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    Yeah, because this is just what JN needed, an entirely new thread for you to carry on with your same tired, repetitive, insufferably clueless, incessant whining. You're starting to make shasta seem like a solid contributor to the site.
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    Always with you it is about ball size. You're a strange fellow.
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    Remember Hugh Millen? Of course you dont.
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    I'm not passing judgment yet on the 2014 draft class. Nor should you be either. Instead you are already viewing it through the most negative of lenses and predicting, through one camp and one preseason game, that only 3 of our 12 draft picks will match their value. We get it, you don't like John Idzik. Your act is tired. Find something else to do with your time.
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    Gen X Jet

    Saunders has one car accident

    I bet it was NJ and its stupid jug-handles.
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    Don't talk like one of them. You're not, even if you'd like to be. To them, you're just a freak...like me. They need you right now...but when they don't...they'll cast you out like a leper. You see, their morals, their code...it's a bad joke, dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be. I'll show you. When the chips are down, these...These civilized people...they'll eat each other. See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.
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    If you don't have a 2nd or 3rd round pick, you're not a good GM. Sorry.
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    Saunders has one car accident

    Let's get all the facts before we jump to any conclusions.
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    There really isnt much expectation once you gets past the 3rd round. Its a complete crap shoot after that. That said, I think the Jets will get starters out of this draft in Pryor, Amaro, McDougle, Dozier and Saunders (as ST's guy), which is a great haul. And I'm very intrigued by IK and Quincy...both are sick athletes who could be players over the next 2-3 seasons but not ones I'd count on.
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    This is a proud day for the interwebs

    Just in Fudge
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    I don't think it takes much skill at KR these days. "Hey, are you good at watching footballs go over your head and out the back of the end zone?" "Yeah." "You get the job." F***ing Goodell.
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    The downside of taking Manziel in round 1 is a bit more than "oh well, let's try again next year" if he doesn't work out. This is (among other reasons) why so many GMs passed on him (and other round 1 QBs). You take a QB in round 1 - particularly a super high profile one like Manziel - and he's getting his shot whether it's justified or not. And if not, he takes the whole team down with him unless you miraculously happen to have castoff Kurt Warner as your backup, ready for the 2nd out-from-nowhere surge in a miracle of a career. Arizona had a SB team with Warner. The same exact team with Leinart would have been 5-11, and during that same playoff run fans would instead have been arguing what to do with their top 5 pick the following April. One concern is Manziel is Leinart (minus the height, plus the cocaine). And without Warner there, Leinart would have been Arizona's QB for a couple of forgettable seasons despite true SB potential. Of course in hindsight, had they gone with only Leinart, the team never would have been talked about in such terms, and those suggesting SB potential would have been laughed at. A bad, high-profile, 1st round QB - one who MUST be given his chance and then some - takes down a whole franchise. He wastes prime years of other good (if not stud) players that may not be as good or even on the team anymore by the time you get the next QB in place with a year or two under his belt. Not to mention the beast of a player who may have been on the team in his stead. As though Jets fans, in particular, needed any proof of this. And I'm quite sure if the Jets - from Idzik on down to Lee - thought Geno really didn't have the mental+physical ability, they'd have drafted another QB this year prior to the very bottom of round 6, if only to do so. It serves the team no purpose to do otherwise. So they clearly do believe Smith has potential. They will either be right or they will be wrong. Lastly, as it's been mentioned dozens of times, Cleveland (who had nothing but Hoyer, with 1 year remaining on his contract, not even Geno Smith with 3 years) decided to draft a DB over Manziel. The guy fell right into their lap and they said, "No thanks. We'll take a #2 CB instead."
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    Good Lord. Hitting hard is not outlawed. Hitting hard is not BEING outlawed. Leaving your feet to blindside guys with their back turned is. Helmet to helmet (which is not even Pryor's thing anyway) is outlawed. If Pryor was a one-trick pony that just hit hard and did little else, he wouldn't have had a 1st round grade - or barely even a 4th round grade - in a draft class like 2014. Hell, Eric Smith hit hard enough to break the jaw of a big WR wearing his helmet. That doesn't make someone a 1st round prospect. Smith was a reach even using a 3rd round compensatory pick (basically a high 4th). So the big deal with Pryor being solely his ability to hit hard is utter silliness. And I don't even know much about the guy's college career. But I do know guys don't get consensus 1st round grades because of a thing that even a strong, non-athlete can do.
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    So does he sucks or not, I want to know before the season starts, cause I don't wanna root for him and look dumb.
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    Rookie CB Kyle Fuller injured in Bears game

