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    I don't post much at all anymore, but I do read the posts and let you younger guys hammer it out. I've been a Jets fan since '64...a junior in high school when the Jets picked Namath. Before that, not much of a fan of any particular team. Fast forward to 1968, the Jets best team by far. I'm in a little place called Vietnam. Found out the Jets won the SB about 3 days after...communication wasn't like it is today. They hire this Joe Douglas guy and to be honest, I didn't know much about him like most of you...just what I read after I knew the Jets were eyeing him. I watched his presser the other day and afterwards, he brought his family on stage. BAM...there it was! Like a beacon in the dark that made my eyes almost as big as our HC. Joe's dad standing in the back wearing a cap...it said VIETNAM VETERAN. Like I said, it doesn't mean anything to you guys, but to me, this is an omen or it could be nothing. Let's hope this is an omen, because I'm in the winter of my life and not many seasons left.
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    Because someone had the temerity to suggest Maccagnan has done a good job here - or even an acceptable one - page one of JetNation must be counterbalanced with another highlighting how awful he is and has been. There's a well known expression, that gets repeated around here a lot, about the definition of insanity. Keeping a GM like Maccagnan makes me think of that. Another that comes to mind goes something like those who don't know history are destined to repeat it. Well plenty have brought up draft picks, particularly those drafted outside the top 6 overall (where a junior high school kid could credibly succeed if armed only with an internet connection) -- selections that range from the merely terrible to the outright humiliating. However Maccagnan is and has been the GM here, and not merely the head of college scouting, so let's see more of the non-draft GM'ing we can expect more of in the future by looking at the past...if you get an hour with nothing to do, lol: Right away he set the stage to lose Damon Harrison instead of extending him while he had all the leverage. It's stupidity he's repeated to this day, and the only reason it isn't more obvious is he has signed so few players worth keeping that there's again a mountain of cap room. It's doubtful Snacks would have cost even $6MM per year as a RFA in the spring of 2015, when no one would fork over a 2nd rounder to pry him away from us (nor was there a leak anyone offered us anything at all for him, to see if we'd take a 4th rounder or something) -- not even after the draft, when a surrendered pick wouldn't come due until the following season. We had a mountain of cash to spend, and instead of using a mere $5MM-ish of it to reinvest in the DL's keystone, it myopically went on short-term older and bad veterans listed below. So we lost him in 2016, after 1 more year of his consistently good play, and then spent $3.5 MM/year on Steve McLendon to replace him. This FA Master decided that the 30 year-old McLendon and ~$2MM/year savings was worth more than the 27 year-old Harrison. After the swap, the Jets' DL immediately fell apart and it hasn't been the same ever since. Where'd that mountain of cap money go instead? David Harris at $7.5MM per with 2 years fully guaranteed. It was utterly ridiculous at the time to pay him like a top-5 ILB. He was slow 5 years earlier in his mid-20s when Alge Crumpler, who looked every bit of 300 pounds in his final NFL season, ran him down from behind (and from across the field) after a pick was thrown right at him in the playoffs. Solid player once upon a time, but at this time to hand him this contract was just foolishness. It foreshadowed what was to come from a GM who was in way over his head from the start. Antonio Cromartie at $7MM for 2015 (and $8MM per beyond that if kept) was insane. It may have been only 1 year, but they paid him 2 years of his annual value in that 1 year. Arizona got him for half that in between his Jets years. Worse still, this stupidity was offered after already signing Revis and Skrine. Was Bowles the one who had Cro on his wish list? Undoubtedly. That doesn't mean you pay any price if you know better. Macc didn't know better. Bowles actually tried making excuses for Cro's terrible preseason, citing how he's a slow starter but it'll get better. It never did, and he was cut after just 1 year of paying him at the rate of a top 15 corner. Darrelle Revis ended up as 2 years at a jaw-dropping $19.5MM per because Maccagnan guaranteed him some $10MM more than #2-bidder NE, after he already showed he wasn't the player he once was (and was never going to be again). But hey, he got to show off to his boss that he was the one who got Revis back. Revis showed him why even the 2nd-highest bid was so much lower. So we were treated to one pretty good season for $39MM. Marcus Gilchrist at $5.5MM per. Cut after 2 years for sucking on the job. Buster Skrine at $6MM per. Since 2015 he has been every Jets fan's favorite player to rip on, and makes every Jets fan's list on whom to cut the following season. At least now he won't be on those lists because he'll be a FA. Get that? This is the shining example of a successful Maccagnan FA signing who played out the entire contract. Brandon Marshall at $9MM, but the reality to the story is he was given to us by a Bears team that wanted him not just gone, but gone specifically to the Jets so we wouldn't draft a "#1" WR in the slot ahead of them the following month. Any draft pick they got in return was gravy. James Carpenter. At $5MM per season he looked like a brilliant pickup those first 2 seasons. Well he was the leftover starter remaining after other FA targets decided to sign with other teams, so it's not like Carpenter was the target. I think the top target was Boling (can't remember for sure), but he got extended last minute. Next target was Iupati, and after going full court press on him, the guard signed with Arizona instead. Carpenter was the leftover, and exceeded all expectations for '15 and '16 (if it was expected, Carpenter would have been the first choice at this price). But that ended abruptly in 2017, and we still kept him on for another lousy season in 2018 because Maccagnan brought in or drafted nobody else (again). If the drafts weren't so OL-barren maybe he could have been benched in mid-2017 and (appropriately) cut before 2018. Trapping himself into keeping this player for 2 substandard seasons at full pay badly tarnishes the original signing. Quinton Coples. This one gets forgotten about, because we got lucky, but had Coples gotten injured before he got benched in 2015, the Jets would have been locked into paying him $7MM in 2016 because Maccagnan exercised his 5th year option. Coples was cooperative enough to play even worse, without getting badly injured, so he was able to get benched and then cut before he stubbed his toe in the locker room. For all the money spent, there isn't a single totally-good pickup in the whole bunch, and the draft looks even worse with the benefit of hindsight. This should tell anyone how useless the NFL Executive of the Year award really is. Maccagnan's tenure unfortunately didn't end at the 2015 offseason, though: Fitzpatrick the 2016 free agent was an extended, national embarrassment that made Maccagnan look like the enormous amateur he was and is: offering a contract no one else would consider matching, and leaving it out on the table for 5 months of refusal by the player. Then after he caved to Fitz and they agreed $12MM for the season - i.e. after they got some firsthand glimpses of Hackenberg on the practice field - Maccagnan childishly leaked to the media that Fitz had 24 hours to show up to sign it or the GM was rescinding the offer. What an insecure