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    My dad @SouthernJet retired yesterday after 45+ years at IBM. My guess is you'll see a lot more of him on here soon! Congrats dad! Love you although still haven't totally forgiven you for making me a Jets fan...
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    It won't happen until after the season of course. But tonight was it. The Browns were favored. They hadn't won in two years. Your team is up by double digits. Then the wheels fell off. Stupid penalty after stupid penalty. They got out played and out coached in the 2nd half. These are the things you get graded on. Next few weeks are rough, this was the game to win to send a message about what you wanted this season to be. You failed this city. Not sure how you give Macc another draft. Robby Anderson is considered one of the better receivers and he was an UDFA who beat out your two draft picks last year. Robby is like 140lbs and gets out muscled often. Maybe they could throw down the field to him, oh but Macc never drafts offensive lineman so they have to call plays like Pennington is the QB. Fun stuff. But Bowles did himself in tonight, he is going to need to pull some serious upsets the next few weeks to reverse the course of this season.
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    So Mike Maccagnan thinks Todd Bowles is bad at his job, and Todd Bowles thinks Mike Maccagnan is bad at his job. For the first time ever, they're both right.
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    The season couldn't have started any worse and I'm sure the trolls were out in full force after the pick 6. But what a turnaround that led to an encouraging 48-17 win against DET. Let's take a look: General Notes - Two impressive runs by the Jets, after the pick 6 they outscored DET 48-10 the rest of the game. And after DET tied the game at 17 they outscored them 31-0 - Good to see the penalties cleaned up and not have a negative impact - How great was it to hear the J-E-T-S chant in a quiet dome at the end of the game??? Special Teams - A perfect night for Jason Myers and Lachlan Edwards. Myers will need a leg massage for all the PAT's, KO's and FG's he kicked. And Edwards barely broke a sweat as he punted three times all game - What a shock to finally see a returner flip field position and be an actual weapon. Terrific game by Andre Roberts with three huge punt returns (70+ yards, 40+ yards & 15+ yards) and a TD. What a pleasure to see someone not muff punts or lose yardage Defense - Excellent defensive effort, holding DET to 10 points in their building is not easy. Add in FIVE INT's and a pick 6 and you had the crowd booing and leaving early - DLine was an absolute wall against the run, holding the "improved" DET running game to 39 yards. And even though they got no sacks, they had constant pressure on Matthew Stafford which led to rushed throws and INT's. Credit to Steve McLendon and Henry Anderson as they screwed up DET OLine schemes with constant penetration. In fact Anderson caused the Darron Lee pick 6 because he was in Stafford's lap - The LB's gave the DLine excellent support in stopping the run. Avery Williamson was the enforcer but unlike David Harris and Demario Davis he provides speed. Frankie Luvu had a good debut as he had multiple TFL's and batted a pass down at the line. And Darron Lee finally had an impact game worthy of a #1 pick with two INT's and a pick 6. And each pick gives you hope that maybe he's learning. The first one he disguised his coverage then jumped the route for the pick 6. And on the second one he dropped to the proper depth in zone coverage and snatched it out of the air - The secondary was off the charts. As they covered, tackled, showed great hands on INT's and displayed depth when players had to leave to be checked for injuries. Credit to Morris Claiborne, Buster Skrine and particularly Jamal Adams. Adams had a total game as he was excellent in run support, bringing edge pressure, coverage and finally got his first pick. In addition people need to recognize his ability to diagnose what the offense is doing and putting himself or his teammates in proper position Offense - Two strange calls by Jeremy Bates that I have to bring up. The first was the pick 6 which to me was a little much for a rookie QB's first throw in the pros. The second was the Robby Anderson reverse on 3rd and 2 which led to a loss and pushed us out of FG range. Other than that how could you complain? - The OLine was excellent in both phases and controlled Ziggy Ansah. Who cares if he got a sack, Ansah did his normal thing in getting a "stat", having no impact then getting injured. People need to start watching the OLine play and stop repeating the narrative that they're shaky. The zone blocking scheme was devastating and Sam Darnold was kept clean. Credit to the TE's Eric Tomlinson, Neal Sterling and Chris Herndon for their help in sealing the edges of DET defense - Welcome back Quincy Enunwa as he was solid in his first game back. He provides the offense with flexibility, makes tough catches and runs "angry". Good to see Sam Darnold and Robby Anderson connect on the 40 yard TD. And Anderson showed strong hands in ripping the ball away from the safety. Finally Terrelle Pryor also was solid in his reps, once Jermaine Kearse gets healthy this will be a dangerous WR corps - Isaiah Crowell and Bilal Powell were excellent as a tandem (22 rushes / 160 yards). And Powell was incredible in blitz pickup putting LB's on the ground multiple times - Sam Darnold's awful start displayed one of his best traits, being a "flatliner". His ability to shrug off the pick 6 allowed the team to stabilize the game and change momentum. Because how many times have Jet fans seen Mark Sanchez or Geno Smith commit turnovers and go straight into the toilet??? Once the INT was out of his system Darnold went right back to being accurate, mobile and making good decisions. What a strange feeling to actually have confidence in your QB Final Thoughts - Why didn't the booth review the Parry Nickerson almost INT at the end of the half??? It was close enough to give it another look - With MIA and the home opener coming up, is this team mature enough to take this effort and build on it??? Or will they get full of themselves and think they accomplished something
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    for your first career 4th quarter comeback/game-winning drive! The throw to Robby on the sideline was a f*cking dime.
