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    In fact, now that Rex is there, you'll be seeing that 12th man three or four plays a game.
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    Rex wants Simms to teach him about the offense the Jets used to run when he was coach.
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    No he did not. Tannenbaum structured all the verteran contracts to come due in Idzik's second year. He made his last push with Sanchez and put us right up against the cap as much as he could to help, but he setup 2013 as the bailout year to be able to clear the space. Idzik just pushed the button on what was already in place. He did nothing creative at all to get us under the cap like that. Tannenbaum was an idiot as a personnel guy, but he was a genius with contracts and salary caps. He knew exactly what he was doing setting us up for that. Idzik did nothing good here. He had terrible drafts, terrible FA's, and did nothing cap wise. Not to mention he was atrocious with the media, spent 30 minutes on an ad hoc mumbly rambling mid year presser that was cringeworthy. I did not like Tanny as a GM, but I'll be damned seeing Idzik getting credit for something he didn't do.
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    mope \ˈmōp\ 1 archaic : to act in a dazed or stupid manner 2 : to give oneself up to brooding : become listless or dejected 3 : to move slowly or aimlessly
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    He is the proverbial "Drama Queen" Between all the attention grabbing quotes (usually to the detriment of the team) his People Magazine weight-loss diary to even the blaming of others... I am so finished with this guy. I like having a man's man running the show as opposed to an attention needy boy. Good-Bye Rex!
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    I got a "Ryan Leaf" vibe from Geno after he got benched in San Diego - looked like he was pouting on the sidelines. Just not sure this kid has the mental fortitude for the game at this level.
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    Can't wait to read how jeaniec hears Simms is "coming along" nicely.
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    1/2 Re: Brandon Marshall raise: He had other suitors while on trading block. In competitive situation, Jets agreed to sweeten deal. #nyj As for Wilkerson, I don't know why people are so upset. He hasn't a good year since 2012. He's been injured and inconsistent since. If he has a great year this year, then pay him
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    He is last 5 games after his benching showed promise. Let's hope he turned a corner. Nothing to lose hoping that he's learning. Simms mop up duty has shown nothing. Simms has never shown that he could do it during a NFL game Proving once again there is no better player in the NFL than a backup QB. There will always be someone screaming he can't be worse. Ignoring the obvious, he is worse
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    They're permitted and actually welcomed. as long as its directed at the conduit.
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    you and rex seem to be in the same boat,no? he cant let the jets go and you cant let rex go. keep on,tho
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    I have read this board basically everyday for 10 years. the last I checked, I don't remember a single poster starting a " rex is a great guy thread" since he was fired or even on the hot seat. what I do see on a daily or weekly basis is "rex is a piece of sh*t" thread. dude farts sideways and there is a 10 page thread fiull of hate most of which is filled with comments from posters who don't have a single clue to what they are talking about. agenda driven vomit. extremely unhealthy obsession. then you get a few guys who chime in to defend the truth and sanity on this board, which are then labeled rex apologists or some other silly sh*t. stop acting like there is this group of rex defenders talking out of their azz. the way I see it, and the way a sane person would see it, it is completely the other way around. unhealthy obsession mixed with made up facts. rex killers, you keep on truckin,tho
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    Geno ain't making it out of the pre-season as the starter. You can say whatever the hell you want trying to bash fitz, but he gives us the best chance to win in 2015-16. Geno is not an NFL caliber starting QB. I can't stand the sight of him. God, that effin hoodie...I wanted to throw a brick through the TV.
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    "I became a writer for Bleacher Report in April 2011, and after months of hard work and determination, I was named a Featured Columnist in January 2012."
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    Three playoff appearances! In five years! THREE!!
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    How? He picked Rex's Safety in the 1st. He picked a CB in the 3rd. Picked CB & DL in the 1st the prior yr. he signed Decker, Babin, a veteran QB Rex screwed himself over. Club Rex, where players can come and go as they please. Maybe if he actually acted like a HC instead of a frat buddy his team would resemble a disciplined NFL team that executes instead of making excuses.
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    chan gailey began coaching in 1922. everybody knows what he runs.
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    me too, she told me to stop begging her to date me, I said it wasn't begging I was just being proactive.
