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    I got a fever....and the only prescription? More Revis threads!
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    Move along, it's a new mock.

    Trade: Cromartie to the 49ers for their 2nd and 5th. 1: Tavon Austin WR/RB 2: Zac Ertz TE 2: Dallas Thomas OG 3: Gerald Hodges ILB/LB 4: Cornelius Washington DE/OLB 5: TJ McDonald S/DB 5: Sean Renfree QB 6: Quanterus Smith DE/OLB 7: Caleb Sturgis K
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    Sperm Edwards

    Ravens opening night on the Road

    Isn't Baltimore like the STD capital of the USA?
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    all we know for sure is everyone will say the jets got hosed and are doomed no matter what happens
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    I didn't see Jif post in this thread.
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    I would like us to not trade Revis if for no other reason than to shut rotoworld the f*Ck up.
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    Why not start Tebow at QB?

    I think this is a problem in a lot of industries. Thinking outside the Box gets you fired, blacklisted, ridiculed, etc. Most people don't want to be in that spot. Or they are still stuck in the dark ages and refuse to change. "If it's not broke, dont' fix it mentality." Once in a while somebody comes around and tries something different. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Look at the Steelers head coach. He's already trying to say Kapernick and Wilson and RG3 and those offenses are a one year wonder like the wildcat. It could be, but it's funny a guy who coaches Big Ben would talk about QBs getting hit. But it's that mentality or refusal to think outside the box. Tebow will probably never be a good QB in the traditional sense and you might never be able to rely on him as some franchise QB. But he went 8-8 with a Broncos team and beat the Jets 'vaunted' defense with Revis and Cromartie. He beat the Steelers and Tomlin's defense. One lucky play? You can say that about Brady and the Tuck too. Imagine if everybody just said it was because of the Pats defense that Brady won and they really lost to the Raiders. Brady sits, never plays again, and the Patriots never win again. Tebow isn't Brady, but the fact nobody is even giving him a chance is ridiculous. Mark Sanchez got 4 years, and probably will have year #5. And he sucks. And he has no confidence in his skills at this point. Hell, Jamarcus Russell got more of a shot than Tebow and he sucked and was a lazy overweight basket case. And stories are out he's making a comeback. The fact a story is written where Ruessel can make a comeback and Tebow should be in the AFL makes no sense.
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    Agreed. I bought a tazer for such instances.
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    I kind of agree with you , Jarvis Jones is too risky at 9 and he not going to last too many years , I would like the Jets to pick another player or trade down and gain more picks
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    LOL. Please don't take him. Please.
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    Star over Jones was true before the 4.92.
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    I would def take Star of Jones at 9.
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    nothing not wrong does that mean everything is right? too many negatives in that sentence. I do think people who are eager to ship him out harbor some sort of holdout-anger that has nothing to do with his value. He's friggin Revis it's insane to trade him for a 2nd.
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    Are the Jets really that bad ? ? ?

    Did he interview while sitting in a duck costume?
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    Says the village idiot of JN!