Sanchez, unless Woody does something stupid by giving up the future to go all in on a guy like Matt Schaub (just an example) and continues to spend top money on 1 or 2 positions, and ignoring the most important areas on offense OL, and playmaking RB's. I don't know who these guys would be for next season, I haven't checked into the availability of players yet, I still have hope Rex can grab his nut sack, and go back to blitzing 8 men every play to stuff the run, and hit the QB, the play calls from 2009 to 2012 on D are like there is a new coordinator here or something, and I think it all goes back to Rex watching the Patriots counter it, and changing his whole style to counter that, but for some reason he stopped doing it to every other team to. Go watch the game tape of any 2009 game after Jenkins went down, we had the same talent level, heck most of the same players, and we dominated by overloading on blitzes, and the most succesful ones were the A gap overloads they either stuffed the run from the handoff, or pushed the QB out of the pocket, or forced him to throw earlier then he wanted. Yes Revis is out for the year, but Cromartie is serviceable, and the rest of the CB's are equally as bad as the 2009 CB's, Lito ****ing Sheppard!
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    The Jets New Offense

    I have just finished watching the game again, and I have come away that this Jets offense is not your typical 50's G&P offense everyone was expecting, but more like the Jets offense under Parcells specifically 1998, TBH I really can't tell the difference between what the 1998 Jets base offense, and the current Jets base offense (non Tebow packages). By that I don't just mean actual formations, I really mean philosophy, the 1998 Jets put pressure on the D through the air, and used that to set up the run, and used the run to kill the game in the end when the D was tired, but most importantly they always went for the score every drive, there was never any give up 3rd downs with that team they tried to pick up the 1st down no matter the distance just like the high powered offenses in the league do now. I was extremely pleased with the play calls on 3rd down, will they always execute them as well as they did last week? I doubt it, but knowing they will be agressive in these situations is such a refreshing change, I think we can all agree on that. 3rd and 4 isnt lets try, and get 4-5 yards for the 1st down, it is now different levels of route running on the 3rd downs when it is a passing play, what I really mean here is that 3rd and 4 will more then not result in a 15+ yard play when the pass is completed, that is something we never saw with Schotty's offense 3rd and 4 ment we are trying to get 4 yards, and 4 yards only most of the time. If Sparano stays agressive with his play calling all year, and week 1 is what this offense will try, and do (non Tebow package) this NYJ's team can play with ANYONE, and beat ANYONE! It all falls on Sanchez, and his execution, he finally has a coach willing to put the ball in his hands to make plays down the field in a real NFL passsing offense, if Sanchez succeeds, and becomes an above average QB, with Rex's defense it is not absurd to think Super Bowl,or bust. What does everyone else feel about the new Offense? Who would you compare it to past, and present (again non Tebow packages)?
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    Bravo, this made me lol really loud thank you
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    Just got married in May knocked up my wife on our honeymoon, and bought a house last month, ive been breaking my back fixing it up, while my wife writes thank you cards for our wedding, and pretty much gives me sh*t all day because of her hormones, so I could really use a Sunday away at the Jets game and can't afford to go and by tickets myself, oh and did I mention my birthday is on Monday, thaks for the Bday present Max. I swear every word is true in this post.