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    Nothing screams " interest " from a potential employer like them not returning any of your phone calls begging for them to hire you.
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    Simms = super ultimate punt protector.
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    Is it considered tampering even if the player is useless?
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    Has Idziot watched film and learned what a cornerback and wide receiver actually do on a football team?
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    The stench of Rex continues to linger, my friends. What a complete tool.
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    Why are we still talking about Rex Ryan? Honestly, I think we all should be the most excited about the upcoming season than we have been for a long te now.
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    Congratulations to Bryce Petty on his inevitable accession to the most popular player on NY talk radio
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    The question is who do you want to see as our starting RG, that answer is obvious. Harrison. Means we got a steal and he played well enough to beat out all the JAGs we have stacked up at Guard. If the question is who do I think Will be our Right Guard. I would have to go with Aboushi.
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    Rex Ryan is the biggest clown who used to be the head coach of the New York Jets. All his smack talk and trash talk ruined the 2011 season.Especially the Christmas Eve game versus the Giants in which the Jets lost. I really hope the Jets beat his team twice both by big margins. I have not forgiven Rex Ryan for not owning up to his predictions and not winning a Super Bowl .He had 2 chances at if he won those AFC Championship games. Let him talk because I know he always will be a clown who talks big and loses big. I can't wait until those two sundays when the Jets play the Bills its going to be must watch television. Go Jets!
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    Bills 2015 offense- 1st down-2-yard run. 2nd down-1-yard run. 3rd down-incompletion. 4th down-punt. The rest is details. When it comes to offense Rex Ryan is the biggest pussy in NFL history.
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    Mental makeup is a limiting factor to upside and impossible to ignore.
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    Spin, spin, spin!!! It's remarkable how he and the media want to feed the clueless public a story on what happened with the Jets. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, Ryan had the ENTIRE organization in his hands from 2009-2012. ANYTHING he wanted he got because of his early success so the dysfunctional offense, indecision at the QB position and the downturn of talent on the roster were HIS doing. Ryan wasn't "checked" in moving the organization until 2013 when Idzik got here
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    Agreed , Rex went down swinging here who is he kidding ?...he unleashed his dog Mehta on the world who spread Rex's word from the minute Idzik was hired...it's already been proven the " anonymous source " was Rex the whole time...,his way of going down swinging in buffalo will be more of the same , buddy up to a beat writer and smear the GM.
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    I've seriously never heard a coach talk so much about himself with "I" and "me" vs. the actually team "we" etc.
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    Interesting. My vibe on Geno is that he is very insecure, indecisive, and that he puts on a front. He is all bravado--but he has a strong arm. Maybe the confidence will come with a new coach?
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    I disagree, I think the veteran Fitzpatrick is the better option for a team that is talented enough to compete for a division title at all the other position groups. Unless if Geno is a completely changed QB this year, he's not the answer based on what I saw his first 2 seasons. The specifics have been beaten to death at this point but that's how I feel. Geno gets rattled very easily. People look at the 3 or 4 games in the entire season that he played well, and forget about the 8 games where they only had 1-2 good drives per game and the other drives it felt like an accomplishment when the team got a 1st down. A FIRST DOWN!!! Half the season was unwatchable football and it starts with the QB who, among other issues, was terribly inaccurate on a lot of wide open looks. All I know is for the past 5 seasons Fitzpatrick has thrown more TDs than INTs in each of those seasons, plus has a higher completion percentage, and that is the kind of track record we need at the starting QB position for a win-now team. And don't tell me "fumbles" because I looked the stats up and Geno fumbles just as much. Our problem is, we have a new OC who comes in and falls in love with Geno's "upside." Yeah, Browning Nagle had "upside" too. But intangibles matter more at the QB position in the NFL. And Geno just doesn't seem to have those intangibles. Fitzpatrick should be the bridge to the Petty era. Petty is the real QB of the future here.
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    It really is the only way to go, start Geno, give him every chance. But us being preprogrammed jets fans coupled with the meager returns of previous belief in Geno makes us, dare I say, skeptical...
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    Hill wasn't Idziks pick.
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    After reading the entire article, which is just a few paragraphs shorter than War and Peace, this kid better make the team.
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    Can you feel it, see it, hear it today? If you can't then it doesn't matter anyway.

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