    Thanks Idzik. Wait, wrong thread?
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    I know this tony thing is getting long in the tooth, but I feel compelled to add my perspective. In my view tony is not in the wrong here, in any part of the video, from causing the wreck or to hitting the kid. First the wreck in which the kid was mad about in the first place. Ward tried to pass tony in the outside lane, his car did not stick and could not hold in order to complete the pass, which you can see by his rear tires going into an oversteer condition. (Sliding out to the right and contacting the wall) tony had the inside position all the way. Now to the hitting ward, the rev of the engine you hear is coming from the blue car that barely missed ward when he got back on the gas, that was not Tonys car! Tony never moved from his line until he hit the kid, if he would of turned the wheel left and added gas or came of the gas abruptly, the cars rear tires would of stepped out to the right and hit the kid anyhow, by the time tony had seen the car in front swerve to miss the kid, then loft tony to locate and comprehend why it the car in front did what it did, it was too late, any sudden input change to his car would of resulted hitting the kid. So tony held steady in hopes of the kid moving at the last second. Now for ward, he was absolutely wrong for one; getting out of the car without the safety crew present, you only get out if the car is on fire. 2nd for working down the track to confront tony. Either action would cause a suspension if he survived. Just for background, this is what I do for a living, motorsports, I build and set up Porsches for competition racing, I've been in professional racing since 2001, have been part of 3 championships, and have worked for many teams in grand am, and lemans, from working on Patrick Dempsey's team, to stuff with the Petty's and just about everything in between, I watch tons of telemetry and in car video to help identify what a car is doing under load, and chassis dynamics. Nothing in that video suggested that tony did anything on purpose to scare or hurt this kid, his car did not react in any way to suggest he did. Just look at the car that swerved to miss ward, you can see the counter steer and the rear tires rolling over from the sudden change in vehicle dynamics, he is damn lucky he didn't hit the kid, because that type of input on a sprint car on dirt is not a normal reaction from the car, most would of slid and travelled up the track and hitting the kid. Tonys car did not show any attitude change until he hit the kid, the front shot to the right as the kid was hit with the rear tires, then you see tony counter steer to the left to regain control, and no change in his throttle, he did all he could to keep the car stable. ward put himself and tony, and others in a bad spot doing what he did, and he paid for it with his life. I feel for the ward family, people do stupid things when angry. Ok rant over, back to Sanchez sucks!!!!
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    Mark Sanchez BALLIN' out at Eagles camp

    I just gave this thread a 5 star rating, so that must mean it is a good thread keep on fighting the good fight, Mr. Shane
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    Why are you so hostile? Is it because Idziot has not caught on the way that Izdick has?
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    LOL at the fact that JN's own Kenny Powers actually owns a Jet Ski.
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    Rex on Calvin Pryor

    Geez, how many euphemisms for penis can one guy come up with?
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    ^^^ Truth. Plenty of time later to hang out in a Target parking lot alone smoking synthetic weed and greasing your own pole anonymously. Ball out while people still care who you are. DCL
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    It's like the bastard child of Brick Tamlin and Roseanne Barr that grew up in Southie.
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    Jets reach out to Asante Samuel

    Wow, you are a special kind of stupid, eh? He used the Jets to get the money he wanted from the team he wanted to play for. These things are not mutually exclusive, there's no sort of double-talk or contradiction in what I'm saying. It's called being an opportunist. As for the bottom line, I never said there weren't lots of other options. I'm speaking exclusively about Revis.
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    Jets reach out to Asante Samuel

    No son, I think the short bus is in both your past and future. The contradiction is simple, you believe Revis is all about the money, yet the Jets could have offered more money than the pats but you still believe he would have signed with the Pats. On second thought Son, you should be driving the short bus.
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    So in a draft where the Jets desperately needed offensive weapons it looks like there are zero draft picks who will contribute on offense this year. GREAT JOB IDZIK. The jets don't employ one person who can pick offensive players. Not one.
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    Amaro has two catches for 18 yards in the preseason. Eric Decker has 2 catches for 12 yards in the preseason. Perhaps Decker should go back and watch grainy film clips of Crazy Legs Hirsch. Rex is an idiot.
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    The universe? Best wishes for a quick recovery for the young man. Idzik is not to blame for this one. You can't predict an injury due to a car accident. You can definitely predict injuries to Dimitri Patterson and Dexter McDougle. That's why Idzik is to blame for those ones.
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    How many of Idzik's 12 2014 draft picks will live up to their expectations? Meaning, 6th rounder plays like a 6th rounder, 1st rounder plays like a 1st rounder, etc. Of the 12, I'll say 3. A few of them are already out for the season, a few will be cut, and none (including Pryor and Amaro) have been even slightly impressive.