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    A frustrating home opener as the Jets lose to MIA 20-12, basically the whole game can be wrapped up in one phrase, "missed opportunities". Let's take a look: Special Teams - A total turnaround from the DET game as the special teams couldn't flip field position and left the offense in negative territory all day - Lachlan Edwards had decent distance and hang time on his punts. Jason Myers scored half our points and had an impressive 55 yard FG. But missed PAT's will get you cut (missed opportunity) - Andre Roberts was taken out of the game as MIA punter & kicker had him fair catching all day - Caught an awful break on MIA second punt as they bounced the snap and got a 30 yard roll to pin the team at the 10 yard line (missed opportunity) Defense - Awful day for the rush defense as MIA was able to move the ball at key times and eat clock. Also they never had an answer for Tannehill's designed runs which killed them on multiple occasions. The pass defense was solid holding MIA under 170 yards but the 3rd & 19 screen to Gore was a back breaker (missed opportunity). It brought back memories of other Jet defenses not getting key stops when it counted - A new DLine scheme which had 2 DL and 2 OLB rushing the passer brought more pressure but I wonder if that left them vulnerable to the run - Good games by Brandon Copeland (2 sacks), Henry Anderson (sack), Jordan Jenkins (strip sack & fumble recovery) and Leonard Williams (multiple TFL's) - Avery Williamson got burned in coverage a couple of times and wasn't impactful in the run game. And Darron Lee had nowhere near the game he had in DET - Jamal Adams would've had an A+ game as he was all over the field with a sack, forced fumble and good coverage. But on the 3rd & 19 to Gore it seemed like Adams was responsible for covering him and he got caught up in the line Offense - The OLine got pushed around all day in both phases. Spencer Long struggled getting movement in the run game, James Carpenter and Kelvin Beachum picked up killer penalties - Chris Herndon got his first catches as a pro but he had an awful game. Not diving for the end zone at the end of the first half (missed opportunity). And dropping a 35+ yard completion down the sideline as the team was trying to come back (missed opportunity) - Poor ball security by Robby Anderson and Terrelle Pryor killed the team. Anderson fumbled when the team would've had a first down at midfield trailing only 7-0 (missed opportunity). And Pryor did an awful job finding the ball on the INT in the end zone which would've made the score 20-13 (missed opportunity). Which is too bad because other than that Pryor was very impactful (4 rec / 84 yards) - Quincy Enunwa was a beast making tough catches (7 rec / 92 yards) and running over people all day. And he almost made an incredible TD catch at the end of the first half as Sam Darnold was throwing the ball away - Bilal Powell struggled running the ball but was a terrific outlet for Sam Darnold in the passing game (5 rec / 74 yards) - Sam Darnold will get "credited" with his first loss and two INT's but there was a lot of encouraging things to take from his performance. In only his second game where his OLine struggled, had no running game and his receivers had awful ball security he was able to keep the team in the game. Darnold got banged around and was still able to be productive (25/41 334 yards) and maintain his accuracy
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    The over reactions here are ridiculous. Vanilla schemes from both teams on both sides of the ball. Starting two backup linemen tonight. Yeah we need a pass rusher but what else is new? Darnold took some lumps but he has that something we haven’t seen around here since pre-injury Pennington. Teddy is proving he’s healthy and his trade value continues to rise. And Yeah...The defense is going to have to manufacture sacks but let’s not get all up in arms over a soft zone.. . I think what we saw tonight is what we all already knew - a team with some pieces who’s a year away from being a true competitor. So let’s play the kid and have some fun while we look at the $90M we have to spend for 2019
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    It really wasn't meaningless. If it was McCown, you'd be correct. But, it was Darnold. He was poised. He was clutch. He made a couple of big time throws to help bring his team back. He's still only 21. Not. Meaningless.