a-hole. Meanwhile if he'd simply cut ties with Fitz instead of offering a 3-year extension, someone else would have signed him. We'd have been rid of him, we'd have had another $12MM to play with, we could have moved on as a team, and as a bonus we would have been granted a compensatory pick for losing him on top of it all. Most of all it would have forced his hand to do the right thing and move up to #1 in the draft instead of staying pat while figuring Fitz was his ace in the hole, and fully piss away two NFL seasons in the process for nothing. A smart GM, if he was going to re-sign Fitz at all, makes a deal with him during the 2015 season not after it's over with Fitz then a UFA eyeing the latest year of salary inflation. Waiting too long on extensions is a pattern with Macc that continues to this day. Breno Giacomini. The Jets had a bit of a cap problem after all Macc's early spending. Breno wasn't a Maccagnan acquisition, but by 2016 the guaranteed portion of his contract was comfortably behind us so he was year to year. He was far too injured to make the opening day roster, wasn't good even when 100% healthy, and instead of cutting him like he should have - or at least negotiating a large pay cut in exchange for a guaranteed roster spot - Maccagnan keeps him at full pay ($5MM; then still decent starter money for a RT). What was the concern -- that there'd be a mad rush for teams to sign a badly-injured Breno off waivers at $5MM? Well after 7 weeks on the PUP list he returned to the 2-5 Jets. After just 5 starts he went on IR and rookie Shell filled in the rest of the way. Remember total wastes like this $5MM when the Jets could have signed this or that player for an extra million or two per season more than they offered. Ryan Clady. This was a mess of Maccagnan's own making; he was not a victim of circumstance here. He did nothing with regards to the overpriced Brick while FAs (e.g. Okung) signed elsewhere. Then a week into April he suddenly gives Brick an ultimatum: take a 50% pay cut or get released. Brick refuses, which unnecessarily creates an hole at LT two weeks before the draft. To fix this he then trades away a mid-round pick for the unreliable Clady, who predictably gets injured, and after playing injured for over a month has to go on IR for the 2nd half of the season. Basically about $1MM per game for Clady; even more if you want to count only healthy games. A smart person would have just done nothing and wait to the draft (or at least wait through the first 3 rounds) instead of creating a crisis, or made sure he signed an available FA LT when he had the chance. Amazingly, after this failure injured half-season, this boob of a GM actually offered Clady another new contract to keep him for longer. As is the case with many of Maccagnan's best non-moves, the Jets were only saved by the player turning it down; in this case due to Clady thinking too highly of his own worth. No one else made him any offer at all, and he retired. Brandon Marshall. After showing himself to be a (if not the) major source for major discord in the locker room in 2016, this doltish GM offered him an extension. Much like with FAs a year later, the offer was turned down because even Marshall didn't want to spend more time on teams Maccagnan was charged with assembling. Jarvis Jenkins. This useless sack of crap was paid $3MM as a UFA to be a backup for half a season, in the same offseason we were due to lose a handful of qualifying UFAs. If Jenkins wasn't such an impossibly awful pickup, and they could justify keeping him for 1 full season, this pickup would have cost us a 3rd round compensatory pick. Read that again; that is exactly what Maccagnan the great FA picker-upper signed on for. A technicality that gave him a redo he never thought he'd need, plus Jenkins sufficiently demonstrating his full uselessness prior to week 10, allowed Maccagnan to be rescued from his own sub-moronic plan. Matt Forte. A has-been who'd been on a steady decline for years. Maccagnan signed this north of 30 years old RB starter-money, guaranteed this starter money for 2 seasons, and as a cherry on top this pickup canceled out the mid-round compensatory pick we'd have been awarded for losing Chris Ivory to FA. After 2 generally poor seasons, Forte's going away present was lobbying to Bowles to fire the only Jets coach/coordinator who didn't call plays like he was trying to get the Jets some spots in NyQuil and Unisom commercials. Bilal Powell. I've liked Powell better than most, I think, but as a GM you sign either Forte or you sign Powell, not both. Pick one veteran, then draft young players for this youngest-man's position. Locking himself into both of these guys for 2 years - plus the compensatory draft pick each cost - undoubtedly influenced undervaluing RB prospects' worth to the Jets when our picks were coming up. Instead of Kamara or Hunt (current news on the latter notwithstanding), the "value" move for Macc was trading down ...and drafting Ardarius Stewart. When a GM surrenders a compensatory draft pick or fails to trade a player for a pick, it's the same as trading a pick itself instead of keeping it. He's choosing one over the other. Well in 2016 alone, Maccagnan was prepared to trade away 4 draft picks so he could sign/re-sign Jarvis Jenkins, Matt Forte, Bilal Powell, and Steve McLendon (I'd throw in Fitz in there but a team is limited to 4 compensatory picks in any one season; so swap him in place of any of the other 4 if you like). Think those draft picks weren't valuable? He did, and he spent half the ensuing 2017 draft trading down to get them all back, and in doing so drafted inferior prospects. He really stinks at this. Muhammad Wilkerson. Another embarrassment. Macc could have extended Mo in 2015 when his price tag was likely in the $10MM/year range. He didn't, because he wanted to trade him instead. Fair enough, but he was and is so bad at this: his asking price of a 1st & more was beyond what anyone would pay. Then a year later in 2016 - after Mo's 12 sack season - he repeats the same exact mistake, seeking a 1st rounder yet again, which of course still no one would pay. Then the 2016 draft comes, and he's miraculously offered a rescue parachute that would cleanly solve all of his biggest problems at once: trade up to #1 and draft a franchise QB. It would have made his then-embarrassing Fitz debacle go away; would have made the Mo holdout and non-negotiation go away; and would have solved the little problem of getting a great young QB in his 2nd year on the job. It would also have saved him from the embarrassment of a QB he did draft. Maccagnan passes up on it all because he felt an extra 3rd rounder made the price too steep. He instead passes up on Goff (or Wentz) at #1 and stays where we were at #20: he drafts Lee, drafts Hackenberg, signs Fitz for $12MM, and then to make room for Fitz he signs Mo to a $17MM/year contract that ended up being $37MM for 2 years (and no draft pick) -- for a player he wanted to trade away in the first place. And as though all that wasn't enough, we find out later that Maccagnan knew of Mo's lazy tendencies beforehand. Sheldon Richardson. While people are fast to point to the Seahawks rescuing Maccagnan from his own stupidity, let's examine. He had Sheldon, Mo, and had just exercised the 5th year option for Coples when he drafted Leonard Williams with the 6th overall pick. Coples aside, since he was still standing up at OLB, it's still one too many: nobody runs a 4-man line with no edge rushers on it; it's just too slow regardless of the individual talent. Moving Sheldon around (including at LB) gets poked fun at by fans, but he was too good to keep on the sideline and it was an effort to get all his best players on the field and Sheldon was easily the most athletically versatile among them (especially in 2016 after Coples was long gone). The solution