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    My Easter Prime Rib

    Ok, so tackled Prime Rib for the first time, and I am pretty damn pleased with my first go. Prime rib is the perfect cut for using the reverse sear. For the perfect Prime Rib, the goal is a nice crust exterior with as much pink medium rare meat as possible inside with an absolute minimum of gray well done meat around the edges. The conventional way of cooking big roasts is to do some type of high heat quick sear, either in a pan or in the oven or grill, to get a nice crust on the exterior, and then drop the heat to cook the inside to the desired finished temp. The problem here is two-fold. First, the key to searing the exterior is in desiccating (drying out) the exterior surface which needs to happen before the sear can occur. The extra time this takes introduces the second problem, that meat cooks from the outside in and the longer it sits at the high heat, the more penetration of well done cooked meat into the roast. This leaves you with a graduation of meat from gray well done, to light pink medium, to redder medium rare. By reversing the order, and first slowly cooking the roast then finishing quickly at a high heat, you are slowly bringing the whole roast to its desired temp while at the same time (and this here is the key) drying out the exterior surface. By desiccating that surface while slowly cooking over low heat, the roast needs only a fraction of the time at high heat to sear. Leaving you with less gray rings and more even medium rare across the slice. What I did. I took the roast, salted it the night before, then through it in the middle rack of my FEC120 fat cap up with peach pellets and cooked it at 180 until it hit an IT of 120, bout 3-3.5 hours. It then got pulled and wrapped in foil in a pan for about 1.5 hours. Right before service, I tossed it into my preheated oven at 550 for 10 minutes. I noticed both the cook in the smoker and the quick blaze in the oven released almost no juice, and there was very little shrinkage to the meat, which means all the juice was still in the roast. I am attributing this to the FEC120 holding 180 and allowing the meat to slowly rise to temp. You can get great results in an oven from start to finish, but keep this in mind: Use the lowest reliable temp you can in your oven, this will probably be 200 degrees. Pull the meat out and THEN raise the cooking temp of the oven to its hottest setting, probably 5-550. Do NOT let the meat sit in there while the temp rises. The key is to flash the meat quickly in the highest heat you can for 8-10 minutes. Enough time to sear the outside without penetrating too much into the center. Here's some pics.
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    This game has helped me learn how to be able to turn absolutely any situation into some sort of a gay joke. Does that count?
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    You think the moon landing was staged.
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    Without the players, all that $635M would've bought was a logo and a lease at an empty stadium. The league doesn't exist without players - or more specifically, elite players. The new CBA locks players up for years on the (relative) cheap, more years than the average length of a player's career. They inserted stiff fines that make it too expensive for a player to hold out, which was realliy the only recourse the players had when significantly outperforming their contracts. It's weighted in their favor because money writes the rules, and the owners hold the money, but it's not necessarily the way it should be. I don't know what the player's union got in return for those fines, but I hope it was something of significance. The rookie wage scale and the inability of players to hold out and maximize their value at the time when their value is highest suppresses all of their incomes.
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    2014 Jets Schedule

    Now, lets go get a GD snack.
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    My Easter Prime Rib

    Next time go to the site of the master, http://www.tailgatejoe.com/filet-mignon-sliders/
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    50/50 would be great, and there's plenty of room between that and where are the players are now. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-09-05/in-stadium-building-spree-u-s-taxpayers-lose-4-billion.html Eh, not this much.
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    Word Saturday draft parties were the bomb. This axxhole has effed everything up.
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    Bradley Roby arrested for OVI

    Defiant towards authority, fell further down my board
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    If we were truly logical people we wouldn't be Jets fans.
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    It's amazing these Jets aren't lining the streets with Lombardis.
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    3 days is already ridiculous. The draft should go back to the month of April and should be only 2 days, Saturday night (rds 1-2) and Sunday afternoon (rds 3-7). I already don't like that the first night is only the 1st round. It seriously makes the draft feel incomplete.
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    I can't lie, this worries me a bit...

    LMFAO - Big Ben was terrible that game. Rex stifled Manning, Brady and Big Ben in their homes. How coud you even begin to argue differently? F'ing clueless.
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    Joe Montana called, said you are the Fredo Corleone of JN
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    Sounds like he thought he could just sleep it off in the driver's seat outside the bar. We've all been there. Horrible timing, unfortunately.
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    B. Roethlisberger 10/19 133 7.0 0 2 2-12 65.6 35.5 Hey look, more stoopid stats! MY MEMORY SUCKS. I thought he threw for more than 133 yards and had more than ten completions and had more than zero touchdown passes and less than two interceptions. My apologies for my sh*tty memory. Who needs stats when you have a mind like a steel ******* trap??
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    I haven't seen any challenged yet. But that is going to be hysterical when it does happen. The short stop is two feet off the bag when he has the ball. They will be watching it closely in slow motion, lol. Tough call.
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    MLB does not employ the wonderlic.
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    2014 Jets Schedule

    week 1 raiders opener looks juicy week 2 at Lambeau real tough but week 4 the dome lions outside at Met Life is a favorable matchup. 2-2 thru 4? 3-1 seems too hopeful. if by some miracle they did pick off the bears week 3, they'd probably read their own clippings and drop to the Chargers. So whatever call those two a toss up. week 6 peyton at home will be a huge game for this team's season and the whole outlook. If they get waxed it's not gonna be pretty. Rex historically matches up well against Peyton so this is going to be some home underdog action. It's not divisional but it's basically their litmus test. week 9 at KC tough place to play (not very winnable) but week 10 at least the JEts aren't going to Pittsburgh this year. Another situation where they will be lucky to split. december outside in Minnesota, take the under. Beatable but could be a real ugly football game. As for the division the less said about NE the better and.. they basically have to sweep BUF and MIA to have any shot at playoffs. all in all if this team gets to 9-7 they did a good job. It's not an easy schedule.
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    I can't lie, this worries me a bit...

    The necessary improvements as judged by.... You and your expert football acumen and eye for talent? You know next to nothing about football and are wrong on 90% of any football opinion you have. Forgive me for feeling that if Rex and idzik don't mind going into the year with the fifteen cb's taken in the first two rounds.
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    Tanny would trade up

    I think Tanny would trade up and try to land a top wr and then trade up again to land a tight end. Maybe he would land Beck Jr and Nick, but at the expense of depth, he would probably grab a S and corner late and hope for the best. The NFL is becoming a lot like the NBA with all these lower (soph, jr,_) declaring, younger guys in the NFL, some of these guys won't be ready, just like the kids coming into the NBA and sitting for a couple of years until they mature. Grabing a CB at 18 would be absolutely cowardly, simply unacceptable and pathetic.
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    Italians in leadership positions are typically low character guys, pass. I've seen plenty of movies and Columbus was an evil dude that played for Spain, butt fumbling his way to the the wrong continent.