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    Frankly, I don't care. If Mac doesn't go too, it's an empty measure.
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    Or we could just celebrate an amazing start to the Darnold era without being a massive dbag. But that’s just me
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    I never thought Darnold would be available at 3. We were very fortunate and I give Macgagnan credit for making that trade with the Colts early. Can you imagine what the Colts could have asked for if they still had the 3rd pick and Darnold was still on the board? It would have been a bidding frenzy between teams that would have cost a hell of a lot more than we gave up.
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    Here's the deal. I saw several reported posts about you when I was at the scrimmage. Got home and had stuff to do and I just got the chance to log back in now. Your post last night was COMPLETE garbage. You have been here for a long time, and mistakes happen. But you have had a lot of "mistakes" over the years. Makes one wonder... What you posted was completely racist and will not be tolerated here. You walk around as if you think somehow you are above the rules. You act as if we need you. I will tell you what, I will personally shut this site down before we let what you say you stand for become accepted here. You have been banned. I left your IP address intact so you can read this.
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    Sorry for the delay but the traffic & weather in NYC is awful. Multiple road closings and floods caused the ride home to take 3.5 hours. Let's get to it: General Notes - Players in shorts & shells - With rain & lightning in the forecast practice was held indoors - Practice ran 2 hours and 40 minutes - Excluding Sam Darnold and his contract nonsense the only player who didn't participate was Courtney Upshaw - The players auditioning for the returner spots are Andre Roberts, Lucky Whitehead, Elijah McGuire and Trenton Cannon - Good first impression by Taylor Bertolet (K) a UDFA. He showed a strong leg and good accuracy up to 55 yards. Cairo Santos may have a legitimate battle on his hands - Impressive weight loss by Todd Bowles Player Notes - Terrelle Pryor participated in the first half of practice and hopefully he was working the rust off. Because I wasn't impressed with his footwork in and out of his routes - Very impressive first showing by Avery Williamson. Very good diagnosing plays and extremely quick to the ball to stop gains for little or no yardage - Jamal Adams with an excellent practice in all areas coverage, blitzing and run support - Nathan Shepherd started off slow but as practice went along he made plays stuffing runs and showed a strong bull rush when pushing the pocket - Dylan Donahue made an appearance after his offseason troubles. He showed good bend and swivel coming off the edge. And in run support he showed good discipline by staying home and getting a couple of TFL's - Kevin Pierre-Louis (ILB) displayed excellent speed in coverage as he was able to stay in coverage against WR's 15-20 yards down the field - The stars of the day were the OLine and the zone blocking scheme Rick Dennison (OLine coach) installed. It's only the first day but they got whatever they wanted when they ran the standard "stretch" play. There was excellent chemistry/timing between the RB's and the OLine. Spencer Long showed good movement skills in space and the ability to "re-anchor" his feet if a DLineman had him off balance QB - Josh McCown was his normal self, high completion % and efficient. Nothing sexy just moving the sticks and keeping the energy up in practice - Teddy Bridgewater was also efficient but his ball placement was off and his vertical throws were a little short. Maybe he was working the rust off after two years of not playing. He had the "sexiest" play of the day when he hit Ardarius Stewart on a 25+ yard out pattern over tight coverage Keep An Eye On - Jeremy Clark the CB out of Michigan who was recovering from ACL surgery last year. Prototype size for a "long CB" and the footwork of a smaller player - I expected Trenton Cannon (RB) to be used in a much smaller role but he really impressed out of the backfield. Electric speed hitting the hole and not scared of running in between the tackles - Excellent job by Jeremy Bates and the offensive coaching staff as you can clearly see that they are crafting the offense to take advantage of Darnold's mobility Concerns - DLine must do a better job against zone blocking schemes - A few too many penalties - Darnold's contract needs to get done Standouts - OLine - Trenton Cannon - Avery Williamson - Jamal Adams