was to move at least one of them then - either right after drafting Leo, or at the latest after that 2015 season - while both Mo and Sheldon had higher trade value. Instead all 3 were kept for two full seasons. The 2nd rounder for Sheldon of course carried the trade value of a late 3rd rounder, since the pick didn't come until the following season. That's the calculation Seattle made, and saved Maccagnan from his stupid self because his phone wasn't ringing off the hook despite everyone knowing he wanted to move Sheldon. For all the fan cooing over that transaction, we should have already had our FQB before May of 2016, using either Mo or Sheldon to move up to #1, with that opportunity offered on a silver platter. Instead we went with keeping Leo and Mo and Sheldon, drafting Christian Hackenberg, and then bringing back Fitzpatrick (followed by McCown after him). This is the domino effect of not making a move when the opportunity is there, with multiple NFL seasons unnecessarily wasted, as the byproduct of Maccagnan's ineptitude. Ben Ijalana. Though this 2017 FA signing seems insignificant amid some of these whoppers, it should be noted that even after seeing up close what little he brought, and after signing Beachum to a 3-year deal, Maccagnan then signed Ijalana for nearly $6MM for that same 2017 season (eventually declining the following year option at ~$5MM). What this did was effectively make a meh but not unreasonable Beachum UFA signing at $8MM per in actuality a $14MM signing for the Beachum-Ijalana duo at left tackle. For 2017 the Jets spent as much on that Beachum-Ijalana duo as any other NFL team spent for its left tackle starter+backup combo. This was in a planned tank offseason, no less; if Beachum was bad again what would have been the harm? It's not like Ijalana is the cure to left tackle ills anyway. Brian Winters. Entering 2016 Winters was a $3-4MM guard: a marginal starter drafted somewhat recently, with some potential. Winters did a fine job when Colon went on IR, but his play before that was spotty to say the least. Maccagnan has it leaked out he was going to make a play for Osemele in FA. If the Jets did sign Osemele then Winters would lose his starting job and spend the final season of his rookie contract as a backup. That was the time a good GM locks up his young guard. Maccagnan doesn't. And he doesn't sign Osemele either, because the Raiders offer him like $12MM - left tackle money at the time - and Maccagnan had already blown too much cap room in 2015 to afford that (especially with Fitz and Mo situations lingering). So he waits until another full season goes by, and after painting himself into a corner is forced to fork over an $8MM/year deal for a guard he could have had for about half that in 2016 (certainly for no more than Carpenter got a year earlier as a full UFA with a former 1st round pedigree). The reasons this doesn't look so bad? First is the other 4 offensive linemen - the ones that Maccagnan actually brought in himself - are all worse players than Winters. Second is the massive amount of cap room because the team has so few of Macc's picks & pickups worth extending/keeping. Trumaine Johnson. Looks like the latest in a long line of FAs who don't come close to living up to the price paid, using the Jets for their final cash-ins before mailing in their careers. I never saw a player tweak his quad a little in practice and then miss a month (or rather, I hadn't until this season). Turning 30 at the close of the 2019 season, he was always going to be in danger of getting cut after the 2 year guaranteed portion of his FA contract ran out. Therefore it was in his interest to just go after the largest guarantee, no matter where that was, and structure it with a purposely-lower year 3 amount to entice the team to keep him for the first of the non-guaranteed seasons. Basically unlike the other ultra-high dollar FAs who turned us down, he didn't have their concerns about cutting their careers short by choosing the wrong team in 2018, losing perhaps tens of millions in the process. Spencer Long. Of all the things Maccagnan knew he was doing in March or April of 2018, it was getting his franchise QB. Whether that was his first preference for signing Kirk Cousins for an all-guaranteed $90MM/3 deal, or signing on to willingly accept the leftover 3rd-best QB in the draft, one of those two scenarios was definitely happening. Though the 2017 OL was again lousy, and yet again put a starting QB on IR, the entire net sum of OL improvement Maccagnan made in FA and the draft combined? He upgraded from his previous season's pick at center - a healthy but lousy Wesley Johnson - at $2.7MM to a lousy center with injury concerns at $7MM, whose latest injury made snapping the ball an unpredictable adventure for the QB. Long is guaranteed $3MM of his $6.5MM for 2019 if he's on the roster the 3rd day after the superbowl, so the Jets must make a decision on him before they can talk to any FAs (never mind before the draft). That's some ace contract structuring there, folks. So glad now he's in charge of contract structuring instead of Davidson. -- In the 2018 offseason, agents for NFL FAs used this boob, as we saw players turn him down like we've never seen before in the NFL's free agency era. Literally 5 high-priced FAs told our just-recently extended GM to piss off after using him to up their dollars elsewhere. Despite the cap-flush Jets being the high bidder they chose other teams, rather than play on and risk their names and careers playing alongside the garbage roster Maccagnan had assembled to date. In his 4th season Jets under his watch were quite simply an unattractive destination for those with options. None of this gets into the FAs and trades that we didn't make over the last 4 years (e.g. moving up to #1 in 2016) when the opportunities were there. Instead we were repeatedly treated to "The Jets also inquired" in lieu of actual results, or going into a season with emergency/backup plans serving as planned starters without any credible competition (e.g. Wesley Johnson). This ineptitude in acquiring veterans should hardly come as surprising: in his 4th offseason the Maccagnan front office was rated by dozens of NFL agents as being in the bottom 5 worst-prepared in contract negotiations. This is an embarrassing body of work without even addressing the piss poor draft record (particularly outside the top 6 overall picks, where successful teams annually find themselves), or his willingness to part with draft picks for the likes of Forte, McLendon, Jarvis Jenkins, Rashard Robinson, Zac Stacy, Clady, and more. There are 2-3 of the above player failures that individually should be fireable offenses just by themselves. Taking all of them and more collectively, it's ridiculous that he should still be employed, let alone extended further, unless it's just to prevent Macc's successful successor from being hired without Woody Johnson in charge of the process. It's hard to imagine the best possible HC candidates look at all of this and say, "Yep, I want to hitch my career to the players Mike Maccagnan brings in for me." Maybe they just don't know about all of this, or maybe that's what we have to pray for. But it's harder still to imagine, after 3 consecutive seasons (and counting) of Maccagnan rosters earning top-6 draft picks, that a few Jets fans to actually want more of this trash. One doesn't just say "Sam Darnold" after passing on 4 successful franchise QBs available to him in the prior 2 drafts, as though success despite ineptitude (i.e. luck) is the likely expectation going forward rather than the enormity of the messes above and even more from the non-top-6 draft picks. Maybe the thought is this: all the Jets need to build a winner is another decade of regular season ineptitude, so Maccagnan can accumulate 10 more top-6 overall draft picks.
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    Hey guys! I'm a long-time Dolphins fan and have posted here over the years during our big rivalry games....which unfortunately we haven't had in several years. Miami was 5-1 against you under Gase (and .500 against NE) and I fully expect that margin to flip in your favor with your new coach at the helm. I was just stopping by to share some insights on Gase and what you got in a head coach. First off, I saw the national media trashing Gase right off the bat for his eyes in the original press conference. Gase is different from your average NFL coach- he doesn't give a crap what anyone says about him. The guy is probably one of the game's top analysts in finding ways to create mis-matches and he's a film genius at spotting weaknesses. While Miami wasn't that good the past few years, it was more because of injuries at QB and offensive line....we just couldn't get going. Here's an interesting stat for you though- with all 11 of our first string offense on the field, the Miami Dolphins were 11-0 under Gase. Heck, we were around .500 starting 3rd string linemen and virtually zero receivers at all...with a backup QB. That all came down to game-planning with what you have and Gase is a true master. In terms of being a "QB Whisperer", I also believe Gase is legit. Tannehill basically straight out panics in the pocket when there's unexpected pressure....he's absolutely fantastic when clean and horrible when pressured. Gase worked with RT's throwing mechanics to bring him from one of the worst deep ball passers in the league to the highest in percentages. He also brought Tannehill's footwork light-years from where it was 3 years ago and gave the kid the confidence to be an on-field leader. I don't know if RT has hearing issues or bad vision to his sides....he just can't sense the pressure coming like your average NFL starter. Gase maximized RT's potential though and had him on an 11 of 12 game win streak at one time (dating across seasons back to 2016)...that's virtually incredible for a guy who doesn't feel pressure and coughs the ball up on strip sacks every other week. Another thing I really love about Gase is his formations....he will switch to something ultra-exotic for a single play, get a huge gain and then not go back to it for years. He spends the entire game reading the opponent's defense, adjusting on the fly and talking strategy with his QB. The media gave him crap for not watching his own D play, but that's because he was always working hard and figuring out where the next score would come from. Again, this was with the Fins with a 3rd string line, no receivers and a backup QB who couldn't throw the ball more than 8 yards with velocity....and we beat some very big teams last season. Our bad losses came from when defenses blitzed from exotic angles, our line couldn't adjust and Tannehill got laid out without any idea of what was going on. They WERE NOT on Gase...he tried to trade Tannehill last year and the front office said no. I will also add that Gase butted heads with the front office often since he's so cerebral. For instance, Gase insisted on Albert Wilson to replace Jarvis Landry....and it was a brilliant move since Gase was envisioning Wilson in a way that he had never been used before. The front office couldn't see it because they're not mind-readers, so know that Gase will often make a seemingly shocking move that feels completely random, but there's a ton of thought and logic behind it. You may never actually hear that logic but that's just who he is....most of his moves work out well though. For instance, I think Tannehill could have had a Pro Bowl year last season if the team had invested more in our offensive line (which Gase repeatedly asked for)....and I'll repeat that Tannehill is the absolute worst in the league in handling pressure. Gase knew how to cover that up though and polish a turd into a diamond. I know we're lifelong rivals but I'm honestly going to be a Jets fan this season because I like Gase more than I like the Dolphins tanking for Tua. Our owner made a massive mistake letting Gase walk since we should have been a 2-3 win team last season....yet we started the year 3-0 to shock all the experts. That's the Adam Gase effect and we consistently won 2-3 games per season that we had no business winning, so I'm expecting a swift turnaround in NY since you guys have a pure stud as a coach. Don't listen to the media....Gase is the real deal and one of the best minds in the league. You are extremely fortunate to have him and I'll be hating it this season as you're sweeping us. Good luck this season Jets fans...I am legitimately rooting for you because I hate we let Gase walk!
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    Get it over with. No more of these inexperienced coaches. McCarthy and Darnold = 10 wins is now a bad season. Brady and Belly will soon be riding off into the sunset. Take this division.
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    That's nice. CJ and Darron Lee posing together.
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    30 of the 32 teams in the league in his five year tenure have used at least one 2nd rounder on offensive line. 21 of the 32 teams in the league in his five year tenure have used a 1st rounder on the offensive line. All of this while drafting Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenburg and finally Sam Darnold to be the teams new young QB. The offensive line has more position spots on every down than any other position (5) Just a pathetic dereliction of duty. And for those who try and rationalize his lack of oline priority by saying he fills via trades and free agency, every team fills holes that way. But you always over pay for older vets with issues and those really good players who are young enough in FA there is big competition for. Think back to the good Jets teams of the last 15 years or so, good to great olines. I like the man, he seems nice. He's a terrible GM. Fire him already before Sam Darnold is in a cast.
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    My dad @SouthernJet retired yesterday after 45+ years at IBM. My guess is you'll see a lot more of him on here soon! Congrats dad! Love you although still haven't totally forgiven you for making me a Jets fan...
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    It won't happen until after the season of course. But tonight was it. The Browns were favored. They hadn't won in two years. Your team is up by double digits. Then the wheels fell off. Stupid penalty after stupid penalty. They got out played and out coached in the 2nd half. These are the things you get graded on. Next few weeks are rough, this was the game to win to send a message about what you wanted this season to be. You failed this city. Not sure how you give Macc another draft. Robby Anderson is considered one of the better receivers and he was an UDFA who beat out your two draft picks last year. Robby is like 140lbs and gets out muscled often. Maybe they could throw down the field to him, oh but Macc never drafts offensive lineman so they have to call plays like Pennington is the QB. Fun stuff. But Bowles did himself in tonight, he is going to need to pull some serious upsets the next few weeks to reverse the course of this season.
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    So Mike Maccagnan thinks Todd Bowles is bad at his job, and Todd Bowles thinks Mike Maccagnan is bad at his job. For the first time ever, they're both right.