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    First off KRL is the master at this, so I will do my best impersonation. This was the first practice I attended and it was awesome, highly recommend it to you guys if you have the opportunity. I brought my kids and they seemed to tolerate it well. They have a kids autograph section that the players come over too. My daughter scored a ton of autographs including Darnold, Bridgewater, and Adams. Some of this info was noted in the practice thread and of course by the Beat writer tweets. I figured this would be good summary and to post what I saw As noted Beachum and Winters were in full pads for drills. They may not have practiced fully, I did not notice them during the scrimmage drills but I was focusing more so on the Qbs and Receivers. McCown had minimal reps overall. He almost always was the first Qb up for every drill but would only do a few reps each time while Bridgewater and Darnold got the bulk of the reps all practice. My impression would be that Darnold got the most reps out of all the Qbs. McCown got so little time that there is not much to say about him. He did not throw any TD or picks, threw a couple little nice passes and that's all I can say about him Bridgewater started off slow, he did not throw TD in red zone, no picks for the whole practice. He warmed up toward the 2nd part of practice. Hit a lot deep throw to the TEs (more on that later). Went right down the field in the 2minute, bunch of nice throws. Threw a 20yd out to whitehead on the money who was well covered. The db missed the ball by inches. He even scrambled a few times during the practice. I saw no issues with his knee at all. He looked really fluid out there, stepping into his throws, running around etc. After some misses early Bridgewater looked really good the rest of the practice. Darnold as stated took most of the reps. He looked very good overall. Very accurate. Had some overthrows and misses but nothing too terrible. no picks entire practice either. He was money in redzone drills. Threw 3tds. the first one was a bullet to Legget in middle of endzone with 2 defenders draped over him. The Tds to roberts and herndon were short slants. The players were both pretty open (remember Kacy Rodgers is the DC 😃) But the passes were accurate and the ball came out fast. Darnold made some good throws in the 2minute drill but ran out of time. Got the team down to the 15yd line with some big chunk throws. Overthrew kearse in the endzone to end his session. Him and Kearse immediately ran to each other to discuss the play and you could Kearse motioning to Darnold to throw the ball more inside to help him separate from the defender. (the pass was straight into kearse and over his head) Darnold looked really good overall, I would not be surprised if he starts week one. He did not really any deep throws to the Wr, that would be the only negative I can say for him today. However he did hit several 20yd+ throws to the TE which brings to that position group. The TE's looked really good. In particular Sterling and Legget. They were both making plays left and right. Showed good hands. Ran crossing patterns, deep outs, seam patterns. These were not the little 5yd passes that we saw ASJ do all last yr. These dudes were stretching the field and scoring touchdowns (again vs Kacy Rodgers defense ). I know tomlinson is a good blocker but maybe cut flowers and thomas and keep tomlinson as blocking FB/TE? WR Anderson looked ok, had a drop on what would have been a long throw. Made a nice diving comeback catch on a long wobbly pass. Had some good catches but no WOW plays. Quincy looked good, no drops that I saw. made a nice jumping 20yd catch on an in cut from Darnold Pryor made some catches no drops or big plays, same with Kearse. Steward and Hansen were invisible. On one play Hansen was one-on-one with robinson down the sideline. He was the primary read because Darnold looked at him first but he was totally smothered. there was no deep safety to that side either but Darnold looked him off and threw a dump off to powell that gained 10-15yds. That was a good play for Darnold there, took what the defense gave him. Roberts looked good both as WR and PR. made a lot big plays as WR. From what I saw today, he would be ahead of stewart, hansen, and whitehead. Sorry for the long post, I kind of just started typing!
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    McCown is very far down on the list of "what is wrong with the jets".
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    He is beginning to look like the game is slowing down for him. He is beginning to look like a veteran. He is beginning to look like the Franchise QB we have been hoping for.
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    My niece is at the ESPY’s she is up for Female HS Athlete of the year (and the favorite to win), and her, and my sister were just hanging out with Sam Darnold outside their hotel where they are doing the HS award dinner tonight very Jealous!
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    I haven't been this happy since the Jets were outbid for Kirk Cousins' services.
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    Just wanted to post a quick update on our long standing no politics rule. First, as a reminder, when we launched in 2005 we had two rules, no political talk, no religious talk. Time has proven that both end badly. UPDATE: So, the update is that there is absolutely no update. The same exact rules still apply. We get that the kneeling protests are a hot topic. We have had over 10 threads on the topics and the ones that we let stay open, things got bad. So there is no change. We are not minimizing the importance of anyone's opinion on this topic, but there are plenty of places to talk about important world issues. This just isn't the place. Talking politics creates long term bad blood, we all want the same thing here and that is for the Jets to win a Super Bowl. So we will continue to keep the focus on how the Jets perform on the field, once the game starts. Thanks!