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    The season couldn't have started any worse and I'm sure the trolls were out in full force after the pick 6. But what a turnaround that led to an encouraging 48-17 win against DET. Let's take a look: General Notes - Two impressive runs by the Jets, after the pick 6 they outscored DET 48-10 the rest of the game. And after DET tied the game at 17 they outscored them 31-0 - Good to see the penalties cleaned up and not have a negative impact - How great was it to hear the J-E-T-S chant in a quiet dome at the end of the game??? Special Teams - A perfect night for Jason Myers and Lachlan Edwards. Myers will need a leg massage for all the PAT's, KO's and FG's he kicked. And Edwards barely broke a sweat as he punted three times all game - What a shock to finally see a returner flip field position and be an actual weapon. Terrific game by Andre Roberts with three huge punt returns (70+ yards, 40+ yards & 15+ yards) and a TD. What a pleasure to see someone not muff punts or lose yardage Defense - Excellent defensive effort, holding DET to 10 points in their building is not easy. Add in FIVE INT's and a pick 6 and you had the crowd booing and leaving early - DLine was an absolute wall against the run, holding the "improved" DET running game to 39 yards. And even though they got no sacks, they had constant pressure on Matthew Stafford which led to rushed throws and INT's. Credit to Steve McLendon and Henry Anderson as they screwed up DET OLine schemes with constant penetration. In fact Anderson caused the Darron Lee pick 6 because he was in Stafford's lap - The LB's gave the DLine excellent support in stopping the run. Avery Williamson was the enforcer but unlike David Harris and Demario Davis he provides speed. Frankie Luvu had a good debut as he had multiple TFL's and batted a pass down at the line. And Darron Lee finally had an impact game worthy of a #1 pick with two INT's and a pick 6. And each pick gives you hope that maybe he's learning. The first one he disguised his coverage then jumped the route for the pick 6. And on the second one he dropped to the proper depth in zone coverage and snatched it out of the air - The secondary was off the charts. As they covered, tackled, showed great hands on INT's and displayed depth when players had to leave to be checked for injuries. Credit to Morris Claiborne, Buster Skrine and particularly Jamal Adams. Adams had a total game as he was excellent in run support, bringing edge pressure, coverage and finally got his first pick. In addition people need to recognize his ability to diagnose what the offense is doing and putting himself or his teammates in proper position Offense - Two strange calls by Jeremy Bates that I have to bring up. The first was the pick 6 which to me was a little much for a rookie QB's first throw in the pros. The second was the Robby Anderson reverse on 3rd and 2 which led to a loss and pushed us out of FG range. Other than that how could you complain? - The OLine was excellent in both phases and controlled Ziggy Ansah. Who cares if he got a sack, Ansah did his normal thing in getting a "stat", having no impact then getting injured. People need to start watching the OLine play and stop repeating the narrative that they're shaky. The zone blocking scheme was devastating and Sam Darnold was kept clean. Credit to the TE's Eric Tomlinson, Neal Sterling and Chris Herndon for their help in sealing the edges of DET defense - Welcome back Quincy Enunwa as he was solid in his first game back. He provides the offense with flexibility, makes tough catches and runs "angry". Good to see Sam Darnold and Robby Anderson connect on the 40 yard TD. And Anderson showed strong hands in ripping the ball away from the safety. Finally Terrelle Pryor also was solid in his reps, once Jermaine Kearse gets healthy this will be a dangerous WR corps - Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell were excellent as a tandem (22 rushes / 160 yards). And Powell was incredible in blitz pickup putting LB's on the ground multiple times - Sam Darnold's awful start displayed one of his best traits, being a "flatliner". His ability to shrug off the pick 6 allowed the team to stabilize the game and change momentum. Because how many times have Jet fans seen Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith commit turnovers and go straight into the toilet??? Once the INT was out of his system Darnold went right back to being accurate, mobile and making good decisions. What a strange feeling to actually have confidence in your QB Final Thoughts - Why didn't the booth review the Parry Nickerson almost INT at the end of the half??? It was close enough to give it another look - With MIA and the home opener coming up, is this team mature enough to take this effort and build on it??? Or will they get full of themselves and think they accomplished something
  11. 47 points
    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet FollowingFollowing @RapSheet More New #Jets coach Adam Gase is on the verge of a big hire: Former #Browns interim coach Gregg Williams is in talks with Gase to become their new defensive coordinator, sources say. Things are progressing in this direction, and those involved believe it’ll get done.
  12. 44 points
    Gase and Williams...anyone think we’re still going to have players showing up late for meetings or missing them entirely?
  13. 44 points
  14. 42 points
    While on Good Morning Football (GMFB) Nick Mangold was asked about a variety of topics... KB: What do you think about Daniel Jones? Nick: Yeah, see I don't care about the Giants. Let's talk about the Jets.
  15. 42 points
    If he pulls it off, he will instantly become the most popular coach in franchise history
  16. 41 points
    I look at this roster, I look at this coaching staff, I look at this front office, and I look at this owner and you know what, I believe that this is the year we take a bold step. Not next year. This year. Call me crazy, but I think the Patriots are there for the taking right now. And I think that for whatever reason, the Jets as a franchise responds to change better than any organization in the NFL, each time we get a new coach and a new culture it creates a spark and pushes this team beyond its limits. Experienced head coach, Darnold in Year 2, big-play offense, Bell ripping easy yardage on swing passes, Adams and Mosely killing it on D under Williams' psychotic direction, excellent special teams, and a favorable schedule. We need to get off to a strong start, 4-1 looks doable leading to a Week 7 showdown at home against the Patriots in a fired-up MetLife Stadium on the highest rated MNF broadcast in decades. Patriots take a step back, Jets take a step up, we win the Division at 11-5 on tiebreakers, hats and t-shirts for everyone. SAR I
  17. 40 points
  18. 40 points
    for your first career 4th quarter comeback/game-winning drive! The throw to Robby on the sideline was a f*cking dime.
  19. 40 points
    A frustrating home opener as the Jets lose to MIA 20-12, basically the whole game can be wrapped up in one phrase, "missed opportunities". Let's take a look: Special Teams - A total turnaround from the DET game as the special teams couldn't flip field position and left the offense in negative territory all day - Lachlan Edwards had decent distance and hang time on his punts. Jason Myers scored half our points and had an impressive 55 yard FG. But missed PAT's will get you cut (missed opportunity) - Andre Roberts was taken out of the game as MIA punter & kicker had him fair catching all day - Caught an awful break on MIA second punt as they bounced the snap and got a 30 yard roll to pin the team at the 10 yard line (missed opportunity) Defense - Awful day for the rush defense as MIA was able to move the ball at key times and eat clock. Also they never had an answer for Tannehill's designed runs which killed them on multiple occasions. The pass defense was solid holding MIA under 170 yards but the 3rd & 19 screen to Gore was a back breaker (missed opportunity). It brought back memories of other Jet defenses not getting key stops when it counted - A new DLine scheme which had 2 DL and 2 OLB rushing the passer brought more pressure but I wonder if that left them vulnerable to the run - Good games by Brandon Copeland (2 sacks), Henry Anderson (sack), Jordan Jenkins (strip sack & fumble recovery) and Leonard Williams (multiple TFL's) - Avery Williamson got burned in coverage a couple of times and wasn't impactful in the run game. And Darron Lee had nowhere near the game he had in DET - Jamal Adams would've had an A+ game as he was all over the field with a sack, forced fumble and good coverage. But on the 3rd & 19 to Gore it seemed like Adams was responsible for covering him and he got caught up in the line Offense - The OLine got pushed around all day in both phases. Spencer Long struggled getting movement in the run game, James Carpenter and Kelvin Beachum picked up killer penalties - Chris Herndon got his first catches as a pro but he had an awful game. Not diving for the end zone at the end of the first half (missed opportunity). And dropping a 35+ yard completion down the sideline as the team was trying to come back (missed opportunity) - Poor ball security by Robby Anderson and Terrelle Pryor killed the team. Anderson fumbled when the team would've had a first down at midfield trailing only 7-0 (missed opportunity). And Pryor did an awful job finding the ball on the INT in the end zone which would've made the score 20-13 (missed opportunity). Which is too bad because other than that Pryor was very impactful (4 rec / 84 yards) - Quincy Enunwa was a beast making tough catches (7 rec / 92 yards) and running over people all day. And he almost made an incredible TD catch at the end of the first half as Sam Darnold was throwing the ball away - Bilal Powell struggled running the ball but was a terrific outlet for Sam Darnold in the passing game (5 rec / 74 yards) - Sam Darnold will get "credited" with his first loss and two INT's but there was a lot of encouraging things to take from his performance. In only his second game where his OLine struggled, had no running game and his receivers had awful ball security he was able to keep the team in the game. Darnold got banged around and was still able to be productive (25/41 334 yards) and maintain his accuracy
  20. 40 points
    The over reactions here are ridiculous. Vanilla schemes from both teams on both sides of the ball. Starting two backup linemen tonight. Yeah we need a pass rusher but what else is new? Darnold took some lumps but he has that something we haven’t seen around here since pre-injury Pennington. Teddy is proving he’s healthy and his trade value continues to rise. And Yeah...The defense is going to have to manufacture sacks but let’s not get all up in arms over a soft zone.. . I think what we saw tonight is what we all already knew - a team with some pieces who’s a year away from being a true competitor. So let’s play the kid and have some fun while we look at the $90M we have to spend for 2019
  21. 39 points
    wasn't excited when we got him... may hate him by week 3 of next season... but god damn it was good listening to reporters get treated like the tossing sh*t at the wall idiots they are. I expect a lot of pissy reporting about the jets moving forward by bitter beat writers...and i am ok with that.
  22. 39 points
  23. 39 points
    It really wasn't meaningless. If it was McCown, you'd be correct. But, it was Darnold. He was poised. He was clutch. He made a couple of big time throws to help bring his team back. He's still only 21. Not. Meaningless.
  24. 39 points
    Frankly, I don't care. If Mac doesn't go too, it's an empty measure.
  25. 39 points
    Or we could just celebrate an amazing start to the Darnold era without being a massive dbag. But that’s just me
  26. 39 points
    I never thought Darnold would be available at 3. We were very fortunate and I give Macgagnan credit for making that trade with the Colts early. Can you imagine what the Colts could have asked for if they still had the 3rd pick and Darnold was still on the board? It would have been a bidding frenzy between teams that would have cost a hell of a lot more than we gave up.
  27. 38 points
    Think we finally got it right at the QB spot. This kid really seems like he has his priorities in order, heart is in the right place. Sam left NJ at dawn to spend the day with all these kids. He personally spent time with every single kid at the camp, talked to them about school, other sports they play, etc. Just about every kid got to catch a pass from Sam. They ended the camp with 7 on 7s. Sam jumped in on every game, took some snaps with every team. Really a great day for the kids, my 7 year old can’t stop talking about it.
  28. 38 points
    For years now, we've all been bitching that Macc was a freaking idiot. This s.o.b. presided over one of the worst stretches of Jets football I can remember. His incompetence is the stuff of legend. Hackenberg in the 2nd? Should've been fired right then. We finally ditch this turd and the board is going for the Beningo woe-is-us crap. I get it. Some people didn't like the timing. While I understand, we should be elated that we finally dropped the albatross around our necks. If we actually end up with either of the two guys were connected to, or both, it's going to be a major upgrade. I am ecstatic. Sure, this ass should have been shown the door with Bowles. I really would have preferred someone else running our 2019 draft, but we are past that. Screw Macc and his incompetence. It's over. The media and opposing fans want to talk smack and gloat over the dysfunctional jets? Let them. Get a guy in here that can surround our very talented signal-caller with better protection and weaponz. We'll get the last laugh. With the exception of John Idzik, I think it's hard not to make an improvement at GM. Our collective nightmare is over. Macc is gone. Let's enjoy it.
  29. 38 points
    I am back. I had heart surgery three and a half years ago, and having not died, and not wishing to go soon, I decided to make some changes. Changed my diet, have worked out like a demon, dating younger women, you know, all of the right things. I recognize some names here, but there are a lot of new ones. Or my memory is worse than I think. For those that remember me, I have been a Jets fan since 1965, somewhat of a homer, and am sarcastic most of the time. I have to catch up on the Jets. Between my recovery and their terribleness the last few years, I have not followed them or football at all. I am ready for some football.