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    Admittedly I came on this forum to see what Jets fans thought of the Browns after the game for a different perspective. As i started sifting through related threads i found that most of the threads were about disappointment. It makes sense after a loss. Most Browns fans I know are so used to it that we are numb to it and find solice in believing one day it will change.....it has to. One game is absolutely no indictment one way or the other but is encouraging. The reason im posting is to give you a different perspective on your team. Im not trolling at all. 1. I noticed the defensive front you guys have is pretty strong and has the ability to control the pocket against weaker or greener offensive linemen. Very promising. 2. Jamal Adams has solid tackling and impressive 3rd gear. 3. Crow has some power. His dumb celebration was selfish and likely triggered by a few fans heckling him in the endzone. Seemed scripted and again selfish. 4. Trumaine is playing like he forgot he is a top cb. Rapid decline or disinterest? Not sure which. 5. Some playcalling was questionable after Browns changed QBs. Its as if the Jets felt Tuhrod (I know) couldnt beat them so they dialed up nonstop blitzes and a heavy front with mostly man coverage. It worked. Baker comes in and after 2 attempts of doing the same without success, they pull safeties back and start playing more of a prevent style with some underneath cushion. Not the reason for the L entirely but definitely aided in the momentum shift. 6. Sam is getting happy feet and showing some habits that he showed in college. He still showed some nice ability. He is going to improve greatly year over year as the comfort of the NFL speed isnt there yet but I believe game over game it is going to improve. Same goes for his decision making against zone. 7. The running game was excellent going to the outside with the blocking. Went to the well a bit too often in a short amount of time in the same formation was a recipe for disaster. Coaching adjustments made there are going to be huge. Keep doing it till it doesnt work but then try masking it and make a defense have to figure it out (dont give a tell) or try the other side. 8. Darnold isnt as good as that Lions game would indicate (at least yet) but certainly not as bad as the Browns game would indicate either. Somewhere in the middle is who Darnold is right now. Whats exciting is the fact that he came out of the gate showing some things. Baker falls in the same umbrella currently. Very exciting first game but he will also have some bad ones. They are rookies adjusting to the game that is now played MUCH faster with much more complex information to absorb. I truly think as long as Darnold gets eased in (as he has been) he is going to get comfy and take more shots. 9. This game is likely disheartening because of a few things, none of which are really a big issue in a developing year. One is the tale of two different teams based on a qb change. Another is tgat the top 2 rookie qbs had a chance to face off and Baker fared better. That hurts simply because everyone wants to believe they got "the best" qb in the draft and this game favored Baker. I get it It would suck if Darnold balled out while Baker struggled. Its one game and Baker was not gameplanned for. They both look good and have rookie moments. Darnild is 21 and 2 years younger than Baker. He will be just fine. In summary I love your defense when aggressive and really like Sam a lot as well as Enunwa (that kid has fantastic vision and soft hands and a heck of a blocker). I also think your special teams is top 10. Coach gad some blunders but i think Bowles will be solid. I dont know if Id say playoffs this year.....but not sure I wouldnt. Oh .....i would have aTrumaine in my office after that game asking him if he wants to be here. His play is not acceptable. He knows how to play at a high level. Thats it. Good luck going forward.
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    Bought 5 dozen NY JETS Golf balls on EBAY a few years ago. No longer available. With about 6 left, finally made a Hole in 1 and just terrific with a NY JETS Golf Ball. Par 3, 148 yard uphill, pured a 9 iron and watched it disappear. I am known as "Matt the JETS fan" at the club and totally thrilled it was my 1st ever hole in 1 and made special with a NY JETS ball. Feel free to move thread, just thought Id share.
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    Saw this in a longer article over at NorthJersey.com (which mostly recaps info we've seen elsewhere), and thought it was meaningful: Full article is here https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/nfl/jets/2018/05/30/jets-otas-week-2-takeaways-sam-darnold-robby-anderson-jamal-adams-teddy-bridgewater/653762002/ These are the types of little things that you absolutely want a bridge-QB doing for your highly touted rookie. No chance Roethlisberger does something like that for Rudolph, and I highly doubt Bradford does it for Rosen. Yeah, Aaron Rodgers became Aaron Rodgers without any help from Favre, and if Darnold is going to be great he could probably do it without a "mentor QB" - but just because something isn't necessary doesn't mean it's not beneficial. Snark away, but that type of approach from McCown will be a very good thing for the Jets going forward.

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