  30. 38 points
    Happy holidays. This is the best Jets season in twenty years because the quarterback survived Peak Jetsness and hasn’t died. Maybe he’s that good. Maybe he’ll fall back. Maybe his gf is really hot and of age and keeps him off the internet, which would be a nice change. However, he has crawled out of the radioactive ooze that this franchise presents to young players and seems immune to its effects. This is Reason 1a to be hopeful. I didn’t think he’d be able to avoid it because he didn’t seem aware of the morass to which he was confined, but he has. Maybe the month off helped him. Maybe no longer having the pressure on him helped. Maybe he, like Eli, is on the shallow end of the spectrum and it doesn’t impact him, so he’s able to overcome, but he’s been through it and come out the other side with all kinds of promise. His coach is awful and was technically fired six weeks ago. His OC will be returned to the woods like a rescue penguin next week. Most of his teammates on offense will rightly return to their jobs at UPS fairly soon. But, not him. He has overcome. Other readons for optimism! 2. The Pats are toast: As with the Italian mafia in 1990’s NYC, their empire has crumbled progressively, and not from the top like some Kevin Costner “Untouchables” sh*t, but from a rapid degradation of underbosses whose influence was cut out from beneath them by Giuliani. Such as it is with Gronkowski and Hansen And Edelman—Caucasian skill players who have returned to the mean athletically and no longer receive the protection of referees in this new, woke, era of egalitarian refereeing. Now, literally everyone gets flags, as Abraham Lincoln intended, and the massive advantage once enjoyed by Belichick and Mike Krysgdjdushsh at Duke is no more, and the league is better for it. The Pats are a criminal enterprise and will disappear into the muck historically, like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens and Spiro Agnew. Forthcoming, we’ll enjoy headlines about Brady “choosing” to retire to spite Belichick, or maybe Belichick dumps Brady on the Raiders to amuse his sadistic little mind. Regardless, its all downhill for Brady from here because his psyche is a 1000% dependent upon pleasing his creepy dad vis a vis football trophies and, with that stripped away, will find himself empty and aimless, and haha! SUPER DEPRESSED, which will cause him to very publicly bone a mid-grade celebutante (a Kardashian?) to nuke his marriage, which he knows is a fraud. Haha! And then Belichick will go coach Rutgers to three NCAA titles but whatev. 3. Tannenbaum has Tannenbaumed the Dolphins. DOA QB, DOA cap, DOA coach. It’s a rebuild fo sho in MIA. Go, Baumer! 4. The otherwise smart boys at the Bills just went Full Jamarcus with Josh Allen and will not recover. Allen is an awful, awful passer (as was predicted) and the things that are wrong with him cannot and will not be fixed (I.e. he’s stupid). This carved out a nice 4-year window for the Jets to not worry as much about the annual split with the Bills. 5. There are enough resources to recover from Maccagnan’s MANY mistakes. Darnold can help them recover from the crippling mistake of drafting Jamal Adams. Cap space can help them recover from Leonard Williams. Avery Williamson can answer for Darron Lee, and Robbie Anderson can help them recover from Ardarius Stewart and Chad Hansen. There are pieces here, including guys like Henry Anderson and Kelvin Beachum And even a part-time Enunwa. SURE, it’d be great to pitch Maccagnan to the waves, but even if they don’t, he’s been so structurally kneecapped that the New Head Coach is going to have license to throw him over the pommel horse on any big decision anyway. Is that enough to attract a big coach? No. Maccagnan needs to be fired. But, even if he hangs on, he’s little more than an ugly hood ornament on a fresh, New Hyundai. 6. The Harbaugh Rumor is Quetly a BIG DEAL. Let me explain: —If it came from the Jets side, it shows that someone on the Jets isn’t waiting around to hire some bullsh*t consultant firm to stick them with some garbage candidate who requires an executive search firm to uncover. Going for Harbaugh is big balls YOLO sh*t that, even if unsuccessful, makes it look like you’re ready to spend some money and divest some control, which have always been two HUGE Johnson brothers knocks. —If it came from the Harbaugh side, whereby he’d be looking to leech some more cash from Michigan’s blueblood douchebag boosters, it’s still a great service to the Jets as it accomplishes the same goals as mentioned above.
  31. 38 points
    Here's the deal. I saw several reported posts about you when I was at the scrimmage. Got home and had stuff to do and I just got the chance to log back in now. Your post last night was COMPLETE garbage. You have been here for a long time, and mistakes happen. But you have had a lot of "mistakes" over the years. Makes one wonder... What you posted was completely racist and will not be tolerated here. You walk around as if you think somehow you are above the rules. You act as if we need you. I will tell you what, I will personally shut this site down before we let what you say you stand for become accepted here. You have been banned. I left your IP address intact so you can read this.
  32. 38 points
    Sorry for the delay but the traffic & weather in NYC is awful. Multiple road closings and floods caused the ride home to take 3.5 hours. Let's get to it: General Notes - Players in shorts & shells - With rain & lightning in the forecast practice was held indoors - Practice ran 2 hours and 40 minutes - Excluding Sam Darnold and his contract nonsense the only player who didn't participate was Courtney Upshaw - The players auditioning for the returner spots are Andre Roberts, Lucky Whitehead, Elijah McGuire and Trenton Cannon - Good first impression by Taylor Bertolet (K) a UDFA. He showed a strong leg and good accuracy up to 55 yards. Cairo Santos may have a legitimate battle on his hands - Impressive weight loss by Todd Bowles Player Notes - Terrelle Pryor participated in the first half of practice and hopefully he was working the rust off. Because I wasn't impressed with his footwork in and out of his routes - Very impressive first showing by Avery Williamson. Very good diagnosing plays and extremely quick to the ball to stop gains for little or no yardage - Jamal Adams with an excellent practice in all areas coverage, blitzing and run support - Nathan Shepherd started off slow but as practice went along he made plays stuffing runs and showed a strong bull rush when pushing the pocket - Dylan Donahue made an appearance after his offseason troubles. He showed good bend and swivel coming off the edge. And in run support he showed good discipline by staying home and getting a couple of TFL's - Kevin Pierre-Louis (ILB) displayed excellent speed in coverage as he was able to stay in coverage against WR's 15-20 yards down the field - The stars of the day were the OLine and the zone blocking scheme Rick Dennison (OLine coach) installed. It's only the first day but they got whatever they wanted when they ran the standard "stretch" play. There was excellent chemistry/timing between the RB's and the OLine. Spencer Long showed good movement skills in space and the ability to "re-anchor" his feet if a DLineman had him off balance QB - Josh McCown was his normal self, high completion % and efficient. Nothing sexy just moving the sticks and keeping the energy up in practice - Teddy Bridgewater was also efficient but his ball placement was off and his vertical throws were a little short. Maybe he was working the rust off after two years of not playing. He had the "sexiest" play of the day when he hit Ardarius Stewart on a 25+ yard out pattern over tight coverage Keep An Eye On - Jeremy Clark the CB out of Michigan who was recovering from ACL surgery last year. Prototype size for a "long CB" and the footwork of a smaller player - I expected Trenton Cannon (RB) to be used in a much smaller role but he really impressed out of the backfield. Electric speed hitting the hole and not scared of running in between the tackles - Excellent job by Jeremy Bates and the offensive coaching staff as you can clearly see that they are crafting the offense to take advantage of Darnold's mobility Concerns - DLine must do a better job against zone blocking schemes - A few too many penalties - Darnold's contract needs to get done Standouts - OLine - Trenton Cannon - Avery Williamson - Jamal Adams
  33. 37 points
    every team should trade with the Jets, on the Jets terms, when the Jets say they want to trade.
  34. 37 points
    Trading Anderson for a third round pick would make no sense to me
  35. 37 points
  36. 37 points
    They don’t make ignorant assholes bigger than Stephen A.
  37. 37 points
    I have banned more people this week than I can remember having to do before. We normally go months without anyone getting banned. The rules are simple, no personal attacks, no religion, no politics. This week several people have been banned for racist posts. We are here to talk Jets. If you can't follow the rules you aren't welcome here. Shouldn't be that hard. We have been really relaxed here for a long time. We had almost 50,000 posts last month and we trust that people will be on good behavior here. When they aren't they are going to be shown the door. I have asked the moderators to let less slide because so many people are taking advantage of our relaxed atmosphere. We don't want to ban anyone else, just talk Jets.
  38. 36 points
  39. 36 points
    Imagine being gospel-quotin’ Matt Rhule and you’re about to get your first NFL gig and Mike Maccagnan tells you your coordinators are going to be two extremely bitter, notoriously hostile, recently-deposed head coaches, each of whom would kill you in your sleep to take your job
  40. 36 points
    Macc wanted either Darnold or Mayfield. He may have settled for Rosen but I think he was HIGHLY confident the Giants were going with Barkley. Macc thought the Draft was going Darnold>Barkley>Mayfield. It turns out he got the #1 guy on his Draft board. Kudos to him. You can't hit a pitch you don't swing at. He swung hard and we're lucky he did.
  41. 36 points
    Good news. The one assistant coach who did a good job this season.
  42. 36 points
  43. 36 points
    First off KRL is the master at this, so I will do my best impersonation. This was the first practice I attended and it was awesome, highly recommend it to you guys if you have the opportunity. I brought my kids and they seemed to tolerate it well. They have a kids autograph section that the players come over too. My daughter scored a ton of autographs including Darnold, Bridgewater, and Adams. Some of this info was noted in the practice thread and of course by the Beat writer tweets. I figured this would be good summary and to post what I saw As noted Beachum and Winters were in full pads for drills. They may not have practiced fully, I did not notice them during the scrimmage drills but I was focusing more so on the Qbs and Receivers. McCown had minimal reps overall. He almost always was the first Qb up for every drill but would only do a few reps each time while Bridgewater and Darnold got the bulk of the reps all practice. My impression would be that Darnold got the most reps out of all the Qbs. McCown got so little time that there is not much to say about him. He did not throw any TD or picks, threw a couple little nice passes and that's all I can say about him Bridgewater started off slow, he did not throw TD in red zone, no picks for the whole practice. He warmed up toward the 2nd part of practice. Hit a lot deep throw to the TEs (more on that later). Went right down the field in the 2minute, bunch of nice throws. Threw a 20yd out to whitehead on the money who was well covered. The db missed the ball by inches. He even scrambled a few times during the practice. I saw no issues with his knee at all. He looked really fluid out there, stepping into his throws, running around etc. After some misses early Bridgewater looked really good the rest of the practice. Darnold as stated took most of the reps. He looked very good overall. Very accurate. Had some overthrows and misses but nothing too terrible. no picks entire practice either. He was money in redzone drills. Threw 3tds. the first one was a bullet to Legget in middle of endzone with 2 defenders draped over him. The Tds to roberts and herndon were short slants. The players were both pretty open (remember Kacy Rodgers is the DC 😃) But the passes were accurate and the ball came out fast. Darnold made some good throws in the 2minute drill but ran out of time. Got the team down to the 15yd line with some big chunk throws. Overthrew kearse in the endzone to end his session. Him and Kearse immediately ran to each other to discuss the play and you could Kearse motioning to Darnold to throw the ball more inside to help him separate from the defender. (the pass was straight into kearse and over his head) Darnold looked really good overall, I would not be surprised if he starts week one. He did not really any deep throws to the Wr, that would be the only negative I can say for him today. However he did hit several 20yd+ throws to the TE which brings to that position group. The TE's looked really good. In particular Sterling and Legget. They were both making plays left and right. Showed good hands. Ran crossing patterns, deep outs, seam patterns. These were not the little 5yd passes that we saw ASJ do all last yr. These dudes were stretching the field and scoring touchdowns (again vs Kacy Rodgers defense ). I know tomlinson is a good blocker but maybe cut flowers and thomas and keep tomlinson as blocking FB/TE? WR Anderson looked ok, had a drop on what would have been a long throw. Made a nice diving comeback catch on a long wobbly pass. Had some good catches but no WOW plays. Quincy looked good, no drops that I saw. made a nice jumping 20yd catch on an in cut from Darnold Pryor made some catches no drops or big plays, same with Kearse. Steward and Hansen were invisible. On one play Hansen was one-on-one with robinson down the sideline. He was the primary read because Darnold looked at him first but he was totally smothered. there was no deep safety to that side either but Darnold looked him off and threw a dump off to powell that gained 10-15yds. That was a good play for Darnold there, took what the defense gave him. Roberts looked good both as WR and PR. made a lot big plays as WR. From what I saw today, he would be ahead of stewart, hansen, and whitehead. Sorry for the long post, I kind of just started typing!
  44. 35 points
    Blessuan Austin on the football field:
  45. 35 points
    He's here. He's 21. The future at the QB position is bright.
  46. 35 points
    McCown is very far down on the list of "what is wrong with the jets".
  47. 35 points
    He is beginning to look like the game is slowing down for him. He is beginning to look like a veteran. He is beginning to look like the Franchise QB we have been hoping for.
  48. 35 points
    My niece is at the ESPY’s she is up for Female HS Athlete of the year (and the favorite to win), and her, and my sister were just hanging out with Sam Darnold outside their hotel where they are doing the HS award dinner tonight very Jealous!
  49. 34 points
  50. 34 points
    I haven't been this happy since the Jets were outbid for Kirk Cousins' services.

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